STSC Chapter 1

STSC Chapter 1

The first chapter

When the fire burns out, even breathing in the air is also acute, smelling, he felt severe pain, I felt it could not survive in certainty. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

In fact, he is really dead.

When he opened his eyes, he is in another country in the world, and a little baby as he lies in the bed, I noticed that he was a baby.

His current identity is the leader of this country, it is next to him that the children are the best brother of one of the mothers.

Previously, born in a peaceful time, he was a 2-year-old student who lived in a happy home. However, he is now, we are in the great darkness royal family is located in the heart of all (power) fighting of the spiral.

In just a week, he left out unnecessary weaknesses and luck.

He has no longer experienced his brother, his own, was not a student was no longer blessing.

His monastery mother, he died at the same time for a deterioration of the castle of the fight of power when he returned to this place. Perhaps why he opened his eyes are they contain the original body of the owner, could live instead.

When he opened his eyes, this was the first to this child was seen in that unknown world. Perhaps it’s a fun-filled troops. Perhaps, I might have wanted to find a reason to live, but it was considered instinctively the only redemption of that child. His only reason for this unknown world.

He spent 13 years to teach you how to survive in this luxury cage for young children, all competitors were removed using various illegal tactics, various dirty schemes.

Finally, only two remained in the huge castle, the king of the abyss was finally finished.

And, as the successor of the king, the throne inherited the best candidate in the logic of his mind.

He is never without the need for the purpose of the throne, it does not want the power and wealth.

The reason of his brother built the throne, because the people was the oldest thought was the only real way to protect him.

For more than 10 years, both are close to warming each other and trusting each other, just believe in one another, we could not have anyone else to trust.

He thought the heart was similar.

So, when he was sent suddenly to the jail, he thought it was a joke about the brother.

When he hesitated the uncomfortable, but the child thought that perhaps he had thrown a shadow of a screwdriver, we finally know he thought.

When he used the copper bumper, he would just say that he would understand he would be his eldest brother to understand his eldest brother, the hypnosis itself could …

Finally, the body that suffered a damaged face or serious injury, was thrown into the peripheral end of the sea as a garbage dump. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

He finally knows that he is wrong.

He was embarrassed before, as if it were released, was shaken in mind.

Soul died for a long time, but it was the opportunity in an unknown world, but it still does not get anything. It’s just painted blood on a white hand that had been cleansed before, it had created an illusory conscious violent king.

… Finally, it was finished.

It was found absolutely no need that I wanted to protect.

And I can finally be ready to return to my way.

However, the fate has decided Another great joke about him.

~ ~ ~ ~

When he opened his eyes, he is still in this other world, the body that was given that pain, knowing that he still lived in the deformed face.

Oh, in fact, after many years in the dark, he forgot that it looked like the first.

And slowly begin to forget the previous pacific life.

Fear and uncertainty are always the human soul than to the happiness and stability.

However, he is still ugly bark, a worthy soul of a mockery of defects, we live half of the party’s people in the state, such as the unknown world of ghosts.

After the death death, he wiped miraculously as the flow of the sea caused an extraordinarily small city in the countryside of other countries.

Without knowing what an incredible root is how much it was done, he managed to climb on the shore of the small city of the river only that it was far from the sea.

He kept terribly well, he settled in a poor room.

Soon, it filled not only worn boards and seats, but also painted furniture that was quite old.

Lightweight of white patio was canceled. A small mustache and a vase. A man with yellow yellow skin walked in the wheat.

He woke up with an old eyelid who saw him wrong before he had taken his terrible injury to the account and put him on his hand without touching his arms. I was not shocked either.

“Awakened? The old man prayed constantly.

For a long time he was silent. “Can you ask me where you are?”

“Wide Tian District. The old man answered foolishly before he used his medicine and opened his doctor’s box.

…… Wido Tian district, where was it?

She did not have such a familiar name in memory. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Fortunately, he confirmed that he did not have such a name in his memory and almost remembered almost all the words in his country.

“This is the country of June, where did you come from?” He was still proud of his hand, but the old man randomly asked to speak

The effect of this medicine made me feel a heavy pain, a painful feeling of his injuries.

Jun · Yao · Kant … …

That’s why he was actually there.

He heard such a response, I thought it was stupid.

Was the coincident species precisely leading him to the south of the world’s largest country, coming from the Fang, northernmost country?

Furthermore, to travel there, it was necessary to cross a large amount of continents.

Maybe it’s not enough for me? So why do I still want to continue working?

“This is the government’s wardroom. You have to relax for about a month to fully recover. Although it does not answer, the old one is about the last sentence before closing the point and a medical box. I did not need any further concern:” I’ll come back tomorrow “A clear old man raised the curtain and left.

After going back to herself, I only knew what the old man had said and had deceived the soul for a long time.

Government …


Is such a tired room? And does it even have the government?

He thought that the old man tells the absurdity.

It was not a way he had never visited the camp in the house because he needed to know details about the lives of the civilians, but secretly he visited several remote locations. He certainly did not think that this called government room was decorated more than a poor house.

Perhaps because I thought I was angry, I said that I was humiliating.

He laughed at the battle.

So he might accept the fact that he understands why he had only received vegetables for food, and sometimes vegetables found in only a piece of land. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

The food was simple, but the medicine was really effective, at 500,000 he felt the possibility he would take care of. As expected by the doctor, after thirty minutes he completely recovered.

Of course, we could not remove bad and scary scars on the face and body.

Almost at the end of death – because he was clear about the position of your body, I also thought it was miraculous.

He never heard of the southern country so that it was necessary to tell the fact that he could reach a small city by shifting the ocean along the stream.

Under such circumstances, he may have recovered only one month.

Even the best doctor Fang Jun could not do this!

Finally, having announced that the old man has already recovered and can abandon, he has lost his power.

First of all, he could not believe how old the old man was older. Second, he did not really know where I could go.

She did not have a place in such a huge world

Or say that the only place he thought to possess would not be accepted.

“What?” The old man covered his elements and shot him wrong. “Can you go anywhere?”

He was silent.

He said “After paying your nose and ending packaging to the old man before spatting,” There’s no salary. ”

“Ha ha?” He was foolish.

“Weeds are completely isolated that the bone of your heel is damaged and can not be cured. You can not do a heavy job to stay from here.” Old is the answer It was.

He was silent again.

His body on the surface of the wound knew that it was recovering, but in fact, it was a terrible devastating essential essence, even if it survives this day that it is wonderful.

Fearful of summer, fearing cold in winter, and a little cold, he can go to bed or die.

After all, it was already a miracle that he had survived for three years that he was always imprisoned in a shameless and serious prison and was abused.

“Because I just die as I leave, the old man continues.” “The State Council still needs help,” if you provide food and housing without paying for wages, you can stay. If you do not leave, stay and work. What do you think ”

He was shocking like “ah” for a long time.

From the Hunter’s words he brought food, he knew that the old man is the only doctor in the city, and Mo Sju-Xiansheng is the official of the city west. No one had asked Mo Shu “District Judge-Daren 3”, but instead he addressed him as Mo Shu-xiansheng. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Translator’s note:

Daji’s adoration method: https: //

Two equivalent words in Chinese

3 “Sir” and other main goals are targeted This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

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