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Chapter 33

During the middle of summer, Chun Jiao finally got married. Her fiery red wedding dress was just like the passionate season, exceptionally bustling and lively. Nan Ge Er attended Chun Jiao’s wedding banquet too.

Guang Tian was different from any other places. Its brides wore fancy beads on their head and donned on beautiful wedding gowns. With a smile, they held their cups and approached their guests to toast. Their movements were valiant, yet exceedingly dainty and alluring.

Nan Ge Er thought that Chun Jiao looked outstandingly gorgeous. She was as if a proud blooming cotton tree. No flowers were as brightly colored, stunning, or energetic as her. Of course, everything would be perfect if that abstract looking pattern on her wedding dress was ignored.

Only at Guang Tian, could the girls reveal a blissful smile in such brilliant and carefreely joyful manner. Nothing was able to dampen their radiance. How stunning. Nan Ge Er expressed his admiration to Ah Fang Ge, who was as blissful as his bride. After finishing his meal, Nan Ge Er went back with Mo Shu.

Since his state of mind was different from before, with the additional fact that it was summer, Nan Ge Er firmly opposed sleeping together with Mo Shu—he wasn’t sure if that fellow would grope him during his sleep. As he mulled over it, he realised all of that was a complete contradiction! Mo Shu has a uniquely handsome appearance. What appeal do my disfigured face and hideously messed up body have that made Mo Shu want to peep at it?

However, after pondering for a long while, due to the occasional groping behavior of Mo Shu, Nan Ge Er still made a wise decision to be away from Mo Shu temporarily. He didn’t dislike Mo Shu, but he didn’t know if he liked Mo Shu either. To be specific, he had no idea if he still had the ability to fall in love with someone right now. Thus, in the midst of Mo Shu’s complaints, both summer and autumn passed. During the start of winter, Mo Shu was particularly excited and restless.

After dealing with his work, Mo Shu practically hopped towards Nan Ge Er, who was arranging the root cellar, “Xiao Nan, the weather has started getting cold, the doctor said that it isn’t great for you to sleep alone.”

Nan Ge Er turned to look at Mo Shu. His face was as composed as ever. However, his eyes were sparkling and filled with expectation. Thinking about it, Mo Shu was actually someone with a lack of expression on his face. Just that the expression of someone like that will usually look cold, but Mo Shu’s expressionlessness make him appear heavenly and out of this world, huh? Look at his eager expression… It is no different than a puppy asking for a bone.

Noticing that Nan Ge Er stared at him without a reply, Mo Shu persisted on, “You don’t want to fall ill, do you? Being sick feels horrible, right? You don’t want to be late again in preparation for this New Year, do you?”

True, celebrating a cheerless New Year due to late New Year preparations was insufferable for Nan Ge Er.

Mo Shu continued hastily after noticing Nan Ge Er’s softened expression, “I have inner energy.” What he meant was: I have inner energy, so I can provide warmth no matter how cold it gets. In the meanwhile, I can help rub your stomach and warm your bed. I’m also a large-sized heater with a consistent temperature; I’m an essential household travel item for murdering and arson.

Nan Ge Er couldn’t help but laugh, “Alright, for the sake of your sincerity.”

Having his wish granted, Mo Shu became elated as well. He reached his hand out to stroke Nan Ge Er’s head, “I’ll cook your favorite spicy shrimp today.”

Nan Ge Er didn’t answer him, only smiling for a bit to acknowledge it. Mo Shu didn’t care if there was any reply on Nan Ge Er’s part as well, he only went off joyfully, minding with his own matters.

So I said… No matter what I do, he will still act this way, huh? Regardless of my answer, Mo Shu still will not change any bit. Should I say that he is too single-minded, or should I lament about him being too self-absorbed? This person – is really – too doting! If he got serious, no one could do anything about him, let alone me. As expected, experts are just different! Nan Ge Er sighed in his heart before continuing his work.

As his residence in Guang Tian got longer, he began having a clearer understanding that the present Guang Tian required a ginormous amount of effort to be able to get to the current state. It couldn’t be achieved single-handedly or within a generation.

The efforts of countless Guang Tian people were definitely the reason why the world’s most beautiful and last pure land could be preserved. And amid everyone, Mo Shu’s contributions, or perhaps, the contributions of every leader of Guang Tian, were monumental.

When strolling along Guang Tian’s streets, any random passerby, grocer, or even thief met were rare talents that kings from the outside desperately sought after. Instead, all of them lived peacefully here. Enjoying riches wasn’t difficult at all, being content with peaceful poorness was much more praiseworthy. Not to mention, they had precise knowledge of their own capabilities and knew how much riches they could get with their talents. Indeed, this was Guang Tian. They hid themselves, not because they were weak, but due to their strength.

Nan Ge Er began feeling some pride in the place he resided too. He somewhat understood the reason why everyone couldn’t hide their pride, and never intended to do so anyway, when they mentioned they belonged to Guang Tian. It is because we are the best in the world. Thus, we are all together and build the finest utopia.

When Nan Ge Er turned in for the night, Mo Shu had already packed himself up neatly and was on the bed. Mo Shu patted the area beside him, “Xiao Nan.”

Nan Ge Er was adjusting the wick of the candle then. He turned his head to look at Mo Shu, twitching his lips as he did so, “I don’t recall mentioning about sleeping on the same side as you.”

“Aren’t you intending to sleep on the same side?” Mo Shu widened his eyes slightly, as if Nan Ge Er had just said something inconceivable.

“Obviously.” Nan Ge Er made a face, “Why do I want to sleep on the same side as you?”

“But it is seldom for us to be able to sleep together.” Mo Shu was rather discontented.

“It’s still winter.” Nan Ge Er was used to being stunned and appalled; he became more and more composed as time went by.

“But you might just turn feisty all of a sudden.” Mo Shu murmured softly.

Nan Ge Er didn’t answer; he only lifted the lamp up.

“I’m wrong.” Mo Shu uttered rapidly.

“Shut up.” After a hard day’s work, Nan Ge Er was tired and had no energy to bicker with him. He blew the fire off straightaway, before touching around blindly as he walked towards the bed.

In the end… His hands came in contact with a rather delicate and springy object.

Yet again, Nan Ge Er spoke calmly, “Move that big head of yours away, or else I will greet you with my lamp.”

“Don’t be so stingy.” Mo Shu chuckled. With a swoop, he picked Nan Ge Er up, and tucked him into the blanket, “Don’t you find it cold standing by the bed?”

“Not at all.” Nan Ge Er hmphed, “Don’t you know that people heat up when they get angry?”

“It’s no good getting angry.” Mo Shu hugged Nan Ge Er, preventing the wind from getting to his body through the blanket’s gaps, “You have a weak body condition; if you keep getting angry, your lifespan will shorten.”

“It’s all your fault if I have a shortened lifespan.” Nan Ge Er replied curtly.

Humans’ body temperature is the best, and the warmest. Fire’s heat is too boiling hot; water’s temperature is too chilling cold; humans’ warmth is the best. Is it because the blood coursing through the body is warm? Or is it the hug that makes me not feel chilly? As Nan Ge Er was in a warm environment, he got used to the situation immediately. In a moment, his consciousness turned cloudy.

“Let me tell you a secret.” Mo Shu hugged Nan Ge Er tightly as he whispered.

As Mo Shu spoke in a gentle tone, and naturally had a soothing voice, so it became some sort of lullaby in Nan Ge Er’s ears.

Nan Ge Er listened sleepily; his eyelids fluttered down right away.

“I’ll say this to you only.” Mo Shu chuckled lightly. It is as if a breeze, candid yet soft.

Nan Ge Er thought in his heart drowsily.

“So, you must listen carefully.”

So warm, so sleepy…

“But it’s best for you to not listen to it.”

…Unn, goodnight…

Mo Shu felt the person within his embrace had fallen asleep. In the darkness, he lifted his lips up, feeling a little resigned, yet somewhat relieved. After that, he lowered his head and kissed Nan Ge Er’s forehead.

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Luna 12znnp
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