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Translated by Ellabells of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Don’t look at some people who are loyal to someone and think that they are loyal in their nature. This is quite one-sided.

This is the conclusion that Feisha came to after coming out of the conference room.

Shamal suddenly pulled him behind a large decorative vase.

After a while, Lanka also slowly came out of the conference room and walked upstairs.

“Hey. Can you tell me why we are hiding behind this vase?” Feisha broke away from Shamal’s hand.

“Of course it is for concealment.”

“That’s why I asked you why we are hiding behind this vase!” Feisha huffed and messed with the scant and slim branches inside the vase. “I really can’t tell, what can this hide?”

Shamal shrugged, “As long as it is effective. The truth is that Lanka has not discovered our whereabouts.”

Layton suddenly said, “I don’t think so.”

Just as he said, Lanka stopped going upstairs and stood in the middle of the steps and called to them, “Where is Gin’s room?”

Shamal, “…”

Feisha smiled and said, “The room on the left side of Hughes’.”

“Thank you.” Lanka turned and walked up.

Feisha turned to look at Shamal. “Was it effective? Hm? Didn’t find us? Hm?”

Shamal pointed his finger all around and said, “Besides this vase, what do you think is there to hide behind?”

Layton looked around and thought deeply.

Feisha took a deep breath and then asked kindly, “If I may ask, why are we hiding?”

Shamal and Layton looked each other.

After a long while, Shamal finally found the answer, “Probably not yet converted from the peeping mentality — feeling guilty.”

Feisha, “…”

When Lanka went to the floor where Gin and Hughes were located, he happened to see Hughes pace at his neighboring door.

From this angle, Lanka could see the long linen color hair covering Hughes’ entire forehead. The tips of his hair brushed his eyelashes and he couldn’t help but raise his hand to push it away. The hair that had been pushed away was sticky with sweat, making it stick up messily.

Hughes seemed to feel his gaze, turned his head sharply, then his eyes brightened as he saw Lanka. “Brother Lanka…”

The closed door suddenly opened, and Gin appeared at the door like a ghost, looking at Lanka with eyes filled with resentment.

Hughes stopped his step towards Lanka, at a loss between the two people. Lanka’s lips twitched and he walked towards Hughes. Gin rushed out quickly and grabbed Hughes before him.

Lanka stopped a step away from Hughes and met Gin’s eyes. He said, “I have something to say to you.”

“But I have anything to say to you.” Gin kept Hughes in his arms and was about to head back.

But Hughes desperately planted his feet on the ground and refused to move. Gin looked down at Hughes’ stubborn face and his dissatisfaction was getting higher and higher.

Lanka threw a bomb in the moment of their stalemate. “I want to take Hughes with me.”

Gin’s hand on Hughes’s shoulder loosened before tightening. It was no longer resentment on his face, but a strong killing intent. “Do you think you can?”

“Hughes has already agreed.”

Fangs shot out of Gin’s upper gums, slashing his lower lip, and blood slid down the corners of his mouth. Gin looked at him like a hunter staring at prey, slowly sticking out his tongue, little by little, as if enjoying delicious food and tasting the sweetness on his lips.

Lanka smiled indifferently. “Do you still have nothing to say to me?”

Gin’s pupils slowly shrank, then he dropped Hughes’s hand and quickly flitted back into his room.

The door stayed open.

Lanka looked at Hughes’ look of anxiety and smiled. “Relax. We’re just going to chat.”

Hughes said, “Then can I join the chat?”

Lanka petted his head. “Next time.”

Gin coldly snorted from within the room, “Is the road from the door to inside my room very far? Do you want me to give you a tent and rations?”

“Wait for me.” Lanka lowered his hand, slowly walked into the room and closed the door.

The most striking thing about Gin’s room was the workmanship of his coffin. It was an irregular hexagon, like an elongated diamond.

Lanka said, “Do you let Hughes also sleep in a coffin?”

Gin sat in a chair with one and a half meter back, staring at him coldly. “This is the topic you want to talk to me about?”

“As long as it is related to Hughes, it is my topic.”

“As long as it’s with me, Hughes said it doesn’t matter where he sleeps.”

“Because Hughes is tolerant, you don’t have to be considerate?” Lanka faintly sneered. “Are you bragging about this?”

Gin said, “Whether I am considerate or not, it’s not your place to come here and interfere.”

“Once you are aware of your own deficiencies, you criticize others for not qualifying. Is this your weapon?”

The armrest was gripped tightly by Gin. He took a lot of effort to hold back the impulse to not just rip out the armrest and throw it at that smug face. “You just said, take Hughes with you?”

Looking out the window, Lanka responded with a question, “You know that I like Hughes, right?”

“Hmph!” Gin’s dissatisfaction with him has soared several levels. He actually dared to admit it!

“Because I like Hughes, I want to protect him and block everything for him. Even… sacrificing myself is worth it.”

“If you’re trying to use goodwill to win my sympathy, then don’t bother.” Gin rubbed his finger on the armrest. “In fact, hearing you say that you want to sacrifice yourself, I am very happy. Just afraid that your sacrifice won’t be definitive enough.”

“What if Hughes is in danger, and you have to sacrifice yourself to save him?”

“Do you think I am such a useless guy?”

Lanka was speechless.

Gin said, “Not to mention, with Hughes’ feelings for me, if I am gone, he will live as if he’s dead. So in addition to protecting him, I must take care of myself. Of course, this kind of thing is only something the strong can understand. For someone like you, the weak, can never understand.”

“You’re that confident?”

“Not confidence, trust.”

Lanka turned to look at him. “According to you, what is love?”

Gin looked up and stared at him proudly. “Love? Its definition is… Hughes will only be happy with me, and only I can give him happiness!”

Lanka looked at him for a long time, and finally sighed, “If only I had Hughes come to Noah’s Arc after the growth period.”

“…What do you mean?” Gin frowned. It felt like he didn’t say anything good.

“Nothing,” said Lanka. “Although you said so, I still have to bring Hughes back.”

Gin spoke agreeably, “You can. Over my corpse.”

“It’s just to let him use his annual leave to go home to join my wedding. I think… it doesn’t need to be so bloody?”

Gin’s eyelids opened and closed several times, “Join your wedding?”

Lanka said, “I am sorry that I had no intentions to ask you.”

“You are getting married? Who is the bride? A man or a woman?” Gin looked at him suspiciously. “You’re not going to trick Hughes back, and then force him to marry you, right?”

Lanka raised his eyebrows, “I didn’t think of this, thank you for reminding me.”


“But even if I use tricks to get him to go back, with that kind of… living-as-if-dead feelings for you, it shouldn’t be so easily changed even if I use force, right?”

“There is no lower limit for character morale, do you think I will believe you?”

Lanka pretended to be surprised, “Why do you think I will need your trust? Hughes has already agreed, I am just here to inform you. Yet some people are jealous enough to keep Hughes outside.”

Gin hatefully said, “If it’s not for someone without eyes breaking into my house, would I be jealous?”

Lanka said, “Big brother coming to see the younger brother is just a family visit.”

“…” Gin suddenly hoped that Feisha was around. This guy might look like a dullard, but who knew he was so good with words.

Lanka said, “If nothing else, I am going to find Hughes to go eat, you stay sitting.” As he spoke, he turned to walked out. He hadn’t gotten to the door before a rush of wind passed him and the door was smashed open.

The conversation between Gin and Hughes came in from outside.

“Let’s go eat.”

“But Brother Lanka…

“He said he’s not hungry.”


“He said that he really liked the coffin in my room and wanted to lie a little longer.”

“…you agreed to let him lie in your coffin?”

“Of course, he is your cousin, so he is my cousin.”



“You’re really good.”

“Of course.”

Lanka went out and saw the back of Hughes and Gin disappearing around a corner.

He stood in place for a long time before he laughed at himself.

Feisha sighed in Isefel’s room. After leaving the conference room, he didn’t even think about it and went straight upstairs. It was the habit of habits.

Isefel was reading a book as usual.

When Feisha sighed for the thirty-sixth breath, he finally couldn’t help but ask, “Are you really not curious about why I am sighing?”


Feisha felt crazed. He had such hard earned gossip yet no partner to share it with. This was really too… “If I count one, two, three, and you don’t object, I will tell you why I’m sighing.” He didn’t wait for Isefel’s reaction and, with extremely fast speed, said, “One two three!”

Isefel glanced up at him.

Feisha smiled and said, “I knew it, in your heart, you actually really wanted know. Alright, since you want to know, where should I start?”

“Lanka invited Hughes to go back to attend the wedding?”

“…” Feisha looked at him with surprise. “How did you know?”

Isefel leaned against the sofa and crooked his finger at him.

Silky, dark long locks; fair and smooth face; dim yellow lighting; a deep look in his eyes…

Feisha heard his heart go ba-dum, ba-dum, wildly fluttering, and he could not help but walk forward.

Isefel’s hand reached out and slowly moved towards his chest.

Feisha didn’t know what he was expecting, but his heart beat like it was trying to commit suicide against his ribs.

Isefel’s hand stopped in his suit, took off the brooch, and placed it in the palm of his hand. “Look.”

Feisha dumbly shifted his sight.

On the brooch, the black jewel reflecting gold and silver flashed with gold and silver light. In the light, a miniaturized version of the conference room appeared.

“…” Feisha took thirty seconds before he realized what it was. He couldn’t help but complain, “If I knew that there was such high-tech spy gear here, I wouldn’t have worked so hard.”

Isefel lightly asked, “You really care about Gin?”

Feisha was confused, “Care about Gin’s what?”

The glare of gold and silver light faded, and Isefel clipped the brooch back on him. “Nothing.”

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