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Chapter 11: Mishap

Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis

Finch’s face was practically glued to the phone’s screen, and he stared at the [Okay] for a while before he was finally convinced that it wasn’t a hallucination!

Cesar had agreed to his date!

He shivered with excitement and immediately stood up from his chair. The sudden movement attracted Jian FeiYu’s and Bai XiaoXian’s attention.

Bai XiaoXian had happened to be a little weary of responding to Jian FeiYu’s attention, so when she saw Finch stand up, she immediately changed topics and asked, “What is it?”

Finch put his phone away calmly and lifted his chin in high spirits. “Sorry, but I won’t be able to eat with you guys tonight, I have a date.”

Bai XiaoXian’s eyes lit up at once at the gossip. “Date?”

Jian FeiYu also looked at Finch curiously and chuckled, saying, “Boyfriend.”

Right, Finch had never hidden his sexual orientation, so they all knew that he only dated men, and they started to tease him.

Bai XiaoXian smiled and said, “New or old boyfriend?”

That question caused Finch to get lost in thought. They technically weren’t old boyfriends, because they had already broken up, but they weren’t new boyfriends either, as they hadn’t gotten back together yet. He pondered over it for a moment before saying, “Neither.”

Bai XiaoXian and Jian FeiYu were speechless.

Finch wanted to go home at once now, and he raised an eyebrow and smiled. “Starting from today, I’ll marry into a rich family and reach the pinnacle of life! When I make it there, I’ll support you guys, hahahaha.”

Bai XiaoXian and Jian FeiYu were speechless.

Wang Tao, who was at the side doing his homework, was distracted by Finch’s laughter and looked at him. Wang Tao said loudly, “Uncle Finch, you should sober up.”

Finch shook his head and said, “I am sober!”

After he said this, he went to leave, and Wang Feng just happened to be coming out from the kitchen. He rolled his sleeves back down and when he saw that Finch was about to leave, he said in surprise, “What’s going on?”

Wang Tao answered for Finch, “Uncle Finch said that he’s going to marry into a rich family and reach the pinnacle of life.”

Wang Feng was speechless. A moment later, Wang Feng couldn’t help but laugh. “Taotao, go up and bring some dinner to mom. Don’t say so much nonsense.”

Wang Tao was bewildered and thought, What do you mean by nonsense? I was just repeating what Uncle Finch said.

But he was an obedient child, so he silently went upstairs to bring some dinner to his mom…

After Wang Feng saw his son go upstairs, he turned back to Finch and said sincerely, “Are you going on a date? How long has it been since you broke up with your last boyfriend? Maybe you should be more serious about your relationships. Liking men isn’t a big deal, but when you’re older, you should find a reliable one to spend your days with, right?”

Finch forced a laugh and nodded. “Don’t worry, don’t worry, I’ll definitely be serious this time.”

Finch thought to himself, If I can get Cesar, then can anyone else even compare? I reckon that finding someone richer and more handsome than him on Earth is really hard…

Wang Feng shooed helplessly at Finch and said, “Go on, go on, I won’t keep you for dinner then.”

Finch smiled apologetically and turned around to leave. As he walked, he thought about where he should go for dinner with Cesar. He felt that he had finally walked out of the shadow that seemed to have been cast over him the entire day.

Why don’t we go eat spaghetti?

As Finch thought about this, he couldn’t help but grin foolishly. However, he hadn’t even walked out the door when he suddenly heard something shatter behind him. He instinctively turned around to look and saw Wang Tao sitting on the steps of the second floor’s staircase, and fragments of plates and food were scattered in front of him…

What happened?

The movement caught Wang Feng’s attention and he frowned, saying, “How can he be so careless…”

Wang Tao, who was still sitting there, turned around. His small face was pale, and he looked at them in shock and fear.

Finch suddenly felt frightened and stopped walking.

Wang Feng sensed that something wasn’t right, so his expression changed as he rushed forward. Jian FeiYu and Bai XiaoXian followed closely after him, and they followed Wang Tao’s gaze and looked at the room opposite of the staircase…

In an instant, a deathly silence fell upon them.

A few seconds later, Bai XiaoXian suddenly turned around, her face pale, and threw up.

Jian FeiYu was trembling and stood there stupidly, forgetting to move.

Finch looked blankly at everything in front of him.

And Wang Feng seemed to be unable to react, and after a while, the man that was over forty years old punched the wall with a trembling arm, and his eyes were rimmed with red.

Cui YuXi had died.

She had died right in her own room. Her throat had been slit open, and blood covered the floor. Her eyes were still open, even in death.

Suddenly, Wang Feng pulled his son into an embrace and pressed his head into his own chest, saying, “Don’t look.”

Wang Feng suddenly seemed to age by a lot.

Finch breathed out slowly and gradually came back to his senses.

After just going through what had happened on the cruise ship, his mental endurance had increased significantly. After all, he had seen things ten times more scary and bizarre than this… so although he was still extremely shocked and sad, he pushed away his discomfort and observed the situation in the room.

Cui YuXi was on the bed, and although she was stained red by her blood, Finch could still see that her shirt was tidy, and besides the fatal injury on her neck, she hadn’t been otherwise harmed. The room had been ransacked, as the items in the drawers were scattered across the floor. The window was open, so on his initial observation, it seemed that it had probably been a burglary.

Finch took out his phone and began to dial 110 1.

Jian FeiYu came back to his senses and saw that Bai XiaoXian had thrown up and was very pale. Although Jian FeiYu was scared and sad… upon facing the girl he liked, Jian FeiYu still showed his manliness at crucial moments. He walked over to her and helped hold Bai XiaoXian up, as she was shaking and about to fall. He said in a low voice, “I’ll bring you downstairs.”

After all, Bai XiaoXian was a woman, so had she ever seen something as bloody as this? She was already in shock, so she didn’t stop Jian FeiYu by holding her on the arm. She mumbled, “Sister YuXi, Sister YuXi, she…”

Her tone was of disbelief.

Everyone’s hearts were heavy.

Finch was silent for a moment before he walked over and said to Wang Feng, “Brother Feng, let’s take Tao Tao downstairs first.”

After all, they were adults, but Wang Tao was still young, and he had seen his mother’s brutal death. His fear from before had already cast a shadow over his heart, so letting him stay here longer wasn’t appropriate.

Wang Feng looked up in a daze, was silent for a while, and then said, “Okay.”

Finch held Wang Tao’s hand and looked at him gently. “Come downstairs with me, okay?”

The boy’s face was drained of color, and his gaze was still empty, as if he had sealed himself up. He was as motionless a puppet as he let Finch lead him downstairs.

As he recalled how mischievous and cute the boy had been not long ago, Finch got a lump in his throat.

Finch hadn’t been very close to Cui YuXi, but he had come here to eat a few times before. Cui YuXi had been a very gentle, hard-working woman who did a lot of housekeeping. Every time Finch had come over, she would considerately make the dishes that he liked, so Finch’s impression of her was very good.

But now she was dead, just like that.

It was pitch-black outside the window, and there wasn’t even a sliver of light. In the silence, there was only everyone’s heavy breathing.

After a while, Jian FeiYu looked at Bai XiaoXian and said hesitantly to Wang Feng, “Brother Feng, XiaoXian isn’t doing too well, so should I send her back home first…”

Wang Feng wasn’t in the mood to care about things like this, and he seemed to want to smile out of habit, yet his lips couldn’t form a smile. His voice was hoarse and sad as he said, “Mn, you should send her home first…”

Finch could tell that Bai XiaoXian had indeed been frightened out of her wits, and she looked as if she would faint at any moment, so he said, “You can send her home first, I’ll stay here.”

Jian FeiYu looked at Finch gratefully. He actually felt that he should stay here. After all, Wang Feng and his son were the people who needed help the most right now, but Bai XiaoXian staying here in her state wasn’t very appropriate either. Not only would she be unable to help, she might even be a burden, so Jian FeiYu had been in a dilemma… By saying that, Finch had helped him feel better by a lot.

He could send Bai XiaoXian home first and then come back.

Jian FeiYu thanked Finch and said to Baio XiaoXian, “Let’s go home.”

Bai XiaoXian stood up, her expression absentminded, and suddenly turned around. “My sincerest condolences…”

The first floor was the restaurant, so there were a lot of dining tables placed everywhere. They had been sitting at the last table, so they had to make their way around two rows of tables. When they were almost at the door, Jian FeiYu accidentally tripped over something, staggered, and nearly fell over. He looked down and was speechless.

Bai XiaoXian screamed.

Finch and Wang Feng rushed over and saw a bloody kitchen knife lying on the ground.

And they were a hundred percent sure that when they came in, the knife hadn’t been there. But now, its abrupt appearance seemed to be cruelly declaring something.

Finch was speechless.

Jian FeiYu suddenly ran to the door and grabbed the handle. The door clearly hadn’t been locked, but Jian FeiYu couldn’t open it no matter what he tried. It was as if it had been welded shut!

Silent fear shrouded everyone at once.

Wang Feng looked blankly at the knife as if he had seen something very scary, and the veins on his forehead bulged.

Finch was silent.

A bloody kitchen knife that appeared out of nowhere, a woman’s corpse with her throat slitted and her eyes still open, and a door that couldn’t be opened…


This word was so familiar, yet so distant, and it appeared in everyone’s minds at once. They couldn’t help but play out the worst scenarios in their heads.

Wang Feng gritted his teeth and said, “The back door…”

As he said this, he turned around to go there, and Finch and Jian FeiYu hastily followed. However, the back door also didn’t budge an inch!

Their expressions darkened.

Bai XiaoXian was shaking uncontrollably.

When Finch recalled what had happened on the ship, he thought, I can’t be this unlucky… right?

Jian FeiYu was scared to death, and when he thought about Cui YuXi’s corpse upstairs and then that he was trapped in a place where he couldn’t get out of… He was scared of ghosts and of the dark!

Wang Feng’s expression changed and he said, “There are windows.”

Although he was the most sorrowful out of them, upon facing this abnormal and scary situation, for his son’s and everyone’s safety, his first priority was to think of a way to leave this place!

Upon being reminded, Jian FeiYu became excited. The window was only a thin layer of glass, so even if they couldn’t open it, they could still smash through it!

It was a normal glass window, so Wang Feng tried to open it first. Sure enough, it didn’t budge, so he grabbed a metal chair from the side and forcefully smashed it into the window! Bang!

Following his movement, the flower vase on the top of a tall cabinet next to the window somehow fell and happened to land on Wang Feng’s head!

With a crash, the flower vase and the window shattered at the same time.

Blood trickled down from Wang Feng’s forehead.

Jian FeiYu took a step backwards in fear.

Finch also looked at the vase on the floor, and his pupils dilated.

They had all seen Wang Feng’s movement. Although he had used a lot of strength when smashing the window, he hadn’t touched the cabinet at all, so it couldn’t have caused the flower vase to fall. But the vase still fell and just so happened to land on Wang Feng’s head.

It was as if a pair of unseen hands was preventing them from leaving.

Fortunately, the vase wasn’t large, so it had only grazed Wang Feng. It seemed that it wasn’t too big of a deal, and the window had been shattered.

Wang Feng wiped off the blood on his forehead and looked outside the window.

After looking outside, everyone looked at one another in worry.

It wasn’t normal.

Although it indeed was quite deserted on the streets outside of the bistro at night, they should still at least be able to see the streetlights. There was a residential building across from the restaurant, so there should still be lights on at this time. But now, it was like a black hole outside the window; there was nothing at all… It was as if the night had silently opened its bloody mouth and was quietly waiting for its prey to enter.

A question suddenly emerged in their minds.

Could they really go out from here?

A few minutes later, Wang Feng seemed to finally make a difficult decision, and his expression was solemn as he said to Finch, “Look after TaoTao, I’m going to go try.”

Finch said hesitantly, “Maybe we can just wait…”

Wang Feng looked at the kitchen knife on the ground and then back up at the blackness outside the window. “It’s too dangerous here, so we can’t wait any longer. After I go out, if everything’s fine, then I’ll shout. Bring TaoTao outside, and FeiYu will bring XiaoXian. If you don’t hear anything after I go outside…”

He didn’t finish his sentence, but it was self-evident.

At this moment, Wang Feng embodied calmness and resoluteness. Upon facing this creepy and scary situation, when everyone else was hesitating, Wang Feng, who had just been widowed, chose to step up and take the responsibility of being a man and a father.

It was a very risky move, and there might be no coming back from it.

Jian FeiYu wanted to say something, but stopped.

Finch looked at Wang Feng and nodded solemnly.

Wang Feng didn’t say anything else as he placed a hand on the windowsill and jumped out!

His figure had just exited the window when it was instantly swallowed by the darkness, as if he had suddenly entered another world, and the window was like a distinct boundary that separated the worlds.

Finch grudgingly calmed his racing heart and called, “Brother Feng?”

However, no one responded. He shouted several more times, but there was no response.

Jian FeiYu stuttered, “Brother Feng, he, he, he…”

Finch’s expression was cold as he said, “Shut up.”

Time trickled past, and there was no movement outside the window. Just as they were about to despair… a thud suddenly sounded from the second floor! It was as if something had come in from the window.

The sound had come from Cui YuXi’s room!

Immediately after, heavy footsteps sounded, one step after another: boom, boom, boom…

Jian FeiYu was about to go crazy!

Finch abruptly pulled Wang Tao behind him and grabbed a chair, raised it above his head, and looked at the second floor. Actually, he was terribly scared, but he definitely wouldn’t sit by and wait for his death!

Boom, boom, boom.

A tall figure finally appeared at the doorway, and it was——Wang Feng, who had just gone outside.

Bai XiaoXian’s eyes rolled up and she was so startled she finally fainted.

Finch, who was still holding up the chair, was frozen.

Wang Feng looked at them from the second floor and he looked confused as he said, “As soon as I went outside, I fell in from the room’s window…”

Jian FeiYu was trembling uncontrollably…

Finch fell silent, and after a while, he put down the chair and bit back tears. He thought, Cesar, I’m sorry but I’ll have to stand you up tonight, but you’ll forgive me, right? Because I might die this time… 

The boy who had been silent the entire time with a blank expression suddenly looked up. He used an innocent tone to say something that had long since been circling in everyone’s minds, yet they weren’t willing to admit it.

He said, “Was mom… killed by a ghost?”


The author has something to say:

Finch: I want to go on the date QAQ

Cesar: Where’s the person who agreed to take me out to dinner?

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Translator Notes:

  1. 110 is the emergency telephone number in some places like China.


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