STSC Chapter 25

STSC Chapter 25

Chapter 25

In one particular day, approaching the end of autumn, Mo Shu walked directly on the grass that was Nan Ge Er, and filled the joy “Ejim!”. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

“When you go, Nan Ge Er finds Mo Shu in a ridiculous herb in the garden when he saw him.

“In the mountains”.

“Did you do it?” Nan Ge saw him and mixed even more.

“It’s time to hunt, Zhu Xi confirmed that, Mo Shu replied smiling.

“Hunting?” Nan Ge Er repeated much.

“Let’s go” My Shouts before Nan G Er-head.

“Hey, Mo Shu was driven by Nan Ge Eru, while the mud was surrounded by the deck on the other hand,” why do not you know what you need to go? ”

“Hunt the mountains.” Mo Shu revealed a little displeased expression: “Have I never said that before?

“Nothing is with me and you on the top hill.” Nan Ge er rubbed his hand full with his mud while carrying Mo Shu’s clothes and disappeared. When Mo Shu was around, he made the whole shelter. That’s why Nan Ge will ever hurt your clothes.

Despite the small movement of Nan Ge Er, Mo Shu cough. “Sajik said that I can only go if you go with me. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Nan Ji-el flegis “Are you?”

“Come” Mo Shu smiles, “I’m sorry that they are going on a hill, local kids love mountains, but they do not obey you, so I beat them. I will not beat it.

The sound of Nan Ge Era was unpleasant. “Thank you for thank me.”

You are a child here. Your whole family is all children, you are a dragon!

“I do not need to thank me.” Mo Shu laughed, “Let’s hurry.”

Nan Ge Er fought a bit, but it was not a result. He had no alternative but to stay there, “I do not want.”

“Why?” Instead of revealing the shocking expression, Mo Shu smiled at him.

“It’s too much trouble.” The brows of Nan Ge Era.

“Really funny” Mo Shu laughed, “Do you want to look forward to a little fun?

“Not” Using this opportunity, when Mo Shu was worried, Nan Ge Er had to retire.

I’m only happy when I live alone. What I do not need to survive what is called “pleasure” I’m not ready to see.

“Why did you use so much power?” Mo Shu did not understand: “Does your hand hurt?

“No” Nan Ge Although he wandered his hand easily as he wandered through the cold. He returned and continued to drain the ground. He was a little hurt, but he did not notice.

Xiao Nan. Moshi was called behind him, and his tone was disturbed. “I’m sorry for your current attitude.”

Nanga continued his work even turning his head.

“I do not want to bear witness that I’m angry” Mo Shu’s voice was more serious than before and was a dangerous admiration.

Nan Ge Er only rolled his back from him.

In view of all the things, he dared to ignore it, because Mo Shu was not the one who ruled it out to others when things did nothing.

Although Mo Shu swings …

Of course, he can never do that. While he thought he wanted to live he wanted to survive for instinct. But he was not worried about the need to survive. He tried his best survival without the forefront. In short, I felt he was just tired and vague.

Mo Shu saw a slightly weak figure that was protected as a hedgehog and did not know why his heart felt bad pain.

At the same time he decided not to notice Nangge’s cold attitude at the same time. He laughed before he went to him.

Listening to Mo Shu’s future, Nan Ge Er instinctively strengthened his body.

“If you do that, we will not serve anything.” These were the only words that Mošu speaks. He went to the house of Nangge’s house, and also said “Want to have me?” Next winter I use other soft balls. Otherwise, catch it again.

Nan Ge Er’s hands are stopped, and no words are spoken.

“Because he knows that Sikh is the only person you can control, I wanted to go with me,” said Mo Shu, “If you do not go with me, this year I will never be able to go.”

Nan Ge While silent.

“You just have to give me a hill, you do not need to do anything any more.

Naguel’s hand stopped.

“So you can go with me, is it okay?” Mo Shu inspired Nan Ge Eru, but his condition was a little hurt.

“… why … …”

“Well, Mo Shu, I did not know if Nan Ge had a shock.

Why are you good with me? “There’s no reason, I did not deserve anything. I’m negative, Wide Tian people are much better than me.

“You do not know” Mo Shu was surprised before a foolish smile was released. He reached Nan Ge Er’s head: “Do you need a reason for me?”

“I do not know,” said Nan Ge Er.

“There is no reason because you do not even know.” Mo Shu made no conclusion. “I do it because I want it, I’ve always done it.”

“Really instinctive way of life” Nan Ge Er’s voice whispered.

Mo Shu shouted a bit: “Maybe there was a scandal suddenly?” He could discover Nan Ge, though he would like to accompany him in his words. Mo Shu completely confused it. Initially, I thought there was a long conversation, while there were many worthless rules.

“My mother told me that a man who would deal with me would want to fight for me, Nan Ge Er in my mouth.

These words came from their mothers in their past life. As an adolescent, he was a rebellious hypersensitivity. While he was always walking in the neighborhood and refused to go to school, his mother had to look for him every day. After finding her, she always shouted and talked with her. However, he still swung his way and constantly dropped the class and deceived. Her mother said she had found her at once.

He is worth pain and timid because he does not want to hurt him, but he could not give it, so he decided to kidnap himself.

“Who is a wise woman!” Mo Shu slowly smiled.

“I think … never, that person will never return” When I have come into this world, such a person no longer exists. Since the word of Nan Ge Era was ambiguous, Mo Shu could not hear it clearly. He looked for a little repetition.

However, Nan Ge Er was still calm. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Mo Shu stops talking and stays with him instead.

For a long time, Nan Ge Er finally said to her mouth. “I do not know.

He did not know why Mo Shu was dealing with that. Tolerance, tolerance and compromise to him. This confuses him a bit and even if he does not like him at all.

“I do not even know”, which one. Mo Shu’s response was quite calm. “Fortunately, because there is only one of you, it is probably not a big deal for me.” On the contrary, he gave it.

“You have completely forgotten the important question.” Nan Ge since sat down silently. “They do not understand it”

“There are not as many things as you thought.” Mo Shu smiled at his face when he grabbed his forehead. “You are too serious and alive to be boring”

“Please forgive my ability in comparison with your instinctive lifestyle.” Nan Ge had conjectured him.

While he was smiling, Mo Shu should not be ashamed a little: “Well, I will not miss you.

“But I despise you.” Nan Ge Er smiled at her teeth.

“Do not worry, let’s go,” Mo Shu did not care about what Nan Ge Er wanted. He stood on the road to Nan Ge Er.

While the steamer lasted for a long time, Nan Jae, a weak body, came from barefoot to Moses’ chest.

… Absurd scenario, Nan Ge Even glad with the mourning of her heart.

If I were a pretty girl from a humble family or a cool-hearted daughter, this picture would be perfect. Instead, it has become a cheerful romance …

The first of the first people was surpassed and became a free tax. “Is your foot scary? Do you want me to be a massage machine?

Other male leaders spoke unconsciously. “Write”. He jumped out of the first male wire and he rebuked.

“Where are you going? The doors are not the same way,” Moshi cried Nanga.

Nan Ge Er gave him a “nice” screw in his eyes: “I’m not as fast as you, I have to buy my own.” In fact, he cursed me “I’m stupid”.

When they went to the mountains, they certainly could not return to the night. Therefore, preparation for an overseas camping was absolutely necessary. Unlike highly qualified military artists, he was a vulnerable and normal person.

Why is the soft and emotional feeling so shortened?

After all, is this because of Mo Shu’s Id Shi level, did not fit for such a situation and emotion?

I am so foolish, I have unexpected hopes and illusions of my usual colleagues. I’m so ridiculous, have I not fully understood the nature of these colleagues for a long time? Why do I still run him? I’m so ridiculous, I really …

While walking, Nan Ge was angry. That phrase was repeated in my mind.

Nan Jae-el changed in Nan Lin Sao 1

T / N:

1 Nan Lin Sao: Nan Ge Er is also called “Lin Sao” as the wife of the female protagonist Xiang Lina of the novel “The New Year” written by Chinese writer Lu Xun. One of her common phrases is: “I’m so stupid, I’m really.” Details:

This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

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