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SH Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Mediators (Part 2)

It’s an underestimated occupation This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

“Why?” Jin felt a little embarrassed, opposed to De’s beauty, with a curved look at Na. Is it a parody of a snowman and a dwarf?

“Do you think Dea’d better? Billies and dwarves?” Chuckle Feisha is dark.

“Wolf” Jin answered without hesitation. This question really did not require a second thought. Knowing how long a good march is with Antonio, you can know only comparing how much time goes from Layton.

“So do you think that Day will be like Nani?” Faisa asked again.

Jin stopped. “He has no prospects,” he added. When he remembered well, Deia did not see Nani’s eyes at Noah’s ark.

“That’s what we need!” He handed his hand to the Fishes.

“Why is it necessary? Why does not Dey sleep with Nani?

Feisha saw this sample before him. “Because you like it, do you think Day was going to bed with you?”

Jin thought about this with a little constant people.

I’m tired “You have to talk with consciousness.”

It was a break.

Jin hesitated and showed “slightly” with his fingers. “Maybe it be a bit”

Feisha just entered, saw her. His eyes repeated a message, consciousness.

“Do not do lucky things,” the long-haired anger of her shining is embarrassing.

Feisha will soon be thrown with a great smile. “I think he liked a bit.

“Surely Jin began,” How does he like me a little bit, how will you ignore it? ”

… What happened to “small things”? Did not you notice? Do you think that dancing loves things like bacteria? The sage chose not to say it and changed the matter. “Any way, this is not a question, the point is … everything we need”

“I think this was a problem, it’s a very sharp point.” Jin would not get rid of a bit. He never created it before, but the experience he was sent for three days later still attracted him. If he knew just how it turned out, DJ’s beauty that Jin “will have Tired Dies’ room in the middle of the night” test new people “, their heart of common sense It is not right to do. According to it, the past is 20/20 .

Feisha saw the story of Jin’s depression, a daring idea that flew in his mind. He felt Jin’s shoulder as thoughtful. “Bro, your butt already felt really hard?

“It was only 3 days, so it was not too bad, …” remarked by Feisha Kio Jin began, his words when he revolved around looking at the criminal decision People fighting to close up to half, please follow your stomach.

“Erm”, Feisha looked seriously. “What are you talking about?” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Jin warned him and continued to doubt that Feisha remained in Las Vegas, promising what happened in Las Vegas, then a mouth: “You said I like a little,”

… Yes, because you did me. However, Feish’s security seemed to be inversely proportional to his well-known secret. In the end, the vampire was probably not a vegan. He had no choice but to agree. “It is, absolutely no wonder, that a Punktor, who surrounds the vision, finally likes you.”

Jin obtained approval and he nodded violently.

“Almedande managed to destroy it with jealousy, without a doubt, slightly a little bit”.

Gee saw it and fell on her head.

“If that happens, we’re all pretty handsome”

Jin nodes without stroke.

“Similarly, the wolves have the same threat.” Otherwise, Antonio would not get such a shot. Wolves may not have vampire, but they were tall, dark and beautiful. Especially because Antonio could not see a little next to Deia.

Feisha forced. “But what do you think you think Almedande thinks that the other person was dwarf when we told him?”

“Please delete all the races?”

This answer came out of the left. “Hmm, does he have enough strength?” He never made nine world-wide-eyed horse, if he were honest with him. Did he know that all the angels of God, the army were the most powerful that the people behind the past were weakly connected? Can nuclear weapons hit angels? They do not involve anything at all.

After the reflection period, Jin said, “Fairy is the basis of God and a very good relationship with Hell, if there is war, they can overcome.”

… He has enough power. Feisha’s cold causes are better. “Violence is not an absolute option, we want peace.

“We want peace to do nothing, Almedande must ensure peace.”

Feisha took one second to raise his idea. “Between your clan and the destruction of dwarf competition – that is”

“Dalfan, Duff.”

Sorry, Lay thought about Feisha. I tried, but Jin is too selfish and sneaky. If you become a ghost, feel free to hit him until the end of the hour.

Jin forgot Feish’s idea and said: “How does it mean bigger things?” How is it from a small light between Dance and Almedand to complete a genocide? Are you? This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Feisha saw Jane’s sound softening, “We still have time to retire.

“You have not yet finished telling me about the plan,” Jin forgot.

Why do not you understand? Many patients could regret their lives, avoiding their death, if they stopped before! Feisha was so painful that she was hurting.

“Are you too heavy? If you like, I can remove it,” Jin provided sweet.

Feisha dropped his hand, for example he burned. “Because young people are interested in flowers and trees, we have learned and hard to choose.”

Jin just stretched out his shoulders. “I’ve never taught it.”

Feisha was very disappointed. “Is there a reason to get 10 years of compulsory education? Even sleeping on your desk every day is better than simple release.

“… If I remember correctly, people are not obligatory education”

He almost forgot that the puffo remembered a tooth. “Well, we get higher education for adults! Share to age, students, why not try it out?

“… I’m really young.


After a long silence, Jin decided to relax. “I have not finished talking about your plan yet.

… They probably blew it in proportion? Feisha caused emotional shock and returned to the road. “I do not really think that Almedande will come to monkeys.”

Gina’s face was one of uncertainty.

“Before the beginning of many thousands as criminals, above all, no point dies, no one died. Secondly, I think that Almedande will eradicate any competition. I think it’s not the way to go.”

“I think optimism is a good thing,” Jin stood.

“What do you mean?”

“Is not the invisible people coming from the world called Genesis?

“Yes.” Because he thought of it, sweet words. Happiness higher than the human world.

“Because they are the most powerful, there are many rights of different species, tons, blinds living in the Genesis, one of which is many similarities with enumens, if you ignore the fact that they have a small body and a big head they have antennae.


I did not know where to start Feisha. “Bug?”

“Intelligence, such a thing.”

“… oh.

Ping for Jin for ignorance. “In any case, play with a Kara tribal head and some shopping is … visit Felan Kingland.”

“They went!”

“More or less people who have not died, now live in the cage”

Feisha’s lips hit the corner. “So are there endangered species, etc.?” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

“That also shows”


“You know,” Feisha says, “I think my plan is ambitious. We will be the last one.” It became bigger and it was furious when he painted it, I made it …

“If you can not finish it, you still have to complete that idea.

Feisha inhales deeply. “Initially, I understand that Almedande understands that Deah’s lip alone has not influenced other people by discovering enan,” says Feisha. . Then, when he worked, he also noticed the criminal fault for expansion, not to blame the DEU because his wheel was his brother, but just looking at it now, Almedande seems to be logical anywhere, as I thought before. I’m urging you to look for it in other places for resolution. “As a conclusion he picked up his breath deeper.

Jin pulled his finger. “This is a good plan!”

“… are you serious?” Feiya soon thought that his chin had already reached the ground.

“It’s worth the test,” Jin smiled.

“But it died …

“We all like to pray to God to survive in this exam”

Surprisingly, it was too confused.

“Why Almedand and God make it difficult?”

“If they do it, my participation in this action will be buried forever! What will happen in the future if they decide to find out about me when they survive the memory path? There is nothing.”

Unfortunately, sneaky, I should not use you in Jin, Feisha has repented. You are not as bad as he.

“But, there is still one problem,” Jin and was interrupting the Feish thought. “Do you still think about that?”


“How do you work together?”

“Why should I do it?” I left you in that part, “Feisha wished Gin.

Gin responded with milling her teeth. “You know, I think you know a little …”

“Oh, leaving me on that part, I’m sorry to think about solving the problem, when I think of it, I am so happy Hehe … hehehehe …”

Gut shook her head, rejoiced. “What are you, you are not so great?”

Feisha lowens her face, I started to touch her plan after a charming laugh.

Translator’s note

Feisha was very disappointed.
It was described as very disappointed and it felt not the 恨 铁 FuNaru ливи chicken they were Bu Chen Gang (lightened iron hated how could be steel was) by Feisha. This is a Chinese representation that is used to represent a very patient person for people who do not fulfill the wishes. Interestingly, the possibility of an English translation of this emotion is “will be disappointed that it is not suitable for the children.” Sorry, mom, I’ll move away from the cellar, I promise immediately.

“Is not the invisible people coming from the world called Genesis?
The name of this particular world is the original age ratio depreciation 舒 儀 (special world origin). I am from a special world of origin, sincerely we have decided to stop from (OSW too short !!!!), but it sounds stupid, not the Genesis, as well. And, because I do not have an Publishing Bible offensive to dissipate its book literally, everything is g.

It’s increased when it painted it …
I’m not just the meaning of this phrase, some other translation has been changed. Sorry, but anyway Unfortunately, here in the phrase that is used in June 飞雪 Liu Yue Fei Tzu (June snow is on) it’s. The technique (rarely) since June, China’s natural phenomenon, when it is less likely to have much snow, but the summer is a reference to the play that we have to look at: The Wright for Dou E (https: // in en / wiki / The_Injustice_to_Dou_E). As the title suggests, a whole game to cover a series of failed events. Maybe so. (I really do not read the article Shhh) here 飞雪 June is a song that exists, and I guess this is where the accident is known? As always when the research is difficult, it does not matter to me. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

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