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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Rattie


The sudden thought struck Ivy as absurd at first on instinct, but thinking beyond the feeling, the idea seemed plausible in every way.

‘Lucifer’ sounded like the name of some creature that apparently preceded Luci. Otherwise, God wouldn’t have answered him this way.

—Luci may not have been God’s first creation.

Ivy couldn’t help thinking this.

It was hard to suppress these thoughts and speculations that were forming inside of him in an instant, and Ivy wanted to seek clarification. The title “my God” was so intimate that Ivy subconsciously avoided it, but as soon as he opened his mouth, he noticed the different state of the young man on the seat.

At first, after drinking, Jiang Ci’s cheeks appeared to be as fair as they usually were, but after he had just answered the question, a faint blush showed on his cheeks.

The corners of his eyes were also slightly red, like the pretty tail of a red carp. Now, Jiang Ci’s drunkenness was visible on his face; a little dizzy because of the alcohol, he leaned back in his seat.

It was a black backed chair, and when Jiang Ci leaned on it like this, he naturally revealed something extraordinarily inspiring about himself. His long, well-proportioned body was visibly slender and fragile.

It made one want to embrace him.

In the face of God, this idea was too much.

Luci should have lowered his gaze, but from the moment he heard the name ‘Lucifer,’ his eyes could only fixate on Jiang Ci.

God can get drunk, too.

Ivy was first surprised at the discovery, then he hesitated for a second but chose to continue to ask, “Which creature’s name is Lucifer?

Jiang Ci blinked slowly, his reception of the information was a bit slow now, and might not be completely accurate.

“Shining Morning Star…”Jiang Ci barely managed to sort out the information in his head and answered with the comment he had read the most before, “The most powerful and perfect six-winged angel created by God.”

Luci’s indifferent demeanor finally changed when he heard the words, and for the first time, he made an expressive gesture of pursing his lips as he looked around with his heterochromatic eyes, gold on the left and blue on the right.

Angels… sounded like the Celestials now.

It was well known that Luci was the only Celestial in the entire Arsène who could have six wings, which was a symbol of his power as the administrator of Celestials and a proof of his great ability.

But now, Ivy realized that everything the other Celestials had came from another creature.

Both the six wings he possessed and the name… belonged to that creature in the first place.

“Why haven’t we seen him before?” Ivy’s tone of voice was hard and indifferent, and he could not refrain from revealing a hint of displeasure.

God’s favor and preference for this creature as “the shining morning star” and “mighty and perfect” could not be more obvious. The jealousy that Ivy was reluctant to admit was directed at Luci, but now it has been transferred to someone else.

If the person was not seen, it was like a blocked vent, and Ivy’s whole body gave off an air of unhappiness.

Jiang Ci didn’t really get it. “He’s not anywhere.”

Ivy was certainly not satisfied with such an answer, but if God did not want to tell them, then they had no choice but to accept it.

The wine was so strong that after answering this question, Jiang Ci stopped thinking and fell asleep, leaning back in his chair.

When he woke up the next day, he opened his eyes and saw the ceiling and the soft bed lying on his back.

How embarrassing.

This was Jiang Ci’s first thought when he opened his eyes.

Jiang Ci did not expect that he could get completely drunk after drinking a glass of fruit wine.

It was also because there was no taste of alcohol in his mouth, plus the fact that it was fruit wine, Jiang Ci naturally felt that he could not get drunk.

The result was humiliating.

Jiang Ci sat up in bed, feeling a bit heavy, so he had to use his hands to support himself. After closing his eyes for a while, Jiang Ci felt that he had recovered, and when he opened his eyes again, he took a deep breath to adjust his state.

What time was it now?

Jiang Ci thought, looking up at the clock on the wall, and then put his mind at rest.

It was okay, it was still morning, and he didn’t get drunk and go to bed the next afternoon.

Taking care of himself, Jiang Ci got ready to go to his regular work today.

The citizens of Phantom seemed to be still in the same happy mood from last night’s banquet, and the atmosphere in the city was so good that even Jiang Ci could not help but be affected, naturally relaxing his eyebrows.

This relaxed mood was not put on hold until he met Luci and Ivy.

It wasn’t too obvious from Luci, but with Ivy, Jiang Ci could clearly feel the difference from before.

“What’s wrong?” Jiang Ci gave him his pain treatment, during which he noticed that Ivy seemed to deliberately avoid looking at him.

For some reason, Jiang Ci felt that Ivy was a bit more awkwardly indifferent when he faced him, although he was willing to put his hand over when he asked him to, but at the same time, he was obedient and insisted on looking careless and indifferent.

It’s like now, too, to look at him and don’t say anything.

Yesterday, Jiang Ci was really confused about the situation, “Ivy?

Ivy turned his head back to look at the young brunette who was calling his name like a cat in a fight – but he was already a well-behaved type; otherwise, when called by name during a fight, he would at most move his tail in response. Still, it was not easy for him to turn his head and look at Jiang Ci.

Jiang Ci tried to think about it. The other party’s behavior could not be unprovoked, and it must have had something to do with him.

“Did I do anything yesterday… after getting drunk?” Thinking about last night’s drinking, Jiang Ci’s eyelids couldn’t stop jumping, “Or was it something I said?”

Jiang Ci remembered that he was not bad with alcohol, and the few times he got drunk in the old world, his friends said he was very carefree, would not make any trouble at all, and would basically listen to whatever he was told.

Ivy responded in a hard tone, “Don’t you remember?”

Jiang Ci’s memory of this was very vague, and he really could not remember much without a hint.

He only remembered it was something about … Luci?

Did he and Ivy talk about Luci yesterday? …  It couldn’t be, did he say something complimentary about Luci in front of Ivy, and that made Ivy unhappy?

Jiang Ci pieced together the fragmented and fuzzy memories in his mind and came up with this general result. Jiang Ci felt that the result he pieced together was acceptable, so he could now turn around and praise Ivy to solve the problem. But Jiang Ci never expected that the situation he would face would be much more serious and difficult than that.

“You said that Lucifer is the most powerful and perfect creation you have ever created.” Ivy’s voice was cold as he recounted the events of yesterday. “You also said he was the shining morning star. But you’d never let us know of his existence until then, and you didn’t want us to see him.” 

Jiang Ci was stunned, and he couldn’t quite digest the information for a moment. Jiang Ci couldn’t figure out how he could mention Lucifer and that… he created him.

Ivy gave his answer, “I asked you yesterday why you only named Luci, and that was your answer.”

With so much information, the fragmented and fuzzy memory puzzle in Jiang Ci’s mind was finally being completed. When he remembered last night’s conversation, Jiang Ci’s right eyelid twitched again, and he subconsciously raised his eyes to see Luci standing on the other side.

Jiang Ci was able to identify the possible misunderstanding, and he blurted out the classic opening line necessary to explain, “It’s not what you think…”

It was hard for Jiang Ci to explain the situation to him.

At that moment, Luci looked at him and asked in a low voice, “Is the name you chose for me from ‘Lucifer’?”

Jiang Ci could not deny this matter, and he could only nod his head, “Yes.”

Jiang Ci’s own admission caused a clear crack to appear in Luci’s indifferent expression for a moment, and the wings behind him lowered slightly.

God’s first creature was not him.

God’s most perfect creature was not him either.

–God’s preferences were never his.

Luci’s voice was lower and slower than it had been a moment before, “So I am a substitute for what you created?”

Why else would God have created him to resemble that creature and given him the name “Luci”?

Jiang Ci’s eyes widened slightly. Of course he could not have created a substitute for “Lucifer,” but it was difficult to explain what he said yesterday in a plausible and reasonable way.

But as a first step, he had to clarify that the substitution was absolutely off the mark.

“No,” Jiang Ci directly denied it in a very firm tone, “You are not a substitute for anyone.” 

“Lucifer is just… just my imagination of a perfect creature.” He organized his words to explain, “I said he is a shining morning star only to express such expectations.”

Combined with what was said before,he continued, “He doesn’t exist, that’s why I said he’s not anywhere. That’s where your name comes from, because I want you, as the first creation, to be perfect.” Jiang Ci cleverly rounded off these words, “definitely not a substitute.”

This explanation should be more or less passable. 

When it was finished, Jiang Ci saw Luci’s expression soften and Ivy’s uncomfortable coldness almost dissipate.

As far as Ivy’s opinion went, he would much rather accept Luci than a creature that God described as a “shining morning star”. As long as Jiang Ci said no, he was willing to believe in his words until he really saw that creature.

Jiang Ci was slightly relieved to see the two of them react in this way.

Ivy easily accepted Jiang Ci’s explanation while Luci had some reservations.

Still, whether or not he believed the explanation, Luci’s opinion would not change.

When the two of them had some space to themselves, Luci knelt before Jiang Ci and looked up at him, “I will be even better than the ‘Shining Morning Star’ you expect, and will strive to meet all your requirements for a perfect creation.”

—whether “Lucifer” existed or not.

“So please look at me.”


Don’t look at others.


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noname but i'm cute
noname but i'm cute
January 19, 2021 4:50 pm

This subtle but obvious jealousy is just 😍 AWSL

January 21, 2021 10:04 pm

The iceberg is sailed around in the last minute….. really….. never get drunk while dealing with jealous administratirs, JC…..
Thanks for your translation.

February 7, 2021 9:34 pm

Uhhh oops

February 8, 2021 4:52 am

Jiang Ci you better not let your administrators down. You have to be a good god.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

September 7, 2021 6:35 am

Didn’t expect Luci can grow into big vinegar jar😅😅😅

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