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After separating from Delia and Sherill, the soldiers who were originally crowded in the hall also walked seven or eight steps away. Ye Shao followed the right side of the arc hall and observed and walked through ten stops. Sure enough, he saw the stop with the black letter S34 written above the entrance.

Outside the dock were dozens of soldiers in dark blue uniforms, apparently waiting for the flight to return to Imperial Star. Because there were still more than ten minutes to go, the corridor of the current dock had not been opened, and the iron gates of the entrance were also tightly closed. Only when the corridor exit and the entrance of the ship connected, could the iron gate be opened.

Ye Shao didn’t go to the place with the most people. Instead, he found a place where he could see the situation of the dock.

After the iron gates opened, he was the last one to follow the other soldiers into the corridor and head for the ship. Since it was between the general headquarters and the Imperial Star, specially prepared for the soldiers of the Empire, it was free.

Once he entered the inside of the ship, he could choose his favorite position to sit down.

Ye Shao walked in, glanced at it casually, and then sat down in an empty corner. He touched the side of the ship wall, the original milky wall of the ship appeared in the square window and he could clearly see the scenery outside.

If he continued to tap three times, he could also adjust the distance of the view.

“Welcome to the special warship of the military department. It will take two hours to arrive at Dixing. Please don’t walk around when the ship starts. Thank you for your cooperation. Now the ship is about to depart. Please take your seats.”

In the dark universe, the light in front of the olive shaped warship lit up, and the ship shook slightly. It left the giant gyroscopic steel giant that slowly rotated, and then like a shining silverfish, it swam quickly towards the blue planet ahead.

The moment the ship stopped shaking, Ye Shao touched the silver medal on his chest, and a pen pole-like object appeared in his hand. When he pulled it toward both sides, an interface appeared in mid air.

Ye Shao stared at the interface suspended in the air. After a while, the upper right corner flickered, and a small pop-up window popped up on the interface. “You have 20 e-mails. Do you want to read them now?”

Ye Shao breathed for a moment. These letters must have been sent by grandma Irene. However, when he was training on Alpha, his interface had been confiscated on Dixing belt, and replaced with an old-fashioned one. It was impossible to receive information from other planets, let alone from the other side of the galaxy.

After that, he encountered the sudden monster frenzy on Alpha. After arriving on Cerulean, he didn’t expect to have to change his communicator. He always wore this one. Now, with the advance of the distance with the Imperial Star, the old-fashioned communicator could finally receive weak information from the Imperial Star.

As he was about to click on the flashing letter sign in the upper right corner, a news bullet came out and covered the whole interface.

The big red characters were striking:

[Miss Elberta, the daughter of the Duke of Feist, will be engaged to His Royal Highness tomorrow.]

The following scattered reports and interviews gave speculation about the incident, but there were no photos.

The royal family of the Empire have always maintained a high-profile mystery; there were no photos of its members outside, and information about each member were only ever a few words. Even if a royal family member passed by their side, they would not know that they had just met someone from the royal family.

Although there were not many people in the Empire who had seen the royal family, their respect for them did not diminish at all.

Almost every soldier had made it their lifelong goal to join the royal guards.

Ye Shao just glanced at it, and then all his attention returned on the little letter sign at the top right.

The prince was indeed of marriageable age, and now the engagement was just right. It’s estimated that all the people of the Empire would like to see the birth of his highness’s child soon.

He turned off the news, but just as soon as it was closed, dozens of interfaces popped up, all of which were talking about it. The imperial newspaper and the reporters all tried their best to organize the language, and the words were full of fanaticism and congratulations. This was enough to prove the image of the imperial royal family in the public’s mind.

Later, Ye Shao had to block the messages, and opened the sign of the letter in the upper right corner.

Twenty letters were arranged in two columns on the interface. Ye Shao clicked the oldest one. After reading it carefully, he opened the next letter according to the time sequence. Although it was only a letter with a few hundred words at most, Ye Shao read it three times before he closed them one by one.

The tone of the first to the third was still very gentle and said hello to him, asking about his recent physical condition, and hoping for his reply.

From the fourth letter, the tone became worried and began to ask why he had not written to her.

In this way, after a few more letters, the words in the letters were unified into: Child, I hope you can reply to my letter as soon as possible after seeing it. I am very worried about you.

Ye Shao thought for a moment. Before going to Alpha, he told grandma Irene that he might not be able to contact her again. Ye Shao looked through the first letters three months after he went to Alpha. Indeed, if it wasn’t for the monster frenzy, he would have already been able to contact her by now.

Ye Shao dug out the last letter, wrote the reason carefully, saying that he would be back today. Then the letter was delivered.

The ship gradually approached the star, then passed through the white layers of cloud above, and entered the atmosphere of Imperial Star. By now, the time was approaching noon. The fiery red sun had risen to the top. The dazzling sunlight projected into the interior of the ship through the windows, making an orange halo on Ye Shao’s dark hair leaning against it.

Ye Shao looked out the window at the Imperial Star below. In the distance, there were more than a dozen skyscrapers towering into the sky. A beautiful arc of private aircrafts flew and shuttled in accordance with the established channels over the city, just like a large group of fish parading among the high-rise buildings.

A transparent track came from the cloud shelf in the distance. A long, insect-like tubed object quickly ran along the track. After a huge fall, it rose slowly. It was said that the object was invented on a certain planet a long time ago. After it was made, it became very popular with all the people in the Empire. So a few years ago, it became one of the public transport facilities that cities lead to.

Since the sun was so dazzling, Ye Shao only looked at it a few times before turning off the window’s visual function.

“Now the ship is about to land. Please be prepared and don’t leave your belongings on the ship. Thank you for taking this ride.” The electronic female voice sounded inside the ship, “Please leave your seat after the ship has stopped steadily. Thank you for your cooperation.”

Ye Shao walked off the ship with the flow of people. He first found a store where he bought a communicator. On the recommendation of the attendant, he bought a newly launched communicator. Then he pulled out the crystal card from the old communicator and inserted it into the card slot of the new one.

After the re-installation of the new communication system, Ye Shao called out the map of Dixing and searched for his current location. Unexpectedly, he found that he was only one city away from grandma Irene. If he took an airship, he would be able to reach her destination in a few minutes.

“Daddy, where are we going now?” The baby held back for a long time after Ye Shao asked it not to move, but it could not help doing a somersault. Well, if the baby moved, mother would not blame baby, it was really hard for baby~

Ye Shao stopped for a moment and then said slowly, “Going home.”

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November 1, 2020 4:16 pm

At the moment it’s good for YeShao’s peace of mind that he doesn’t know the true identety of a certain someone. XD
Awww….Baby is so cute and well behaving.
Looking forward to meet grandma Irene…..
Many thanks for your hard work.

November 1, 2020 6:40 pm going to meet great grandma😍😘😍😘😍

Minnie ford
Minnie ford
November 1, 2020 7:16 pm

Can’t wait to meet grandma Irene the baby is so well behave Can’t wait for more thanks

November 1, 2020 10:04 pm

I wonder how His Highness is going to resolve the engagement matter? Thank you for the chapter!!!

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Thank you, appreciate all the hard work!

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