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Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


The boy smiled as he looked at Finch.

Finch could only feel his palms grow clammy, and he looked at the boy in shock for a while before slowly saying, “Who are you?”

He couldn’t be Xiao Ke.

The boy said, “Who I am doesn’t matter. Don’t you want to know why I brought you here?”

Finch asked, “Why?”

The boy tilted his head and grinned. “Because you’re the key, and you were sent here by the Dominator. At the appropriate opportunity, you’ll merge the two worlds completely, which is essential for the arrival of the Dominator.”

Dominator? Finch could tell at once that this Dominator must be very powerful.

He hadn’t expected that he would be this important. If it was any other time, Finch probably would’ve boasted about it for a while… but regardless of what the Dominator was, when Finch thought about how his world would be plagued by these types of scary supernatural events, he felt that he definitely couldn’t let these two worlds merge.

When the boy wasn’t paying attention, Finch took advantage of it and abruptly threw off his hand and ran!

The boy giggled tauntingly as he saw Finch run off. Suddenly, he opened his mouth and spat out a billow of black mist. Then, his body collapsed to the ground, unconscious, and the black mist started expanding, quickly solidifying into a huge, black monster covered in spikes!

Finch looked back as he ran and happened to see the monster come out of Xiao Ke and reveal its true self. He thought, Shit, it’s so big.

His legs nearly turned to jelly.

Finch didn’t dare to look back again, as he continued to sprint away. Long, sharp claws extended from the monster’s hands and feet, piercing into the ground next to Finch’s feet again and again. It swiped its claws past Finch’s face several times, bringing a cold wind with them.

Finch had never realized that he could be this nimble, but he was actually able to dodge it several times.

The monster kept chasing him. Some surviving people happened to run past them, and they were pierced and pinned to the ground by the monster’s large claws at once. The brutality of it made Finch’s face pale, and his fingers trembled.

The monster behind him laughed screechingly, and Finch gritted his teeth. He knew that he couldn’t escape, and he was too small compared to the monster. Was he really going to get captured like this?

Finch lost concentration for a moment and was abruptly slammed into a wall. He slid down, and his face was pale from the pain. He looked up at the monster, stunned, and then smiled.

“What are you smiling for?” The monster moved closer to him, its claws pointed at Finch’s eyes.

Finch grinned. “Watch out behind you.”

Right after he finished speaking, the monster was dragged away like a burlap sack and slammed down fiercely, forming a crater in the ground!

Cesar dusted off his hands and stepped onto the monster’s neck!

Finch coughed. “You’re finally here…”

Cesar looked at him and smiled apologetically as he said huskily, “I’m sorry for coming this late.”

Finch bit back his pain and smiled. “It’s okay, it’s okay. But how are we going to deal with this thing?”

Cesar replied, “I’ll take care of it.”

The monster struggled under Cesar’s foot. It was several times taller than Cesar, but it couldn’t get out from under his foot. It looked very furious as it screamed at Cesar, “Even if you stop me, so what? You can’t prevent the two worlds from merging. Wherever he is, cracks will continue to form, and they’ll get bigger and bigger and will happen anytime and anywhere. You can’t protect him at all!”

When Finch heard this, a chill ran down his spine. No wonder he had been so unlucky recently.

However, Cesar looked at Finch reassuringly and said to the monster, “Who said I can’t protect him? Actually, there’s another way to permanently end all of this, and it is by closing the door from the other world.”

The monster was speechless.

At first, Finch felt quite happy that Cesar could have a way to resolve everything. Then what were they waiting for, they should end it quickly. Finch didn’t want to continue living his life in constant fear.

However, when Finch thought about it again, he slowly realized something and asked in a daze, “Wait, who’s going to go close the door?”

Cesar’s right eye slowly turned red once more.

When the monster saw Cesar’s red pupil, it trembled and tried to crawl away, as if it had seen something very scary.

Finch realized something, and his grin became very forced. “You can’t be saying that you’re going to go.”

That world was clearly very scary, so how would the person who went to go close the door come back out?

Cesar leaned over and gently caressed Finch’s cheek as he smiled. “It’s okay, you’ll be fine.”

No one’s worried about that! thought Finch. He grabbed Cesar’s hand, his eyes rimmed with red, and said, “Come on, let’s leave first and think of another way!”

However, Cesar didn’t go. He glanced at the trembling monster under his foot and said, “There is no other way.”

The monster suppressed its fear and looked into Cesar’s eyes as it said shakily, “No, you can’t do this… What about the Dominator’s consciousness? He won’t allow you to do this…”

Cesar smirked and scoffed, “Since it entered my body, it’s naturally under my control.”

Finch suddenly felt furious and said, “Stop joking around. How do you know there’s no other way? This monster just said that I was the key, wouldn’t it be simpler for me to die?!”

Don’t say such things…

Cesar’s expression changed, and he suddenly covered Finch’s mouth with a hand and whispered, “I can’t stay.”

Besides, I’ve already decided to do this a long time ago.

This time, sacrificing only myself is enough. Letting me go to close the door is the simplest way.

I hope that you can live the life you want to live.

Finch gazed at Cesar, his eyes rimmed with red.

He wouldn’t allow this to happen! He firmly tightened his grip on Cesar and refused to let go. However, Cesar lifted his hand and tapped him on the forehead, knocking him out.

The last thing Finch thought before he lost consciousness was, You stubborn bastard!


The vortex disappeared, and sunlight slowly filtered through the clouds like the calm after a storm.

The school buildings, flower beds, fountains, and benches… all returned to normal as if they had gone backward in time. Everything was as good as new, apart from the corpses littered everywhere, indicating everything that had happened.

Bodies were strewn in every corner.

People had fought each other, and some people had defeated a monster with great difficulty. However, when they discovered that the pulpy body was of the same species as them, they were all confused and scared as they looked at their own bloodstained hands…

What had happened to them?

Gong YaoYing brought a large group of police officers here and were greeted by these tragic, gory scenes.

He frowned deeply and quickly told his subordinates to maintain order. Immediately after, doctors arrived to treat the wounded, but unfortunately, a lot of them were already dead…

There were heavy casualties.

There was a young college student nearby, sitting on the ground in a daze as he held the head of his girlfriend’s dead body.

Gong YaoYing couldn’t bear to watch. According to the information he had received, the field of this plane collision was very large, and the fluctuations were also very strong. Although he didn’t know why it had suddenly disappeared, he supposed that someone had probably taken care of it.

He had heard that Cesar had also come, so it was probably him who had stopped it.

Gong YaoYing continued searching the campus, and he suddenly saw a young man sitting on the ground, leaning against a wall. He looked quite grimy, and when he heard them approaching, he looked up.

He was very handsome, but his eyes were hollow and empty.

Gong YaoYing’s heart sank, but he quickly helped Finch get up and made sure that he was uninjured before asking, “What are you doing here? Where’s Cesar? Did you see him?”

Where was Cesar?

Finch was blank.

Then, tears began to flow freely from his eyes.

It was only now that Finch realized just how much he cared about Cesar, and how much he didn’t want to lose him.

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I was scared when I read the title… But It’s not the ending yet, right?!

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I want HE, da*n it!!! I fricking want a HE for Finch and Ceasar, seriously they deserve a HE and the happiest HE there is! This cliffhanger is killing me!!!
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Minnie ford
Minnie ford
January 11, 2021 9:35 am

Thank you I feel sad cesar is gone comeback please finch loves you

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Yeah,sometimes u can only realize how important someone in your life when he/she is gone…
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