STSC Chapter 33

STSC Chapter 33

Chapter 33

In the middle of summer, Jeonjao finally married. His intense red wedding dressed as a passionate season. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

Nan Ge Er also attended Chun Jiao wedding party.

Wide Tian differs from other places. The fianc2ee had wonderful balls in her head and had a beautiful wife’s tissue. They took a cup and a toast to the guests with a smile. His movements were bold, yet very elegant and witty.

Nan Ge Er thought that Jiao looked great and beautiful. She looked like a proud flora cotton. The flowers were very bright, wonderful and energetic. Of course, if you ignore this abstract model in a wedding dress, everything will be perfect.

Only Guang Tian, or girls, can win wonderful, deep and fun things with a beautiful smile. You can not erase the brightness.

How to weaken you

Nange praised Ah-Fang Gye, who was so blessed as her fianc2ee. After eating, Nan Ge Er returned to Mo Shu.

Because the condition of his heart was different from the previous one, the additional fact that it was summer, and Ge Er of Nan was strongly opposed to sleeping with Mo Shu – he said this companion, I did not know if their sleep would be regenerated.

When he thought of it deeply, I noticed that this was a perfect contradiction!

Mo Shu has a unique look. How wonderful is my complex face and the very trapped body Mo Shu wanted to see it?

But after years of thought, especially due to Mosh’s irregular behavior, Nanga temporarily decided carefully from Mo Shu.

He did not like Mo Shu, but he did not know if he liked Mo Shu too. To be precise, he could not yet know if he had the opportunity to sleep some day. So Mo Shu complaints happened so much in summer and autumn.

At the beginning of the winter, Mo Shu was particularly excited and anxious.

After her work, Mo Shu almost knocked at Nan’s Ge, who organized the salesman, “Shionog begins to get cold, the doctor is sleeping alone by the doctor, I said it was not as great as I can do.”

Nan Ge turned to search for Mo Shu. His face looked like he was used. But his eyes were bright, full of expectations. Thinking about this, Mo Shu actually had a kind of facial paralysis.

The facial expression of a person with paralysis usually looks cold, but the paralysis of Mo Shu’s face makes himself the sky and the outside world.

Look at his expressive expression … It does not differ from a puppy looking for bones.

Given that Nan-Ge Er does not respond to him, Mo Shu continues to say “Right, do not you want to develop? You feel terrible illnesses, right? Do not you want to make new stories ready for this new year?”

In order to celebrate a happy New Year to prepare for a pleasant annual and new year, it was not accepted by Nan Ge Er. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

Mo Shu realized Nan Ge Er’s soft expression and lasted hard. “I have an inner energy that he thought: Because I have an inner energy, I can provide heat as cold as I can, and at the same time I can also help heat the bed with the stomach empty. I am also a high temperature heater. domestic trip for murder and incineration.

Nan Ge could not help but laughed: “Well, thanks to your sincerity.

His desire was given, Mo Shu revived. He went out to oversee Nan Ge Er’s head: “I’m preparing today my favorite spin shoulder.

Nan Ge did not reply to her, just a little smile that accepted her.

My Hue was just happy and thoughtful about her question, regardless of whether Nan Ge Er responded or not.

So I said … … Whatever you do, will he still act like it? Despite my response, Mo Shu will not change. Do I have to cry for having too much confidence? This person – really – too – -! If it’s important, no one can do anything about him.

As expected, experts are just different!

Before he continued his work, Nan Jae Lee experienced in his mind.

While he remained for Guang Tian, he realized that the current Guang Tian needed a great deal of effort to enter the current state. It did not succeed alone or in generations.

Immediately after the many efforts of the Hiroshi people, we could support the world’s finest and last clean. And, among other things, the contribution of Mo Shu, or perhaps the contribution of Guang Tian’s leader, was monumental.

Coming along the streets of Hiroshi, all the accidental passengers, commercial stores or thieves, gathered in rare talent, which the king wished hopelessly outside.

Instead, they all lived in peace here. However, it was very difficult to enjoy the wealth, was it intended to be satisfied with the peaceful poverty. Needless to say, they have a clear knowledge of ability, knew whether it is possible to gain as much of the wealth in their own talent.

It was Guang Tian.

They are not because weak, I hid myself for strength.

Nan Ge Since I started to feel proud of the place where he spent. He’s several people, they all do not understand why they could hide their pride, they did not intend to do it. Speaking to belong to Guang Tian. This is because we are the best in the world. Therefore, we are all together, we have created the best of utopia.

When Nan Jie was a night, a head mourning was in the bed already bright. Mo Shu is written as “Akatsukiminami” next to him.

Nan Ge Although you need to adjust the candelabrum. He, like “I do not remember that you forgot your sleep on the same side as you”, to match the lips, to the head to look at Mo Shu.

“Is it equal to or not planning to sleep on the side?” Mo Shu as if Nan Ge Er said that was not considered entirely in the whole, the eyes were slightly broadened.

“Obviously.” Nan Ge Er’s black finish “Why do I want to sleep in one side like you?”

“But the possibility of sleeping together is little” Mo Shu was quite unhappy.

“There’s still a winter.” Nan Ge Er was used for a stunned soil. While he went he was more and more composers.

“But, you may suddenly have become crazy” and Mo Shu murmured.

Nangeeru did not answer. He was bred by a lamp.

“I am wrong.” Mo Shu was a sharp story.

“Silentu” after a hard day, Nan Ge did not have the energy tired. He blew the fire immediately before covering the eye when he left the bed.

At last … the hands, touched the subject of a little delicate and elasticity.

Nan Ge Since he said quietly again, “Move that big head, otherwise I will take you with my lamp.

“You are either? Terrible” Mo Shu laughed. He launched the Nan Ge Era, was to be mixed. “Do not you see it on the bed?”

“Much” Nan Ge Er hmphed: “Do not you know the people who are hot when you’re angry?”

“Angry is not a good thing,” Mo Sue stops the wind to enter the body through the space to send an applause to Nan Ge Er. “The body is weak, the shortest your life and the continuation of anger”

“If life is short, it’s for you.” Nan Ge Er replied narrow.

The human body temperature is warm in the best. The temperature of the fire is too high. Water temperature is too low. The human body temperature is the tallest.

Is there no bloodier blood in the body? Or is it the load feeling cooling me?

When Nan Ge Er was in the warm environment, he immediately met the situation. After a while, his consciousness was cloudy.

“We will say to the secret” Mu Filo, it was annihilated by the company Nan Ge Er, as he whispered.

Mo Shu emits a gentle tone, of course, since there was no calm voice, it became a grandson in the ear of Nan Ge Er.

Nange heard that sleepy man. His eyelids flew straight away.

“I do not say just to you.” Mo Shu was caught easily. It is as though, however, it was soft, it’s soft.

Nan Ge, though, supposed that the sleepy mind.

“So you need to listen carefully.”

How long will you warm up?

“But it’s better not to hear it.”

… one, good day …

Mo Shu felt sleeping his robbery that was. In the dark, I felt he was a little left, but it was a little relaxed.

He kissed the forehead of Nan Ge’s time head down. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

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