STSC Chapter 31

STSC Chapter 31

Chapter 31

The next summer Miss Cho Chao asked that the young men suddenly sent a letter to ask the question Nan Gi-el. Since Mo Shu often visited the equatorial district, Nan Ge Er was very familiar with the people who were there. When he got rid of administrative matters in a government building, he invited Chiharu and went away. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

Miss Cheung Jao ​​today was not a client. She sat embroidered at the table at the table.

When I noticed Nan Ge Er coming, she smiled with a smile. “Nan Ge Er, I see Mandarin I sow nails”

Sometimes he ran quietly when Nang turned his face.

“Does it look nice?” Looking at Jiao, her eyes were met with expectations.

“Well, that’s fine,” replied ironically Nan Ge Er. I’m really sorry – he could not even find mandarin embroidery. The only thing he saw was a lot of bright colors …

“Well, I’ll get married.” Jiao shouted for fear of cowardice.

“You did it?” Nangurre kisses his eyes.

“You also know him, fang ah from the store on North Street.” Jiao yelled: “Now he begged me to come here for a marriage recommendation on Zhu

Zhu’s aunt is Zhu Xi’s mother, and is the most famous room in this area. It was rumored that the couple she agreed on would be hundreds, or thousands. However, this was not the main issue. Instead of focus, Chun Jiao said “suggestion”!

If he did not make a mistake, Chun Jiao worked with red light. The term used when people in the equatorial district want to leave may not be a “supply”. What is the term …

“Erm, Chun Jiao-Jie, Ah Fang-Ge bought your freedom?” Nan Ge remembered before asked.

Jiao Frostis

Is that so? Nan Ge Er also froze. No, did not I tell him that?

“Well, I, oh, …” Is the world a permanent one? Nangage did not know what to say.

“Pfft …” Jiao suddenly shakes her head as if she smiled.

“Are you doing?” Nan Ge Er’s eyes almost stopped. Please tell me that she was out of shock?

“Sting Nan Ge – Erhahahaha!” In Jiao, he lifted his head and sighed and stretched his head.

“Nangu probably thought that something was wrong. His broad eyes were even more surrounded.

“Well, why are children like you?”, Lai Jiao hit. Her laugh was almost tearful tears from her.

He felt a bad feeling, but he still gave me courage and asked, “Did you have something wrong?”

Jung Traffic laughed at the old man, but still on the shoulders of Nan Ge Er: “Do you really think our lady sells our skills and body to Chun Lou 3?”

“Hey, is not this the character of a red beacon?

Well, I finally understand why you can see the scenes and sounds of the R18, why open the wide door for the entire soup business in Guang Tian has a lot of physical contact. I will not do it at all!

Jung and Jao’s crazy laugh finally stopped. She met the Nan Ge Era’s cheek pin. “Even if I am, have you not seen us yet?”

“Are you angry with me?” Usually, if there is no human work, then this person may be angry for misunderstanding. Okay, he finally learned. His misunderstanding was huge all the time.

“Why do you want me?” Therefore Jiao did not see her laugh. “Although we are polite, we have not seen you yet.

“Well …” Nanker shook his lips and said, “What do you live?”

“We will do business again.” In Jiao, “Selling information and words, it’s easy to get information at this location, or do you know?”

“Bussode …” Is it not dangerous? Customers are people who have more obvious reasons than usual.

“There are no problems because everyone arrives to buy information at Wide Tian.” “When we’re out …” Chung Traffic, she said she was a famous official, the best you know. Things can not be accepted. All men and women in Guang Heaven in the red light district, you do not know. “Are you laughing?” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

Nan · · · · · · · · · was anxious when thinking for a moment. That was true. Basically, everyone in the Tiananan Equatorial District has great features. It was not possible to find someone with such a qualitative aspect.

“But what if others use power?

Jiao showed an unpleasant sound, but her fingers fled. “Who refers to Guang Tian people?

… awesome

Women really have the most red existence of Guang Tian!

“… Do you know the art of the army?” You carefully asked Nan Ge Er.

“Of course.” Jiao’s smile is “Every red lighthouse knows the war”

What is mysterious? “Ell, are you good about it?

“Although it can be considered appropriate to the vast sky in the sky, it is still Shu Mo – Is unparalleled Xiansheng” Chun traffic from the outside world, in many cases, because of the often information “, smiled gently so you need to know the power of your dima.

So, is anyone on the street martial arts?

Most Tai Tian knows military art and seems to enjoy it at all. Li Jiao now said to him: people in the red light classify military art …

He did not know it at all!

Of course, the lack of consciousness really involves the great difference in skills?

… As expected, I’m the weakest.

However, it came as a great blow to Nan Ge Er.

“Does Nan Jeffrey Earl really do not think anything?” To laugh Jiao, “Mo Shu-Xiansheng are you not telling you?”

“… not.” Did I say that I do not think about it.

“They They force you to say that” Before we defend ourselves in Chon Traffic, we all are taking our business. This is mainly due to Hiroshig’s defense. “When it comes to information, it’s necessary to distinguish between true and false news. Some patrols, some others travel to deliver goods. Oh, well, every year, if they want to go back to Xiansheng, Hi Guo, Mo Shu, they sometimes fill in personally.” Hiroshi, or Well, then, children will be left with little foreign assistance for children. ”

“Do Mo Shu have to go?” Nan Ge was a little surprised.

“Yes, if their identity is a bit of a problem.” Jung Jo Ok Ling.

Moreover, the more cold it is incredibly fun than the flowers, and despise her smile is wide of Tengai, “which was hidden by it, most of us, if we, who fought a normal king, were the king. They fear that they can not control us. If we do not reach the king is afraid of becoming a sword, we will kill them. In any case, we are for a tragic end, so everything comes back to the end. However, having some powerful status, Mo Shu-Xiansheng personally needs to return to them.

The words of Chun Jao were rather rude, but the Nanghes ear who experienced it, understood it quite clearly. He said: “Guang Tian people are really wonderful.” Almost everyone had a great talent. Both were respected and frightened.

Jiao looked a bit uncomfortable looking at Nan Ge Eru, “Are you a Guang Tian man?”

Nan Ge Er frosts, before responding to the conflict: “But I’m not as wonderful as you.”

“I did it?” Chong Traffic “that I need you to completely change the government for office, it may be able to meet daily food yet. Nan of Ge Er that all of this is the most amazing I can also give sweet food and Mo Shu Xiansheng,” said his dissatisfaction

After silence, Nan Ge Er mistakenly responded. “… I had to do everything”

Jiao is looking for compassion for him.

“I thought about it, I invited Er from Ge Nan, I’m this, I asked for an appearance at er Ge Nan’s wedding.” Chonjao announced suddenly. She stood up and put red clothes out of the closet next to her.

“Why do not you ask everyone in red light?” Nan Ge, a little bit messed up. In any case, they are her sisters. Boy, it’s a rude to admire your wedding.

“Each of these women does not take one of them each one,” and Chun Traffic showed his refusal. “They’re fairer than children with heavy hands, I’m afraid they can accidentally skip my wedding clothes.”

Nangé was constantly looking at the clear red-red gold thread salad. He calmly, I do not think you’re better off drinking, Chon Jia Tong-Jie separated from you.

“Ha Fang-Ge treats me very well.” Look at Ge Er Nan, he’s when we’re married, I do not need to do homework and needles, I “I like his clothes, Chung Traffic smiled at Jibile.” He was worried about my chance to lose my hand. ”

… I think that Ah-Fang-Ge does not want to wear such abstract clothes, Chun Jiao-Jie.

“I do not need to cook.”

He fears that you have poison!

“I do not have to clean it.”

I am worried that he can destroy the furniture!

“He does not want me to even have a meal!”

He fears that you can stop all the dishes, Jie Jie!

Ge Er finally said deeply to Nan, some quiet farewell “Chung traffic because of the time in his mind – with Jie, I’m very, I think Ge A you like Fang So he invited Zhu to marry.”

It was supposed to be truly deep love, which gives him the courage to make such a great sacrifice!

Ak Fang, you hurt.

Jiao was pleased: “Of course!” She smiled, asking Nan Ge Er for her head. “Oh, I’m of course Nan Ge Er. Asked a few days ago with other people to buy a new kind of food. I’m against you. A little waiting,” she went out of the room with a smile. When she came out, I close the door and let Nan Ge Er “praise” the intuitive sewing mode.

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In the Mandarin cave 🙁 no wiki) the traditional Chinese culture, Mandarin putt, unlike other species of ducks, we consider that a couple of years of life. They are therefore considered as conjugation and trust symbols and often appear in Chinese art.

2 Traditional wedding offers usually include matches. Details: (first paragraph)

3 Chun Lou: I’m disappointed with Jeong Jiao

Four sisters (summary of chapter 17): nursing partners This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

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