STSC Chapter 6

STSC Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Of course he could live in Guang Tian. Nan Ge Er felt that it was a bit strange. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

What was his idea first?

When he was injured he wanted to recover.

He wants to complete food after he recovers.

After a complete meal, he wanted to improve the standard of food.

When the food meets the majority, he gained the power to think about the sample.

Therefore, he felt that the current situation is strange.

… People are really strange. Their bodies recover after injuries and even injuries are discharged as physical injuries of healing.

He has never been retributive, regardless of whether he lives in this dark and abdomen castle, regardless of whether he will use lots of dirty roads to survive. In his heart he moved away from the fire accident and continued to be in college during the second year .

It was decided from the beginning.

He was initially an innocent and innocent child. His current personality has not carried out life as a sky, like any ordinary personal role, but only lasted in the second year of college research.

After that, he used the experience and knowledge of the sophomore sophomore to grow the current Nan Ge Er.

He looked physically young, but he had lived a long time.

After three years of jail, he did not have a huge atmosphere such as a typical teenager. He also lost his desire for the future, or maybe he lost such a chance for a long time.

There is an old and crude heart in the new crust.

But strangely, it gradually increased, turned into a chicken of government offices, placed on eggs, covered small puppies, but raised the yellow ducks, they began to float their wings by clicking on a frustrating noise.

Neighboring residents and food supplies were small enough to fill the whole house, he proposed a government warehouse of several plates.

Excellent, the people who greet him gradually increased, sometimes others took her into the house.

Every time I eat with an adviser and Yamin runners, he always throws foods that I did not like in the bowl.

When the story is completed, small children deliver fruit and meals and bring benefits to them. Adults also give him food.

When they were released, the women were willing, remodeling their clothes, washed them and wiped them off.

Such a tedious, illogical, boring and monotonous life.

He never experienced before.

Perhaps he was still an innocent student. In the past, he sent such a living every day, but now that he thought about that, he said that he was of the past and that is too far away I realized it was from this life.

At the moment he suddenly returned to such a life again naturally. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Innocent, but difficult, busy, but calm.

At the moment he remembered how he did every day.

It was already that he had noticed it. He remembered him for the last six months, so none of the features related to perfect adaptation.

He wanted to know if he was imprisoned and tortured for years with torture.

It was obvious to me …

But six months later he noticed his strong desire for his heart to be much lower.

So did he think or heal the soul about the healing of physical injuries?

People are definitely unchangeable creatures.

Heavy events, they will follow, take off. Terrible events, they have been happy to forget, spend time.

Well, after someone comes in, I can not get rid of something and die.

After all, the inconvenience of the beginning has become unconditional.

Death was declared as soon as a man was born. As if the day of death was closer every day.

So he thought, what’s the lifestyle?

They clearly realize that there is no intention to live, but they still live instinctively.

How easy was it?

“Nanga, what you’re amazed, bring it to eat meat quickly! You can hear all the hearings of the government residence.

At present, during the winter solstice, the winter solstice returns, no one prepares good food for their ancestors, it was a huge event, all shops should close soon, and the government needs to have a feast.

Today Mo Shu and other people left before noon, were brought from a great wildlife of people they know where you are. Closing the door, they all went into the field and prepared a great fire to cook the wild grass.

Nan Ge Er got a bit easier to get rid of his shoulders. What did you throw

Life is that. Death is.

That’s not a problem.

Leaving the grass, squared fire expanded. Internal organs and other intestines of wild beasts were placed near the bucket, but the blood was placed in another bucket. It was grouped by members of Jamein, government police and councilors,

Probably their family. Although some were holding their plate, so they captured the people who were in their next part, part of the body of the wild animals that spun in their own knife, but it is a wine cup or made

Arrival of the people that the Ge got a cup of Uzmanojot Nan Was a tap came a cup, while there was a suffering, “Nan’s Ge To Remove …”

Looking at other drunkards, Nan Ge Er retired reflectively to the door.

The boy on his forehead suggested Colt’s tired pessimists behind the movement of Ge Ge’s, from the point of view of: “You are stupid, though Nan Ge’s body is weak, he’s drinking with you Can you do it?” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

The boy turned and humbled and rubbed his forehead. “Mother, please wipe away my forehead, it makes me angry.”

“… Your First Destroyed Do I” Pity, “she expresses, Madame he is before you change the smiley Ge Ge’s face, soon looks at the calm” eat, Nan de Ge Er, Zhang Jie1 aunty2 mind width It was bought, come, you have a small cut of meat from the crest. ”

“Shigerushu, you are very slim!” Another man who had a mug on the side of the wine also began to cry.

Wide and woman Xiu Zhu dressed up her lips smiling while laughing laughing Nan Ge Er.

Others began to cry to Nan Ge Er and they got together and practiced together.

Nan Ge was quite irritated.

It really is not that he was a popular city-woman.

As his face was unconnected without recognition, not only the clearly visible, he is only with the help of a small, small government that his body was very weak, he would attract a woman to anyone. It was the fact that I did not have the qualities of.

Why do everyone call it without fear, probably because he did not first think of him as a man?

Even if they see me as a person, they will not even be interested in me.

I thought he was around the sleeve.

He noticed that Mo Shu and an adviser are about 5 or 6 people.

It was to be naked and unusual eating patterns, he creates a graceful self-satisfaction, but, as I sat, Xu Mo smiled green clothes uzvilcoties.

A consultant may have drank a lot of drinks, but he seems to be still brave and proud to be subjected to the influence of alcohol.

It was probably no illusion.

At this point, all seemed surprised.

Perhaps they usually hid it, so they did not see it at all. But now, when Nan Jae-el was solved by people who tried to drink, he became different …

Aura stopped deep during fighting tolerance.

He really met the next person.

It is a soldier who has survived in many battles that send a gentle and dignified force.

Going to ERS Nan Ge, Shu de Mo takes care of a parody on his lips, he is, inclining the stylish neck, before inclining the content push to his lips, moved to his direction, their own hands I raised the ball.

It was a lovely grace that can not be believed in the movement.

If you do not know if this man was notorious, I might have been really impressed with his beautiful movement.

But …

Regardless of what seemed elegant, I will never forget that this guy is always vague to steal his red beans.

While she sat with the woman, Nan Ge Er walked perfectly.

“Here.” In front of his eyes there were beautiful, steamed hot and fragrant parts.

The next girl smiled happily and said: “Please try it.” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Many of the people forced him to create, as he saw, he never ate – and thinking about the other woman while waiting for dignity and waiting for, Nan Ge Er is, swallowing the saliva It took some work and attention.

“Okay?” I asked my father.

Earlier meat Nan Ge ERS, he’s struggling to look at the woman’s glittering eyes around him, is slightly stumbling, “Mm, that’s wonderful.”

“Eat more” I felt happy when she told another woman. “Fantastic, Nan Jae likes it.

“Nan El Gue definitely wants it,” he said.

“The worst thing about the clan is the worst, these stupid people could never say the difference.

“The body of Nan Ge Er is weak, eating meat and enhances it if you eat more”

“Again, this work is ready”

While women were happy to chat, another meat was given to him.

Nangael tinted with a yellow skin and worked diligently to swallow it.

In fact, he did not know whether it was good or not.

… Why is this meat difficult?

He swallowed up meat only when his cheek felt pain.

Women are excited, watching difficult expressions that Nan Ge Er can not hide.

One of them, who was about 16, 17, suddenly said: “You can add meat, fixing dust, you can struggle!”, Before shouting with his head and a Smash crushing hands

A man called meat began to smile in the way of evil: “Haha, who told you that you are worried about your delicious food, Nangi Elam?”

“Granny told Nan of Geo to stop eating, his body is weak, prudent:” Oh, “a shocking adolescent explains Nangy Elam, then granātālei, while taking meat Take a piece, go ahead and lift his skirt to weaken the food more!” when she turned, she raised a cheek in the mouth “You added it to what you ordered to add, but you would eat better!”

“Oh, hot heat!” This guy finds back complications and tries to throw food “Shaw Great, King Ho save me …”

Nan Ge Er’s grandmother released meat from Nan Ge Er’s fast hand: “Nan Ge Er did not eat them, a grandmother put the rest of meat for you Cut and cut these Razales, tell them lessons to teach them full Imp from bad tricks, GE While looking at our Nan, such a small structure … well … “She passed to get another piece of meat and began to cut.

Grandpa looked worried about her granddaughter’s painful expression.

… Good morning, grandmother, all, I’ve completely revealed your secret, right?

For a typical Yamana rider, is it something like it is difficult or not? I did not see it before.

Also Chan Ja Tao, she does not feel a fever when she grabs the delicious oil, stainless meat meat …

Finally, grandmother, or you, like an 80-year-old elderly, consider the ability to easily take meat of about 5 kilograms …

Was it normal?

But …

Nan Ge Although it was a bad crowd.

In fact, anything, such as meat, can be eaten easily at any time.

The reason that he felt it particularly delicious was because he was at that time … 3

– –

T / N:

1Jie: “Otani” Chapter 2 T / N terms used to treat old women, English counterparts = older sisters than you like.

2Anti: Madam talked about him as a baby.

3 They are good tastes as they surround people. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

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