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Chapter 32

Nan Ge Er just couldn’t find any sort of design from the abstract threads. It only made him completely dizzy; coils could almost be seen in his eyes. He ended up deciding to put down the object in his hands so as to not abuse his eyes. To give his eyes a break, he rested his head on the table and gazed at the scenery outside.

The weather was turning warm at present. Outside the window, a small bird was chirping incessantly on a tree branch. A few people could be seen chatting with the ladies at the opposite building—Ugh, sure enough, they don’t look like brothel-patrons at all! How dumb am I to assume these ferocious fellows as courtesans?!

Sounds of footsteps could be heard from the stairs all of a sudden. Nan Ge Er simply presumed it was Chun Jiao getting back. As he listened carefully, he realized there were two sets of footsteps; neither of those was similar to Chun Jiao’s light and ladylike steps.

“…heard that…prepared to return…pick up…” A faint voice seeped over.

“…know… went?” And the voices belonged to two people he was familiar with.

Once Nan Ge Er heard the footsteps, he immediately knew that they were from Mo Shu. From the voice he heard, Zhu Xi seemed to be the one talking with Mo Shu.

Mo Shu’s footsteps were light but steady. He strode with firm steps, as if having not a single hesitation. The walking speed of both of them weren’t all that fast. Similarly, their voices were lowered and unhurried. Nan Ge Er shut his eyes while listening. He started to feel a little sleepy.

From what he heard absent-mindedly, the two appeared to have walked towards Chun Jiao’s door. However, instead of entering the room, they only conversed outside. Mo Shu seemingly wanted to find Ya Er for some matters. Zhu Xi was just discussing something with him and had to go off to deal with other affairs soon. Thus, they had a small casual chat outside Chun Jiao’s room.

“…Xiao Nan…good?”

“Ah, not bad.”

Hmm? Did they bring me up? Nan Ge Er tried to widen his eyes for a bit. With a hint of sleepiness, he listened to the conversation. Their conversation became increasingly evident to his ears gradually.

“The doctor said he still needs to recuperate slowly.” Mo Shu was the one talking.

“Is that so.” It was from Zhu Xi, “Well, it can’t be helped.”

Are they discussing about my condition? Getting quite concerned about his own body recently, Nan Ge Er lifted his energy up slightly to listen to their conversation when he heard that.

“By the way,” Zhu Xi chuckled, “Don’t you have the courage to tell him?”


What? A little curious, Nan Ge Er perked up his ears.

“Everyone in the county knows; I think only Xiao Nan doesn’t know about it.”

“Is it so obvious?” Mo Shu murmured, “I only realized it recently myself.”

Realise what?

“The onlooker sees more of the game.” Zhu Xi laughed teasingly, “Besides, you are different from others after all. How would you be able to understand the emotions and desires of a typical person?”

“How am I different from others?” Mo Shu chuckled lightly, “You are the only one who said that.”

“I know what kind of person you are because I’m the only one that has a different standpoint.” Zhu Xi stated calmly, “Aren’t you going to tell him?”


“What are you playing dumb for?” Zhu Xi was annoyed, “Aren’t you fond of him?”

Nan Ge Er, situated inside the room, was stunned once he heard Zhu Xi’s words. Fond of me? How is that possible?! However, it seemed to be true too. Nan Ge Er recalled the various actions of Mo Shu; they seemed to have a bit of truth in it. But, what do I have that make Mo Shu like me? He just found it a little weird, yet he, seemingly, wasn’t really surprised. What in the world is going on?

After pondering for a long while in his heart, Nan Ge Er still couldn’t think up of an answer. Mo Shu and Zhu Xi’s chat was about to end when he returned to senses,

“Do as you please.” Zhu Xi snorted, “Watching a scandal involving you unfold is a rare opportunity; I have no interest in helping.”

“There’s no need,” Mo Shu chuckled, “There’s no need to do anything. Just let him take his time. No matter how long it takes; it will be worth it.”

“I didn’t know you had such patience.”

“It is for him, and only him.” Mo Shu stated calmly, “Even if others threw him away like a used rag, he is still a treasure in my eyes.” He paused, before continuing, “My Xiao Nan had suffered too much. I don’t have the heart to force him, nor am I willing to add any displeasure to him.”

“Who knew Mo Shu-xiansheng is actually such an infatuated person.” Zhu Xi laughed as he teased mercilessly.

“We have no future together.” Mo Shu replied with composure, “There’s no use complimenting me.”

Zhu Xi appeared to be choked breathless by Mo Shu’s words. He let out a low growl after a while, “Mo Shu, do you think I won’t push you down the stairs right now?”

“There’s no use growing hatred from your love.” Mo Shu continued on, his composure still shamelessly intact, “Forced love does not last; who knew Advisor is actually such an infatuated person.” He threw Zhu Xi’s words back untouched.

“Mo Shu!” With that, Advisor Zhu Xi couldn’t tolerate that moronic yet calm fellow any longer. He bellowed, “You little…! I’m going to strangle you to death!”

“I’ve said before, Advisor, we have no future together.” Unruffled, Mo Shu ‘rejected’ Zhu Xi again. The sound of the two of them punching and kicking accompanied their footsteps—they probably fought while walking away.

Nan Ge Er was left behind with his face blushing red. He sat in Chun Jiao’s room while various complex emotions bubbled up. Shocked, touched, grimaced, embarrassed…

He, from Bei Jun, drifted through the river. With his body filled with wounds and his heart packed with despair, he arrived at Guang Tian while nearing death. He initially thought the entire world had abandoned him, or that he was hated by everyone. However, unexpectedly, he met a world entirely different from what he knew with his own eyes.

A different life, scenery, and people. Bit by bit, his broken spirit was melted by the warmth slowly. After that, it congealed into a new shape and color gradually. Neither was it intentional nor was it unnatural. He was, truthfully, noisily, then gently, integrated here after starting afresh. And then, presently, a specific person said it was worth it no matter how long it took.

Regardless of the substantial amount of time needed to heal those previous wounds, the person still thought it was worth it. The person stated, even if others threw him away like a used rag, he is still a treasure in the person’s eyes. Although he was an untrustworthy fellow and had problems with his personality, he still said that seriously. Nan Ge Er just felt- delighted. Yet, he felt like crying for a bit.

I don’t know if I like him or not, but I just feel delighted. There’s a person who treasures me as such. He protects me mindfully in places I’m unaware of, as he is fearful I might suffer any bit of wound again. He treats me as though I’m a rare treasure, guarding me carefully since he doesn’t have the heart to let me encounter any difficulties. And then, people all around me look at such display of cherishment innocently; they smiled while considering it natural.

I… I don’t know. But, I think, maybe, I will try to protect my body even harder, and live on. Nan Ge Er pondered in a daze. His face began getting hotter after that. He rested on the table, burying his head, as though afraid someone would notice it. His blushing red face was as bright and vividly colored as the wedding dress.

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July 6, 2018 7:24 am

Uuuuuuu “i will try harder to protect my body and live on” is such a wholesome, indirect way to state his feelings. it perfectly captures nge’s delight despite being unsure of his exact feelings, I LOVE IT.

i love this scene so much, everybody is so wholesome. i really appreciate this novel’s focus on healing and acceptance, and the journey to figure oneself out after being broken.

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Heart warming and utterly beautiful.
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