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Chapter 12: Why Should It?

Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


The sentence gave everyone chills.

Even though things had already got to this point and everyone had thought about this possibility, as adults who had been taught physicalism since they were young, everyone instinctively didn’t want to believe this reality… that is, except for Finch.

Ever since he had reunited with Cesar, his worldview had already shattered completely!

But this meant more for the others, as the boy’s question forced them to realize… that the murderer might not be a thief, but a ghost instead.

A quiet but fierce and vicious ghost that was lurking here, hiding among the shadows and playing with them.

Jian FeiYu’s teeth chattered as he said, “That’s right, just now, it must’ve been a ghost, it must’ve been a ghost like from myths…”

Finch took out his phone and saw that he had already lost signal. It was exactly the same as last time… The last message Cesar had sent him was [Okay.]

Thinking back to the events that had happened after encountering Cesar, Finch wasn’t sure if meeting him was a stroke of luck or misfortune…

Wang Tao’s eyes were wide, and fear and confusion mingled in his eyes. He looked at his father and asked, “Was mom… brought away by a ghost? Will she come back…”

Wang Feng’s face darkened and he walked down the stairs as he said sternly, “It’s impossible for there to be ghosts!”

Wang Tao said, “But…”

Wang Feng said angrily, “No buts!” After he said this, he felt that his tone wasn’t very good, as all the weird things that had happened was endlessly testing his worldview. He understood that he wasn’t calm anymore and that he shouldn’t say these things to his child.

He breathed in deeply and squatted down to say seriously to Wang Tao, “There are no ghosts in this world, do you understand?”

Wang Tao bit his lower lip and looked at his father, but didn’t refute.

Wang Feng turned around and said to Finch and the others, “XiaoXian fainted, so let’s take a look at her first.”

This statement pulled everyone back from their fear and shock, and they quickly worked together to lift Bai XiaoXian onto a table. They used smelling salts and hot water, and soon after, Bai XiaoXian gradually woke up…

Upon seeing she was awake, Jian FeiYu was very excited and moved closer to her. “You fainted just now, are you okay?”

Bai XiaoXian didn’t respond and instead turned around to look at Wang Feng in confusion. “You, just now…”

Wang Feng’s eyes darkened slightly and he shook his head. “I don’t know what happened either.”

Bai XiaoXian’s lips quivered and she seemed to want to say something, but she didn’t.

Finch swept his gaze around the room, and since Wang Feng had come back up until now, nothing had happened. The silence was eerie, and he forced a smile. “Um… Whether there is a ghost or not, we can’t go out now, so let’s just assume there is a ghost. What should we do now?”

Jian FeiYu hugged himself and felt inexplicably chilly, but maybe it was just his mind playing tricks on himself. “When I was younger, my grandma would tell me ghost stories. Every time I was disobedient and sneaked around, she would say that disobedient children would be caught by ghosts, so that made me very scared of ghosts, and I still am…”

Finch thought, Poor guy…

Jian FeiYu began to cry as he said, “But I’m already twenty-three and I’ve never encountered them before. This is the first time I’ve seen a ghost! I don’t know what to do either, nor if ghosts are as scary as they are in horror movies. In the horror movies I watched, they usually start with flickering lights…”

He didn’t even finish speaking when the lights above them flickered…

Finch and Wang Feng were speechless.

Jian FeiYu gulped and forced a chuckle. “This must be a coincidence, it’s just the light flickering. Unstable electricity is also possible… it’s not like the TV will start broadcasting static, right?”

He had just finished saying this when the TV hanging on the wall suddenly began to emit static…

The screen flickered to life, and it was static.

In the quiet night, it was as if something was silently ridiculing them.

Jian FeiYu was speechless. He hugged himself and smiled uglily through his tears. “This must be a coincidence, this isn’t real, it’s not like the TV can start… Mmmm!”

Finch had covered Jian FeiYu’s mouth with his hand and said viciously, “Shut up!”

Bai XiaoXian and Wang Feng had already been scared speechless, and they glared at Jian FeiYu.

Even Wang Feng’s face was ashen, and he opened his mouth, wanting to say something about how there were no ghosts, but he couldn’t say it…

Jian FeiYu blinked rapidly to show that he wasn’t going to say anything else!

Finch let go and glared at him. The only thing in this world that was scarier than ghosts was stupid people!

But after going through this series of events, even Wang Feng couldn’t deceive himself and say that there were no ghosts. There indeed was something spying on them in this room…

Wang Feng forced a smile and said, “Even if there really is a ghost, we’re all living people, so why should we be scared of a dead person! It should be scared of us!”

Finch said faintly, “Why should it? Because of our righteousness?”

Everyone was speechless.

Because of the corpse on the second floor, no one dared to go upstairs in this situation, and they were trapped here with no way of leaving. At this time, Finch actually had a newfound respect for police officers. He wondered if they also managed things in the underworld, but how could they? There were no phones in hell, so Finch could only cast aside that thought.

Wang Feng thought for a moment and said, “You guys stay here, I’ll go…”

Bang! The lightbulb above them suddenly exploded without warning! Glass fragments and sparks landed everywhere.

The entire room fell dark in an instant.

Immediately after, there was clanging, as if tables and chairs were being knocked over in the chaos. Finch trembled as he took out his phone and quickly turned on the flashlight. He held his breath as he shined the flashlight around in a circle and slowly sighed in relief.

Although the lightbulb exploding made everyone panicked, they didn’t seem to be otherwise harmed.

Jian FeiYu was sitting on the floor, trembling, and Wang Feng was hugging his son tightly. Bai XiaoXian was clutching Wang Feng’s arm tightly in fear, and she leaned against him, trembling uncontrollably.

Jian FeiYu seemed to temporarily be out of commission, and Wang Feng needed to take care of his son as well as Bai XiaoXian, so it seemed that he couldn’t leave either…

And so, Finch said, “I’ll go search for candles.”

It was even easier for the evil ghost to do whatever it wanted in the dark and his phone’s battery was limited, so he had to conserve it.

Finch turned around and cautiously walked to the kitchen. The flashlight on his phone could only illuminate in front of him, and walking in the dark made all of his hairs rise. He breathed in deeply, and when he was almost at the kitchen, he suddenly felt someone lightly place a hand on his shoulder.

Finch was silent.

He pulled the hand and quickly twisted it! He abruptly turned around and pressed the thing onto the floor and punched at it randomly!

In that instant, Finch felt that he was really cool! He had never been so good at fighting before! It was just like he had one-tenth of Cesar’s fighting prowess!

The ‘ghost’ on the floor was caught off guard and screamed at once, “It’s me! Owwwww! Stop, I’m on your side. Ahhh!”

Finch was speechless.

His phone’s flashlight revealed Jian FeiYu, whose nose and face was now bruised and swollen. Jian FeiYu felt very wronged as he said miserably, “I only wanted to accompany you in finding candles…”

The atmosphere became a little awkward for a while.

Finch stood up and looked around, avoiding Jian FeiYu’s eyes. He cleared his throat and said, “Why didn’t you call out to me before coming?”

Jian FeiYu thought, What a coincidence, I was just regretting not doing that too.

Finch picked up his phone that had fallen in the corner and the two of them went to the kitchen together. They quietly searched for candles.

Jian FeiYu looked back at the main hall and saw that Wang Feng was protecting his son and Bai XiaoXian. He seemed to be consoling her in a low voice, and Bai XiaoXian’s expression seemed to relax a bit. Jian FeiYu could tell that Bai XiaoXian trusted and could rely on Wang Feng, something that she had never seemed to feel towards him…

Jian FeiYu said in envy, “Do I seem not as reliable as Brother Feng?”

Finch didn’t even look at him as he casually said, “No duh.”

Jian FeiYu was speechless and hurt.

He lowered his head in disappointment and didn’t say anything else. The two of them found candles quickly and went back. The candlelight wobbled slightly, casting shadows that danced on the walls. It made the atmosphere even more spooky, but at least it wasn’t pitch-black.

Wang Feng finished consoling Wang Tao and Bai XiaoXian and apologized to them, saying, “I’m sorry I dragged you guys into this.”

Finch waved it off. “What’s that supposed to mean? You can’t stop mishaps from happening.”

Jian FeiYu nodded to show that it was fine.

Bai XiaoXian seemed to have calmed down quite a bit, but soon, her face began to pale again, as if she was embarrassed about something, but she bit her lip and didn’t say anything.

Of course, Jian FeiYu noticed, and asked in concern, “What is it? Are you feeling unwell?”

Bai XiaoXian’s face seemed to redden at this, but she still didn’t say anything.

Jian FeiYu became anxious and inquired loudly, “What is it? If you’re feeling unwell, then you have to tell me!”

Bai XiaoXian blurted, “…I need to use the restroom.”

Jian FeiYu was speechless.

Well, this is awkward.

Bai XiaoXian had wanted to pee for a while now, but she didn’t dare to say anything about it as she didn’t want to go to the bathroom in this haunted place.

She had originally wanted to hold it in for a while, but after being repeatedly questioned by Jian FeiYu, she could only say it with a red face, and after she said it, she turned away in shame. 

Jian FeiYu looked at Bai XiaoXian and stood up suddenly, announcing loudly, “Don’t be afraid, I’ll go with you!”

Finch couldn’t watch on for any longer, as the awkwardness was just too much. He thought, Bro, even if you really wanted to go with her, there’s no need to say it so loudly and make her so embarrassed… With this EQ, no wonder you aren’t successful in pursuing her.

Bai XiaoXian looked at Jian FeiYu.

Jian FeiYu looked at Bai XiaoXian.

Big eyes staring at small eyes.

One pair looked desperate.

One pair looked hopeful.

Just when the two of them seemed to be going to stare at each other until the end of time, Wang Feng finally stood up helplessly and said to Bai XiaoXian, “I’ll go with you, I’m more familiar with this place.”

Bai XiaoXian was relieved and nodded excitedly, saying, “Thanks, Brother Feng.”

She quickly turned around and walked off with him, only leaving Jian FeiYu her receding back.

Jian FeiYu looked blankly as the two of them left.

Finch sighed and patted his shoulder, saying, “Stop looking.”

Jian FeiYu turned around. His face was bruised, and heartbroken tears welled in his eyes. He said in dismay, “I know I’m not as handsome as Brother Feng, nor as steady, nor as mature, nor as good at taking care of people as him… but Brother Feng has a wife and a kid, so her liking Brother Feng won’t have any result.”

Finch thought, At least this guy is a little self-aware, but he just has a bee in his bonnet. He isn’t even scared that saying that isn’t very appropriate for Wang Feng’s kid to hear.

He chided Jian FeiYu, “Stop thinking so much, do you have no shame? She just trusts Brother Feng. Even if there was no Brother Feng, she would still look down on you.”

Jian FeiYu was speechless.

He had been wounded too many times today. He didn’t want to wait for a ghost to kill him, he’d rather just kill himself!

Finch looked at him in pity and patted his shoulder again. He said heavily, “The most important thing for people is self-awareness, okay?”

Jian FeiYu thought, No, I don’t want to kill myself, I want to take you down with me!


The restroom was on the second floor, and although she really didn’t want to go, Bai XiaoXian indeed couldn’t hold it in for much longer, so she could only bite the bullet and go up the stairs. Fortunately, Wang Feng was in front of her the entire time, and his tall back made her feel a little relieved.

Wang Feng observed his surroundings carefully and then opened the restroom door to make sure it was safe. He said to Bai XiaoXian, “You can go in. I’ll be right outside.”

Bai XiaoXian nodded and walked in, but before she closed the door, she hesitated. Her face was red and she seemed to be embarrassed, but she still said, “Um, I’m going to leave the door a little open…”

Wang Feng smiled and said, “Okay.”

This wasn’t the time to be polite.

Bai XiaoXian left the door open a crack, and from that angle, people outside couldn’t see her, but light could still filter in, which inexplicably made her feel a little safer.

At least it wasn’t in a cramped, airtight space.

A minute later, Bai XiaoXian pulled up her pants. Fortunately, nothing had happened, and when she was about to leave, she glanced at the mirror. She seemed to see a black shadow flash by, and she was so startled she stumbled backwards and bumped into the wall with a thud!

When Wang Feng heard this, quickly pushed open the door and entered, his expression worried as he exclaimed, “What happened?!”

He looked up and met Bai XiaoXian’s panicked gaze.

Wang Feng looked around and made sure everything was fine before he quickly stepped forward and asked in concern, “Are you okay?”

After going through the many disasters tonight, Wang Feng looked quite exhausted. His hair was messy and covered his forehead, and his face still had some dried blood that hadn’t been completely wiped off yet. However, his expression was calm, making him seem persevering and mature, which made him seem reliable.

Bai XiaoXian looked at him with eyes rimmed with red, and she suddenly rushed into his arms and hugged his waist tightly. She pressed her face against his chest where his heart was and listened to his pounding heartbeat.

She said in a low, shaky voice, “Brother Feng, do you think… there really is a ghost?”

Wang Feng looked surprised and paused, but didn’t push Bai XiaoXian away. He held her shoulder gently and enunciated, “Even if there is, I won’t let it hurt you.”

His decisive tone made Bai XiaoXian’s heartbeat quicken… She thought of many things and was filled with gentleness as well as guilt.

At this moment, she didn’t want to disguise how fragile she was.

However, Wang Feng didn’t want to stay upstairs for too long, so he let go of her and pulled away. He smiled at Bai XiaoXian and said, “We should go down now, or else they’ll get worried.”

Bai XiaoXian nodded lightly, but just as they were about to leave, she suddenly reached out and grabbed Wang Feng’s sleeve.

Wang Feng looked back in uncertainty.

He saw Bai XiaoXian’s complicated and hesitating expression. She was still clutching his sleeve, and her voice shook from fear. “How exactly… did Sister YuXi die?”

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Minnie ford
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