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SH Chapter 52

Chapter 52: Studies (Part 2)

Translated by Rui
If you know enemies and you know yourself, you do not have to worry about 100 battle results. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

Gin threw the corpse of Feish’s room in the corner and shouted, “It’s not enough, you have to change the angle and use another method.”

Someone who lies on the floor came back to life and asked, “What kind of angle? What kind of method?”

“It’s to get things down circularly …”

“It’s more circular than we are now. What are we doing now?” Feisha was sitting slowly. “And I just market his pant coats if you pay 100 gold coins.”

“I’ll get the second money for 100 gold coins,” Gin always went to her. “I am not your father’s husband, you are my amazing son of Nepirit.

Feisha presses slowly: “Oh, never, I have to give up.

“No” Gin grabbed her hand. “Halfway things are not my style”

“Do not you go on your way? How did God enter Almedand’s arms?

“At least we will have something.” Gin was worried about the cross eye. “How about you? I tell you nothing else, are there cloths?”

Feisha pushed down the corner.

Mr Jin said: “It’s absurd to believe that we will only succeed if I help you, it will always be false to help, I have decided, I will now drink a firewood under the kettle” [1]

Feisha turned his head and cheered on the face of others. “Why do you feel that my whole body is listening to you?”

Jin presents a very important expression that “you may have a cause for Parkinson’s disease.

“… I did not have Parkinson’s disease, I want death to kill Jin.

They were back at Issefer’s room again.

Feisha looked at Gina’s wrists and asked funny. “Have you not said that you came here and met with him? Why did you find a family-owned family?

Gin brutally replied: “What is the fate of the family? Wine: was there no word in wine? Is that true? That’s why he learned what you really can think of.

Feisha said: “Do you really think that he is telling the truth after drinking his wine?

Gin began to leave.

Feisha soon left her and laughed at him: “Of course, he takes away the truth, he takes the truth.

Gin hit his eyes.

“He takes the pearl …”

Geeen looked to heaven.

“Spy drawer ball! Seven dragon balls!”

He bowed his head and asked, “What is this?

“Oh … this is … they are in the orbit of the seven dragons Oh, do not talk about it Do you believe you are sure about it?

“… I came in, you’re not, why are you so nervous?

Feisha replied to his forehead: “I’m nervous because you’re alone.

“I can relax when I do things.” Glin released his hand and on his shoulder, “Thinking with me and fuse, thinking of God and Almedand,” before I bend down the paths to hold the box.

Feisha said: “This is in my personal record.

“We are brushes, we should not tattoo each other”.

“I …”

Gin did not even think that he would continue and immediately go through the door.

Feisha ran as a rocket to the pool and first planted it in the water.

Issefel opened the door in time to see a huge splash in the pool.

It laughed. “I just finished blowing my nose, I definitely threw it in a cloth.”

Isefer: “…”

Jin shot the box and he tried the best conversation when asked: “Is it sometimes not drunk, is it fun?” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

I said that Issepel is always on the move.

The door is closed.

Half second time

Feisha stroked her head from the pool and closed the middle finger of the door tightly. “You are a lot of sneezing, there are a lot of all your families!

In order to actually see it, Jin went to the bathroom, especially to catch a long list of toilet paper, and always pumping his nose even after insertion of the wine.

Icefel sat on the couch and took two glass windows. He then chose from the wine box.

It throws the necessary paper into the food properly. Going, he took a ski-shaped green wine. “It’s a fertile wine in the fairy-tale world, it’s perfect as an appetite.”

Issefel saw the label: “67%?

“Haha, not in a hurry, not in a hurry, be stronger,” did she relax a bit and wanted to drink an industrial spirit that is 100% alcoholic?


He released two full glasses and began to drink. “The beauty of a fruit wine is to drink it one by one and sweetness to melt the entire body.” Live! ”

“The sweetness of the sweetness is that it is sweeter than sweet! Live again!


“Beauty is good!

A glass of wine fell.

Jean’s speech began to open. “Which book do you read?”

“The Future of the Hearts of 3000 Years”.

“Will you go to hell?” He himself was a member of the Hell with his name. But since he came from the first day, Lucifer sent it here. In fact, he was never in hell. Therefore, its place in heaven and hell was quite complicated. “I always wanted you to return to heaven.

Isfel answered. “This is a series, I just finished reading” 3000 years to look for the future from heaven. ”

“… Has he changed things afterwards? It takes a slow look.” Oh, how is the future of hell?


Suddenly I asked, “Do you like Feisha?”

With the hand that she even shut the glass of poor glass.

It was a bit of a move, but I could not escape from Jin’s eyes. He said: “Your past did not question this issue.

Surprised by Isafer’s eyes, “Hesaid?”

“Your past will not be emotionally and save people every minute.

“He is a weak person.”

“But he is not weak in the sense that you need your help whenever there is a danger.” Jin’s name strikes the nail on his head: “You still do not want to hurt him, Did you say you did not protect?”

The blackness of the emerald was shining with confusion.

“Compared to the temperature of the water … love can easily melt and soften the heart’s coolness.” Gin decided to take two bottles of wine from the box. For each bottle: “Why do not you try it?”

Isefer head down. The hand bottle was labeled with 75% alcohol content. He then lifted his face to see Jin’s bottle label in front of him.

– 15%.

Feisha was changed to a new set as soon as he returned to his room. He soon traveled along the stairs in preparation for a spot and to watch. He ran, looking at Shamal’s load from the problem.

“I can not see me, I do not see me, I do not see me …” Molde mumbled as he descended the wall and climbed up secretly.

Feisha …

“Fuck!” Feisha broke the wall before turning around. He saw that Shamal saw him. His sharp, narrow jaw appeared on his small round face, his eyes dark, his lips were very thin.

Feisha felt scared. “Have you taken the medicine?”


“Do not forget to eat what you eat, even if you are taking medicine, you need to protect your health, let us talk again, we go away.” Feisha Speaking, I ended up willingness to keep up the road.

But, although he was stepping forward, a small voice called “Feisha …” followed by her.

Feisha struck her hair with great anger: “If you have something to say, turn it off.”

“I saw naked.”

Please come and talk to me when you eat a nude.

Shamal lifted his head and eyes full of tears, “Antonio saw me naked.”

“Send the soldiers’ troops to their royal brothers, encourage them to remove their clothes and see a bare look!”

“But the shamal croaked a little bit,” I am very happy. ” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

“…” Feisha finally found out that he had met for the first time since he was born.

“And,” Shamal showed his index finger together and said quietly: “He looked like my body was badly bad after that day, I saw him after washing with cold water, but I still can help but I could not …”

“But what?” I was interested in Feish’s latest look.

“Okay,” Shamal saw above his feet. “Please tell me if I love her.

“Yes, fight! I believe that faith will move to the mountains, there will always be a day for your wedding ceremony.” Having heard the gadget, Faisher is ready to go. But it was obvious that Shamal did not want to let him go that easy. He caught her and asked, “Can you help me?”

“… huh?

Unfortunately, Shamal laughed: “In fact, I told it about my youngest brother. It’s clear that he will tell me that you are a profile and you need help. It’s the right choice.”

He knew what he knew. Why can people fall from the sky? As has been anticipated, a large scheme behind it was hidden.

Feish says a head injury or saying, “Good brother, the adult world is very complicated, Datiĝyado is not what you should do with your age.”

“Is not my age? How old are you? You are not thousands of years old?

“…” “We can not even live for a thousand years,” Feisha thought about herself badly. But now I’m doing something very important. Since I do not have time to visit you, I can win and prospect the likelihood of destiny.

Shamal asked: “Is something important and more important than my marriage?”

Feisha could not help but jump “fuck! If your marriage is important, is not there any problem with my marriage?

“…” Shamal saw him with wide eyes. “What is your marriage?”

Feish’s look moves from left to right, avoiding others.

“Oh, I know,” Shamal had a smiley smile.

“What do you know?” Fiesius acted indifferently to conceal his tension.

“You hit the gin, right?”


“Right, my ass for the good!” Feisha released her hand from others and drove.

After all, he came to the floor 30 to see that the Isfel door was open.

The hides held Gin with one hand when he left.

Gin’s face was red and weak on the other’s body. It was clear that he was unconscious.

“Well, Jin is fine?” But asking his face Feish’s smile curse fell on Gin’s head so that it could not be anything to him.

Shamal fled after Feisha and could catch him at that time. He kinda smiled, “Oh, you would like to sad you do not like it?” Clearly, he told him Jin, we are worried about him.

Now Feish’s greatest desire can be a huge hammer in his hand so he can attack him unconsciously!

Icefel sent Jin in advance. “Leave him to Hughes and he will know what to do.”

Shamal soon caught a gun. The body became very weak during the day without food and sleep. “But is not it good to Feisha go?

The eyes of the hide were difficult.

Shamal immediately pulled Jin down the stairs as a corpse.

When the sound of the wobble woke up, the earth suddenly was quietly lit.

Feisha said: “Horse, Shamal spoke of foolishness, you should not perceive his words as truth.

“Come here”

“Are you doing?” He lifted his head, looked at Iser and looked directly at him. It was an unexpected coward blow to her beautiful face.

“Come here,” Isefer repeated himself. His blow quickly disappeared.

“Oh,” crossed the Feisha rug.

Icefel suddenly stretched out his left hand, hidden behind his body. In their hands there were small short pairs of hands that looked like themselves.

Feisha saw the location of Isefel and briefly swam with “Ways …”.

“This is a new thing.”

“But I have not got a hundred …”

“100 yuan RMB. I get rid of it from my wages.” After the conversation, Issefur soon returned to his room, he closed the door.

Feisha threw soft trousers with a silly smile on her face. After a while he said: “… thank you.

His salary … I was able to actually buy trousers shoes!

T / N

[1] Hook simply Takigitakigi, this means that you remove the fire / wood from the bottom of the boiler so that it literally stops steam. Therefore, in general, this means creating a fundamental solution to solve the roots of the problem.

[2] “…… My inability to get a golden forest, Ideo beat death money.” Is that a question.

Shikin Forest (Parsinsen) means Parkinson’s disease. Sounds like surmounting death (Pai Sijin), which means killing Jin.

[3] “Do you want to answer?”

In China, are you connected to see that it’s bad to grab a star, or the boards will ask for the effect of a wine gin?

[4] Popular equipment Chinese currency (Renminbi) This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

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