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Chapter 41

Although he knew Mo Shu grew up in an abnormal environment, it was impossible not to be fearful of him all of a sudden. Nonetheless, the possibility of him keeping Mo Shu at a distance due to that was slim too.

Before even mentioning that it wasn’t Mo Shu’s problem, Nan Ge Er felt himself incapable of leaving Mo Shu to survive somewhere else.

It wasn’t incapability, but unwillingness.

Of course, it wasn’t all that difficult for him if he really wished to leave Guang Tian and live on while hiding in the continent.

However, he understood clearly, Guang Tian was the one that revived him, someone who was uninterested in living.

Never would there be another place that could make him live peacefully and develop a sense of belonging like Guang Tian.

The world was so enormous, yet humans were so miniscule.

Standing from the angle of physics, humans didn’t require a huge space to survive, as they were social creatures after all. No one could live alone for a long period of time.

He never wanted to build a successful career and was always an unambitious person. Having a place that could make him curl his lips up whenever he thought about it was enough for him.

No matter how much he suffered outside, he would feel his heart warming up whenever he thought of that simple, crude place. Such a place was good enough.

People normally called that –home.

Which is why –

“I’m missing home a little now.” Nan Ge Er shrank himself on the bed-stove, muttering while hugging the heater.

They had already reached Bei Jun’s capital three days ago. The more they headed north, the colder it got. Nan Ge Er, having a weak condition in the first place, practically took every step with difficulty; he wished he could stay on the bed-stove while hugging the heater at every single moment.

Mo Shu sat in front of a table, writing something. Hearing that, he turned towards Nan Ge Er and smiled, “We will be back in a few days.”

Nan Ge Er nodded.

Looking at Nan Ge Er’s sharp lower jaw, Mo Shu placed the brush in his hands down. He walked towards him, getting onto the bed-stove as well, and sat beside Nan Ge Er, “Are you cold?”

Nan Ge Er shook his head.

Mo Shu reached his hands out and touched his cheeks.

Sure enough, they were still icy cold.

He pulled him into his arms, “Why didn’t you tell me you’re cold?”

After shrinking back a little, Nan Ge Er relaxed his body, “I don’t find it cold.” Since his body condition was always poor, all kinds of slight discomforts were neglected.

He was still afraid of Mo Shu, but at the same time, he knew Mo Shu probably wouldn’t harm him.

Thus, this caused him to feel anxious instinctively whenever Mo Shu approached him now, before relaxing himself.

Mo Shu didn’t utter a word. He merely reached out his hands to hold on to Nan Ge Er’s hands, which were hugging onto the heater, “The matters will be settled quickly; we will head back after that. This place is too cold. You can’t endure this any longer.”

A blunt, completely unconcealed empathy and cherishment could be heard from his tone.

“Ugh.”Nan Ge Er answered blurrily.

Mo Shu’s body was really warm. Being in a gentle embrace, Nan Ge Er felt sleepy instantly—The constant traveling and uncomfortable weather made him feel mentally unwell continually.

“Xian sheng.” The door was knocked gently; someone outside was requesting for him.

Nan Ge Er got out of Mo Shu’s arms with a slight struggle.

At the same time, Mo Shu answered to the person outside, “Enter.”

The scholar walking in bowed respectfully towards Mo Shu as a salutation, before smiling and nodding towards Nan Ge Er.

“No need for formalities. How’s the matter that I assigned to you?” Although Nan Ge Er escaped from Mo Shu’s arms, Mo Shu’s hands were still holding onto Nan Ge Er’s under the thin blanket, giving him warmth.

“It is almost there.” The scholar replied, “The next step can be implemented any time.”

“Good, you can contact the people following next.” Mo Shu nodded.


“The details still need to be discussed.”

“Of course.”

Nan Ge Er had no interest in their conversation. He narrowed his eyes, listening on in a daze and treating it as a lullaby.

In truth, the respectful scholar in front of him was a renowned sage in Bei Jun. Although the number of disciples he had wasn’t much, almost all of them held a key position in Bei Jun’s royal court.

Moreover, the scholar put on airs and had an arrogant attitude. He rarely met others; even Bei Jun’s king had to treat him with some respect.

It was simply because he had too much of an influence on his disciples.

When he was Bei Jun’s prince, he only could get a chance to catch a glimpse of his appearance during a few major banquets, but wasn’t able to even talk for more than a few sentences with him.

If one wished to instigate an internal conflict in Bei Jun, victory was almost certain if the sage was won over.

Yet now, as a staff of Guang Tian’s government, Nan Ge Er was able to be greeted amiably by him, and with a smile void of any alienation too.

… Fate really is mysterious.

He simply murmured that in his heart when he first met that person.

“Then, when are you planning to return?” It wasn’t known when the two of them ended their previous conversation and started their chitchat.

“Come to think of it, I have already experienced life outside for over ten years.” When did the scholar got onto the bed-stove was unknown; he stuffed fried peanuts into his mouth uncouthly, “It is probably time for me to return to my hometown.”

“What about your successor?”

“Already graduated from apprenticeship.” The scholar chuckled, “It has been a long time since I saw my hometown and elders; I truly miss them.”

“In that case, go back then.” Mo Shu laughed, “Good job staying outside for such a long time.”

“This is the honor and duty of mine.” The scholar smiled, his beard followed his movements and tilted up, “I will return together with Xian sheng after Xian Sheng finishes this major affair.”

Mo Shu smiled, “This is great; I don’t have to fetch you back next time then.”

Finishing a major affair? What exactly are they planning to do? Only those few words fell into Nan Ge Er’s ears. He thought in his heart, a little puzzled.

Speaking of which, Mo Shu’s motive of bringing me to Bei Jun is actually to get the knots in my mind untangled, probably.

Just that due to the exhaustion he had during the journey, plus the chilly cold that made him unwilling to get out, he kept staying inside instead to asking around for information outside—although he already had his powers seized and left Bei Jun long ago, he was once a prince after all. He did possess a tiny bit of unique ways to gather information.

Or should he say, he was very mindful and stubborn in getting answers in the past

But now, I don’t really feel much about it? Which is why I am so indifferent about it? Perhaps because I’ve already found my reason of living, that became insignificant to me?

If a person is in a despairing torment, that person will be in resentment wholeheartedly. However, once the environment is swapped into an equally peaceful and stable one, that person will turn forgiving unconsciously.

Or maybe, I truly have let go of that already.

No matter what the answers are, it isn’t important anymore, right?

“Erm…” After pondering a bit, Nan Ge Er called out to Mo Shu.

The scholar, who had his mouth stuffed with fried peanuts, turned his head to him as well.

“I don’t really care about all of that suddenly.” Nan Ge Er smiled, “Let’s head back after you finish your business.”

“My business?” Mo Shu seemed to be a little puzzled, “What business of mine?”

“Huh?” Nan Ge Er blinked, “Didn’t both of you say you have something major going on?”

“Oh, that.” The scholar interrupted with a smile, “Isn’t Nan Ge Er the one who wishes to destroy Bei Jun?”

“Eh?!” Nan Ge Er was sleepy initially, but once he heard that, his eyes bulged out, “Destroy Bei Jun?!”

When have I ever said that?

“The plan we are currently discussing precisely is how to destroy Bei Jun.” The scholar stated naturally.

“Huh?!” Nan Ge Er could not believe his ears at all.

What in the world have I heard?! I‘ve just arrived at Bei Jun’s capital three days ago, yet the both of them are already planning to destroy Bei Jun!

“Don’t worry, I’ve made proper arrangements for the people involved.” Mo Shu added hurriedly, thinking that Nan Ge Er was worried for him.

What is with that mafia like tone of yours?!

“That’s right.” The scholar recited a few names out while smiling, before continuing, “They are already prepared, the subordinates are ready to move at any moment.”

Hah?! What the heck did he say?

Nan Ge Er couldn’t describe the shock he felt in his heart.

All of them are outstanding commander-in-chiefs who have their own personal army. Furthermore, their personalities and style of leading aren’t related at all; when in the world did they start grouping up together?!

Ugh, no. I should say, all of them are Guang Tian’s citizens, right?! Holy shit

”Bei Jun has already been infiltrated to such a degree?!” Nan Ge Er sputtered out.

The scholar grinned, “It isn’t only Bei Jun though.” His tone was matter-of-course.

Nan Ge Er understood what the other party meant in a split second, “Fuck!” He dissed involuntarily.

You mean, the four countries in this continent are basically the same? You mean, every part of the other countries are nearly infiltrated?

The whole world actually belongs to you guys in Guang Tian, right?! In truth, Mo Shu, you are actually the emperor, right?! Ruling the whole continent! This is too much of a cheat!

Although the scholar had no idea what did Nan Ge Er’s ‘fuck’ meant, the stunned expression from him was already enough to make him joyful.

Pleased to see Nan Ge Er’s expression, which had twisted from shock, the honorable scholar added again, “Although I do not know what is in your mind, what you are thinking is probably correct.”

You don’t even know what I’m thinking, how would you know if it is correct?!

Nan Ge Er couldn’t even utter a word due to his bewilderment.

Mo Shu ended up being the one who touched Nan Ge Er’s cheeks without any bit of self-awareness, “Why do you scrunch up your face like that? Are you in pain?”

After opening and closing his mouth for some time, Nan Ge Er finally spat out, “You’re too OP! 1

“Huh?” Both Mo Shu and the honorable scholar expressed their confusion.

Nan Ge Er had no energy to explain to them.

The kings of the four countries thought they were sitting stably on their throne, so to speak. But actually, all of that is fleeting… fleeting…

Right? Life is actually fleeting, right?! Ah, yeah, it is indeed fleeting…

Nan Ge Er was utterly in chaos.


1OP: Overpowered

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