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Chapter 49

“Actually, this is how the story goes.” When Mo Shu finally stopped guffawing and started explaining, quite a long time had already passed.

He hugged Nan Ge Er, twirling Nan Ge Er’s lock of untied hair around his fingertips while explaining, “In the beginning, this entire continent was actually founded by various tribes. Then, the stronger tribes gradually annexed the smaller ones, forming into a situation where a few divisions of major powers warred against one another ceaselessly. On a certain day, the chief of a vassal tribe made a decision. He started to expand his influence secretly while fostering loyal subjects. Under three generations of effort, the chief of this tribe succeeded in seizing power. He undertook an expedition throughout the continent, completely subduing every single tribe and had them submit themselves under his iron fist.” Mo Shu’s explanation was collected, as though he was reciting a history book from memory.

In truth, this piece of history was obviously something Nan Ge Er, the former Prince Li, knew of.

Everyone in the continent deferentially addressed the ruler who unified the entire continent as ‘the founding emperor’.

From a certain angle, this really was a universally appreciated title. However, the original surname of the founding emperor was never indicated in any historical records.

“So, the surname of the ruler was ‘Mo’?” Nan Ge Er lifted his head up, looking at Mo Shu. He wasn’t all that dense; after hearing Mo Shu’s explanation, how could he possibly not surmise the next part of the story.

Mo Shu nodded his head, “Correct.”

Nan Ge Er knitted his brows, pondering, “What does this have to do with Guang Tian?” Both the founding emperor and Guang Tian’s leader had the surname ‘Mo’; it could only show a sort of connection between both of them at most, but it couldn’t explain Guang Tian’s origin.

The dynasty of the founding emperor lasted around five hundred years before being washed away by the subsequent history. Ever since the fall of the founding emperor’s dynasty, never was there any king who could piece back every nation in the continent again.

“The man addressed as ‘the founding emperor’ by the outsiders only had one true descendant.” Mo Shu chuckled.

“Huh?!” Nan Ge Er widened his eyes.

The history clearly recorded that the founding emperor had thirteen princes and seven princesses.

“His sole bloodline, bringing along the finest wares, the most advanced technology and precious bamboo slips, chose a place in the continent. He spent the majority of his time and energy to conceal this place.” Mo Shu laughed lightly, before reaching out to caress Nan Ge Er’s cheek, “It is Guang Tian.”

Nan Ge Er still maintained his foolishly blank look as he stared at Mo Shu—He was already so shocked that he forgot how silly his posture was.

“Before he passed away, he entrusted Guang Tian to a general under him. Then, before the general departed, he picked a suitable leader from candidates that had gone through a range of trials. Just like that, years and years later, slowly…” Mo Shu smiled, “Guang Tian turned into its current state.”

After yet another brief musing, Mo Shu continued, “The rumors about tapir are also started by the founding emperor.” He appeared to have thought of something all of a sudden as he began chuckling, “And the things about sacred beasts, and so on…”

Alright, I get it. All of that is arranged by the founding emperor, right?

Hearing such a huge jolting secret, Nan Ge Er’s jaw fell. He didn’t even know what he should say.

“Regarding those princes and princesses in the history of the outside world, they are all just orphans who are unaware of the truth.” Mo Shu added, “The real treasure and his only bloodline had already been hidden away long ago. The power struggles from those royal descendants and the wars they incited are all futile.”

So, this is the true reason why Guang Tian is much more superior than the outside world?

Generations upon generations of hard work, along with years and years of construction, gradually perfected the governmental system and built this utopia up.

“Then, why did the founding emperor do that?” After opening his jaw wide for a long while, Nan Ge Er asked such a foolish question.

“Because he wants to gift the entire world to his descendants, loyal subjects, and skillful craftsmen he’s most proud of.” Mo Shu let out a little chuckle, “People of Guang Tian can easily get fame and riches in the outside world if they want to.”

They didn’t need to fight, nor need to long for power, as they already had the best. Those glorious identities were merely things abandoned by the older generations, readily available and easily obtained.

No, rather than calling Guang Tian a utopia, it was better to call it the finest core of the world.

Noticing Nan Ge Er staring straight at him blankly, Mo Shu smiled while rubbing his neck, “Don’t you find it uncomfortable?”

Nan Ge Er blinked before sitting down in a daze, “So that’s how it goes.”

“It is indeed.” Mo Shu smiled, “But, we don’t feel like snatching anything from the outsiders.” After thinking for a bit, he added, “Since I have honey beans in my hands, why would I snatch others’ stir-fried corn?”

How idiotic can you be to place this matter on a par with these two common snacks?!

A few black lines fall on Nan Ge Er’s face before he even came back to his senses from the shock.

“Anyway, Guang Tian is just like that.” Mo Shu hugged Nan Ge Er as he smiled, “Unless the wars of the outside world spread across the whole continent and cause too many casualties and death, Guang Tian won’t bother getting involved.”

“Why?” Nan Ge Er’s question was completely instinctive. He already had no idea how he should react.

“If too many outsiders died, a lot of items in Guang Tian won’t be able to keep up with it, and will be difficult to gather.” Mo Shu answered, “The base of Guang Tian is the outside world.”

Why do you kill others willy-nilly then?

Nan Ge Er really wished to ask this.

However, once it got near his lips, it was immediately swallowed down.

As Mo Shu said that it was a ‘base’, but it was only a base, nothing more.

The large numbers were exactly why it was called a base. The worth it had individually was minuscule; it only had value when all were grouped together.

This is probably what Mo Shu means.

So cruel, yet natural.

Just like the grains and livestock humans consume, it is a heartless value.

I eat rice and meat because I need to. However, if I’m not hungry, I might feed the leftovers to my livestock, or perhaps just throw them away. Nonetheless, if there is a large-scale pest infestation or plague, it is a must to eliminate those away.

This is probably the mentality Guang Tian had towards the outside world.

After a long silence, Nan Ge Er asked again, “Then, why choose me?” I don’t actually have any outstanding abilities, right? Why am I chosen? Why did you let me stay?

Mo Shu raised his brows as he held Nan Ge Er in his arms. With his head stooped down, he whispered to his ear, “Why?” A trace of amusement could be detected from his tone.

“Oi!” Black lines fall on Nan Ge Er’s head. Why do you throw the question back at me?

“That’s because I don’t know either.” Mo Shu laughed, his warm breath touching Nan Ge Er’s ear, “This… there’s probably no reason to it.” After a light chuckle, he sucked onto Nan Ge Er’s earlobe, continuing a little unclearly, “Maybe, it was done unconsciously, or perhaps, naturally.”

Nan Ge Er was initially stunned when his earlobe was sneakily attacked by Mo Shu. His face flushed red in an instant.

“If I have to give an irresponsible reason, I think that it is a surprising incident from fate,” Mo Shu continued muttering, “a miracle given to me by Guang Tian.”

Actually, since Mo Shu was sucking on Nan Ge Er’s earlobe, his words were slightly muddled. However, he just was able to hear it distinctly and understand it clearly.

The vague, unclear reply couldn’t be discerned at all.

Yet, Nan Ge Er’s lips curled up involuntarily.

Well, I adore you; but I don’t even know the exact characteristics you have that I adore, I just adore you.

Well, I adore you; but I don’t even know when exactly did I start adoring you, I just adore you in any case.

Perhaps I love every part of you, so I can’t determine the best quality you have. Maybe I fall for you unknowingly, so I don’t know when my feelings for you peaked. /em>

Since he used ‘miracle’ to describe my arrival…even if you give me such an unsatisfactory answer, I’m still content.

“I’ve already shared all of my secrets to you.” Mo Shu released his earlobe and faintly laughed, “What about yours?”

Nan Ge Er thought for a bit, replying with a slight hesitation, “…I didn’t…everything…” Strangely, he found himself incapable of finishing his sentence.

It made him think he wasn’t sincere enough.

He felt that Mo Shu might be displeased by it.

However, Mo Shu simply smiled, “It’s alright. So long as the future parts of Xiao Nan’s life are shared together with me, it will be sufficient.”

“Let’s hurry back home.”

Since I’m chosen, and encountered Mo Shu, then, I’ll just accept it calmly and peacefully continue on hand in hand.

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