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Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


Wang Feng’s expression slowly became solemn and he looked Bai XiaoXian dead in the eyes. He said slowly, “What do you mean by that?”

What do you mean?

Bai XiaoXian’s hand trembled slightly.

It was because she recalled that a week ago, she and Wang Feng had hugged and just happened to be caught red-handed by Cui YuXi, who had been coming home. Shame had made Bai XiaoXian unable to face Cui YuXi’s accusing and disappointed expression, so she had run away.

She had done everything she could to pretend that nothing had happened.

She knew that her behavior had been wrong and immoral, but she couldn’t control herself. She couldn’t resist Wang Feng’s gentle care, maturity, and charm. She admired him greatly, as he was like a father figure, but at the same time, he gave her completely different feelings.

She had fallen for him.

So when Wang Feng invited her over today, she still came.

She had hesitated and struggled before, not knowing how to face Cui YuXi. She had even considered burning her boats by reaching closure. 

But she hadn’t expected that Cui YuXi would die, and in her own house, too. No one knew how scared she had been in that instant, nor how complicated her emotions were.

Jian FeiYu didn’t know and had thought she was just frightened, so he had insisted on sending her home… Finch was even less likely to know.

Bai XiaoXian looked levelly at Wang Feng, whom she trusted and relied on, but everything that had happened today was so coincidental, she couldn’t help but be suspicious.

Wang Feng looked at her, and a moment later, he smiled bitterly, saying, “You’re suspecting me.”

Bai XiaoXian averted her gaze uneasily, as she felt apologetic to Wang Feng for guessing this. She was ashamed, but she also couldn’t help her mind from wandering to wild conclusions.

Wang Feng wasn’t mad, and he suppressed the anguish in his voice as he said, “This isn’t your fault. There’s something I should’ve told you earlier, but that day, you ran away, and later, I never got a chance to say it. I was worried you were mad at me.”

Bai XiaoXian looked at him in confusion.

Wang Feng paused and said slowly, “A month ago, Cui YuXi and I had already agreed to get a divorce. Because we still hadn’t finished discussing the arrangements for our child, I didn’t tell you right away.”

Bai XiaoXian stared at him in shock and mumbled, “You two, you two have already divorced…?”

“Yes, we’ve already signed the divorce papers, and we were able to mutually agree on it. The house and the restaurant will go to her, and our son will be raised by the both of us.” Wang Feng said sincerely, “She and I have gone through ups and downs for around a dozen years, and she’s my son’s mother. Even if we’re not husband and wife, we’re still very close. Do you think I would kill her? And even if I was a little selfish, I still wouldn’t need to risk the rest of my life to commit murder. Some things have a lot of ways to deal with them, and murder is the worst way and the least worth it. I’m also very sad about her death.”

Bai XiaoXian looked at Wang Feng’s determined, calm face and his sincere, sorrowful eyes, and the suspicion in her eyes gradually dissipated…

Based on her understanding of Wang Feng as a person, he indeed wouldn’t, nor was it necessary for him to do something like this. If it weren’t for all the bizarre things that had happened today which created a turmoil in her heart, she absolutely wouldn’t have suspected Wang Feng. As she thought this, Bai XiaoXian said  in embarrassment, “Sorry.”

Wang Feng looked at her sympathetically and said, “It’s okay.” Then, he thought for a moment and said, “When we leave this place, I’ll tell everyone about everything so that you won’t have to feel aggrieved.”

Bai XiaoXian nodded meekly.

The two of them went back downstairs and saw that Finch and Jian FeiYu were sitting back to back, neither of them looking the other in the eye, and the distinct atmosphere seemed to be a little strange…

Wang Feng was a bit confused, but he didn’t think too much of it. He patted his son’s head and turned around to say to Finch, “I was thinking just now that we can’t just stay and wait for death here. A clear conscience is a good pillow, so since the ghost wants to keep us here, let’s fight it. Not to mention it might be what killed Cui YuXi…” As he said this, Wang Feng’s eyes darkened. “It’s nothing more than a fight to the death.”

Jian FeiYu, who had just been angry and wanted to kill Finch along with himself, resumed his cowardliness and said weakly, “But it’s a ghost…”

Something extremely scary that they couldn’t see or touch.

What would they use to fight it?

Wang Feng paused and said, “If it’s really that powerful, then why would it mess around and frighten us? Moreover… if we don’t fight back, does that really mean it’s going to let us go?”

This logic was indeed correct, and Finch had actually been thinking the same thing.

But the problem was that none of them had any experience fighting ghosts!!!

As they hadn’t read any textbooks about it nor had any training, it was practically like driving a duck onto a perch 1.

Finch thought of Cesar again and lamented to himself, Ahh, I miss those days in which I was team-carried by the expert…

Everyone looked at one another.

No one could think of anything…

During this awkward silence, Jian FeiYu suddenly and falteringly took off a red string that had been hanging around his neck. There was a jade pendant of Guanyin fastened to it, and he said uncertainly, “My grandma got me this from a temple, and she told me that it was consecrated by a powerful master, so maybe it’ll be of use?”

Seeing his hesitation, it was clear that even he didn’t believe it himself which was why he had only just thought of it…

But upon hearing that, it reminded everyone.

Bai XiaoXian thought for a moment and then touched her bracelet. She said unconfidently, “The seller swore that this is obsidian 2, so maybe it has protective properties…”

She had bought it during a discount on Taobao 5 each… but she really couldn’t think of anything else.

Fortunately, no one laughed at her.

Wang Feng was silent for a moment and turned around. He dug out a gourd-shaped wooden carving and said, “I found this on the side of the road, and it’s said to be made out of peach wood 6…”

Finch looked at Jian FeiYu, who was clutching his jade pendant tighty, and then at Bai XiaoXian, who was holding her obsidian bracelet, and finally at Wang Feng, who was holding his wooden gourd…

The three of them looked at him nervously.

Everyone was already ‘fully armed!’ Ignoring whether they were actually effective or not, at least they had ‘magical weapons’… Beads of cold sweat dotted Finch’s forehead, and after a while, he took out his phone and cradled it tightly.

Wang Feng, Jian FeiYu, and Bai XiaoXian were perplexed.

Finch thought about Cesar, who had returned to his friend list, and drew a deep breath before saying mysteriously, “There’s a sealed amulet in here, and in a time of need, it can use a summoning spell to summon a magical soldier that will slay demons for me!”

Wang Feng, Jian FeiYu, and Bai XiaoXian were speechless and were all thinking the same thing: You look even stranger than us, okay?!

They averted their gazes silently. But… this was just their last ray of hope anyways.

At least they had a jade Guanyin! And obsidian, peach wood, and… an electronic amulet!

They were inexplicably a little comforted, and when they were finally about to commence their grand and earth-shattering battle against the ghost, Bai XiaoXian suddenly exclaimed, “Where’s TaoTao?”

Wang Feng was stunned, and his expression changed drastically.

Wang Tao, who had been obediently standing to the side just then, was gone!

Everyone was shocked.

Wang Feng turned around and began to search. The restaurant wasn’t big, and everyone quickly finished searching the first floor. But Wang Tao wasn’t there, so they were forced to cast their gazes towards the direction of the staircase leading to the second floor…

Wang Feng’s face was ashen as he charged up the stairs without hesitation and shouted his son’s name loudly. But the room was quiet, and there was no response.

Finch was very nervous and reproached himself. They had been too careless and couldn’t even look after a child. They hastily followed Wang Feng up the stairs.

But they had just gone upstairs when they saw Wang Feng freeze.

Jian FeiYu asked in confusion, “What… is it…”

He had just finished saying this when he saw what was going on in the room.

In the room closest to the stairs, Wang Tao was standing in the doorway with his back towards them. The boy’s figure looked very fragile as he looked inside, unmoving and silent.

Wang Feng pulled him out, and because of his worry and fear, his tone was angry as he said, “What did you come upstairs for?!”

Wang Tao stuttered in confusion, “Where’s mom…” As he said this, tears began to spill out of eyes, and his voice was shaky from fear. “I just wanted to see mom, but where’d she go…”

A chill ran down everyone’s spines, because in this room, the place where a body had been lying in before, was empty. The only sign that they had ever been a corpse here was the large pool of blood. 

And on the white wall, there was a word that hadn’t been there before, and it seemed to be painted with blood. It read, DIE.

The bloody word was their last straw. Bai XiaoXian screamed shrilly and backed away, crashing into the wall!

Jian FeiYu turned around and fled, but he stumbled and rolled down the stairs, finally landing heavily at the bottom of the stairs, a small pool of blood forming under his head.

Finch stood stiffly in his original position and for some reason, the only thing that came to his mind was that sure enough, the jade pendant was useless. It turned out that the monk from the temple that Jian FeiYu’s grandma went to was a quack…

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Translator Notes:

  1. This is a Chinese idiom that means to push something or someone to do something way beyond their ability.
  2. In superstition, obsidian is believed to have shielding properties.
  3. Taobao is a very popular Chinese online shopping website.3, , and the bracelets were eighty-eight yuan 488 yuan is around $12.96 USD.
  4. In Taoism and superstition, peach wood is believed to be able to counter against evil.


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November 5, 2020 9:33 pm

Thank you for the update! Appreciate all your hard work ^^

November 5, 2020 11:29 pm

Was it a murder or maybe a suicide? If so why would she do that? Wang Feng had an affair with XiaoXian and his wife caught them. Was there areally a divorce? Is Jian FeiYun dead? Ah… questions, questions so many questions.
Thank you for the chapter!!!

November 5, 2020 11:50 pm

I am just waiting for Cesar to appear…

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Minnie ford
November 7, 2020 12:21 am

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Last but not least the ghost is moving. From now on it is getting even more exciting.
Many thanks for your hard work.

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I am loving how this case is so twisty and I’m not sure how it will end 👍❤️

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I love the little touches of humor among the terror. It makes it even better. Yes Finch, the monk was a quack, not that the ghost is too strong. Agree that the husband is super suspicious.

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Black Lotus On The Halfmoon
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say… did they really check either his wife was really dead?

January 26, 2023 4:43 pm

How can a horror story be so flippin’ funny?

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