STSC Chapter 40

STSC Chapter 40

Chapter 40

When Nan Ge Er slept with Mo Shu, both went to the dining room for dinner. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

The food smelled them down when they entered the door.

“Speak out?” Mo Shu clattered by typing Nan Ge Er’s hair asking him.

Nan Ge Er shook his head. He did not worry too much about starvation and he was missing.

“If you’re hungry, it’s a lot better.” The Ge Er Shu from Nan Mo, looks a little worried, “do not feel hungry, it’s better.”

Before he sat with Mo Shu, Nan Geer smiled with his head up.

The plate cloth filled the table, but only Zhi Niang went with them. Other people observed them and waited for them.

“Xian” Zhi Niang, Er of Ge Nan who was next to her to move her vision, met with a smile, “This must be Er from Ge Nan.”

Nange, she smiled.

“Yes.” Mo Shu made Nan Ge Er sitting with him before reacting to Zhi Niang.

Zhi Niang and Mo Shu were able to detect slight differences in speaking as compared to other people Hiroshi – seemed a bit more cautious and beautiful.

“Since Zhi Niang announced the visit to Xi’an, Zhi Niang 1 could meet with Xi’an soon after today,” Zhi Niang connected. Before she went on to look at Nan Ge Er, her words are included in the deep meaning of “Zhi Niang will be released to know that, having an extraordinary grace even Xiansheng now.”

Obviously innocent of what Shiga says, Mo Shu saw a smile, “Thank you for your concern.

Zhi Niang is “Please eat me specially. Xian Sheng is a directed cook to cook favorite dishes.”, Laughed and she smiled at er Ge Nan “Zhi Niang, especially I asked about the favorite of Nana Ge Er. Today’s prepared food is in your illusion.

Nan Ge Er, another Ge Er half Nan spice heavy daiquo and dishes that were on the other side prefer, half of them saw the dishes over the sweet table. The light dish party kills them.

“Shao Nang is a weak body,” and Mosh quickly answered, “He can translate them.

Nan Ge I saw Mo Shu flash, but rarely I have an appetite, but I’m not worried about it. Are you worried about your children?

Mo Shu-streko Person responsible for Nan Ge Er, “Okay. After recovery, you can get everything you want.”

Well, my donkey! Nan Ge He got into Mo Shu’s hand, but black lines appeared on his head.

Zhi Niang guides sideways: “If so, please do what you want, Nan Ge Er.

Zhi Niang said that he was accompanying them, but in reality she did not move her own Paris. She looked gentle with Nanga el and Mo Shu. After dinner, three went out in the room and had a small chat room. Later, some came, ready, I informed you that Mo Shu could now visit this Chi Yi. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

Mo Shu asked Nan Ge Eram if he wanted to come. Nan Jae el obviously did not care about unknown people.

He seemed to be pleased with the desire to sit on the bedclothes to refuse to move and sleep.

From now on Zhi Niang went to the loved Mo Shu, they went together.

After a moment the light is turned on.

Ge Er from Nan studied lingvlibron CAN to bend his body, he lifted his head, smiled Zhi Niang.

“Nan Ge Er is so ingenious person.” Zhi Niang was eager to send a gurman with her arm.

“If Shiga-san has something to say, I’m young, but I have to listen a lot,” Nange smiled.

Zhi Niang is located in the bed oven. After teasing and spitting, she said with a low voice: “I already knew about issues like Era Disease during the Nan Ge trip.”

Nan Ge Er smiled froze.

He reminded the veil of the appearance of it, and Mo Shu was always angry, he did not want to remember any of these incidents.

“People who lived beyond the known temperament of Xian are obviously because we are, because often it is necessary to pick up a piece” Zhi Niang grab: “along with Xi’an Sheng knows regularly about their Citizens leave Hiroshima, possibly only doctors, counselors and them. ”

Nan Ge She looked silently Zhi Niang.

“In fact, it is no wonder that the shock of Nan Ge Er” Zhi Niang spoke slowly “to prove that people are usually that it can not handle it.”

“At that time, Xi’an Sheng’s mother took it and almost disappeared.” Zhi Niang began, “Because Er Nan Ge and Xi’an Sheng take each other, Consultants, etc. It is very worrying to leave the sky.”

Nan Ge Er was silent, before her head shifted.

“After all, they are the father of the accident Sheng Xian told him about the same, worried about the fact that we were able to repeat the wishes of Niang is a low voice:”. We are in line with the protection of Sheng Xian As we are, of course, we hope that Xi’an Sheng will lead a healthy and happy life …. ”

“In addition, Xi’an has already lost so much,” said Zhi Niang.

Nangage does not understand the meaning of Shinyan words. Of course, his disordered heart was one of the reasons. In this way he suffered and raised his head and saw Zhi Niang: “I do not understand at all.”

“Do you know the Xi’an identity that Xi’an is watching this time?” Zhi Niang smiles a little and plans to change the theme obviously.

Nan Ge Er shook his head. I do not know who this person is, and how can I know my identity?

“Chu Yi becomes the future of the judge’s vast sky” Zhi Niang is being continued after a moment of reflection, was ready, “Well. Say it as a” judge, “in front of your eyes I have to worry about Chu Yi as the next leader candidate for Guangdong Tien.

Nange also nodded. The absolute lack of inherited abilities of Mo Shu was no more important than that. He must learn some kind of training to get almost all the perfect skills.

“This is also Chu Er, Tusan and so on … 3 is” Zhi Niang are rolled, “” Total four candidates. ”

Nan Ge asked a few questions, but I think Zhi Niang does not really need his question. She certainly will come and go all over.

“Sheng Xian’s father was his predecessor, and Sheng Xian, you need candidates. Because Xian Sheng is a rule, I did not have any brothers, because he becomes 1 One of the heads of the descendants is to nominate a candidate. Three others are created and orphans is a significant opportunity and they are put forward separately ”

“All Hiroshi leaders who can kill because they were small children and raised like wild animals,” Zhi Niang seemed to remember and remember the awkward memory.

“Afterwards, they, their case, .disciplinante wildlife Savage and brashness impulse with their aggression, which is taught as much as is limited, is inexorable. Then they fight each other. The final winner loses the loss until the winner receives responsibility for Xi’an. long everything and seems to live like he was expecting. ”

“It is taught in this way because he is young, Mo Shu Xian Sheng in March, so what he will always do is that it is a law passed by the generations Fond that heavenly citizens can calmly survive, that is his work victim he lost. We offer him last respect and full loyalty.

“Except for the citizens of Hiroshima, everyone is young, so his opponent is in fact infundita.” Zhi Nyan disappeared. His daring smile, “I am not in my father, he testified that he died with the death of sorrow with his own eyes,” I … I beg you not to leave him from your only fear. Therefore, you have not asked for you so that you should not be afraid from him. “I want Xi’an to follow her steps” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

After seeing the manifestation of Er Zhi Niang from Ge Nan, the challenges he has the teaching content of Mo Shu from the youth was, began to speak, and the experience he has met in the past, he is facing.

When he grew up, Nan Ge Er asked Zhi Niang to silently remember the event of course Mo Shu. Later he smiled at the smile: “Mn does not tell him that I’m afraid of him, I will do what he should use medicine to forget. I will not accept him in such a dilemma.”

“Thank you” Zhi Niang said Nan Ge Er a little solemn and grateful “Thank you”.

Nan Ge Er laughed unanswered.

I have a lot of things, Mo Shu. But it still takes time. There is definitely a chance and time for that.

He does not plan to change anything, as he knew the strict and strict rules necessary to support the broad Tian peace. To win something, we had to lose some. Mo Shu was responsible for Guang Tian’s affairs, but the Guang Tian citizens, who work hard and hard work, lived simply for life.

Who knew how many generations of Hiroshi generation were in modern times? He felt a little unbearable in his heart, but he still did not want to destroy the least of it.

After Zhi Niang openly trusted Nan Ge Eram, he was a little distant from her face. She got into Nan Ge Er’s hands and grabbed her hand. “You will be June when you leave this city”

Nan Ge nodded to Mn.

How Zhi Niang fell out of bed: “Do you want to eat something?

“I do not need it.” Nans Ge Eram has trouble returning: “In any case, Mo Shu announces that he will start re-setting,” continuing the book.

“Necessary” Nangael has continued to cut too light books to return: “In any case, if Chou declared, he will begin to drag again.

“As obedient Mo Shu came to her a little cold wind and he stretched out his hand to cut Nan Ge Er’s head after he slept in bed,” Your situation improved after I prepared you.

Nannel-hand extended weapon: “What is the son of Chu?

After a momentous frost, Mo Shu does not tie the flag outside. He sat in Nan Ge Era and went to the side of the oven. “Did Zhi Niang talk to you about that?”


“Amazingly,” Moshi shocked an attire on the cheeks of Nan Ge Era. “Shao Nang reminds my world”

“Only prizes are required for me,” Nan Ge Er

“This kid reacts soon,” Mo Shu smiled, “I play with her for a while.

I played … it’s probably just one to the other!

Nan Ge Although he drained his head and emptied Mo Shu while recalling Zhi Niang’s exercise spoke of precise and difficult things.

“Mo Shu”.

“What’s wrong?” Mo Shou did not impress the apparently unpleasant appearance of Nan Ge Er.

While he grew up in a good environment, he was as elegant as elegant as an elegant gentleman, who can enjoy compassion.

… It was educated as a wild animal and taught to train wild beasts.

Maybe he does not know at all. He supposes that such a lifestyle is normal. He is not from Guang Tian, because he thinks that everyone is not worth it. However, this is due to the transformation of Mo Shu’s life.

He did not know how to describe the soft pain.

Sometimes Nan Ge Er looked at Mo Shu. He returned to his sensation only when another side touched his face with his fingers and his eyes were communicating with his little concerns.

“No, nothing.” He laughed laughing.

After a moment, he shook Mo Shu’s waist and put his shoulder at the same time.

“Nothing, you do not have to worry.”

You do not have to be a dilemma, do not worry. Please live in a way that naturally comes to you. Then I invented your life.

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Speak to the third person: (from the Wiki) At the time of the Empire, the pronoun “Mi” usually speaks politically or has a high social status.

2 Good: hot bed. Details: https: //

Thus, the possible main names are Reserve 1, Reserve 2, and so forth. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

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