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Translated by Kaushika of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

After a while, the man shot out. Ren Huan’s fingertips fell from the man’s shoulder and he raised his head. The man’s figure was fuzzy, and the place where the two were connected was sticky. Putting down Ren Huan’s legs, the man buried his head in Ren Huan’s neck and took some time to enjoy the aftermath of the sex.

Ren Huan thought that it was finally over, but soon realised that the man’s genitals, still buried inside him, had expanded again and opened up his soft and tender intestines. The intestinal tract opened back up as easily as it had retracted, dripping with semen, and again attentively squeezed the man’s member, as if expecting something.

With horror, Ren Huan pressed his hand on the man’s shoulder and tried to push him away. As soon as Ren Huan’s hands touched the man’s hot skin, he was pressed against the wall once again.

“Mh, don’t…” 

But the man’s intentions were not right from the beginning.

With a thin layer of clothing behind his back rubbing repeatedly against the cold alley wall, Ren Huan lowered his head and bit his fingertips. After taking off Ren Huan’s pants that were hanging from his leg, the man, who had already come once, became unexpectedly kind. He took Ren Huan’s fingers out of his mouth and forced them to press against the wall, his own fingers interlocking with them. 

He then thrust his tongue in Ren Huan’s mouth domineeringly, intertwining with his cool, soft tongue. He licked Ren Huan’s sensitive upper jaw as his member rubbed against every inch of Ren Huan’s intestinal wall.

Something flowed out of his lower body; Ren Huan was entangled with the man, twisting his body in disagreement, but unable to escape the violent pleasure his lower body was feeling. He had no choice but to endure it with a sob. The pleasure was surging up from inside. Ren Huan felt sore and weak, he would have been unable to stand up if he hadn’t been supported by the man.

Good, it feels so comfortable…

“You can’t stand up anymore?” Spreading his jacket on the ground, the man pulled out and said in his deep voice, “Go down on your knees.”

“Uh…” Ren Huan leaned against the wall with a blank stare, drool running down the corners of his mouth. It took him some time to understand what the man meant.

The man raised his eyebrows. He was about to reach for Ren Huan’s waist to help lower him, when footsteps could be heard coming towards them from a distance.

“…” Ren Huan started trembling. He closed his eyes, tears streaming down his face from the fear.

Except for a shirt hanging unbuttoned from his torso, he was fully naked down below and covered in that obscene liquid, his face full of lust. Clearly, he had no chance of masking the facts…

As for the man, he only had to zip back his flier and tuck his belt back into place.

Because his body was extremely weak, Ren Huan felt exhausted and unable to take care of himself. The man frowned, displeased.

With the sound of footsteps getting closer, empty echoes of heels advancing in the narrow alley, it would be a matter of minutes before the two would be exposed.


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June 21, 2021 8:51 pm

Omg! What will happen next? I’m wondering is something wrong with the man? Then he was being kind?

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