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Chapter 4: Voice

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA


In fact, it took a long time for Fan Xing to find out that his roommate, Xing Chuan, was the landlord himself, and where Xing Chuan’s money came from. Fan Xing did not know this, but it is said that Xing Chuan had done a lot of sneaky things before he understood the laws of the world…

Like copying paper money.

The house they live in is a regular residential building around Fan Xing’s school. It’s a high-rise building. It’s not a hotel apartment or an old-fashioned community, it’s very ordinary. The family upstairs sometimes starts dragging chairs early in the morning, and occasionally some family members redecorate their houses, but they are tolerable.

Generally speaking, sound insulation is not good or bad.

Xing Chuan didn’t use the key to open the door. The tentacles on his fingertips wormed into the lock and pried open the heavy security door directly. He picked up Fan Xing’s butt in one hand, sat him on his arm, and gave a kiss on his fragrant forehead.

“Do you want to control yourself, or should I help you?” Xing Chuan asked him.

Fan Xing was stunned and asked him, “Control what?”

“Your voice.”

Fan Xing’s face turned red in an instant. Xing Chuan once took his mobile phone back to the floating forest and when they had sex, he opened the camera app and held it in the vines. After that, Fan Xing had fallen asleep, but he was woken again by a groan. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw Xing Chuan holding the phone and watching with great interest. On the screen was him, bound by vines and forced into incontinence.

Fan Xing’s mind is too weak to control.

“Oh, yes,” Xing Chuan pauses at the door. “I forgot to tell you, there are two seeds in your stomach.”

“What –“

“In the genital cavity behind you,” said Xing Chuan, smiling innocently and lovingly, “you liked it last time, but I knew you were tired, so I didn’t want to. It won’t be tiring today, but you have to give birth. “

Fan Xing was stunned and stupefied. He looked down at his stomach and did not know when his abdomen had begun to swell, as if he was four or five months pregnant.

“I thought you… “

“I didn’t take it out.”

Fan Xing knew that Xing Chuan would not let him go. He buried himself in his arms and let the evil god carry him into the room. The vine around the root of his leg moved into his back hole. Xing Chuan pulled off his pants and clothes, but took out a shirt from the closet and put it on his shoulder.

Black, heavyweight satin.

Xing Chuan’s was still fully dressed. He pressed Fan Xing into the soft bed, separated his legs and stepped on the quilt with a bend. The two small holes under Fan Xing’s body have begun to ooze, and his penis raised its head. There was no light in the room, but Fan Xing was glowing. His stomach is like a pearl in the night, making his stomach almost transparent.

“Give birth” Xing Chuan’s voice appeared directly in his head, “I’ll wait for you to give birth, and then I’ll have sex with you.”

“I’m not giving birth!” Fan Xing was annoyed, but before he could say the last word, he was blocked.

His mouth was covered by a hand sticking out from behind, but Xing Chuan was in front of him, looking at him with a smile.

“Yes or no?” The man who appeared was identical to Xing Chuan, like two peas in a pod. He had the same voice and even his fingers were perfect. “If you don’t give birth, we will play the last game again.”

Behind him is Xing Chuan, and in front of him is Xing Chuan. One of his senses invaded two bodies. The one in front opened his legs with a wicked smile, and the other put his fingers into his mouth from behind.

Fan Xing didn’t want to play again. The feeling of being so full that he was about to crack again and again broke the genital tract and crushed every sensitive point in his genital cavity. He almost passed out, and was so excited by the extreme pleasure that he gushed.

Fan Xing’s mouth was pried open by a few fingers, which stirred and pressed down his tongue again to let the fingers go deeper. The vines in the back hole are well placed into the closed entrance of the reproductive cavity, causing fan Xing to groan from his throat.

“Star, you’re too tight here,” Xing Chuan said behind him, “can you open up?”

Xing Chuan was not asking for his opinion at all. Fan Xing’s exclamation directly overflowed, and his separated legs struggled to stay together. It’s not that he was inexperienced with the taste of his reproductive cavity being forced open outside of the oestrus period. Every time he comes, he cries and belches, and might even die.

But whether he shakes his head or cries, Xing Chuan will not let him go. He bit Xing Chuan’s fingers with his teeth, but Xing Chuan’s fingertips made his tongue more confused. Behind him, Xing Chuan put his finger into his back hole, and along the vine, he could easily feel the entrance of the genital cavity on the intestinal wall. At first, his finger-pulp gently pressed the small mouth, but Fan Xing knew that this was just the prelude, and sooner or later the tip of his finger would open the small mouth.

Xing Chuan of course knew what he was thinking. He laughed and put his fingers in up to his knuckles as Fan Xing wanted, and his hand in his mouth was severely bitten. As soon as Xing Chuan raised his eyebrows, he broke his finger tip and turned into a vine. In an instant, he forced herself into the reproductive cavity.

Fan Xing was almost ready to play, his back stretched into a tight arc, and his separated legs trampled the sheets. His silk shirt was crumpled into a ball, stained with his sweat, and became as chaotic as he was. Xing Chuan’s movements did not stop at all. The vine became thicker and thicker, from being one finger wide to three. The water overflowing from the cavity directly soaked the bed sheet.

Xing Chuan in front of him didn’t split his legs any more. He put one hand on his stomach and pushed his arched back to the bed. He poked his other hand into his vagina with Fan Xing’s water and played with the mouth of the palace. Fan Xing was very uncomfortable, but Xing Chuan pressed hard at the sensitive points in his vagina, causing him to bite his finger and scream.

It’s so exciting. Xing Chuan is just pulling him to the climax, pressing every sensitive spot in his body. Fan Xing couldn’t bear the back and forth attack of two Xing Chuans. He only persisted for three minutes, and then the tide blew and he was drenched with the water of Xing Chuan. The liquid splashed out of his mouth and Xing Chuan behind Fan Xing took his finger out of his mouth. In front of him, Xing Chuan immediately gave him a deep kiss that stirred the root of his tongue, allowing him to taste his salty semen with orange blossom fragrance.

Fan Xing actually knows why Xing Chuan wants to bring him to the climax so quickly, because this made life easier for him. His genital tract became smoother and softer because of the stimulation of orgasm, and the seeds in the reproductive cavity began to probe outwards. He whimpered, and with a little effort, he pinched the sheets under him into tiny folds.

The seed was pushed to the crossing, and Xing Chuan in front gave him a gentle kiss of encouragement, and his hand pressed slightly on his stomach.

Fan Xing was so anxious that he said Xing Chuan was like a midwife nurse, but he learnt the job within three days. With Xing Chuan’s help, the process of removing seeds went smoothly, but Fan Xing didn’t feel relaxed at all. It was stuck in his body, a little hot and soft. When it wriggled, it ran over his tender flesh with a non-sharp bulge. Fan Xing was almost taken away by pleasure as soon as he exerted his strength, but the seed was still stuck there. When he calmed down, he had to continue to push.

Xing Chuan and his lips were intertwined for a long time, and the air in Fan Xing’s mouth was plundered. Fan Xing gasped as they parted, spitting out the oval seed from the back hole. He had never seen anything born from himself before, but now he can see it clearly. The oval light-green seeds are only one circle smaller than his fist, they are soft outside and hard on the  inside. Xing Chuan picked them up and covered them with water from his body.

“Tired?” Xing Chuan asked him.

“Fortunately.” Fan Xing leaned against the man behind him and touched his still bulging stomach. “Why did I have to do this…”

“Three seeds can make a new individual, just like me,” Xing Chuan behind him whispered in his ear. “You can also have a third Xing Chuan, a third tree.”

Fan Xing was a bit excited. He must have been born with strange tastes.

“I wouldn’t be able to tell them apart.”

“You don’t have to,” said Xing Chuan in front of him. “They’re all me.”

Fan Xing felt another hand on his abdomen, it was Xing Chuan’s behind him. He rubbed the bulge, as if he was not the one who had just forcibly opened Fan Xing’s genital tract.

“Is it difficult?”

“If I say it’s difficult, would you stop?” Fan Xing put his hand around Xing Chuan’s neck and put his chest and back against his skin. He liked the feeling of being wrapped, just like how he liked it when the tree tied him up and wrapped him into a cocoon.

He got a smile from Xing Chuan in front before his penis opened Fan Xing’s small mouth underneath. Behind him, Xing Chuan lowers his head and kisses the top of his hair. His lips and teeth lick his shoulders and protruding scapula along the back of his neck. As he kisses, his cocky penis is stuffed into Fan Xings’s back acupoint. Both of the holes are so full that Fan Xing can’t help but scream.

Then his butt was slapped by Xing Chuan behind him. It didn’t hurt, but it made him shake all over. He didn’t have any extra fat on his body, and his buttocks were curly and soft, and he had a good natural handle. Xing Chuan didn’t waste any money. He kneaded his buttocks while pressing him.

Fan Xing loved the feeling of being filled in the front and back, but the penis in the back hole suddenly turned around and slid from the intestinal tract into the genital tract.

“Xing Chuan?” Fan Xing suddenly felt nervous, “No, I don’t want that… “

“I’ll help you,” he snapped at Fan Xing’s ear and pushed himself in slowly and firmly. “Remember to push yourself. I can only help you a little bit.”

As he said so, the penis pushed the seed against the inner wall of the genital cavity. Fan Xing’s eyes turned red, and his tears flowed out like the water. He put his arms around Xing Chuan’s shoulders in front of him, and his nails couldn’t help scratching his skin. Xing Chuan behind him has one hand on his stomach and the other on his buttocks. In front of him, Xing Chuan grabs his ankles and separates his legs further. Fan Xing’s penis rubbed against Xing Chuan’s abdomen, leaving behind a series of crystal marks, which made the handsome man in front of him stained with the smell of pornography.

Finally, Fan Xing vomited the seeds. He sobbed, and the genital tract was filled with Xing Chuan’s penis. His legs were picked up by Xing Chuan behind him, and his whole center of gravity fell on the two penises under him. The two things worked so well that sometimes they went in and out at the same time, almost bursting his stomach; sometimes they took turns filling him up, leaving him no room for breathing.

Fan Xing’s genital tract is tighter than during oestrus, and there is not much water flowing out. Xing Chuan was so cool that his scalp felt numb, and the one in front of him went crazy. He even vaguely opened the mouth of fan Xing’s palace. Fan Xing leaned in the arms of the man behind him and grabbed the arm of the man in front. He was completely blinded by the pleasure. He was drowsy and reached climax again, and the second one was more violent and lasting. Xing Chuan had put his finger into his mouth earlier. The scream from his throat was like a little poor man who was about to be tortured to death, but his shaking body showed his frankness.

Fan Xing couldn’t think about anything else, his mind was full of the halo of chaos. He didn’t even know when Xing Chuan had left his semen in his body, but it was flowing out of his two holes. His water and Xing Chuan’s semen are all mixed together.

The tree didn’t control his consciousness. Fan Xing fell asleep when he was tired and his eyes closed. Xing Chuan took him to the bathroom and cleaned up all the messy liquid on him. When he came out, the bed sheets had already been changed.

Fan Xing in Xing Chuan’s arms twisted his body when he felt movement and got another kiss from the other Xing Chuan.

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