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Chapter 3: Back Home

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA

The mouth of Fan Xing’s palace was still soft, and Xing Chuan easily pushed it in. His sensitive body trembled and gushed out water from the cavity, drenching Xing Chuan’s penis. His tight vagina made him gasp.

The seeds in the reproductive cavity are broken and pushed back by the spasmodic inner wall. Fan Xing only felt the things in his stomach stirring disorderly, which made him collapse and cry again and again.

“Please, please.. Oh Xing Chuan…… Xing Chuan — ah-”

Xing Chuan hooked his knee and bumped him up. The seeds in the reproductive cavity got stuck in the middle of the tract because of the sudden weightlessness and fall. It was like an oversized egg skipper and was still moving back and forth dishonestly. Fan Xing’s toes tensed. He lost his voice and breath. He did not know where the strength came from, but he bit Xing Chuan’s chest muscles. He pressed his stomach and tried to push the half-stuck seeds out, but his hands were pulled apart by a protruding pistil.

He tasted the sweet juice between his teeth. Xing Chuan stopped to look at him for fear that he would choke.

“A sharp-toothed little thing,” Xing Chuan whispered, “is it good to drink?”

He asked, but did not get an answer. The pistil supports Fan Xing’s body. The moment he releases his teeth, Xing Chuan’s lips and teeth take his breath away, and the pulling and inserting motion under him become more intense.

The humanoid tree is very tall, a long way higher than Fan Xing. He was malnourished when he was a child, and didn’t grow much when he was old enough. Xing Chuan is about 1.9 meters, maybe a little more. He is 20 centimeters taller than Fan Xing, so tall that the other couldn’t reach his lips even on tiptoe.

The seeds in Fan Xing’s stomach were blocked, and Xing Chuan said he had to produce them by himself. The penis in the vagina slowed down kindly, and the water between Fan Xing’s strands dropped to the ground, making a “patter” sound in the silence.

Fan Xing constricted suddenly from the noise, and Xing Chuan hissed at the sound, almost losing his guard.

The tree felt a little palpitation, realising that even the human-form gods could not completely follow the physiological functions of human beings, otherwise it would be a bit dangerous to have sex. When he thought about this, the things buried in Fan Xing’s body stopped moving.

Fan Xing was emptied, and a seed in the back hole was spat out. Before this time, there was a big ball on the bed.

“I’m dying,” Fan Xing’s voice was almost inaudible, “let me go…”

He looked so pitiful. His eyes were red and swollen, and his face was a mess. He even lost his fingertips, and the seeds just released exhausted their last strength. Leaning against Xing Chuan’s arms, his breath became weak.

Xing Chuan sighed. After all, he was soft hearted.

He pulled himself out of Fan Xing’s body and put his arm around his waist on the hotbed. The two seeds in his stomach were still there. Fan Xing half opened his eyes and looked at Xing Chuan without saying a word.

“Angry?” Xing Chuan asked him.

Fan Xing didn’t answer. He just closed his eyes and turned his head. He turned hard with his stomach and buried himself in the pistils.

“Forget it, go to sleep,” Xing Chuan kisses his temples. “I’ll take you back.”

Fan Xing fell completely unconscious. By the end of the day, he felt his intestines had been opened. Xing Chuan’s fingertips reached out into his reproductive cavity.

When he woke up again, he found himself back on the bed in their rented house, covered with a thin blanket. The mucus and water on his body had been cleaned up, but the aftertaste of over fullness under the body was still there. He subconsciously looked down at his stomach, it was not bulging, the tree had got it out for him.

Fan Xing could smell food, he took a look at his mobile phone by the head of his bed: May 20th, 11:37 p.m. He slowly turned over and got out of bed, the pain was not completely gone, but somehow he was able to move.

It’s a good day for the date. Xing Chuan stood in front of the stove in a family suit and bib, frying rice cakes with cabbage, bamboo shoots and cloud-ear fungus.

“Awake?” Xing Chuan pours him a cup of warm water, “Go brush your teeth and let’s go out in the afternoon?”

“To where?” Fan Xing drank the water and found that there was honey in it, it was so sweet, “Oh, yes, the tiramisu was good last time, but there must be a lot of people in his shop today, it’s ‘520’ afterall, the couples are on dates. “

Neither of them mentioned what happened in the floating forest. If Fan Xing’s two holes weren’t suffering, he would have thought what happened before was all a dream.

I don’t know what Xing Chuan put into those rice cakes, it’s salty and sweet, and Fan Xing’s head never rose from his bowl during the meal.

There are so many festivals on earth. Fan Xing didn’t care much about them before, but Xing Chuan was different. He is very keen on every festival, including this homophonic “I love you” festival, which made Fan Xing very sensitive to this date.

Xing Chuan is always the focus of attention no matter where he goes. His figure and appearance are so outstanding that Fan Xing is ashamed to stand besides him. But from time to time, he would hang himself on Fan Xing and tell all passers-by that he had a boss.

The tiramisu shop is at the intersection of a small road in the center of the city. There were no people around, but many people in the shop. The windows reflected the sunlight, and the whole shop was bathed in the sun. Outside the store, Fan Xing saw a familiar face through the glass. His classmate, Lu Yangzhou, who was an omega.

Fan Xing’s step stops. It’s the man who broke his inhibitor.

“Is it him?” Xing Chuan hung on his shoulder and raised his eyebrows. “What do you want to do?”

“There’s a seat next to him that’s empty. It’s a pity to come here and leave without eating,” Fan Xing said with a smile. “My alpha is much better than his one, who looks like a crooked melon or a split date. There’s nothing good to look at.”

Xing Chuan doesn’t mind being used as a tool to show off. He is so happy. A human’s competitive spirit is a fun pastime for him, Fang Xing can do whatever he wants as long as he is  Fan Xing.

They ordered a piece of tiramisu and a heavy cheesecake. Fan Xing ordered a cup of black coffee with Guatemalan beans, and made Xing Chuan a 70% chocolate smoothie with a small rose on it. The shop assistant completely reversed what they wanted. Fan Xing didn’t say anything. He didn’t say a word. He just lost his drink.

Xing Chuan raised his eyebrows and felt that his star was going to start doing something.

When Lu Yangzhou saw Fan Xing, he didn’t look very good. In front of him was the chocolate Coffee, the most expensive drink in the store. He spoiled it one mouthful after another. Fan Xing felt sorry for that cup of buffy. He finished the black coffee and the tiramisu or cheesecake, while taking pictures of Xing Chuan and posting it on socials to his close circle of friends. He directly regarded Lu Yangzhou and his alpha, who looked OK across from him, as thin air.

“Xing Chuan, would you like to have Italian food in the evening?” Fan Xing took his phone in his hand and showed the public comment page, “This steak is delicious, and the Green-mouthed shellfish is also good.”

“Mn?” Xing Chuan dug a spoonful of smoothie. The tree couldn’t handle the ice, he sipped it for a long time before swallowing it. “Sure.”

After they decided on their evening itinerary and where to go for shopping, Lu Yangzhou finally couldn’t help it.

“Fan Xing, are you a big money man?” Lu Yangzhou chuckles, “The house is rented, but you have the money to buy luxury goods and eat Western food?”

Xing Chuan looked up at the man and thought that, just as Fan Xing said, he was a bit of a joke.

Lu Yangzhou came from a wealthy family, or the so-called ‘‘rich second generation’.. Unlike Fan Xing, who had no father or mother, he was born with a supporter. When Lu Yangzhou was a freshman, he smashed a vase that Fan Xing had brought from his home and threw a thousand yuan into the water flowing all over the floor. Fan Xing then threw the lamp on the table against his temple, nearly breaking Lu Yangzhou’s skull.

From then on, it was war.

Fortunately, they are not in the same class, and their majors are not the same. Occasionally, they would just roll their eyes and disgust each other in the teaching building.

Lu Yangzhou’s alpha boyfriend seems to be a young executive of some kind of company. After studying abroad, he has some money in his hand and could bear Lu Yangzhou’s profligacy. Fan Xing glanced at the ‘most popular person’ of the management department and saw that he was wearing Louis Vuitton’s watch and a Versace T-shirt. His pants seemed to be Emporio Armani’s new spring and summer collection, and his shoes were handmade by Ferragamo. In any case, nothing matched, the whole outfit screamed ‘nouveau riche’ with no fashion taste.

“I won the lottery. Thank you for your concern,” Fan Xing puffed his cheeks and looked at the napkin under the foot of the guy friend opposite him. He thought that this man was very disrespectful. “What’s the matter?”

“I heard you didn’t go to school for a week. I thought you were marked by some wild man,” he said, glancing at Fan Xing’s back neck, which was smooth. “Oh, no one is willing to mark you. And you didn’t want to do anything temporary? It must have been a hard seven days.”

“Thank you for your concern, but I’m very happy. Xing Chuan is very good,” Fan Xing said, adding that he would like to raise his glass to invite a drink. “There are so many marks on your back neck that it seems that your man doesn’t love you.”

Lu Yangzhou was so angry that he began to speak freely: “Oh, does your man know that you are a deformed monster? Do you know what happened to your first oestrus? It’s not easy to get rid of inhibitors. Where were you when you woke up? A garbage dump or recycling station? What does a tramp taste like? How fragrant are the orange flowers. Unfortunately, they smell of rubbish.”

Lu Yangzhou’s boyfriend kicked him under the table and got an eye-roll from Lu Yangzhou. This is a manager of his father’s company. How dare he command him?

Eating the cake, Xing Chuan suddenly felt that the stars in his family were really gentle, which was much more than that fool who was covered with rotten lilies.

——He learned the word from the next table.

“No, Lu Yangzhou. I remember that when I was a freshman, I went back to my bedroom. You and your ex-boyfriend were still in bed.” Fan Xing tapped the edge of the plate with a spoon in his hand. you said, “I’ll love you all my life. No matter who I marry and who is marked by whom, you will be in my heart all my life.”. Your ex-boyfriend said that you have so much water. It’s better not to be in oestrus than to be in oestrus. It’s so coquettish.”

“Fan Xing” Lu Yangzhou slapped the table. “What the hell are you talking about?”

Fan Xing raised his eyebrows, took out his mobile phone and showed it to him: “I have a recording. Do you want to listen to it?”

Lu Yangzhou’s sudden action to stand up was too loud, so that people in the shop stopped talking and stared at him. This man has cared about saving face since he was a child, almost leaving his alpha. Now his boyfriend has fled the coffee shop without even taking his Hermes platinum bag.

And the alpha didn’t care to catch up.

“Brother, your Omega has run away,” Fan Xing raised his chin. “Be careful of unemployment.”

That alpha could sense the lecture, suddenly went bright red in the face, and took the platinum bag to chase his boyfriend.

Fan Xing is so happy that he takes one foot out of his shoe and begins to tease Xing Chuan’s calf. Xing Chuan looked at him helplessly and said, “Don’t make trouble.”.

In fact, the human tree is very easy to bully. He is in the stage of observing human behavior and has a strong ability to accept all things, with an amazing bottom line. But it is not the same in the floating forest, where he is the master and decides everything.

Fan Xing’s feet were entangled in something before he could play enough. He looked down and saw a vine sticking out of Xing Chuan’s trousers and crawling along his toes to his calf.

The next second, Fan Xing suddenly fell on the table, his whole body shaking. But he didn’t make a sound. He opened his mouth and bit his arm to suppress it…

Xing Chuan was scratching the center of his foot, and he was also tied up. He was nailed in place with a vine, unable to move, and could not even stamp his foot.

“Star, don’t tease me outside,” Xing Chuan’s voice went directly into his brain. “Why does he know about your body?”

Fan Xing held back his smile a little too hard. His tears kept flowing, but his consciousness was still very obedient and said that he was bewildered too. At that time, Lu Yangzhou drugged him, stripped off all his clothes and tied him to the alpha toilet of the school. If he hadn’t managed to handle the pain and break the rope, he might have been a “monster” known to the whole school by now.

Xing Chuan stopped scratching him and asked, “Did you break a law?”

“Yes,” Fan Xing’s voice was muffled, “but his family is powerful. If he really sues, it’ll be me.”

It took Xing Chuan half a minute to understand the logic of human society and nodded.

With more than a year left in his college life, Fan Xing went to the mall after coffee and cake. He studied French, but was interested in the unpredictable fashion industry. He thought that if he did not meet Xing Chuan, he might leave this land and spend his life in a place where no one knows him.

He bought a lot of things, including clothes, shoes, bags, food, cosmetics, accessories and others, and sent them all back to the rental house. He and Xing Chuan arrived at the Italian restaurant at 6:30 to 7:00, and each asked for a glass of hot red wine.

“Star,” Xing Chuan said, “I think you should stay here longer.”

“How long? I’ve been here for more than 20 years,” Fan Xing is impatient. “I can finish college. My French is better than many other master’s students. “

“Don’t you want to go to France?”

“No,” Fan Xing said, “I like the floating forest.”

He has a natural blind worship of the forest, the sky, and the tree. He spent a meal without knowing what to eat. He chewed the sweet green mussels into wax, and swallowed the bloody steak with hot red wine.

It was half past ten when they got home, and they walked along the river for a while. Looking at the lights of the world, Fan Xing still thought that the floating forest is more beautiful.

In the afternoon, the vine that wrapped around his wrists kept clinging to it, and when he got to the door of the rental house, it suddenly wrapped up the soft flesh of his ankles. Fan Xing’s feet softened and he was firmly caught by Xing Chuan behind him.

“Why do you…”

He remembered that these vines would lose their ability to move without Xing Chuan’s noumenon. So why are they still active now?

“The seed you gave birth to yesterday has sprouted,” Xing Chuan said with a low smile. “I hope the sound insulation here is good enough.”

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