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Chapter 2: Reunion

Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis

For a while, Finch fell into a daze…

It was like he was dreaming.

He had only been attending a party on a cruise, and encountering his ex-boyfriend that he hadn’t seen for two years seemed already to be ‘unpreventable fate,’ and then when he had discovered that his ex was super-rich, he had been shocked enough! But what the hell about something dying?! He can even encounter that???

Did he have the halo of a protagonist today?

The scream drew everyone’s attention and they all swarmed through the door. In a short amount of time, the crowd was even more noisier and chaotic.

Finch hadn’t had enough time to make it out the doorway yet, so he was concealed by the crowd and wasn’t noticed. He looked at everyone’s tense and nervous expressions, calmed himself down, and was forced to admit that this wasn’t a dream; someone was probably actually dead.

This wasn’t the time to add to the commotion, so Finch hastily retreated into the crowd and paid attention to what was happening from a distance.

Soon, a girl walked in with the help of some people. Her dress was stained with blood, and she looked like she had been so frightened her soul had escaped. She was Ceci, the person who had exchanged contact information with Finch.

It appeared that when she had gone out the door, she had accidentally discovered the corpse in the corridor.

People could pass through the corridor at any time, so it shouldn’t be a murder… Was it an accidental death?

But even so, this was still really unlucky for Finch.

Actually, Finch was quite curious, but he had seen Cesar walk by, so he could only force himself to suppress his curiosity.

Soon, a man in his thirties that had an unordinary demeanor walked out from a cluster of bodyguards. He listened as someone whispered something to him, and he frowned, his expression solemn. Finch recognized him as the owner of the cruise ship, Zheng ZhiRui. He owned a lot of properties, and would often host activities on his cruise ships. He was a well-known figure, and thus the target of quite a few people’s fawning.

Finch could tell that this sort of thing was also unforeseen to Zheng ZhiRui, but the owner calmed down quickly and said loudly to everyone, “My apologies. There was an accident just now. We have already contacted the police. Everyone, please calm down and stay in the main hall. Do not move around too much. We will do our best to guarantee everyone’s safety.”

Finch raised an eyebrow. His words made it seem like… they were in danger.

But Zheng ZhiRui clearly didn’t intend to clarify things further, as he had immediately turned around to walk briskly towards Cesar and conversed in undertones for a bit with him. After a while, Zheng ZhiRui seemed to be a little more relaxed and nodded, though his expression was still solemn.

Because this had happened, the corridor was sealed off, and everyone was gathered in the main hall.

Even though Zheng ZhiRui had expressed that everything was under control, because things had happened so suddenly, quite a few people had seen the corpse. Rumors spread like wildfire amid the whispers, and fear began to spread silently.

Finch heard that the person who had died seemed to be a waiter of the ship, and the cause of death was very horrifying; he had practically been chopped up into pieces, and blood had covered the entire floor. What kind of twisted murderer would commit such a thing?

Finch wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead. That question was impossible to answer.

Due to the stifling atmosphere, Finch took out his phone to text his friends, but he discovered that his phone didn’t have a signal, so he had no way of sending anything.

Although having a bad signal out at sea was very normal, losing contact with the outside world at such a time inexplicably made one’s heart weigh even heavier.

At least there were satellite phones on the ship. Since Zheng ZhiRui said that they had already contacted the outside world, it should be fine, thought Finch.


After something like this occurred, nobody was in the mood to have fun anymore.

Luo JinYi’s expression was grave as he stood in the main hall. He knew slightly more than the normal people, and his eyes were clouded with worry. Things were not as optimistic as they thought; now, he suddenly envied the ignorant people who still didn’t know what kind of situation they were in.

But Cesar just happened to be present today, and it was rumored that people like him from the Foundation were specialized in this sort of thing…

Could that be considered fortunate?

Finch still felt that everything that had happened was a little inconceivable. He looked at his phone, but there still wasn’t any signal, so he could only wait patiently. If he had known it would come to this, then he wouldn’t have come here today.

Luo JinYi’s mouth was dry, and he sweeped a gaze around him. The people in the hall were all huddled in small groups, whispering amongst one another. The waiters were all extremely busy, and everyone’s expressions were panicked and overwhelmed, so for a time, no one paid attention to him. He had come by himself today, and now there was no one for him to order about. He thought for a moment and decided that he would just go ahead and fetch some water himself. However, before he could even walk a few steps, a figure suddenly rushed to him with a whoosh!

That movement! That speed! It was practically enough to make someone dumbfounded!

Luo JinYi was middle-aged, and day by day, his weight increased, and day by day, his amount of hair decreased. He wasn’t as spirited as he was when he was younger, and he particularly cherished his life, so he nearly forgot himself in his fright! Could it be that he was really so unlucky that he had encountered the twisted murderer like this?!

Before Luo JinYi could come back to his senses, a cup of water was brought in front of him. A young, handsome man was standing in front of him, holding a cup of water with both hands and looking at him with an obsequious expression. The young man said attentively, “Mr. Luo, here’s some water.”

Mr. Luo, who had just been about to shout ‘help me,’ was speechless.

Finch looked expectantly at his boss. He had seen Cesar leave after a long wait, and had finally discovered an opportunity to get to his boss by himself! He had waited an entire night to receive this godsend! If he didn’t show himself off, then when would he?

He had already been staring from the side for a long time!

The opportunity was left for people who were prepared, and being a toady at this time wasn’t easy.

Luo JinYi looked silently at Finch for a long time, and his gaze made Finch’s heart prickle with nervousness. He began to think back on his previous actions; had he done something wrong? But… he had clearly already been very hard-working…

Then, Luo JinYi reached out a hand and slowly took the cup of water, although his hand was still a bit unsteady as he still hadn’t completely recovered from his shock earlier. However, how embarrassing would it be if he forgot himself in front of this young man who was clearly trying to get on his good side!

He nodded his head curtly.

It was to show that he was very calm.

Seeing this, Finch was very adoring as he saw his boss’s shrewd manners. He admired Mr. Luo even more; as expected, he was worthy of being a well-known figure. Mr. Luo wasn’t surprised at all upon being treated like this! Finch had actually been quite nervous.

Luo JinYi took a sip of the water and asked while looking down, “And you are——”

He had finally gotten the chance to introduce himself, so Finch’s eyes sparkled as he puffed his chest up slightly. “I’m an artist from Star Entertainment. My name is Finch.”

Luo JinYi thought for a moment, but he had never heard of him before. He also hadn’t invited him, so he wasn’t sure how the guy had wormed his way here. There were almost a thousand artists in his company, but there were very few that were outstanding. There were too many unscrupulous people when it came to getting an opportunity, so he usually would’ve left impatiently long ago. But today, he had come alone, and there was no one available to help him. 

It was seldom that an employee would voluntarily offer to help, and it seemed that the guy was exceptionally dedicated and practically worshipped him. He inexplicably felt that this young man didn’t have too bad of a taste, and he was cute as well as sincere! It wouldn’t be so bad to keep him here to use for a bit.

Luo JinYi took another sip of water and felt that his throat wasn’t so dry anymore. He coughed lightly and said, “Little Finch, 1 right? You’re not bad.”

Finch was so excited he was practically shaking. If he told others about it, they wouldn’t believe him; everyone said that Mr. Luo was cold, majestic, and with an unapproachable temper. But, he was clearly so amiable! He had already remembered Finch’s name, and Mr. Luo’s impression of him was so good; he hadn’t come for nothing today after all!

When Luo JinYi saw Finch’s glee, he thought, Although he can’t be considered very smart nor knowledgeable, at least he’s obedient and sensible. His gaze became more friendly and was about to ask some more questions. “You…”

But he had only said one word when the obedient and sensible youth’s expression changed, and he turned around and dashed into the crowd so quickly Luo JinYi couldn’t even react!

Finch really had come without a shadow and left without a trace, just like a flying swan or a swimming dragon.

Luo JinYi was bewildered.

Hadn’t he agreed to be mine toady?


Finch had finally been able to approach his boss, and he could tell that his boss appreciated him quite a lot. He had just been about to strike the iron while it was hot, but he had suddenly seen Cesar walk in from the doorway and happen to walk towards Luo JinYi.

How could this happen?! He didn’t want to act out an embarrassing scene of old lovers seeing each other again, and before he was sure of Cesar’s attitude towards him, he definitely couldn’t act rashly!

Finch charged into the crowd without even looking back, and when he saw that he was far enough that he wouldn’t be discovered, he sighed in relief.

After he was done running, he admonished himself, You idiot! At the time, we dated normally and broke up normally! So why was I the one to run away? At this moment, Finch deeply felt the cruelness of reality and the confusion of life.

When he was sighing, he felt someone tug at his sleeve. He looked over and saw Ceci’s pale face.

Ceci was wrapped in a blanket, and the hem of her dress that poked out from the bottom was still stained with a trace of blood. Her face was pale, probably from her fear. Her hand that was tugging at Finch’s sleeve was still trembling, and she said in a low voice, “Finch, you need to be careful here. There’s…”

Finch hadn’t expected to happen to run near her, and he hadn’t paid attention to where he was going earlier. When he heard what Ceci said, his expression changed as he recalled the rumors he had heard before. He said hesitantly, “Could it be…”

Ceci shook and then nodded her head. “I don’t know if the murderer is still here, but if they are, then they might be hiding amongst us. That… that definitely wasn’t an accidental death. You didn’t see…” As she said this, her gaze became fearful, and her lips were pale. “I saw the corpse, just like that… The corridor… was covered in pieces of him and blood… I couldn’t even tell what he used to look like…”

Was there really a twisted killer?

Finch’s face paled too, but he managed to keep his head and say, “Even if the killer is still here, so many of us are on our guard, so they wouldn’t dare to do anything else.”

Ceci thought for a moment and seemed to reach the same conclusion. “I hope so…”

Finch consoled, “Rest assured, nothing bad’s going to happen!”

Although he was also scared, as a man, he couldn’t go as far as needing the consolation of a young girl.

Ceci finally revealed the hint of a smile, and small dimples appeared on her cheeks. “Mn. Perhaps I’m overthinking it. We’ll probably be able to go home soon…” She stuck out her tongue and said, “Actually, I kind of regret coming. If I had known something like this would happen, then I’d rather have stayed at home… My brother said that my personality isn’t suited for mixing in with the entertainment industry, so if he knew I came here, then he definitely wouldn’t be happy. It’s my fault for not listening.”

Finch patted her head. “Don’t think so much. Nothing bad’s going to happen.”

Finch’s voice was very gentle, and Ceci felt that he was very trustworthy. She inched closer to him, and the atmosphere between them was warm and harmonious…

It was just like a beautiful painting!

Up until a cold and low voice interrupted everything…

“You’re the first eyewitness to discover the corpse?”

Ceci lifted her head and was met with a handsome, cold face. The man was tall, and his features were chiseled. He was unsmiling and towered over Ceci, making her feel stifled and her face pale even further. She clutched Finch’s sleeve tightly. “Yes, yes…”

Because she was so scared, she didn’t even realize that the person beside her had already stiffened.

Finch stood there awkwardly. Shit! Just then, he had been so careless he hadn’t noticed Cesar walk over! Now, it was already too late to hide… and his sleeve was still in Ceci’s grasp!

He had hid for an entire night, but he had still fallen short…

But Finch discovered very quickly that he had over-worried.

Cesar’s cold and keen gaze was directed at Ceci, and he didn’t even glance at Finch as if he didn’t exist. Cesar’s voice was cold and calm, “How did you discover him?”

His gaze and tone didn’t have a sliver of warmth in them; it was like he was interrogating a criminal!

Finch had mixed feelings at once. Cesar seemed not to recognize him, so just then, Finch’s actions hadn’t been necessary. There was no need for him to have been so cautious, but… speaking like that to a young girl showed that Cesar wasn’t chivalrous; couldn’t he see that she was frightened?

Before, although he felt that Cesar was fairly stifling and didn’t talk much, it wasn’t to this point of being so unreasonable, which Finch hadn’t expected.

Ceci had just been shocked and then suppressed by Cesar’s aura. She couldn’t help but tremble and say shakily, “At the time, I-I wanted to go outside to get some fresh air… and when I exited the door, I didn’t walk very far when I saw the corpse…”

Cesar looked at her, “When you discovered the corpse, was there anyone else present?”

Ceci shook her head, “There wasn’t anyone else at the time.”

Cesar’s gaze was sharp and he said, “When did the blood get onto you?”

Ceci shuddered and said, “I was really scared at the time, so I turned around to run away, but I slipped and fell onto… the blood on the ground.” She seemed to be a bit hesitant and unsure of why Cesar would ask these questions, as she had already answered them when someone else asked.

Cesar finally stopped inquiring and looked at her closely before turning around.

Just when Finch thought Cesar was finally going to leave and was about to sigh in relief, Cesar suddenly looked directly at him with his bottomless black pupils. He quirked up the corner of his mouth at Finch and said coolly, “Long time no see.”

Finch was speechless.

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Translator Notes:

  1. Here, “Little” is just an informal way of addressing Finch. Since Luo JinYi is of a much higher status than him, it makes sense for him to address Finch very casually.


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