STSC Chapter 41

STSC Chapter 41

Chapter 41

He knew that it was impossible to suddenly fear him in rare circumstances of Mo Sha, but because it is slippery, his ability to keep Mo Shu away. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

Before mentioning that it is not a problem of Mo Shu, Nan Ge Er could not leave Mo Shu to survive elsewhere.

It was not a mistake but an encounter.

Of course, if he really wanted to leave Guang Tian and live in the conquest of the continent, it was not too difficult for him.

However, he clearly understood that Guang Tian was the one who revived him who was not interested in living.

There will never be another place that will allow him to live calmly and foster a feeling of affiliation such as Guang Tian.

The world was very large, but people were very small.

From the physical corner, people did not need huge places to survive. Because they were social beings. No one can live long.

He never thought to want to build a successful career, he was always unstable. He had a lot of room to think about it.

Despite how much he suffered from outside, he felt that his heart was warming when he thought of this simple and rugged place. Such a place was enough.

People usually call it “at home”.


“Now I’m losing home.” Nan Ge Er contracted with blanket rice and changed the heater.

They arrived in Beijing’s capital three days ago. The more they go to the north, the cooler is. Nange, who initially was in a poor position, actually made any effort with difficulty. He always wanted him to stay in bed while healing the heater.

Mo Shu sat on a desk to write something. When listening, he smiled at Nan Ge Er. “We’ll come back in a few days”

Nage nodded.

Looking at Nan Ge Er’s sharpest lower jaw, Mo Shu put his brush into his hand. He went to him, took a bed and sat on Nan Ge Era. “Are you cold?”

Nan Ge er sees her head.

Mo Shu reached her hand and touched her cheek.

Of course, they still had cold ice.

He pulled them into his hands: “Why did not you say it was cold?

Nan Ge Er loosened his body. “I was not worried, his condition was always bad, so all discomforts were ignored.

He still feared Mo Shu, but at the same time he knew that Mo Shu would probably not hurt him.

So, he felt unnatural when Mo Shu approached him immediately before he relaxed.

Mo Shu did not speak a name. He only stopped the heater and was unable to keep himself in the hands of Nan Ge’s time: “The questions are solved quickly, then we’ll return. This place is too cold You can not endure it …”

From his sounds you can hear the smallest, completely hidden empation and cheaper.

Oh. Nan Ge replied, furiously.

Mo Shu’s body is very hot. At home, Nan Ge Er felt sleepy – it was a constant trip. Unhappy weather made him feel a spiritual life.

Xi’an door hit lightly. Someone outside asked him to ask.

Nan Ge rose from Mo Shu’s hand in a small battle.

At the same time Mo Shu responded to “Enter” to the outside person.

Before a humble scholar smiled, he marched to Mo Shu as a greeting and nailed to Nan Ge Er.

Nan’s Ge Er escapes Mo Shu’s hand, “It is not a necessary procedure, is there a question that I asked you?”, Mo Shu’s hand gives him heat and under a thin blanket. It was still in Er from Nan’s Ge.

“Almost here” scientists responded: “The next step can be done at any time.

“Well, you can contact the followers,” Mo Shu nodded.


“Details have not yet been discussed”

“Of course.”

Nan Ge was not interested in conversation. When he heard a loud voice, he narrowed his eyes and considered it a tree.

In fact, a capable scientist in front of him was a famous Bei Bei in June. He had a few disciples, but almost everything is Bei Juan King’s Court’s leader.

In addition, scientists have expressed tempe and expressed arrogance. He rarely saw himself with others. Even the king of Bei Jun had to respect him to some degree.

It was only because he had too many influences of his disciples.

When he was Prince of Prince George, he could only know his appearance at the same time, but he could not speak more than a few sentences.

If we wanted an internal conflict in Bei in June, the victory was almost safe if we owe the wise.

However, Nan Ge Eram, a government of Guang Tian, could smile happily without being alienated.

… The luck is really magical.

When he first met this man, he simply worried it in his mind.

“When are you going?” Two people did not know when the previous conversation stopped confusing. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

“When I came and thought about that, I lived outside the world for over 10 years,” scientists did not know in bed. Many roasted peanuts in his mouth He keeps in his mouth, “I probably have time to return to my hometown.”

How is your successor?

“I’ve finished the practice.” The scientist laughed. “I looked at my home and an old man for a long time.

“In this case, please go back.” Mo Shu laughed: “Good work remains for so long.”

“It is my honor and duty.” The scientist smiled, continued a few moves, and leaned: “Xi Xing River, after completing the main, I’ll return with Shenhu.”

Mo Shu smiled: “It’s wonderful, the next time I do not have to go back.

Complete the main ones? What will they do? Nan Ge Er’s ears included only a few words. I thought he was a little shaking in my mind.

I will talk about Mo Shu’s reason to really prepare June to understand the nod in my mind.

Because he was not only a discharge of the trip, but also cold cold, he was not alone, he remained mostly instead, he practiced his power and long ago. Although he left June, he asked for information beyond that, he had a small and unique way to collect information.

Or, if he says, he was very cautious and hard to respond quickly

But I really do not mind now. So I’m indifferent to it? Maybe I have already found the reason to live, does it not matter to me?

If anyone suffers from despair, this person is totally angry. But as soon as the environment is peaceful and stable, this person forgives unconsciously.

Or, I really disappointed it.

Despite what’s the answer, is it no longer important?

“Erm …” After a little thought, Nan Ge Er was called Mo Shu.

A scientist stuffed with a fried man turned his head to him.

“I did not miss everything.” Nan Ge Er smiled: “Let’s go back after we finish our business.

“My business?” Mo Shu seemed a little excited. “What’s my job?

“Have you become?” Nan Ge was shining: “Did not you say that something was great?”

“Ha, this smiling scientist interrupted:” Is not Nan Ge Since who wants to destroy Bei Jun?

“Eh!” Nan Ge Gey slept for the first time, but when you heard about it, his eyes grew: “I will destroy Jukure June.”

When did I always say that?

“The plan we are currently considering is a way of destroying the northern garden,” scientists said naturally.

“Nan Ge could not believe his ears at all.

What have I heard in the world? I came to Bei Juan’s capital 3 days ago, but I do not try to destroy Bei Jun!

“Do not worry, I’m right for the people involved.” Mo Shu quickly added, thinking that Nan Ge Er was worried about him.

Who is the mafia like you?

“Before continuing the training, he explained in a few words:” They are already ready, the men are ready to move at the same time. ”

Ha ha! What did he say?

Nan Ge could not even explain the shock he felt in his mind.

All of them are brilliant leaders with their own personal army. Moreover, their personality and the style of leadership are not related. When did they begin to join?

Well, I do not need to say that all of them are Guang Tian citizens, is it that? Seam

“And have you been in this grade in June?” Nan Jae-el flegis.

The scientist laughed: “Not only Bei Jun.” His tone was of course a problem.

Nan Ge Er understood that the other half was armored for 2 seconds. “Fuck!” He broke out unconsciously.

Do you think the four countries of this continent are essentially the same? Do you think that part of the other country is almost flooded?

The whole world really belongs to Guang Tian. In fact, Mo Shu, are you really the Emperor? Decide the whole continent That’s too much cheating!

Scientists had no idea what Nan Ge Er meant, but he already had many wonderful expressions making him happy.

I am delighted to see Nan Ge Er’s expression shocked by shock and a researcher: “I do not know what’s in your heart, but I think you’re right.

You do not know what I mean, what do you know, what is right?

Nanga also did not explain his misfortunes.

Why are you knitting so much in your face? Are you hurt? The end of Mo Shu, who touched the fault of Nan Ge Er, who has no consciousness.

After he opened his mouth and closed for a long time, Nan Ge Ers exploded. “You are OP! 1!

“Have you done this?” Mo Hsu and prominent scholars made misunderstandings.

Nan Ge did not have the energy to explain them.

The kings of the four countries told them that they were sitting on their throne. But, in fact, all this is worth … in vain …

So then? I really live spells, does not it? Yes yes yes yes it is worth …

Nan Ge was completely confused.

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1 OP: very successful This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

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