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Chapter 52

Time rapidly swept past once spring arrived.

In a blink of an eye, it was already midsummer.

As always, Nan Ge Er opened his tea stall to supplement for the domestic expenses.

Mo Shu-xian sheng was busy every single day—of course, Mo Shu-xian sheng could be considered a family man now. The moment he returned home, he jubilantly took on the role of a househusband.

Today, Mo Shu-xian sheng came back home early to cook their lunch.

“Is it nice?” Mo Shu sat by the opposite edge of the table, looking at Nan Ge Er placing a chopstick-full of food into his mouth.

Nan Ge Er nodded—although he didn’t get to taste the cooking of everyone in Guang Tian, Mo Shu’s culinary prowess was indeed the best out of all that he knew of.

Even though Nan Ge Er gave affirmation to Mo Shu’s cooking skills every single time, Mo Shu still felt joyful about Nan Ge Er’s approval. He stuffed a few more food items into Nan Ge Er’s bowl, “Eat more; you must get stronger.”

Why does Mo Shu sound like a butcher? Nan Ge Er murmured in his heart. Eat more, so I can be easily slaughtered when New Year comes?

“You don’t need to go out today?” Noticing how carefree Mo Shu looked, Nan Ge Er asked involuntarily.

“I’ve completed today’s work,” after a light chuckle, Mo Shu picked some food up and deliver it towards Nan Ge Er’s mouth. “Ahh…”

…Ahh…Ahh, my ass! Do you think I’m a baby, you bastard!

Nan Ge Er felt a strong urge to flip the table, but once his eyes came in contact with Mo Shu’s smiling face, his temper vanished.

What can I do? What can I do about him? This guy seems to know I’m weak to coaxing instead of intimidation!

Thus, Nan Ge Er had no choice but to open his mouth up, chomping down the food Mo Shu fed him, before staring daggers at him. “Don’t talk when eating or sleeping!”

This rule wasn’t really popular in Guang Tian, so basically no one abided by it during mealtimes. However, as Nan Ge Er was teased mercilessly at present, the only thing he could do was to spout out that sentence.

Mo Shu didn’t refute either. He simply closed the gap between them with a smile, naturally kissing Nan Ge Er’s cheeks, then his forehead, before pinching his ears lightly. Only then did he pick up his bowl and start eating.

True enough, he didn’t utter any words.

Nonetheless, Nan Ge Er still felt hundreds of ‘fuck you’s racing across his mind—Are you for real? You’re treating it too literally, Da Ge!

I really feel I have no strength to respond, god damn!

He finally finished his meal in silence—if only he could just ignore the five times Mo Shu fed him, the seven times he stuffed food into his bowl, the ten times he reached over to touch him, and his endless gazing at him eating…

Nan Ge Er felt his stress level building up.

Nan Ge Er had no idea if it was just his imagination, but after they returned to Guang Tian, the level of Mo Shu’s infatuation and stickiness towards him multiplied.

The most unfair part of it was that he used such an ethereal face to display his obviously love-struck expression.

Exactly what kind of magical arrangement was required to form such an absurd look?

After his lunch, Nan Ge Er shifted his gaze towards Mo Shu, who was cleaning up the table—Isn’t my life a bit too laid-back?

There’s no need for me to cook or clean up after a meal. Laundry and cooking is all done by him…

I just need to eat and sleep -ugh- and pose myself so Mo Shu can hug or touch me any time.

Thinking about it, this is actually a stressful job!

When Mo Shu finished packing up, he came back and sat beside Nan Ge Er. He wrapped his arm around Nan Ge Er’s shoulder while stroking Nan Ge Er’s head with the other, “Are you tired today?”

My only daily task is to circle around my tea stall and come back home once I earn enough. Unlike me, you need to run around outside every day and even have to cook and clean when you return home. You’re much more tired than I am!

Nan Ge Er twitched his lips, forcefully stopping his impulse to diss at him.

“Are you full?” Mo Shu reached out his hand again to rub Nan Ge Er’s stomach. He began pinching Nan Ge Er’s waist only after feeling that it had quite a bit of mass, “You gained a bit at last. Be good this time; you are not allowed to think too much, alright?”

Being told off by a love-struck fool, even more so an idiotic one, in such a pampering tone; how depressing is that…

Nan Ge Er stared at Mo Shu without a word.

“Do you want me to make anything else for you at night?” After having his fill of hugs, Mo Shu sat properly again as he questioned Nan Ge Er.

Under Nan Ge Er’s influence, Mo Shu slowly grew the habit of having three meals a day.

“Up to you,” Nan Ge Er gave a weak reply.

He did comment he wanted food with a heavier dash of flavor, like barbeque, but it was rejected by Mo Shu with the reason of it being harmful to his body.

Hence, he tactfully expressed no opinion about it.

“How obedient.” Mo Shu stroked his head, “Are you still going to storytell in the afternoon?”

“Mn.” Sitting in the cool, spacious hall after his lunch, Nan Ge Er swiftly began to feel drowsy under the warm summer breeze—what a great place Guang Tian is; its summer isn’t sweltering, while its winter, although chilly, isn’t as freezing as any other places.

“Sleepy?” Mo Shu chuckled as he helped Nan Ge Er tuck a few strands of hair behind his ear.

“Uh,” Nan Ge Er let out a muddled answer.

“Go sleep in your room. It’s windy here; be careful not to catch a cold.” Mo Shu shook his shoulders.

“I’m too lazy to move…” Nan Ge Er murmured.

“Alright, I’ll carry you over.” Mo Shu laughed faintly, before lifting him up effortlessly.

Of course, Nan Ge Er was startled once he was raised up the air. With that, even his drowsiness disappeared in a puff of smoke. He only came back to his senses after a long daze, crying out softly, “Mo Shu, let me down!”

This is so embarrassing!

“I’ll put you down when we’re in your room.” Mo Shu appeared to enjoy how helpless and fierce Nan Ge Er looked. He carried Nan Ge Er to his room uncooperatively.

Once the weather started warming up, Nan Ge Er and Mo Shu began sleeping in separate rooms.

One reason why Nan Ge Er did so was due to him finding it embarrassing, while another reason being his fear of sparking something off.

Although he could accept living the rest of his life together with a man, he found it difficult and too much of a burden the minute he thought about doing that with a man…

Strictly speaking, it was being done by a man…

This stressed him out furthermore.

In order to prevent himself from getting impetuous and Mo Shu from doing something uncontrollable, Nan Ge Er made a wise decision of separating their rooms.

Mo Shu disapproved it, but since he never forced Nan Ge Er into doing anything, he could only compromise unwillingly.

Mo Shu set Nan Ge Er onto his bed carefully, petting his head gently, “Be good and rest well.”

Even he himself didn’t know how tender his smile was.

Perhaps, Mo Shu doesn’t even know what kind of expression he wears when he’s looking at me.

But, I’m aware of it. I’m always aware of it, which is why I’m eroded by him bit by bit.

Nan Ge Er raised his head blankly, gazing at Mo Shu’s face.

“What is it?” Mo Shu realized Nan Ge Er didn’t plop down to the bed, but was grabbing his clothes and dazing at him instead. “Aren’t you sleepy?”

“…Mo Shu.” Nan Ge Er tugged on Mo Shu’s sleeves.


“My body condition is weak, so I might pass on before you, and leave you behind…” Nan Ge Er whispered; he knew his condition the best, “Is this…really alright?” He didn’t want to abandon Mo Shu after developing a deep relationship with him. That wasn’t fair.

When he remembered Mo Shu mentioning the melancholic life his father had, he began worrying unconsciously.

If he wouldn’t live much longer, then what would happen to Mo Shu once he left him?

The moment Nan Ge Er uttered those words, he noticed Mo Shu’s eyes fixed on him.

After biting his lips, Nan Ge Er repeated softly, “Is this really alright, Mo Shu?”

As a reply, Mo Shu inched over, sealing Nan Ge Er’s lips gently with his, stopping his attempts at continuing.

“I don’t like you talking about this.” After successfully shutting Nan Ge Er’s mouth, Mo Shu pressed against Nan Ge Er’s forehead, hugging him as he whispered, “You know I don’t like to hear about it.”

“Stop being willful,” Nan Ge Er gave him a slightly bitter smile for a short while. “You do know, even if I don’t mention it, it still doesn’t mean it won’t happen.”

“Mn, I know,” Mo Shu muttered. “But I don’t like to hear you talking about it.”

Nan Ge Er found the wilfulness in Mo Shu’s reply a little amusing and was tempted to grin. However, in the end, he merely twitched his lips slightly, keeping quiet. “Alright,” he answered softly. “I’m not going to talk about it.” Maybe because one would never be able to look at one’s truest expression, the person directly opposite was the one capable of doing that instead. Therefore, Nan Ge Er always could distinguish the slight fluctuations behind Mo Shu’s elegant and indifferent face.

Presently, the emotion Mo Shu wanted to express was—uneasiness.

Mo Shu stared at Nan Ge Er seriously for a long while again, before reaching out and taking Nan Ge Er into his arms, “Besides, isn’t it too late for you to talk about it?”

After a brief shock, Nan Ge Er curled his lips up, “True.”

It really is too late.

“I should have warned you earlier.”

“Your only request for me is to treat you well,” Mo Shu whispered. “I will follow it through. So, if you don’t want me to be upset, try your best to live a bit longer.”

“Alright,” Nan Ge Er lifted his head, touching Mo Shu’s lips. “Alright, I promise you.”

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