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Translated by Ellabells of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Although Isefel was very good looking, it was still boring to keep staring at him for an hour. Thus, Feisha ran off to hang around downstairs.

Strolling by the door of the restaurant, he saw Layton and Shamal squatting, butts sticking out, one high, one low, as they peeked through the crack of the door.

“What are you guys doing here?”

Shamal and Layton turned to look at him, expressions very normal, “Watching a show.”

Shamal added, “This time, don’t try to fool us into giving you a spot.”

“Why would I want a spot from you?” Feisha inexplicably raised his eyebrows.

Shamal gave a ‘I’ve seen through you’ smirk.

Feisha bypassed him and went straight through the door.

Shamal and Layton dropped their jaws at the same time.

In the restaurant, Lanka was watching Hughes eat a lemon and chocolate steak bite by bite with satisfaction. Gin sat across from him, his expression as if he had smelled a cloth foot wrap that hadn’t been washed for hundreds of years.

After Feisha entered, he even greeted them, then turned to the door and used a voice that was not too loud, but definitely loud enough to let everyone hear, “This seems to be a public place where you can directly come in?”

Shamal, Layton, “…”

Feisha sat at the table behind Lanka’s, from this point of view he could just see the expressions on Lanka and Hughes, and the back of Gin’s head.

Ten seconds later, Shamal and Layton also walked in with great confidence and sat next to Feisha.

Shamal whispered, “I bet Gin will definitely make a move!”

Layton nodded, “I also think so.”

Feisha sighed, “You guys really don’t understand Gin.”

Shamal looked at him suspiciously, “What do you mean?”

“With Gin’s personality, if he was going to erupt, he would have erupted already. How can he just sit here and be watching?” Feisha touched his chin. “I think they must have reached some kind of compromise or some kind of tacit agreement between them. ”

Shamal and Layton spoke together, “What agreement?”

Feisha smiled and said, “You want to know?”

The two heads obediently moved up and down.

“Go and ask them?” Feisha smiled quite kindly. “Remember to tell me after.”

Shamal, Layton, “…”

“That’s right, don’t you guys think that there is something missing on our table?” Feisha tapped a finger on the table that was empty except for the vase.

Shamal said, “If you want to eat, go get it yourself.”

“Giving this opportunity to be alone with Antonio to me… is okay?” Feisha just said the word ‘me’ and Shamal had already stood up and rushed toward the kitchen.

Layton whispered, “Am I missing something?”


“What have I missed?” Since Feisha came, his hidden desire to gossip had fully came out and taken over.

“A lot. For example, the opportunity to grow taller.”


Although the lemon chocolate steak was very large, and with Hughes cutting them into very small pieces, he also did not eat fast, he still finished eating.

Lanka looked at Hughes, but the words were to Gin. “I want to go right now.”

Gin was not happy, “So early? Isn’t it a month later?”

“There are a lot of preparations for the ceremony and the wedding. I have to go back and direct it.”

“Then you go ahead first.” Gin reached out and held Hughes’ hand on the table.

Lanka looked at Hughes gently, “I have too many things to prepare, can you help me?”

Hughes nodded without hesitation.

Gin stared at him. “Is there no other transparent people? Does Genesis have no other race? Why must Hughes go? Also, the annual leave here is not that long!”

Lanka leisurely replied, “First, although there are other transparent people, only Hughes is my cousin. Second, it’s my wedding, Hughes has priority in helping. Third, because I want Hughes to go. Fourth, I have already confirmed with Isefel that Hughes has rarely taken annual leave for more than two thousand years. Accumulated, he can go back to Genesis for several years.”

Gin clenched his fists and stubbornly held onto Hughes, “Don’t go.”

Hughes was put in a difficult position, “But this is Brother Lanka’s wedding…”

“Then stay here for my wedding!” Gin blurted out.

Lanka smiled and said, “Oh? Who is the bride? I want to send a wedding dress with diamonds and roses to the bride.”

“Of course it’s Hughes.” Gin put Hughes’s hand on his lips and kissed it softly, looking at him seriously. “Stay, be my bride.”

Hughes was so flustered and red that he wanted to shrink and disappear into his clothes.

Lanka said, “This kind of thing, shouldn’t you first ask the elders of Hughes’ family?”

Gin said arrogantly, “For Mani’s side, I will go and speak for myself.”

Lanka said, “A month later, I will be the new king of Genesis. Why don’t you ask me first?”

“That’s a month later. I am going to marry Hughes now!” Gin started playing rogue.

“The ambassadors for Noah’s Arc have always been decided by the kings of each world. I hope that you can remember that.” He secretly threatened.

“I came to Noah’s Arc not because Lord Cain asked me to come, but because I wanted to come. I am free.” Gin sneered. “If I have the opportunity to bring Hughes back to the blood clan, I will be very happy.”

Lanka looked at him with knives in his smile.

Gin looked up and didn’t put him in his eyes.

Layton quietly scooted towards Feisha, scooted closer, and scooted closer again.

Feisha couldn’t help but raise an arm and said, “Would you like to sit on my knees?”

Layton hesitated, “Can I?”

“Of course. If there is any unfortunate objects flying this way, I’ll have something to block it with.” Feisha smiled happily.

Layton quickly kept him beyond arm’s length.

Hughes looked left to Gin, looked right to Lanka. After looking back and forth for a long time, he finally spoke, “Gin…”

Gin gritted his teeth, “Do you really want to abandon me and go with him?” His expression at the moment was like a big chimney, constantly releasing dark grievances.

Hughes spoke with difficulty, “It’s just a month.”

“What is just a month?” Gin thundered, “Don’t you know that it’s torture if I don’t see you for even an hour?”

Hughes’s eyes became wet.

Lanka couldn’t stand it, “What are you worried about?”

Gin glared at him hatefully, “You.”

Lanka gave up trying to communicate with this irrational and irritated person, turned to Hughes and said, “Hughes, you decide. It’s a month away from him to join me and your sister-in-law for a once in a lifetime wedding, or… you choose for yourself.”

Gin said coldly, “Since it is a choice, you should at least say the options?”

Lanka said, “I think that with Hughes’ IQ, this option doesn’t need to be said. Of course, if your IQ can’t comprehend it, I am sorry!”

The fires of war between two armies grew, mixed with the ominous aura Gin released earlier, the whole restaurant is filled with smoke and tension.

“I have decided.” Hughes’ voice was like a beam of holy light, and both of them looked at him with expectations. “I am going to help Brother Lanka.”

The two people’s very different reactions allowed Feisha to finally see the difference between the winner of the prize and the loser.

Hughes saw what Gin still wanted to speak, so he took the lead, “Gin, just take it as me begging you.”

Lanka’s brow wrinkled, but because of how Hughes looked at Gin, he forcefully smoothed it down.

The frost on Gin’s face finally melted under Hughes’s gaze, “It’s just a month.”

Hughes nodded and smiled.

Gin reluctantly sighed and said, “If it’s even one day more, I will go to Genesis to snatch you back.”

Hughes glanced at Lanka and saw that he had nothing to say and nodded immediately.

“And, we have to communicate with each other every day.” Gin said, “If there’s no word for one day, I will also go to Genesis to snatch you back.”

Hughes stretched out his little finger, “Pinky promise.”

“Isn’t this too childish?” though Gin said that, he still stretched out his pinky and hooked Hughes’ tightly.

Standing by the floor-to-ceiling window of the restaurant, looking at Hughes’ group of three who were on the stage, Feisha sighed, “This play is finally finished.”

Layton saw Gin was still reluctant, and couldn’t help but have expectations, “Say, do you think that there will be a big reversal in the end, with Gin retracting his words?”

Feisha said, “According to my experience, it is generally impossible. Unless somehow, suddenly an assassin is summoned, and Hughes… cough, cough. Peh, peh.”

Layton walked a few steps away, “You are so disgusting, actually spitting.”

Feisha said, “…this is a habit of our’s, saving us from jinxing the situation.”

Layton frowned. “So what you mean is that all humans have this habit of spitting randomly?”

“…” Feisha said, “Oh yeah, why hasn’t Shamal come back yet?”

Layton said, “Probably Antonio is not done, so he is waiting in the kitchen.”

Antonio and Shamal waiting in the kitchen?

Feisha’s mind immediately conjured dirty images, “Let’s go take a look.”

He excitedly went to the door, was just about to poke his head in when Shamal rushed out and accidentally knocked him to the ground, “Ah. Hurry, hurry, hurry, it’s too late!”

Feisha rubbed his waist. “What is too late?”

“The symptoms of Lunacy Syndrome have further deteriorated. Although it is not the fifteenth, there are already werewolves who have transformed and have to come to Noah’s Arc early.” Shamal spoke as he ran. “We have to receive the guests!”

Feisha reluctantly got up and said, “Even if that is the case, you shouldn’t randomly slam into people, right?”

Layton was lying on the floor panting, as he spoke with a displeased tone, “I, the one crushed, didn’t say anything, so you… what are you complaining about?”

Feisha said, “Because sitting on you is not as comfortable as a sofa.”

Layton, “…”

The two men rushed to the front desk while arguing and saw a train-like vehicle coming from a distance.

Shamal groaned, “No way. So many?”

Gin frowned, “Where did you get the news?”

Shamal said, “The werewolf tribe’s Eastern Elder Prak. Big brother Dia said that he had always been the contact before.”

Gin still wanted to say more, but the cars arrived.

The car door opened and a large pass was thrown out.

Shamal reached for it, took a look and nodded. The werewolves immediately orderly came down from the car.

“Wait!” Gin suddenly said, “Where’s your elder Prak?” According to werewolf rules, the one at the forefront should always be the elder.

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