STSC Chapter 37

STSC Chapter 37

Chapter 37

A week later, Mo Shu went to the river side with Nan Ge Er This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

“Here are Jun, Yao, Country,” Suzuko spoke behind them.

Indeed, the doctor lasted only a week to relieve Nan Ge Er’s face. It is totally compatible with the request of Nan Ge Er. It is a typical and moderate aspect and completely different from its memory.

Xiao led the horses and walked behind them.

Only two of them sent Mo Shu and Nan Ge Er. Nan Ge found it as a novel and touched his face. He did not pay attention to the two worrying expressions.

Thinking they will not go to Nan Er Er, Mo Shu guarantees: “We do not need 2 to make this expression, we will come back soon.”

However, they are afraid that I can see their fearful side Mo Shuuda that you change it. It’s been a bit of time, and we – that’s again – will be divided and that moment will go different.

When Mo Shu realized Nan Ge Er, he smiled at once.

Well, let’s see the expression that he does not know at all. What else can I say?

Four people went to the river and connected to the outside. Noting that Mo Shu and other people came near, they shouted to them before they continued security.

Mo Shu took a narrow foot from Xiao Xia. After riding a horse with a light jump, he reached his arm to Nan Ge Er. Mo Shu simply handled the hands of Nan Ge Er firmly in both times: “We will come back soon, but we can spend out of the New Year.”

Zhu Xi and Xiao Xia nodded a bit unfortunately.

“They do not want to leave you?” Mo Shu smiled when he knocked Nan Ge’s hair.

Nan Ge had come with a comic look. After that, he went to find a warm belt protected by the wind. At the top of him, the two people he sends, focuses a little ashamed that he still does not laugh, “Do not worry, it’s fine.”

Both smiled. Nan Ge Er realized that his words were useless and did not want to talk more. He returned and put it exactly.

I said everything. If you still want to worry, that’s not my business. I thought he was not responsible.

When Mo Shu shook the people, the horse slowly started jumping. In fact, Nan Ge Er issued a remarkable package, but everything was rejected by Mo Shu’s words.

There are many people from outside Guang Tian. Is it hard to find? When we go out, we will bring a living room.

Nan Ge Er could not tolerate, was the most common under Mo Shu. From now on he had to have a Maniku (description) and (confirmation) a dear emotional idiot, this could not prevent this stupid fact to hurry to those who have reached all stupidity. .

Is something more annoying than watching idiots?

So Nan Ge was throwing a luggage and quietly hit Mo Shu’s head.

MO Shu said the river melts like a dressing-like like smoke, so we could not see the outer body. When they set out Guang Tian’s goal, Nan Ge Er said. Of course I can only see the green forest. The rapidly growing gate disappeared.

Mo Shu could reveal the movement Nan Ge Eru put on his head. He smiled: “You said a long time ago, you can not see anything when you are outside the gate.

“Here’s an array!” Nan Ge Er expressed praise. “Because it really exists” These are called expert experts, arrays, ah, and …

He touched his face. Face change …

Is it a facial change … would it be? Is it really plastic surgery?

“Guang Tian is a really wonderful place.” The sound of Nan Ge Era was real.

“They will definitely appreciate your praise,” Moshi shocked. “Do you want to sleep?” You wake up today. ”

“A little anxious” Nan Ge Er shook an unpleasant rash. The selo dresser was made by a special hunting of Mo Shu and Biezputekšainā’s jury, but generally it did not yet have survived with the earth as everything still on the horse.

“Something suffering” Mo Shu got a hand to block the amount of the time of Nan Ge, “We can reach the rest before the afternoon.”

Oh. Nan Ge. Despite having seen the scenes before him pavildzināja for a long time, it will continue the slow acceptance of Mo Shu uzslaucījās. His face was a bit cold. But Mo Shu was preparing a heater, but this did not know that the fuel was used. Maybe it’s a matter of thinking.

So I said that Hiroshi’s existence is really good, fight against nature! Who can imagine the possibility of using a heater all day?

Although he thought of this, he remembered again the problem of plastic surgery, such as the enormous people of Guang Tian. He concluded as a conclusion: incredibly unthinkable.

Nan Jae was silent for a long time, but it was obvious that he woke up. I thought Mo Shu was worried about the past he faced later.

So he whispered, “Do not worry, I have here; I will surely protect you.”

Nan Ge had frozen before a shocking shock: When he had consulted, he continued after a while and “I do not worry”, “I think that of course I will come with you. I have decided to deal with things …” When I decide to believe, I will continue without hesitation.

It seems that Mo Shu realized his words. He smiled: “Good child.”

“I’m not a kid” No one was angry.

Heater was put in Nan Ge Er gloves. He was warming himself out.

He raised his hand and looked at Mo Shu’s hand, raising his line of sight. He again took his hand from his hand and covered the arm of Mo Shu: “Does it warm up?” The skin under the hands of Nan Ge Er was cold in the ice.

Mo Shu laughed a bit and cut the bow: “That is.

Nan Ge Though I thought a little more than the clothes of Mo Shu. Because Mo Shu seemed to be a highly qualified military art and was not afraid of the cold, he was a white coat, including him and white clothes and around. However, Nan Ge continued to pay attention when he moved.

“What do you try to do?” Mo Shu was one of his hands to help Nan Ge Er’s shoulder fall.

After finally turning his body, he left Mo Shu’s waist without change. When he was stable, he pulled the boiler in front of his chest as a seat and forced it between the two suits. He raised his head and asked Mo Shu. “Does it warm up?” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

His face lay close to Mo Shu’s deposit, so he could see the collection of Mo Shu’s lips only. “Yes, it’s really hot.”

“Hehe.” Nan Ge Er jumped before joining Mo Shu’s chest. “You have to defend me.

“Of course I will not have your fall.” Mo Shu laughed.

“And the wind blows before me, it’s a little cool,” he exclaimed, when Nan Ge Er returned to the wind.

Mo Shu pulled his mantle with both to cover her: “How about this?

“Mn” Nan Ge Before the chest Mo Shu is a bit tired. It’s really hot.

His corpse continued bubbling up and down, but Joe Jia Gege 1 began to shout to him. That’s why he smiled.

“I’m going to bed …” he was calmly injured: “Together with me …”, but straight away.

“Okei!” Mo Shu answered smiling.

So Nan Ge Er slept with her eyes closed.

Perhaps because of the bad sleep, he began to dream – he dreamed of his parents for a long time. But it lived later. At another time, a brother’s grandson smiled innocently, because it was an ineffective dark, ice-cold cold-jail …

“… Nan … Shao Nang …” A soft soft soft voice, Nerguel awakened.

Nan Ge Er felt felt spoiled and only felt light. His eyes are open …

… Just in time to contact Mo Shu with some excitement.

“… What’s time?” His eyes could not recover his attention soon. He could not see a clear eye just after a moment.

“It’s almost noon.” Mo Shu replied: “We entered the city.

Only a “ah” number, I noticed that the outer area was not as calm as the way they traveled. It was not as foolish as before, only there was a little fight there. He went out to be visible by Mo Shu.

Surely they came to a fun city soon.

Many pedestrians were on the street. The recreation sounds along the road constantly away from the storehouse while the store was flooded in the wind. Scientists drink their friends up on …

“Not as good as Guang Tian,” added Nan Ge Er.

Mu Sung was shocked when he hugged Nan Jae’s head. “They see you”

“You are what they see, Mo Shu-xiansheng.” Nangen got angry.

Nan Ge Er felt most of Mo Shu and the other appearance that enters him. Perhaps, Mo Shu did not know himself, but Nan’s Ge Er knew the type of appearance of Mo Shu, a typical person who was a typical person. The world had its own beauty, but Nan Ge Er never met a person who was angry and born as Mo Shu.

In addition, Mo Shu currently uses a luxurious, clean white coat. The white horse that he had created was now hard and lasting. His sparkle shone as brightness and was perfect as snow. I could hardly imagine his attitude.

Who saw such an elegant look in this city?

That’s why Nan Ge Er obviously understood the miracle of street people.

He rushes over his head to sketch around. He was not only a white coat, elegant, rather than making it a Mo Shu, wrapped myself. When his head moved his white ball was only a slim and elegant look. When the red black eyebrows went to his face, he looked very alive and charming.

Of course “to look at this guy”, a man crazy wine lot began to smile at the time of the next.

Until the time that Nan Ge Er responded, the fresh red blood cells were jumping out of the drawer in front of crazy eyes. A completely beautiful head went from the air and landed for some time. The colorless body fell to the floor. A thick red color fell to the ground and the head was red.

The whole street was quiet and silent.

During the thunder, women shouted, but it was immediately cut. The head ran in the air with fresh blood droplets.

When Shu Mo killed only his third victim, and the shouting of the whole city, waking up from the shock, now run all in a panic in the remote control. Some were late. What humans or standing in one place inevitably tremble, even if not supposed to get away, each of them dead. Some fell on the ground with fear and drained body fluids from the pants.

Before the powerful force, this resistance was not effective.

He is like if you cut them off fruits and vegetables one by one, Shu Mo is his action is very smooth, peeling off bendindan sword in his waist.

When Nan Ge Er began to react, more than ten people were on the horse’s feet. Despite age and gender, nobody was satisfied. Everyone was away from the body and they had a body.

“Mo Shu!” Nan Ge Regardless of what happened, “What are you doing?”

“They block our way.” Mo Shu has made such an indifferent but hard answer.

Only after a second he became a bloody asura from an elegant gentleman. 2

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1 Zhou Jia Gege: Chow 19 is similar to Zhou Jia Dage. Nan Ge Er was a love that points to God’s dream. Details: https: //

2 Asura: Violent creatures or powerful gods. More information: https: // or This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

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