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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


The dragon turned into a beautiful human. His white hair softly hanging down to his ankles, his eyes bright green like precious stones. Because he had no concept of nudity, he didn’t feel embarrassed despite his lack of clothes.

Oss pulled out a black robe from his space and offered it to the dragon to put it on.

The dragon only stared at it, but didn’t take it, his face revealing clear resistance. Oss had to personally put the black robe on for the dragon, and then pulled out all the white hair from the clothes to the surface. Feeling slightly cool to the touch, he couldn’t help but fondle it some more.

“Uncomfortable, I don’t like it.” The dragon frowned and tore the clothes violently.

“Humans are different from dragons, they are easily scratched if they don’t wear clothes.” Oss explained patiently.

“Is that so?” The dragon didn’t believe it at all, and slipped out under Oss’s arm with a bow. He then ran to his precious collection and rolled on it as he always did.

“Wooo…” The edges of the gold and silver wares and gems were hurting him, and his delicate skin was cut several times as a result. The dragon pitifully looked up at Oss from his treasure hill, his large emerald green eyes glistening with tears, like a mysterious lake deep in the forest, drawing people close. “It hurts… Oss, I’m so sore.” He clumsily pouted at Oss.

“Idiot.” Oss suppressed his desire that was stirred up like a wildfire, and picked up the dragon horizontally with ease. 

The little beauty burrowed into his arms as if he had been saved, his mouth still softly crying out in pain. “It’s not fun to become human, Oss. I want to change back.” The dragon shook his head restlessly, the ice-cold white hair brushing against the back of his hand, mischievously, yet endearingly. 

“I’ll heal you and it won’t hurt anymore, be a good boy.” Oss ensured him without moving.

The little beauty smiled and stopped squirming, before he obediently leaned into Oss’s arms, as he quietly waited.

Oss used his healing wind magic, gently caressing the dragon’s broken skin, back, the side of his waist, his inner thighs… making those teeny-tiny wounds naturally heal after his touch, all smooth and clean as before.

“And here!” Dragon tilted his pink face up and showed Oss the small cut on his broken lip. He wrapped both arms around Oss’s neck, his emerald green round eyes full of trusting attachment. Such a gesture, coupled with the little beauty’s slightly open red lips, was simply inviting him to kiss.

It was like the petals of a scarlet flower that had been torn out of a fresh wound. Oss felt the urge to suck and taste the sweet juices of the petals, and for some mysterious reason, he lowered his head to do so. The two men pressed their lips together. A kiss as light as a feather fell, but the dragon didn’t realize, he just thought that Oss changed his method of treatment.

This way was obviously more pleasant for him.

The dragon comfortably closed his eyes, letting Oss kiss him as much as he wanted. Oss pried open the little beauty’s teeth, entwining his soft tongue with his own. The dragon put his claws… no, his hands now, onto Oss’s shoulders, grabbing it with slight force, as his estrus made him flush. He remarked rather honestly, “I’m going to grind the stone.”

He was a dragon just entering adulthood, genetically driven to find the right mate and continue to produce dragon offspring, with an already extremely low fertility rate. Without completing the mating, he would frequently enter estrus. Otherwise Oss was unlikely to meet a dragon that didn’t hibernate. Because there was no mate of his kin, he ended up rubbing on the stone every time.

According to the dragon’s strength, it should’ve easily pushed Oss away. But Oss had spells, using them to tighten his hold on this dragon.

The icy cool hands dropped with a distinct touch, as Oss said, “There are more comfortable ways to do that.”

The dragon couldn’t understand what he was saying and rubbed against him by instinct.

If he was in dragon form now, he would’ve probably curled his tail.


After enjoying himself, a tail grew on the lower half of the dragon’s body. He rested in Oss’s arms, kissed Oss’s lips, and his tail was testing if it could try as well.

Oss made his refusal clear, his voice low and hoarse after indulging himself, “Tail is not allowed.”

The dragon puffed up his face, as he unhappily held his tail, then turned over and decided to ignore Oss from now on. His tail was obviously really beautiful.

Oss caressed the dragon’s thin waistline and his hand ventured lower, stroking the dragon’s long tail.

“A tail this big,” he kissed the dragon’s ear, his voice thick and scalding like honey, “would kill me.”


“Come with me.” Oss had no shame in abducting a dragon who didn’t know the world.

The dragon was in a difficult position; he didn’t want to leave his treasure, but was curious about the world unknown to him. Oss knew what he was thinking just by looking at his expression. “Your treasure, I have it, all of it.”

“But…” the dragon’s fondness for the treasure was like a fluffy teddy bear one grew up hugging and was accustomed to, not wanting to part with. Oss didn’t like it at all when the dragon showed such a look to anything other than him. He collected all the dragon’s treasure, every single piece, and put it into his space. Only when the last piece of his favorite coral disappeared into thin air did the dragon retract his loving gaze.

“Let’s go.” Oss extended his hand to the dragon, his eyes as gentle and calm as the sunset. From the dragon’s perspective, Oss’s eyes were almost as pleasing as his favorite obsidian.

A white, young hand was placed on Oss’s palm.

Oss and he clasped their fingers tightly, like they were holding the world’s most precious treasure.


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October 24, 2022 4:50 am

Awe, so sweet. Wish it was longer to watch their love develop❤️ Thank you for sharing this with us ❤️❤️

October 24, 2022 8:38 am

I have a feeling the dragon will get his own way often. Beauty can accomplish so much and all the ‘effort’ producing that important liquid… a hard life (no apologies for the unintended pun 😄)
I thought the lad in the pub (apprentice mage) might reappear; seemed like he might follow Oss.
Neat little story; thank you for translating and editing.

October 27, 2022 12:30 am

Subduing complete! For a moment there you had me thinking that the dragon has already transformed and that it was the readhead from ch 1. I was wrong and this little beauty was easily taken by Oss. Soon it’ll be a pumpered little beauty, who might turn cunning when he learns about the world.
Thank you for the chapters!!!

October 30, 2022 1:33 am

Am a little worried that our dragon’s innocence is always in peril 😅 Pig ml just snatched our bby cabbage away.
Thank you for the story! 💖

November 4, 2022 3:33 pm

Thank You for translating! (⁠。⁠・⁠ω⁠・⁠。⁠)⁠ノ⁠♡

March 13, 2023 10:34 am

Thank you for the wonderful translation! ♥️

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