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Chapter 47: Reunion

Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


Over a month had already passed since the brutal murders at XX University. 

Since there were so many casualties, eyewitnesses, and people who had experienced it firsthand, there was no way of concealing the event. There were various speculations and discussions about it online, and a lot of people brought up some other supernatural events from the past. Their analyses were logical and clear.

2012 had already passed, yet discussion of the world’s doomsday became popular again.

Finch didn’t go online, so he didn’t know these things, nor did he care about these things.

He was listless and couldn’t get himself to be interested in anything.

Everyday, he ate and then slept, slept and then ate. His house was stocked with junk food, and he had gained a few kilograms; overeating really did make people put on weight.

Because he didn’t want to be disturbed, he had pulled out the SIM card from his phone, and when he ordered takeout, he would instruct: don’t call, just bring it directly to the door.

At around dinnertime, someone knocked on the door. Finch put on his slippers and shuffled over to get his takeout. When he opened the door, however, it was Xie Yan standing there. He was holding Finch’s takeout as he said, “I happened to bump into the delivery when I came, so I helped bring it for you.”

Finch was silent.

After a while, Finch said politely, “Do you want to come in?” Although he said this, he didn’t move, so his body was still blocking the doorway. Clearly, he didn’t want Xie Yan coming in.

Xie Yan was silent for a few seconds before he handed the takeout bag to Finch and said, “It’s okay.”

Finch said, “Thanks.” Then, he made to close the door. Xie Yan suddenly blocked the door with his hand and said, “Right, I came to ask you something.”

Finch said hesitantly, “What is it?”

Xie Yan said, “The second movie we collaborated on is about to be released, so I was wondering if you were interested in attending the premiere.”

Finch said perfunctorily, “I’ll think about it.” Then, he slammed the door shut.

Xie Yan stood there silently. At this moment, he suddenly felt a little unsure of whether or not he had made the right decision at the time.

At the time, the reason why he had appeared there and helped Cesar naturally wasn’t because of his kindness, nor some ridiculous sense of justice. It had been precisely because of what he had said. He felt that this world was better, he liked it more, and he didn’t want to go back to that dark, chaotic one he used to live in… Moreover, he also had another selfish reason.

Compared to sacrificing Finch, Xie Yan preferred only Cesar sacrificing himself.

He knew Cesar would make this decision, and he knew that Cesar would see to it that Finch would return safely. Thus, Xie Yan had helped Cesar leave. From start to finish, Xie Yan had made decisions that would be most beneficial for himself.

As for Finch… With enough time, people could forget anyone.

But, why was he now regretting his decision?

Xie Yan was silent for a while before he turned around and left.


Finch returned to his living room, opened the takeout box, and ate while watching television. He casually tossed a chicken bone into the nearby trash can. Suddenly, someone knocked on the door. Finch’s expression darkened at once; there were too many visitors today.

Although he really didn’t want to, Finch still wiped his greasy fingers with a napkin and went over to open the door.

Luo JinYi was standing in the doorway.

These days, Finch had already dismissed several groups of people, but he hadn’t expected that Luo JinYi would come himself. After all, strictly speaking, they weren’t friends, and Luo JinYi had only helped him because he knew Cesar.

Following Cesar’s disappearance, there was no reason at all to maintain their superficial friendship.

Finch said, “Cesar isn’t here anymore, you know.” He was implying, I don’t have any connections anymore, you can leave now.

Luo JinYi hastily put a hand on the door, scared he would Finch would close the door. He sighed and said loftily, “You’re an artist in my company, so me helping you has nothing to do with Cesar. I’m still waiting for you to help me earn some money.”

Finch was silent.

When Luo JinYi saw his indifference, he looked injured and said, “I already planned everything out for you, are you really going to let my money go to waste like that?”

Finch paused for a while and sighed. “You don’t have to do this.”

Then, he slammed the door shut.

Luo JinYi, who had been given the cold shoulder, stood there in frustration. He had a lot of informants, so he knew more than the average person did, so he vaguely knew what had happened. If it wasn’t for Cesar, then the world would’ve probably turned into something horrific. Was Luo JinYi really that type of superficial person? He was a loyal guy, so even if Cesar wasn’t here anymore, it wasn’t like he would treat Finch badly.

It was just a pity that Finch didn’t appreciate him.

Luo JinYi paced back and forth in front of the door for a while before also leaving in dejection.

Finch leaned against the door and took a deep breath, suppressing the bitterness in his gaze.

These people really couldn’t leave him in peace. 

His phone that he had thrown onto the couch started to ring. Although he had taken out the SIM card, video calls from WeChat could still get through, and Xiao Ke’s name was displayed on the screen.

In this era, unless one unplugged their wifi, it really was hard to be left in peace for a while.

That day, after they came back, Xiao Ke had woken up and couldn’t remember anything about the event, and the parasitic monster that had been in him had clearly been gotten rid of by Cesar. Xiao JingZheng was also fine.

Everyone was fine, but there was just one person missing.

But that person also hoped Finch could be fine.


The next day, when Luo JinYi saw Finch at the company, he didn’t believe it at first and rubbed his eyes. Because Finch had rejected him just yesterday. Luo JinYi didn’t know what Finch was thinking, so he asked cautiously, “Are you really ready to come back?”

Finch smiled faintly and nodded. “Some of my dramas from before have already started getting publicized, and since I’ve already agreed to do them, then I should do them. And I’ve also signed endorsement contracts with several brands, so if I withdraw right before, then there’s quite a big sum of liquidated damages to pay, and I can’t afford that right now.”

Luo JinYi thought, Money isn’t a problem, I can just pay for the liquidated damages! But it was rare for Finch to speak so normally about wanting to come back, so Luo JinYi didn’t want to dampen his enthusiasm, since he was quite desperate for Finch to come back.

Luo JinYi smiled and said, “The liquidated damages aren’t a big deal, but… welcome back.”

Finch was quite appreciative of this; after all, they weren’t close, and no one had to look after him, so he earnestly thanked Luo JinYi.

How people lived their life was their own choice, and Finch didn’t want to let Cesar down.

When he went outside, he bumped into Chai Xin.

Chai Xin had also suffered several instances of slammed doors when he had tried to visit Finch, and now, when he saw that Finch was finally willing to come outside, he was speechless from happiness. In the end, he merely patted Finch’s shoulder and said, “It’s good that you’re back.”

It’s good that you’re back.

Ever since Cesar had disappeared, Finch didn’t encounter any supernatural events, so it seemed that Cesar had succeeded. It was just a pity that not very many people knew who had saved the world.

Finch wondered if Cesar was doing okay over there.

At least Finch still remembered him.


A year passed in the blink of an eye.

With Luo JinYi’s help and Finch’s own hard work, he had already become a very prominent celebrity, and he really did have a global support group now. A year ago, he didn’t even dare to think that he would be this successful. If he hadn’t met Cesar…

Today, it was a sunny weekend, and Finch was going to go to his sister’s house for a meal. Before he went, he went to the mall to buy a gift for Xiao Ke.

Even though he was wearing sunglasses, the clerk still recognized him at once. She was one of Finch’s original fans, and she was extremely excited as she asked, “Um, could you please give me your autograph?”

Finch placed a finger on his lips, shushed her, and then pulled down his sunglasses a little to give her a wink. “No problem, just be careful that no one else sees.”

The female clerk was thrilled, and she quickly held her breath for fear that she would be too loud.

She couldn’t be a burden on her idol!

When she got Finch’s autograph, she was so happy she nearly fainted; this year, she would definitely have good luck. She was distracted for a while before she came back to her senses and saw the money Finch had left on the counter, and that he had already left without a trace.

She couldn’t help but sigh; Finch really was even better-looking than he was on television.

Finch brought Xiao Ke’s gift with him as he went to his sister’s house. The family ate a meal as usual.

Finch’s and Xiao Ke’s chopsticks collided as they both went for the same piece of braised pork.

Upon seeing that a grown man like Finch was fighting over food with a small kid, Fang Yuan couldn’t help but flick him lightly on the forehead, saying, “It’s not like there’s not enough for you.”

Finch felt wronged.

Xiao JingZheng cleared his throat and said to Xiao Ke, “You’ve already taken your uncle’s gift, so you should be more generous, too. You’re not a young child anymore, don’t you understand basic manners?”

Xiao Ke was speechless and thought, I’m not young anymore? Dad, aren’t you a little too biased?

The husband and wife both stood on separate sides, but it was only lighthearted banter, and everyone continued to eat harmoniously.

When they were done, Fang Yuan washed the dishes as she asked Finch, “Right, didn’t you bring back a boyfriend last year? How come I haven’t seen you two together afterwards? Don’t tell me you broke up again?”

Finch paused and said, “We did.”

Fang Yuan didn’t notice anything strange, so she continued, “You haven’t had a new boyfriend so long. Are you concealing one from us and secretly being reckless? How many times have I told you, liking men isn’t a big deal, but if you get tainted…”

Finch smiled helplessly and interrupted her. “Of course I’m not being reckless. Am I just that type of person in your mind? I’m busy with my career right now, so I don’t have enough time to fall in love.”

Fang Yuan looked at him suspiciously.

Finch was scared she didn’t believe him, so he sighed sadly and placed his hands on his heart. “I was dumped, so I’m too heartbroken to fall in love again.”

Fang Yuan and Xiao Ke were speechless.

Then, Xiao Ke looked at Finch in disdain.

Finch looked at their distrustful expressions and waved his hands helplessly. “Never mind, I’ll be honest. My career is going just fine, so why do I need a boyfriend? And, if my fans knew, wouldn’t some of them turn into anti-fans?”

Fang Yuan and Xiao Ke continued to look at him in disdain as they shook their heads.

Being an actor wasn’t that easy; not having even a bit of privacy was very tiring, and so was pretending to be someone one wasn’t.

Finch was speechless. So I really won’t be able to avoid getting disdained today?!

Finch decided to leave, fuming. Besides, he had to attend an awards ceremony tonight.

This year, in order to appear more refined, he had taken on an art film. The response to the film was very positive, so it was very popular this awards season. This was a very important opportunity for Finch to become a well-known, established actor!

That night, the lights shining on the red carpet were dazzling.

Finch succeeded in obtaining the best actor award, the applause was thunderous, and countless lights were pointed towards him. He smiled as he looked at the crowd, and he felt quite satisfied.

However, he was still a little regretful; if only that person was here…

Because even though he had the entire world’s support and the brilliance of the stars, he still felt like he was missing something…

After Finch finished thanking everyone, he walked off the stage with the trophy.

Countless reporters desperately took photos of him.

This rising star was too perfect, and excluding the fact that he had acted in some unremarkable dramas in the past, after he became famous, he didn’t have any faults, which was practically unbelievable.

Since Finch was so famous, it was inevitable for there to be a lot of jealous people who wanted to see him fail. Paparazzi tracked him all the time, wanting to dig out any juicy information they could, but everyone had failed.

Finch was finally standing in this position because he had used his own abilities to prove himself. He had become an impeccable idol. Today, he had proved that his successes weren’t a fluke.

The reporters all sighed internally, though they didn’t forget to continue quickly snapping pictures. Suddenly, they saw Finch stop.

He stood there, unmoving.

What was it?

At this moment, everyone was confused and thinking, Why did he suddenly stop?

They followed Finch’s gaze and looked over.

Near the entrance, there was a tall man standing in the shadowy corner. The man’s face was half-hidden in the shadows, and only his sharp jawline was revealed; he seemed like he didn’t want to be seen.

Countless lights turned in the direction of Finch’s gaze, illuminating the man’s face.

He was extremely handsome, though his side profile was grim. His black eyes were as deep as pools, and he stood there, silent and faraway, looking at Finch with a gaze that seemed to have an indescribably complicated expression.

The reporters’ radars told them that this must be someone Finch knew! There would definitely be a good story tonight!

The next moment, they saw Finch, who had always maintained his perfect exterior, cast aside all of his guises and restraint as he ran towards the man and threw his arms around him in a tight hug! His eyes were rimmed with red.

Wow!!! This really was going to make for a juicy story. Who was he to Finch?!

Cesar was caught off guard by Finch’s tight embrace, and he hesitated for a moment. Then, a gentle expression gradually appeared in his gaze, and he hugged Finch back. He said huskily, “I’m sorry for taking so long to come back…”

In that dark, dayless world, Cesar hadn’t given up on searching for the way back for even a moment. There was still someone he couldn’t let go of here.

Fortunately, he had made it back.

Then, when he saw that the person he loved had already become so dazzling and liked by everyone, he had suppressed the urge to go up to him and instead watched all of this from the corner…

Cesar had wanted to wait for this to end before going to see him, as he didn’t want to disturb this perfect moment… But he hadn’t expected that Finch would see him first and rush to him without hesitation.

Finch wasn’t afraid of the world’s gaze.

He wasn’t afraid of what people would say.

His love for Cesar wouldn’t be shaken by anything anymore, even if it was his most dazzling moment and when he was facing the gaze of the whole world. There would never be any hindrances that could separate them.

The affection at the depths of Cesar’s eyes surged, and he lightly caressed Finch’s cheek as he said huskily, “A lot of people are watching…”

Finch looked up at him, and the corner of his mouth tugged upwards. “Is that so? Well, I enjoy public displays of affection.”

Then, he kissed Cesar without hesitation.

Cesar was stunned for a moment, and his gaze softened even more as he slowly and passionately kissed Finch back.

Thank you for loving me this much.

This time, I will never leave you again.

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