STSC Chapter 17

STSC Chapter 17

Chapter 17

“Have you heard about it? This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

“Aachen, I’m Nan Gu L. After drinking, nor …”

“Mo Shu-xiansheng moves really fast, huh.”

“Yes, now you have to lead to Nan Ge Er as” Furen. ”

“You are right, honest, why Flyn’s face is dark? His body is still not good …”

“… Well, what do you think, his body is not yet good …”

“Oh, I see … he does …” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Nan Ge walked on the street. When he heard the two laughter, his face was dark and dark.

… I really want to get out of this moment and sweeten this sweet dish and want to die!

When he started 5 days of the first month of the month, he realized that the Mo Shu and he had become the goal of the district of Tennis, they were also considered.

Totally defeating them.

In any case, he was not cheerful, but he really did not like the same team.

When he was thinking of love only when he could fall in love, he loved the pretty girls in the Chinese part. It also had sparks related to some girls in their class.

All of them, ladies!

And when he arrived in the world, he also had intimate experience with others. They were all women!

So he never thought of the opportunity to offer me a man as a bride.

No matter how big Mo Shu.

In addition, something happens between Mo Shu and adviser Zhu Xi?

He also lost passion and love for people and believed that love and heat no longer needed.

But now, before he came back to cross someone, he had to go home from the red light district.

While food grew slowly, the rats came to find good houses. Also, as the government agency was huge, it was infected with rats. Nan Ge Er decided to lend a cat to fear rats.

In fact, Nan Ge had secretly thought that the biggest rat building was Mo Shu.

On the third day of the month all the food that was needed to eat this month disappeared. Mo Shu insisted that he did not eat anything and claimed that it could be a rat.

However, Nan Ge Er felt that the rats probably fell wrong …

The nature of the words of Mo Shu, even if speaking, was doubtful.

Although most people in the area knew the rumor, Nan Ge Er but knew that they were not badly designed, maybe it was on the way to give their blessing.


Is the current community very open? Is your Sachiko holy with another man?

I also said I had no relationship between Mo Shu-xiansheng and in-ti-mate!

“Er ~ by Ge of Anan”, however, women had the vacations of the Chinese New Year Dārgtās, while lying in the attic room of the fence, he smindējaSE-Duc-tive-LY, he shouted.

Nan Ge er lifted his head and smiled at the top of the woman.

Temperature is low, but they were quite even the same way, it was covered with scarves with a fur around them in cutting and snow white COM-PLE-XION from the neck seemed still easy.

He stood on the street. A short distance to watch, wake up a boy’s group, an early eye of attractive prostitutes and money, looking at the color kabatlaku and interlocking the staircase of Aplauzēja, around Vilnius in various times.

Jup, he was in the red light district. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

There were various types of prostuelts with various plans and loving names grouped in this street. The whole street was heavy due to the smell of cosmetics.

A woman who was carrying a red fox, set to hide her head looking at Coke Kettish Nan Ge, said: “Look at Nan Ge’s collar dress”, but with her māsām 3 Chat “Like a furious ball.”

Next to her was a woman with brown embroidery. Her clothes rubbed her mouth, so she laughed. “This looks like a distant bomb that is not true.

When Nan Ge Er first heard the two conversations, his face was ignorant and turned a black strip.

I’m really sorry. I am as attractive as you.

It is white on a skin layer that is rightly supported By the love of Ge Nan …, the first month of the month of the month, when God knows where to reach, we have succeeded in achieving the Er by Ge of other Kotonan.

“Hello, Nan Ge Er, please come and have a cup of tea” Another person seems to have just waked up and accidentally lowers his sleeve. Because she naturally blesses Nangur.

“Then, probably I must go to Haruko and take a cat.” Nan Ge said to the woman, “I told them already.

When the word of Nan Ge Er fled from the mouth, the woman who did not worry, was surprised at the second floor before the ring rings.

Considering his behavior, Nan Ge Er felt something wrong. When he stopped singing, he looked silently at the woman who laughed. “What’s wrong?”

As a result of the laughter of this laughter, even in women, people were a little bit off, but began to pick up their handkerchief to wipe the tears from your eyes.

“Ak Nan Ge Er, or do not you know?” In the end, one of the sympathetic woman, did not meet the desire to describe again suffers from anxiety.

“Ha ha?” Nan Ge Er was shocked.

She “is the pseudonym of Chong’s traffic” a cat when you have made these exaggerated and violent language distracted “or you, go to her time imprisonment again? Or do you guys catch the little mouse?” Before her, she touched the low body of Ge Although a strange look Nan made her decision, she began to blow her head again.

When they smiled and laughed, they all lifted their hands on the rails.

Brutala, it fell from the sky a black strip, he really wanted to disappear from a woman’s line of vision, fell on the Nan head of Nan Ge.

Whenever they asked if anyone had puddles, they used to express bad words. When I talked about Jung Zhao’s problem, she was very exaggerated laughter …

They are not all trusted!

Nan Ge Er was inside excited …

Everything finally the laugh stopped, The Ge Nan who was tortured, look, he stood on the street, you can start again from them: “Who from Er Ge and Mo Nan Shu – Darren Did you know that it was so much? ”

“Well, should not you allow me to come?” Another woman Sana laughed when she passed through to get Nan Ge’s, “You will not pay me, and I also 2 yin4 night You can pay.”

“Hail, shower, I want to go, Nangeru, I’ll pay for the night 3 of 4.

“Three beams and five money”.

“I paid the prize for 4 times!”

“I paid five beams, including dishes.” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

“Rascals, 1 Nan Ge Er fight what to say clearly to me?” … “worked” at the end of the intruder, Miss Chun’s traffic ran through the stairs hole. She threw her wild line of sight while the women are injured, did not forget to attract Nan Ge Eru …

“I said it’s just the order, Nan Ge Eram has the right to choose what you want.”

Nan Ge Although it has been embarrassed in the middle of the road and drebojās, women’s groups because they are looking for it, do not matter – Oh why an atmosphere is very soft, why?

“What’s wrong?” Nan Ge’s attractive audience came into the courtyard. “You are really popular.

That “you see, but Ge the highest rank of the non-Xiang office wants to be in your house or it’s not bad, is not it?” To see that Ge is to get a scene from Nan when viewed since, when it was surrounded by much down time, God knows, they started rounding live in the conversation.

“Zhu Yan Guan (Zhu Yan Guan) woman’s office is beautiful, but also a good choice.”

“In fact, people in the brothels of humans, to see it fit now, it seems that there is an interesting boy Yang autumn of Lou office money.”

“Oh, they’re not bad choices.”

“This is wonderful.”

Nan Ge could not move his face with a black cloud hanging over his head.

Everyone began to swim. Women brotle people, stood so, at the top of their jokes about the man who started throwing on the handkerchief or other types of samples …

He could no longer run or hide.

Do I have the wrong exit today without checking Calendar 5? Is it a bad day for me to leave today?

The first Nan Ge ever felt desperate of such confusion.

Perhaps he was very worried about the pressure, “Geo de Nan said,” Long, the long-lived slaves, “Er, I, I …” Since pretending he’s angry, he hurts his face. Then, “I will not sell your skills, but my body! ”

Everyone was silent.

On the lightning, the street was quietly deceived.

Nan Ge Er said the word is only a body … well.

Echoes There was only a possibility of his imagination, Nan Ge Er was intended to pull the facts upward.

He completely abandoned all hope.

After 30 minutes the whole city was filled with laughter.

While he was in the king, Nan Ge Er exclaimed effectively. He was angry with robbers.

He had a desire to embrace his arm the head that you want to cross ever.

He has never been very happy in his life. Great, too many pretty girls have already heard it …

Well, I’m quite famous now!

Everyone to give life, instead of the city because busy, unemployed, why is the staff of the red light district, why is it very attractive, what is a stupid thing to you? Why are they useless rooms?

Why is it so?

I hate you, Mo Shu!


T / N

1sweet-food -ON: very fond of candy -aholic / some sweets

2 Mona boy: male sex worker

3 Judges: Kurtesans-Advertisement

Three sisters: The couple speaks to their colleagues as sisters

4 years (silver), Liang (tael), Qian (currencies) are all old currencies. Details: https: // coinage

5 Some Chinese calendars have signs of the twelve characters. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

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