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SH Chapter 53

Chapter 53 Approach (Part 1)

Translated by Rui
Is it bright? Someone gets fuel! This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

Jin recalled “I’m afraid! Oh, shameless!” I remembered.

Feisha swings his head and extends from the short, “What’s wrong?”

Jin stood and cast the bed off. “Isfels really made my drink calm.

“… It’s really beautiful.

“Do you think he is worried again?” Jin leaned on the head of pain and looked for him.

I think you really care. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

Feisha led her to the flower that blooms.

When he cried out with a surprise, Jin’s look suddenly stood on his head: “Have you really drawn your trunk? And you are really … I will not lose it.” He knew nothing else than the possibility that he did another because He was shocked, but he got too big. He stopped for a while and asked calmly. “Is he wonderful?”

Feisha looked at her regardless of her, “Do you have a cleaner idea?

Jin asked the doubt. “Is not he nice here?

“…” Feisha suddenly took short pants that floated on his pants. Later he paid attention to that place and said to Jean: “Do I look like a super hero?

Jin was afraid to see his crazy movement. “What’s this?”

Feisha does not care if he can understand it or not. He pulled his little towel over his head. “Do I look like Batman?”

“…” Jin said sadly: “You can also put your short in your mouth.

Feisha balanced his head and said: “No, I do not want to imitate you.


Feisha releases a pair of underwear and puts it in front of the other eyes: “These you knew they were the same style, as the short pants are like Isefel Style of style swimming … … Haha … ”

Jin looked at Feishu that he smiled strongly and his eyes were hardly seen in an unhappy look: “When you come back to the world to die, you will better know you. I think I will not tell anyone who does it.” Troublesome , that’s too embarrassing. Is not just naked pies? He does not need to laugh when he touches As’s fabric.

– He just jumped to the other side.

Feisha laughed and stopped and looked like his: “In your public world, do you think that’s my difference that you and the password are in memory?”

“…” Jin suddenly fell again. The rise was very painful, but more pain suddenly woke up with a peak, then I met Feishu. “Where’s the sleeve? Why are you here?

“He went to the kitchen to make a hamburger, he wanted me to be here and take care of you.

Jin stood in some bathroom pants: “Are you worried about bathrooms?

Feisha responded uneasily: “If you can not see something similar to this Jewelery swimming short and slightly, is it the case of anybody?”

“Oh my head hurts!” Jin put a blank blanket.

After a while, Hughes completed the ready soup and returned.

“He has not woke up yet?” He felt Feisha as minced by minors, because Crushed Fuse seemed to make a sauce-soup bowl in an excited ceremony.

He left his head so that such ideas never spread in his mind. “He woke up, but he slept again.

Suddenly Jin opened him a blanket and a pie: “While you are far from me, my head will not be damaged until my head does not hurt, I can not sleep.”

Feisha laughed: “Because you are so sleepy, why do not you go back to your room and you have fallen to your coffin, do not hurt, so I’ll stay back and enjoy the old chat with the fuse. Can you do it?”

Ginger-shot poured cold: “What could you talk about others?



Hughes hung over the soup · gino.

Gene did not hold it and only opened it openly.

Foods just made a spoon with a spoon.

This image has not changed as a happy son who has visited a father healed after death. It was rare that two people in this scene flooded each other.

When Feisha could no longer see it, he refused and returned to his room.

After he returned, he lay in the bed with a shower before the anguish died in silence. He cared for the swimming pools carefully.

Despite the way he thought about these things, Isephlala’s expression did not seem easy, though he gave his baby trunks. He almost seemed like that … How to express his mind on his back? Constantly dismissed? Playing with a cat with a mouse?

The more he thought of how he thought about that.

If the iron was warming up while the other lasted so long if they did not fish in a shallow sea, oh yes, [1], then he will beat you too stupid.

Tomorrow, he will surely use these white costumes!

Before the door came out of the closet and hung the pants’ shoes, he turned and escaped from the bed. Then he took a picture in front of the wall-bed and put floating pants at his place. He finally felt satisfaction and saw it carefully before sleeping.

Perhaps he was too tired yesterday, so it was, or because his heart was too empty, Feiza was ignorant and when he woke up he was very refreshing.

He checked the time to make sure it’s at 9:30.

The hotel never asked the staff to use the punch. After he met people here he went up to a seasonal expert, so he gave him work hours freely.

He bathed and carefully washed his face with rolling teeth. Then he took a nice and warm shower. After all the parts of his body were fresh and enjoyable, he seriously put a pair of snacks, a nipple with a waist and a fun of swimming.

When he was in the 30th floor, he slowly walked down the stairs, deliberately delayed the course to build peace.

His eyes closed the blue blue pool when he listened the floor and completed the way to the last step. But he could not smile.

This is because there is a pattern of golden light on the roof of the pool.

Before he asked, a meter stood by a pond or a lightweight depression, looked at “Did not you hear that it was very hard?”

Why did he come here so often as he worked during his clock?

Metatron, his bright golden hair in the air swam in the air: “Is it a fate?

I reach the Feisha arm and tighten the cloth around his waist and says: “Well, that’s not that I do not like this fate of luck, but how to control it?”

“Oh how do you want to check it out?”

“Because the elevator is lying, I have become obligatory from all grounds.” Feisha looked seriously at him and said: “Instead, I’m still a person Pneimaties Every day to heaven. I’m afraid I am at risk of loading the psychological load … I’m afraid … climb the sky.

Metatron’s words were filled with a wonderful joy: “Why do not you agree?”

Feisha asked the question: “What agreement?

“Encourage Espell to feel love”

“…” Despite his condition, he was still strange to hear it from another mouth. His own emotion seemed to be used as a kind of exchange. He slightly opposed.

Metatron was gently “said,” If you could do it in the future, I can meet one of those requirements in the future, but what’s this? ” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

“Can you even give me two wings, if I want, if I want to get the same way in order to make vampires. What will happen if you want them? How can you give my elf ears?” Feisha asked questions dubiously He spoke about six minds These three things we had to summarize …

His conclusion was that “more things, better things” were relatively accurate and not complete.

“Do not hurry to express desires any day in the future that will use more, it will use it.” He stopped quietly for a moment before adding: “You also meet my condition I do not want.”

Feisha got mad. He would sleep if he said that the situation was not attractive …

Metatron raised his hand and nodded one on the other. “Before that, there is no reason to meet.

Feisha received a second shock. As he wanted to say something, the landscape suddenly changed before my eyes.

Issefels spent leaving the swimming pool only wet. He returned slightly when he saw each other.

Feisha quickly left negotiations with Metatron and went without feeling boldly at Isfeli’s greeting: “Are you flying?”

“The EU is over.

He has finished swimming.

Feisha was very disappointed. If he had known before, he would not speak to Metadata at all.

Issefel looked up and down in his clothes: “Did you come here to swim?

“Oh.” If he quickly shouted, he did not need to take a “swimsuit pair” that was carrying him before him? … Does he look like this as an initiative? Feisha feared his head as soon as he felt frightened: “No. 3, my mother here to take a body to wash, I received my morning when I finished to wash my body. Do you realize what you imagine, do you have?”

Isefels responded: “The body of a lava body directly connects to the warehouse that has unhealthy.”

Was this not ineligible?

Feisha was sad because he realized that he really forced himself to even become an irregularity “Really?” Ah, then it’s probably blocked. I’ll review it back When he turns, he goes to the step …

“Why do not you rain in my room?” Isfels were asked before touching the ground with his right foot.

“Good!” Feisha quickly turned to a beautiful and beautiful smile.

Isphehal’s bathroom was like Feisha. They both had a large square bus.

But when Feisha was among them, he felt Isfela 1 was much more comfortable and warmer than his bathroom. Even water made me feel different from his skin.

He studied here and there and made about two hours slowly to complete the washing.

When in the bathroom he finally orkāpēja his skin, boiled and sliced ​​and then it was red and red.

Out of the bathroom, Isfelis Feisha usually sat on the sofa, and reading books at full density, seeing every time.

Feisha said: “I finished the washing.

“Well,” Isfels not even raised his head.

Feisha was slightly disappointed in his reaction.

“Have you finished reading the guest’s history?” Issefel asked indifferently.

Feisha forced himself and answered with confidence only: “No”

Isefels finally raised his head, “Does that mean you’re late now?”

“…” You are clearly an idol. This is what they call: “Bad headquarters guides their subordinates.” Of course, speaking to your boss, you were not as simple. So Feisha indirectly issues his thoughts, “I was afraid to stop reading with your time”

“Can you understand reading yourself?”

Without a doubt, “I do not understand.

Isefels continued reading books on his head “I give you the power to stop me.

Did the eyes shine, ever?

“How many times have you had a fun time to come to see me with the last couple?”

“Uh …” He seems to fast every time he wants. Feisha suffered a self-esteem with a deep head calmly.

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[1] Other things non-fervent batting … Woman, Fever 27

A very similar sound, but very different, the first significance of excited fish water (Chen · Hao · Don Jie) and 趁 热 ද 铁 It means that the strike is when the iron is hot. Feisha acknowledged his mistake and said no. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

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