STSC Chapter 13

STSC Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Naneguel is currently patient, but the government returned to the kitchen again, because the workforce was largely scarcely … This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

He was always busy because he had to clean the office after a wash usually after the official work was completed.

Therefore, Nan G Lee understands his role in the government,

Look at Mo Shu-xiansheng and lift your breath too busy!

Anyway, Mo Shu’s daily return is always extra and actually only had two normal meals, but it was always good. He survived it.

– –

Well, he’s a typical man, for example, less than normal two meals, because he sometimes wants to retire a sweet sweetener to fill his mouth.

In order to improve the living environment at the government agency, Nan Ge Er prepares Mo Shu, snack sauce delicious food as a bakery.

In the morning walking, Nang Gu Long ran out of the kitchen to replace the beans. After taking a day, he felt much better.

In this world there were no peanuts or melon seeds, so Nan Ge Er decided to eat more food in the first month of the month. Beans actually cooked a few days and a few days later, when he lost his life, he was worried about the beans dipped in the syrup, at first not enough sweet.

After being nervous, the beans proved quite good.

Beans soaked in syrup previously were Nan Ge Er-

Or, even a drop of syrup may not be left. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

These beans were very large. However, the locals used little of them in the dish. Nan Ge Er, when he was a fang in June, had before, he felt that the way he was eating this time could be changed, but he really experienced I did not have time for. I had no idea how long he ate. While he was thinking of what he remembered most was various foods from the far past world.

The brown sugar from the oven cooked by the oven at that time produced a scent of odor.

Given that Brown Sugar was almost completely killed, Nan Ge Er was going to hit the Baker Beans Pad Briquettes sugar syrup with halt and stop what he did before the impression, even with a spatter I met the vowel.

As he still considered work, he took a few short steps while Nan Ge Er hit. I remember he was almost happy, assured for strictly faced, transformed into other parties, then cool, but boiling water.

He was not a doctor. I did not think he was too difficult to handle, but I could do some simple dishes. Regarding the dinner dish of the family gathering, it was said that Mo Shu had already talked about the movement of the brown kitchen to prepare for everyone tomorrow about it with other people.

Distorted the beans and used the remaining syrup.

He thought he was still pleased with his arms, though he gave the Mo Shu syrup glass …

The kitchen door was suddenly released as he went.

When advised Zhu Xi comes

Na Er Ge, a little surprised, Zhu Xi sitting in front of the oven “Shao Nang, why are you here, do not you rest right?”

“Prepare the material for the celebration of the New Year.” Nan Ge Er smiled hotly: “If I was not ready immediately, it would be a long way behind.

When you hear it, Zhi Xi bent his eyes: “Are Mo Shu’s colleagues that they will end.” When he closed the door, he went on: “He is still you Can celebrate the New Year without help, lately I will not see him hungry for death.

“Now the government building is mine.” Nan Ge Er laughed: “I really do not have as much vigor as Mo Shu”

“Faithfully faithful” saiko saw the beans and syrup, and then agreed to see the beans to him. “What’s that?” He asked when he touched his hand.

“Do not use your hands”. Nan Ge had tried to stop standing. What would you do if this girl was stirred up?

When he got up suddenly, his eyes turned black, so he fell by chance.

“Ha! Zhu Xi soon helped him.

At the same time Mo Shu opened the door.

This happened with the weak body of Nan Ge Er, so after Zhu Xi’s support, he will recover quickly and turn his head to the vision, door.

Mo Shu shone a moment for him, more precisely, but caught in something white, he was a glitter of the worm.

Zhu Xi saw Mo Shu’s expression: “What do you see, will you eat?

Mo Shu quickly came down and took Zhu’s hands, Nan Ge’s Elan helped: “Even if I’m hungry to die, I will not put my death to fill my hunger, He will kill you to eat you.” He returned to the white thing by Nan Ge, “What are you trying to do for your food with your rattles?”

Neck is the highest quality.

Perfect white without spots, especially soft and hot.

The white skin did not have much weight, but when it packed it the whole body was warm. The material was comfortable as silk. He had no such expensive skins before, it could certainly be considered a valuable treasure.

Therefore, not all government properties could even compare with this personal skin. So it was acquired by Mo Shu in the world?

Can you tell me that this colleague has killed someone and got it?

Nangao was full of imagination, so he completely ignored what Moshiu said.

“Via Nan Ge Er, your food” Zhu Jia saudzījās kindly: “Your body is your name, your name,” he said, “do they have your name?”, Showed meals

“Everything about me is mine,” Mo Shu responded effectively. “You belong to me” He looked diagonally and showed an arrogant attitude. “Can you deny it?”

Nan Ge had heard these few words when he felt it. His sudden light interrupted and interrupted.

… They have this kind of relationship.

It is not surprising that Shizuko is going to talk to Moses.

Because he belongs to Mo Shu?

Oh, my god, no, no, I’ll probably think of it too.

This means that when Mo Shu and Zhu Xi are together they do it and do it?

Well, no, it certainly reflects me.

Nan Ge, though, constantly shook her head inside to stop thinking she was angry.

But I realized that he did not influence his idea, began to be disappointed …

As expected, should I really infect Guang Gustipin’s idea of ​​Guang Tian?

Nan Ge Although a little depressed, because he thought of that.

Only after the two ended the conflict, they looked at them, and sometimes shaken their heads, whether they would notice the source of their conflict.

“…” Mo Xu and Zhu Xi saw each other.

“What’s happening?” Zhu Xi could not help, but asked.

“… Well, nothing,” Nan Jae, surprised, as he said.

“… Very uncertain”. Zhu Xi solemnly won the Nan Ge Eru.

“It really is nothing” Nan Ge Er replied strongly This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

He felt he would not know if he did not know anything if he could do it.

He then asked Mo Shu “Mo Shu-xiansheng, that’s.” When noticing her cloak, he saw her, lifted her head and said: “What is this?

“To you”, Mo Shu responded easily before going to Zhu Xi and ordered “Return to work if there was nothing”.

“You,” Zhi Xi shouted violently, turned, then he opened the door and left.

“About me?” Nan Ge er stretched out her eyes with a shock. “Where did you get? Because he knew everything about the financial condition of Shu de Mo – his first reaction to ask why he was he, he replaced this with Me never asked Mo Shu, who got a fine skin.

Hunts Mo Shu used the indirect sound that expresses “Do not look at you” to Nan Ge Eram.

Nan Ge had some ideas in mind, but Mo Shu’s response was still a bit surprised at him.

“Hunting?” He repeated mire.

“This day we ate the beef we ate from this animal in winter,” Mo Shu explained: “The iron was made after the animal got the skin and it was completed today.

“This is a very hard food!” Rememoris Nan Ge Er. The most important impression he had to eat today was that if it was back to something that did not contain hard powder, it was hard.

“Mn, meat with hard powder” Mo Shu correctly concluded.

“Oh …” In fact, this animal was a white huge animal that I had never seen before. About two months passed since the winter solstice.

Have you prepared from that time?

While he thought of this, Nan Ge Er smiled and gently drunk the soft pelly. “Thank you!”

He worked in a kitchen, but he was a luxurious bark, because he knew Mo Shu’s unique purpose, presented to keep him warm from a distant treasure.

So he spit a white coat with coal, slightly stroke the oven, then presented nervous need and responded to Moh Shu from the call: “Do you want to taste it?”

As he answered, Mo Shu’s eyes were a little bit of laughter. He then used the plate next to the pot to choose the beans in his mouth. I raised his eyebrows and he raised another.

And repeat it many times …

“Sufficient.” Nan’s Ge Er Haiti: “If you eat more, we will not eat when we’ll see New Year 1 year later tomorrow.”

“Want New Year?” He lay on his mouth before he saw Nan Ge, Mo Shu, it was confusing, first, as suddenly the reality “:” … Well, you can also perform the following operations. ”

His appearance was a little confused by Nan Ge Er.

“Please look at the New Year” I was surprised this time. Before he reaches his hat, he easily eats food with Him Capuccupa: “I’m working.”

… Why are you suddenly filled with enthusiasm?

Nange responded to Mo Shu and regretted it.

I closed the door again.

“Oh, well, think about it, but Shu Mo was here to provide the Court, did you come here by Zhu Xi?” It was confused.

The government’s Zhu Xi laboratory shouted out: “… Why did you return directly to the words of a colleague of oxálico Mo, I’m very hungry!”

Subjects (from Wikipedia) 1Uzņemšana of the new year the time, Chinese tradition is known as (岁岁) shousui, this practice in bed bed in the morning calmly sleeping or, all night for wildlife, add to the parents of longevity I want. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

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