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Chapter 243: XiaoYu Wants to be a Disciple

Translated by Rara

After You XiaoMo’s sentence, the sound of gasping one by one continued to break out through the classroom.

With just one sentence, it almost lowered Teng ZiXin’s reputation in an instant .

Teng ZiXin became a level 4 mage at the age of sixteen and she took two years to reach level 5. Comparing her speed to an average person, this was already something going against heaven’s will. No one could match her potential, but that was, only before You XiaoMo showed up.

Breaking through to a new level in two years was outstanding enough, but compared to You XiaoMo’s half a year from a low level 4 to a peak level 4, the gap was too big! Teng ZiXin’s advantages now suddenly all disappeared, one could even say she was crushed under his feet.

Hundreds of people were absolutely silent. Eyes after eyes were dead set on You XiaoMo with shock and fear, this potential was absolutely the most perverse, the best, the only in the history of the Dao Xin Academy!

Chai Jun was sitting in the front row angrily swallowing his saliva. He then looked toward You XiaoMo’s direction with horror and fear in his eyes, even though he was usually brainless, he knew how terrifying this matter was. Bluntly put, probably even Qi Ran, the only one mage of Long Xiang Continent who had nearly reached the max rank, chances were that his potential was also nowhere near You XiaoMo’s.
T/n: reminder again, Qi Ran is the guy Ling Xiao “took” the heavenly soul scriptures from.

Such a super genius like this was bound to gather every daoshi’s attention, perhaps even the headmaster of the academy would notice.

Chai Jun finally knew what a monster he had provoked, if his clan knew that he continued making trouble for You XiaoMo, maybe even his twin brother, Chai Zheng, wouldn’t be able to protect him.

BaiLi XiaoYu was the one who had the most exaggerated, direct reaction. His hand was covering his wide opened O shaped mouth, his two eyes, that were already big, became even bigger, round like a squirrel’s eyes. BaiLi XiaoYu stared at You XiaoMo with surprise, but he still reacted quicker than anyone else.

BaiLi XiaoYu excitedly grabbed You XiaoMo’s hand, pitifully looked at him and said, “Xiao Mo, you are so awesome ah! Can you accept me as your disciple?”

You XiaoMo’s melon seed brain was directly crashed and stop working, he must have placed his ear on wrong when he went out!

But that sentence also helped people regain back their senses, one by one they looked toward You XiaoMo like they wanted to scream: you freaking monster!

Tong YueXu slowly let out a sigh of relief, he hurriedly took down BaiLi XiaoYu, who was almost hanging himself onto You XiaoMo, apologetically saying, “Sorry, please ignore XiaoYu’s words. He got hyper at the moment so his mind got all jumble.”

You XiaoMo understood. BaiLi XiaoYu wanted to call his peer master when both of them were on the same level, if this news spread out, wouldn’t this make people laugh their asses off? Let alone the fact BaiLi XiaoYu is the son of the BaiLi Clan. With the power of the BaiLi Clan, it should be a matter in the hand for them to find a capable high rank mage to be his master. Even though You XiaoMo’s potential was high, he still needed time to grow up.

“I’m not joking.” BaiLi XiaoYu was upset, so he protested.

You XiaoMo calmed him down, “Rest assure, even if you see it as joke or not, I will still refuse.”

The serious atmosphere was completely broken by You XiaoMo’s sentence.

BaiLi XiaoYu felt aggrieved, “Why don’t you believe me? I really want to make you my master.”

You XiaoMo said, “I believe, ah, but I’m barely able to take care of myself. How can I take care of you, besides, I’ve never even thought about taking in a disciple.”

BaiLi XiaoYu pondered for a minute, then he reluctantly accepted this reason but was not satisfied with that answer. So he said, “So when will you want to take in a disciple?”

You XiaoMo nearly choked, he felt that he was really not cut out to be a master, and he was usually so busy that he almost wished to have more than one pair of hands and feet. How could he find the time to teach someone? So in order to shut down BaiLi XiaoYu’s hope, he answered ruthlessly, “I shall not take any disciple in my whole life. So don’t even think about it, and you are not allowed to ask why.”

The last sentence succeeded in stopping BaiLi XiaoYu’s mouth, leaving only a pair of big eyes looking at him with pity. Yet You XiaoMo only took a glance at those eyes before he looked away, because he was afraid of this emotional attack the most.

But he would never expect that when he turned his eyes away, he would coincidentally meet Teng ZiXin’s eyes. Those pair of eyes that usually looked as if they could read through people now became deeper than ever. Those pitch black pupils were just like a black hole. If one didn’t pay attention, it would suck them right in. Right now those eyes were definitely not the usual charming look, but an icy, endless cold look.

You XiaoMo was able to calmly look face-to-face with her for a second before he swiftly looked away, as if it was just an accident.

He didn’t want to stand before the storm and provoke Teng ZiXin at all. This had no relation with the Chai Clan. What happened before was purely because his personality wouldn’t allow him to. If he went all the way to provoke people just because he had some fame, then would that make him any different from that third-rate Chai Jun?

By announcing his potential, it would be very likely to lead him into a series of trouble, but this was one of the ways to protect himself. At least from those second generations like that Chai Jun, probably even Chai Jun wouldn’t dare to mess around with him anymore
(t/n: second generation = a typical way of saying those spoiled child of a rich family, it a believe that the second generation of a just-become rich family will usually get spoiled since they can get things without effort).

It was actually only after the careful deliberations did You XiaoMo decide to do so.

Ning Jing-daoshi tried to calm her heart from beating wildly from excitement. Her beautiful pair of eyes were deeply staring at the calm You XiaoMo in the back. She couldn’t even imagine that this little one would have concealed such a truth about himself. At first, his potential had already been astonishing enough, now it turned out that it was still not his bottom limit.

This way, even if she was a level 7 mage, she was afraid that she still wouldn’t have enough ability to teach this little one, because judging by his leveling speed, if she took him as disciple, perhaps a few years later, he would very likely surpass her, and such thing was quite a humiliation.

“Okay, people, sit down please, and those in the back, continue.”

Ning Jing-daoshi spoke out to stop the classroom from boiling up, she could understand their feelings. Thinking about this, she couldn’t help but silently look in Teng ZiXin’s direction, but Teng ZiXin’s face was calm as if nothing had happened. This really gave her a surprise, that calmness surely was abnormal enough, looked like these past few years Teng ZiXin had spent traveling with her shifu didn’t go wasted.

However, the more Teng ZiXin looked like she didn’t care, the more worried Ning Jing daoshi felt. After all, Teng ZiXin was only a twenty year old girl, even if Teng ZiXin had a big personality, it was impossible for her to completely stay unconcerned. The halo of the genius girl had been stuck on Teng ZiXin’s head for too long. Seeing it being taken down like that, Ning Jing thought maybe even herself might have had some difficulty accepting it.

Ning Jing daoshi let out a sigh without people knowing, she now could only hope that Teng ZiXin really didn’t care about that genius girl status, because a generous heart toward practicing had much to gain and nothing to lose.

Thanks to You XiaoMo stunning ‘performance’, all the leftover people now seemed to be extremely ordinary.

The first lesson of the freshman class finally ended. Before letting everyone go back, Ning Jing daoshi reminded them to join the last lesson of their freshman class tomorrow.

You XiaoMo had planned to sneak away, but he hadn’t even made a few steps before he was grabbed by BaiLi XiaoYu.

“Where are you going, Xiao Mo? I want to follow.” BaiLi XiaoYu pouted as his cheeks puffed up, thinking proudly, I knew you wanted to slip away.

You XiaoMo didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, he also felt a hidden bitterness. Every time he was faced with BaiLi XiaoYu, he had that kind of big brother feeling. They obviously were both the same age, but since the month was uncertain, perhaps maybe You XiaoMo was the younger one here.

In his previous life, he already had a headstrong older and younger brother, and You XiaoMo never had thought that he would have another brother here. It only took him a glance to know that BaiLi XiaoYu was a spoiled young master that was carefully held inside the palm since young. If he had to speak the truth of who he would like to make friend with, he’d like to have someone that hd his three senior’s traits more.

“Xiao Yu, in reality, we are not from the same world, you are the young master of a big family. Compared to me, who was born in an ordinary family, we don’t share anything in common, and probably even your family won’t let you hang around with me fully.” You XiaoMo didn’t look BaiLi XiaoYu in the eyes, because this was actually just an excuse.

The truth was that after a few days of getting to know BaiLi XiaoYu, You XiaoMo had, in fact, taken notice that Tong YueXu really took care of BaiLi XiaoYu. That pampering attitude of Tong YueXu, treating BaiLi XiaoYu like he was only a few years old, and BaiLi XiaoYu still accepted it as if it should be always be that way. You XiaoMo finally came to conclusion that this young master definitely wouldn’t be able to handle the hardship. You XiaoMo didn’t want to be BaiLi XiaoYu’s nanny. He had already been one for more than ten years in his past life, and he had enough of it. That was why stuff like opening your heart to people he would pass on it. He could see BaiLi XiaoYu as a friend, but no more than an ordinary friend.

BaiLi XiaoYu couldn’t see through the true meaning of that sentence, but Tong YueXu could as his tender expression became complicated in an instant.

BaiLi XiaoYu denied, “They won’t, my family love me a ton. They will definitely agree.”

You XiaoMo felt internally injured, he guessed that BaiLi XiaoYu may not understand, so he slowly sighed as he let out the cruel truth. “You didn’t understand what I mean. Actually, I don’t want to take care of you everyday like Tong YueXu. You are the young master of the BaiLi Clan, you can’t handle the bitter pill.”

As the sentences came out, BaiLi XiaoYu was immediately put in a daze, staring blankly at You XiaoMo.

You XiaoMo also felt regret after saying it. Maybe he could have said it nicer, but it wouldn’t give him the result he wanted.

Usually at a time like this, Tong YueXu should certainly be the first one to comfort BaiLi XiaoYu, yet he didn’t this time. It made You XiaoMo, who was wanting for Tong YueXu to say something, instantly become endlessly puzzled.



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