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Chapter 5: END

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

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Fan Xing has not had a dream for a long time, or he has not remembered one for a long time. The tree is like an overbearing predator, holding everything in its palm.

He wakes up from his slumber and looks at the familiar ceiling, hoping to see the night sky of the floating forest.

Fan Xing admits that he is not a kind-hearted person. He always thinks that the reason why he is called “kind” these days is because whilst he can’t boast, he could say that ‘I haven’t done any bad things’. He admitted that he might have ruined a love that was good for Lu Yangzhou, but he did not feel guilty. After all, all he did was expose the truth.

But he wants to have a good talk with Xing Chuan or the trees.

Fan Xing knows that Xing Chuan likes the world of humans very much. He says it’s very interesting here. It’s not boring and there’s no eternal loneliness. Xing Chuan said that people’s hearts are very complex, and the definition of good, of evil, and of good and evil together is not the same in everyone’s mind. Those ups and downs make it rich, he said, and if he could, he wanted to live the average human life here.

Seventy or eighty years may just be a flick of a finger for Xing Chuan, but it is a lifetime for Fan Xing.

The God said that he could not deprive anyone of his life, including Fan Xing.

Fan Xing didn’t wait for Xing Chuan to return from morning until dusk. He was so hungry after noon that he took out the food from the refrigerator and tossed it around a little to fill his stomach. His calls to Xing Chuan couldn’t get through, no replies on Wechat, the messages on  QQ also showed ‘unread’, Xing Chuan seems to have evaporated completely.

He left without leaving any news. Fan Xing felt something was wrong, but could not tell where the panic came from. He tried to divert his attention by watching TV and scrolling his mobile phone, but matter how noisy they were, he couldn’t calm down.

The television reported a meteorite had disappeared in mid air, and scientists believed it would fall into shallow water and even evacuated most of the city. But the meteorite’s whereabouts right now is unknown, as if disappearing into the void.

He looked out of the window at the night sky. He couldn’t see many stars in the city. The light here was so bright that it dazzled Fan Xing. He wants to jump off the balcony, the fourteenth floor…he should be able to die. Maybe if you fall to death, you could see Xing Chuan, you can see the tree, and you can always be with him. He doesn’t have to carry those inexplicable ‘Omegas should’ rules, doesn’t have to worry about whether he will be discredited by others, doesn’t have to care whether his hard translations will be stolen or not, and he doesn’t have to bear the burden of living.

But he didn’t know what the world was like after death, and whether Xing Chuan could snatch him from death, so he didn’t dare to jump.

Lu Yangzhou said that he was sick. He might be, but he didn’t want to go to see a psychologist, and he didn’t want to eat those inexplicable drugs. He found the best tree, and like a saved believer, he never turned back.

This is what Xing Chuan saw when he opened the door and came in, Fan Xing sitting on an unclosed balcony railing with his feet hooked on the fence below. He would fall if he just moved a little.

“Where have you been?” Fan Xing hears the door closing and turns to ask him.

“The floating forest is on fire, and half of it is burnt,” Xing Chuan said lightly. “The human hands and feet of the body are completely burned, and they can’t come back.”

It’s not the first time that a fire has broken out in The floating forest. It’s always midnight in that forest and time always stays at zero. The fire in the floating forest will make the sky appear like a dazzling light, but people will not remember after seeing it, and all the images can not be saved.

Fan Xing finally knew where his whole day’s panic came from. The fire in the floating forest has never hurt trees, but this time it was totally different.

“Why is there a fire?” Fan Xing strides back into the house from the railing.

Xing Chuan came up and took him from the railing into his arms and nestled on the sofa. The things around his hands crawled onto Fan Xing and crept into his crotch along the loose waist of his trousers. Fan Xing shuddered. He knew it was just sprouting seeds. The tiny vines tied the root of his penis and opened his urethra to get in.

Xing Chuan didn’t answer Fan Xing’s question. He asked Fan Xing to sit on his legs, hold his back buttocks and press him in front of him.

“You may have to wait decades longer,” Xing Chuan buries himself in his neck. “I need time to get you from death. Sorry, star.”

Fan Xing was a little overwhelmed by the unexpected incident. It took him several minutes to realize how serious it was. Xing Chuan has never been so helpless. He did not know that Gods could be confused.

For Xing Chuan, decades of time are just a flick of one’s finger, his years around Fan Xing are particularly rapid. People say that this is because of the emotion of “like”. Xing Chuan knows that the flow rate of time is the same, but he still thinks it is not enough.

“Tree…” Fan Xing took a long time to put his arm around the god in front of him. “Why is there a fire?”

“Meteorite.” Xing Chuan said dully, “It’s ridiculous. One of my sources of strength has smashed into me.”

He would not say that this is his own issue, God is nostalgic about the world, even at the expense of himself having to exchange his home for the peace of the believers. He hoped that Fan Xing would never know this. He was too selfish and used his star’s life for his own wishes.

Fan Xing said he wanted to see it, but Xing Chuan didn’t let him. The original plan of “have a good talk” went directly down the drain, he was hugged up and pressed on the bed tightly. The vines in the urethra pulled out a little and bumped back. Fan Xing gave a cry of surprise and shuddered in Xing Chuan’s arms before relaxing completely.

“So good?” Xing Chuan smiles. “You’re comforting me.”

Fan Xing acquiesced. He rubbed Xing Chuan’s hair twice and told him that he could play freely today.

“But I want to comfort my star,” Xing Chuan kisses the corner of his lips. “It’s too hard for you to come back to me until you’re in the dust.”

Fan Xing smiles. He thinks that Xing Chuan’s tone is too interesting. He is like a mummer who complains that life is not easy and is extremely aggrieved.

“So play something you like today. I just read it in your head,” Xing Chuan rubbed his buttocks and opened his two holes with a little force. “Since these three seeds have just sprouted, they can’t do anything else but be used to tie you up.”

Xing Chuan is so mobile that he grabs Fan Xing’s hands behind him as soon as his voice falls. Fan Xing exclaims, and before he could react, he was pushed face down into the pillow. The forest breath of Xing Chuan came to his face, and Fan Xing was almost suffocated in an instant, and directly brought into the abyss of lust by the sudden hot tide.

Trees controlled his oestrus, and it’s not difficult to start anywhere.

The vines in his urethra slowly pulled out halfway, and then quickly inserted into the bottom. Fan Xing’s body was dripping with sweat and his clothes were stripped clean, showing his white flushed skin.

Xing Chuan said that if he wanted to tie him up, he would not just tie his wrist. He released his hand, and a vine connected to the hanging lamp at the head of the bed hung Fan Xing’s hands high in the air. This posture gave him no place to hide, he could only kneel at the head of the bed facing the wall. Xing Chuan was attached from behind, and Fan Xing instinctively rubbed against the cool skin.

Xing Chuan chuckled and asked if he wanted to be marked.

Fan Xing thought that Xing Chuan was so bad; he not only adjusted his oestrus state, but also cheated him to accept the mark when he was not conscious. Of course, Xing Chuan knows what he is thinking, but his “badness” is deeply rooted in the marrow of his bones, and he uses absolute control to misinterpret people’s wishes.

“Let’s have a temporary one first.”

Xing Chuan squeezed into his wide-open legs and lifted him up. The vines on the wall pull Fan Xing’s hand to the wall, and his legs are folded and tied. Xing Chuan has made up his mind to leave his support only to himself, Fan Xing has no strength to resist right now, he could go rogue.

Temporary marks don’t really need sex. The fragrance of orange flowers from Fan Xing’s neck glands directly pour on Xing Chuan. He opened his mouth and held the soft flesh in his mouth, licking and scraping, making Fan Xing shudder. His legs are soaked in Fan Xing’s water, also scenting his body with orange blossom. The star in his arms cry silently from the unbearable hot tide, and the tears don’t stop.

Xing Chuan turns him around, kisses off the tears from the corners of his eyes and bites through the soft flesh of his back neck.

That feeling is more from the satisfaction of the soul than from the pain of fullness and skin rupture. Xing Chuan’s movements are very gentle, and sometimes he licks the beads of blood from his back neck. The forest is wrapped in flowers. Fan Xing’s legs are stuck and his waist and abdomen are firmly hooked by an arm.

Even in this confined position, he felt free.

“Star,” Xing Chuan called him, “I love you.”

Fan Xing snorted from his throat. His intestines were opened, and Xing Chuan’s penis ran over the entrance of the genital tract and poked in impolitely. Fan Xing lost his voice. The rough wallpaper rubbed against the milk grains on his chest, the pink cherry color turned red, making him look extremely pitiful.

Xing Chuan did this intentionally. He knows that this posture will make Fan Xing collapse and cry. His penis was so deep and hard that when he looked down, he could see the hole which he had filled was without a wrinkle. There was flooding, so he was also covered with the smell of orange blossoms. Fan Xing’s tears fell on his knees, and the teeth marks on his back neck seeped blood again, he looked bullied and tortured.

“Star, I haven’t started to bully you yet,” Xing Chuan raised his chin and let his waist bow back in an arc. “Your face is crying, poor dear.”

Fan Xing opened his mouth absently. He has not yet recovered from the pleasure from his reproductive cavity and was stimulated to climax directly by a “little pity”. His reproductive cavity shrunk sharply, making Xing Chuan unable to resist his mouth. He puts his arm around his waist, raises it a little and bumps back.

“Ah! It hurts… ” Fan Xing couldn’t bear it. He felt that he was going to be broken, “Too- too deep! You let me – ah!“

Xing Chuan didn’t want him to finish, he rammed into him again whilst Fan Xing begged for mercy. Fan Xing’s legs were shaking, and the sticky sweat reduced the friction. He couldn’t even borrow strength from Xing Chuan’s legs, and his toes contracted and opened unbearably.

“It doesn’t hurt. It’s too comfortable,” Xing Chuan sighed. “You see, there’s something in front of you, it’s so spiritual. How could it hurt?”

He reached for Fan Xing’s penis and shook it a few times. His little star couldn’t stand any more stimulation, and almost immediately climaxed again. He still had something in his urethra, which thrusted into the delicate inner wall with the frequency of Xing Chuan’s movement, causing mucus to seep out.

Xing Chuan felt the body twitch suddenly in his arms. He lowered his head and bit his back neck again. Fan Xing was pacified by this aggressive action, he was never afraid; even if the tree devoured him and imprisoned his soul and body, he would not be afraid. It took him less than a year to dedicate himself to God, from the inside out, from the body to the heart.

“Does it hurt?” Xing Chuan pressed against his neck and asked, “Does it hurt, star?”

“No…” Fan Xing’s crying voice overflowed with extreme pleasure, “I want to- I want you to… “

“What can I do for you?”

Fan Xing seemed to be choking on his saliva, after choking for a while, he couldn’t wait to say, “Eat me. Want- want you to eat me – Oh..”

Xing Chuan’s low laughter was covered in the past, and the sound of water mixed with the sobbing and weeping, weaving the most beautiful picture. He buckled Fan Xing’s hip bone and made a crisp “crack” sound on the soft meat of his buttocks. Fan Xing was so shamed by the sound that his face, ears, cheeks, and even his skin were crimson.

His buttocks were easily slapped red, and the vines binding his hands climbed from the wall to the roof, leaving him suspended in the air. Xing Chuan’s manipulation made him stagger and leak water, shaking like a broken pendulum in the air. His pleas for mercy were smashed into pieces. Xing Chuan read his mind full of “going wrong” and “no way”, but his lower body moved harder.

All of Xing Chuan’s power of reason seemed to have been left in the floating forest, burned by the meteorite fire, and his usual restraint disappeared. He stuck his fingers into Fan Xing’s vagina and pressed the sensitive points. His fingertips turned into vines around the mouth of the palace, and tentacles penetrated into the uterus through the narrow hole.

Fan Xing was crying forcefully. He had red marks tied to his wrist, and the vines were still scratching his palms. Xing Chuan untied his legs, but his feet did not have the strength to support his body. Those vines had been tied for too long, and his legs had become numb. Now the needle-like prickling sensation spread from the center of his foot to the roots of his legs, which made him crazy, but the more he struggled, the more difficult it was.

“Good star,” Xing Chuan said, biting his neck and shoulder like crazy, trying to leave the forest breath of the whole world on him. “I love you.”

He even wanted to shoot directly into his reproductive cavity to mark him, and his remaining reason was about to be burned out. His greed and sexual desire seemed to be brought to the peak by destruction, and the desire to plunder and occupy almost engulfed his consciousness.

Xing Chuan didn’t know how he could resist not shooting inside. At last, he turned his direction and left the cold semen in Fan Xing’s gut. His star has been tossed to sleep, the tears on his face were crisscrossed, and the red marks left by his kisses and slaps are so beautiful that Xing Chuan can’t help but want to leave more.

His star is full of his smell. He will go to school in two days and everyone will know that he is marked. His alpha is a bully.

Xing Chuan is very satisfied with this naive idea. They have to live in this world for a long time, he’s ready to find something to do.

But before that, he’s going to swallow his star.

(I’m back. I’ll finish DDL to put a luxury car for children’s day.)

But sometimes, God has a lot of things to decide. Trees are absolute masters in the areas they can control, but they are no different from ordinary people.

Fan Xing checked a lot of information about the meteorite when he went out. He didn’t know when he decided to satisfy his selfish desires. He didn’t want to stay in this world, he would rather be in front of a scorched tree trunk than face the bright sun.

Xing Chuan said that his power comes from the stars, but if he is attached to this planet, there will always be other things that can affect him. Although God has long disappeared from the world, there are always traces left.

For example, the legend of sacrifice, such as belief.

When Xing Chuan came home, Fan Xing was still tossing about the mess in the room. He didn’t mean to hide it, Xing Chuan could easily find out what he was thinking, so hiding was meaningless. He stood at his desk with a glass of lemonade and looked back at the dense handwriting on the white paper. He didn’t have to guess what Fan Xing was thinking.

But he didn’t speak first.

“I know you won’t stop me,” Fan Xing looked up at him after a while, “but you don’t agree.”

“I said that you belong to yourself, and my star should have its own life,” he took a sip of warm water, took a pen from the desk and crossed out some of the contents of the paper. “But where your life should go, it should be up to you, not me.”

He knew what Fan Xing was going to do, but the child would rather look around like a fly with a dull head, rather than ask him a word. Fan Xing’s stubbornness always appeared in strange places, such as offering a sacrifice, which was selfish.

“I’m not making a decision,” Fan Xing looked down at the strokes Xing Chuan had drawn. “I’m on the run.”

Xing Chuan reaches out and rubs his hair. Fan Xing’s hair is naturally maroon, and sometimes it glows amber in the sun. But it looked brown, probably because he grew up in an orphanage and suffered from malnutrition.

Fan Xing was actually very sober. He felt that he had never been more sober. Before he met Xing Chuan, he liked the feeling of being held by the wind and being pulled down by the wind at any time. The school counselor said he was suicidal and asked him to go to a professional psychiatrist. The doctor prescribed him medicine, but Fan Xing never took it.

He thought it was a good thing, anyways, there’s nothing to be nostalgic about. To live is to linger and to die is to be reborn.

Fan Xing sometimes felt that Xing Chuan is a fantasy. He got deeper and deeper in the hysteria and finally saw things that normal people can’t see. The date on that day may also have been a dream. How could he say he wants to eat tiramisu?

Only when he has sex can he find a sense of reality. The sprouting seeds and vines around him can’t lie. Those things hung him in the air, and he couldn’t float on his own.

He asks Xing Chuan, is this a dream?

But after he finishes, he realizes that it doesn’t matter what the answer is. If this is a dream, he will jump down from the highest mountain. On the way down, he will meet the tree and his eternity. He is not afraid to be broken into pieces. It is just the process of his body turning into dust.

It is said that when people’s attachment to death reaches a certain degree, they will see another world.

Xing Chuan said that the seeds he gave birth to had a certain degree of independence. Although there was mutual awareness, acting alone was not a problem. He doesn’t have to worry that Xing Chuan will lose his freedom of living in this world because of his own wish. God always has various ways to fulfill himself.

“The floating forest always follows the night sky. When the night comes, you just have to jump down from here,” Xing Chuan said. “But before that, I want to mark you.”

Fan Xing said yes. He got up from his desk and put his arms around Xing Chuan’s waist.

Fan Xing was still calm when the heat came up. He’s more adapted to this than other Omegas, perhaps because it’s Xing Chuan every time, so he is never afraid.

The tree in love has always been domineering, but this time it’s different. Xing Chuan’s penis was too gentle as he slowly buried into his reproductive cavity. His body was full of water, leaving wet water marks on the glass table top, and the exhaled heat was completely swallowed up.

Xing Chuan regards the mark as a ceremony, like the last supper before sacrifice. He drinks Fan Xing’s tears into his stomach and slowly and firmly thrusts into his reproductive cavity. The glands in the back neck were rubbed red by his fingers, and chewed and licked by Xing Chuan’s mouth again and again.

Fan Xing didn’t know when he moved from his study to his bedroom. He was pressed on the bed and his buttocks were pushed up to meet the collision behind him. Xing Chuan pressed on him. They made love and went to bed like the most ordinary human beings, and also marked the knot like the most ordinary human beings.

After Xing Chuan left his semen in the genital cavity, he used his sharp teeth to bite Fan Xing’s back neck. The process of marking the knot is not painful, it’s like soaking in a hot spring. The heat fills every corner of the body. In his orange blossom fragrance, Xing Chuan has left the smell of the forest forever. After that, he would never be alone again.

“Don’t cry,” Xing Chuan holds him and wipes the tears out of his eyes again and again. “Don’t cry.”

He said that those who wish can’t cry, which is something too many people can’t get.

Fan Xing thought he was lucky. It took him 20 years to get a Xing Chuan. Many ascetic monks have never been blessed by the gods and Buddhas for their whole life. It took him only 20 years.

He didn’t jump down from the 14th floor in a hurry. He spent a week dealing with all his affairs in the world. He dropped out of school and put all the money in his bank card into Xing Chuan’s account, destroying all traces of himself. He found a mountain that was not very high, on the outskirts of the city, because it had a cliff. The night wind was still cool this season, and his clothes danced wildly in the wind.

Standing behind him, Xing Chuan pointed to a mottled shadow in the night sky and said that it was the floating forest.

Fan Xing looked up and turned around with a smile. He stood on the edge of the cliff and could fall if he retreated a step . People will not find his remains. The man named Fan Xing will become a star and live forever in Xing Chuan’s arms.

The moment he jumped, there was a flash of white light in the middle of the forest. The blackened tree trunks are covered with the light, and all stars concentrated in one place.

When the halo fades, the broken branches of the trees are reborn. A figure stood by the tree, with tender green branches and leaves growing where their fingers touched. Fan Xing’s hair was blown by the wind, and a god stood in the direction of his steps, and the god extended his hand to him.

Fan Xing was staring in that direction. He smelled the scent of the forest, the orange blossom in the forest was full of his flavor. Vines grew under his feet, and white flowers grew on his footprints.

He went to his God and the star tree moved with the wind. The whole floating forest swayed with the fragrance of orange flowers; it was God’s wedding, God had found his eternal partner.

“Welcome back,” said the tree, “my star.”

Fan XIng had arrived.

If you want to ask Fan Xing what kind of life he lived after he went to the floating forest, it should start from the first day.

He jumped off the cliff and was caught in the floating forest. Xing Chuan gave him a beautiful and suffocating wedding, and then swallowed him directly into the hotbed.

It is called the bridal chamber.

Fan Xing had already been half-assimilated before, so his body was naturally more resilient and could bear more..

“You let me. Can’t I get used to it first? ” Fan Xing yelled, but the vines of the tree pulled him, and he didn’t lose any strength. “Haven’t you eaten meat in hundreds of years? I can run or what? Ah-!”

Rui went straight into his vagina, crazily stirring his tender meat. Fan Xing was almost driven crazy by the pleasure. Now he knows how much the trees are converging. He was never treated like this before when swallowed into the hotbed.

“I’ve been waiting for you for thousands of years,” the tree’s voice whispered in his ear. “I don’t want to wait any more.”

Fan Xing’s brain was in a mess, and a lot of memories came in together. It was not Xing Chuan’s first time finding him. In the previous life, he participated in everything from the start, from the birth of Fan Xing’s soul.

“You, you let me finish, let me finish! ” Fan Xing reached out to pull the pistil out of his vagina, but it was so wet and slippery that one hand couldn’t hold it. “Tree! Xing Chuan!”

“I’ll do it for you. Let me be cool first, my dear,” the tree’s voice was extremely twisted. “Look at me, I had meteorites before.”

“You’re lying to me! Ah – slow down!” Fan Xing was so angry that the tree tied his hands and opened it into a big font, “You black god! You fucking-ah! I can’t do two. Can you come one by one? “

His intestines were snatched open by two pistils, one of which squeezed itself into the genital tract, and the other crushed his prostate. Fan Xing lost his voice. The tree’s low smile made him angry, but he couldn’t do anything about it.

Who knew that everything was the tree’s plot? This guy has been trying to deceive Fan Xing for a long time, but the “decent God” pretended he could only accept the soul of voluntary sacrifice. He spent his life branding his existence in Fan Xing’s subconscious mind, and finally got what he wanted.

Anyway, Fan Xing was very angry when he received the memories of his previous lives. Xing Chuan agreed that he didn’t care about the reason Fan Xing would jump off the cliff, he just wanted him.

Damn it, Fan Xing thinks he has the right to be very angry, he’s been run through from front to back as soon as he arrived, even his words have been divided into several parts.

The hotbed of the tree is glowing. It’s a romantic scene, but Fan Xing can’t laugh or cry. He gave up talking and struggling and decided to talk about business when the tree was calmer. But the moment the idea appeared in his mind, the three roots under him stopped moving.

Fan Xing leaned over, took a breath and asked, “Why? Why stop?”

“I want to have sex, I don’t want to go to bed alone,” the tree turned into a human, and Xing Chuan curled his lips. “You’re unhappy. Today we’re married, you can’t be unhappy.”

Fan Xing wanted to laugh. Does he know he’s not happy?

“No other problem, I wonder,” Fan Xing lay there, not wanting to move. “Will I ever die? How much fun is it for me to figure out what I don’t know?”

Xing Chuan also lays down beside him, stretching his hand around the tip of his hair: “I liked seeing you fight for me. I was excited by the way you killed yourself before.”

“I still want to jump directly from the floating forest. Are you excited?” Fan Xing turns his back to him and says, “I don’t want to see you.”

“Star…” Xing Chuan sighed, “I love you.”

“Mn, I love you too.”

Xing Chuan of course knows that Fan Xing is angry. He knew this would happen when he returned the memory to him. He reached for Fan Xing’s waist and gently pecked at his back neck.

“Forgive me, XingXing,” Xing Chuan begged, “I want to have sex, I want to do it with you, don’t you feel uncomfortable? You’re wet and hot inside, and still boiling up. It’s all dripping on my hotbed. It’s so sweet. Let me do it. You can see that you’re hard. You must want to… “

He chattered in Fan Xing’s ear for pleasure, and the thoughts he held in his mind flew away. He lay on the hotbed and smoothed his memory from beginning to end, and finally could only sigh.

His God has been waiting for him for too long.

The first generation of Fan Xing was born as a sacrifice. The people of the tribe lived in the forest and offered a sacrifice every year to pray for peace. He was tied to a tall book with a bonfire under it. At that time, people believed that the gods were in the sky, and only flying ash could reach their world.

Xing Chuan saved him, but Fan Xing said he didn’t want to.

So Xing Chuan waited for the second and third generation to see him change from a human to a fly, to a plant, to a flower, and then to a man again. He has been waiting for thousands of years and has lost almost all his courage. He didn’t dare to force or urge him. All he could do was protect him because God was afraid.

Fan Xing knows why Xing Chuan is called Xing Chuan. This is his name. He said he was a star, and his God was the river, the vegetation, the continuous mountains, and all things in the world.

“Xing Chuan,” Fan Xing called to him, “How long have you been waiting?”

Xing Chuan laughed. He said that it was not long before, and it was worth waiting longer.

Fan Xing asked why there were so many sacrifices, and why he liked one of them.

“Because you look good.”

Fan Xing couldn’t laugh or cry. Xing Chuan was just messing around, and his penis was firmly against his own groin

What to do, Fan Xing thought, and spoil it.

He sighed, his legs around the three pistils to turn himself over.

“Forget it,” Fan Xing said, “I’ll give you a day to make love however you want, and then abstain seven days a week.What kind of eyes are you – oh-.”

Xing Chuan suddenly blocked his mouth and his tongue went straight in.

Fan Xing suddenly thought of one thing. Xing Chuan also told him that he went to the world in order to understand human beings. However, after so many years in the world, he not only knew everything, but also had enough money to buy a country.

But all of these were quickly swallowed up, and his body began to be unscrupulous, apparently ready to spend a day eating back the ‘old money’ Xing Chuan for a week.

At the same time, the three-human Xing Chuan appeared in the hotbed.

Fan Xing’s mouth is blocked to death. Sometimes, it is the other’s lips and tongue, and sometimes it’s Xing Chuan’s penis. He was forced to deep-throat it, and the physiological nausea was pushed back by the antennae of the pistil. The nasty little hairs got into his urethra, and some even opened his mammary pores.

The feeling of bitterness brought tears, and the tears were licked clean again. Xing Chuan’s hand touched his clitoris, pulled the two pieces of tender flesh and found his female urethra. Fan Xing almost went crazy at the moment, even though he only scratched using his fingers, which had already ‘killed’ him, not to mention the additional devastation.

“Have you ever peed here?” Xing Chuan bit his ear and asked him, “Would you like me to help you?”

“Don’t refuse me,” another Xing Chuan whispered in his other ear. “You see, this hole should not  be wasted.”

He didn’t mean to ask for permission at all. The vine stretched out its tentacles and pushed into the small hole using the water from the vagina. There was a hoarse scream from Fan Xing’s throat. His mouth was stuffed with the penis of the third Xing Chuan. The penis split and countless vines stirred his tongue and filled his whole mouth.

He couldn’t speak at all. The whimpering and groaning in his throat couldn’t make Xing Chuan stop. On the contrary, it stimulated him further.

“I love your body so much,” Xing Chuan touched his sweaty cheek. “It’s so beautiful and can  swallow so many things.”

The pistil in his intestines suddenly sped up, and the hole was smashed bright red, almost bleeding. Fan Xing felt that he was about to be split. What was behind him stimulated the nerves in the prostate and genital cavity, bringing him directly to climax. The tentacles blocking his urethra swelled suddenly at this moment. Xing Chuan pulled and inserted the two tools in his back acupoint and sucked all the semen clean.

The hotbed was sprinkled with water, and Fan Xing’s body was shaking like it had been electrocuted in an experiment. He couldn’t control his body’s reaction at all. His urethra, as a male, was tightly blocked, and Xing Chuan’s tentacles helped him clear the hole hidden below. Urine comes out with the tidal water, but Xing Chuan is more excited by Fan Xing’s scream. The pistil inserted in the vagina grinds over the sensitive points and prolongs his pleasure during orgasm. It was a long time till Fan Xing’s body finally stopped trembling.

Two Xing Chuan hugged him from the front and behind, and new objects were filled in the back acupoint which could not close. This time, his vagina was forced to eat more.

“I saw something good on the Internet that day. Do you know kesulu, star?” Xing Chuan’s voice made Fan Xing shudder. “Mental climaxes seem very interesting. I’d like to try it.”

Fan Xing’s mouth had just been filled with water, and he was about to say ‘No thank you’, but Xing Chuan’s hand immediately touched the glands in his back neck.

The electric current washes his body from the center. Xing Chuan doesn’t know the meaning of ‘baby steps’. He directly swallows Fan Xing’s consciousness. Fan Xing feels that he has become a sex pheromone, and every inch of his skin is a sensitive point for him to achieve climax. He became a broken faucet in less than ten seconds, and the hotbed was dripping with water. A vine was inserted into his throat, providing him with energy to maintain his physical strength.

Fan Xing felt that he was no different from an experimental object. Three Xing Chuan’s hands were randomly touching his body, and three sexual organs were inserted into two acupoints under his body. There was something in his urethra that blocked him from ejaculating, but another hole under his body was nourished with water.

A minute later, Fan Xing fainted. But Xing Chuan still did not let him go. He controlled the body to wake him up again, and his nerves were stimulated till they trembled.

The climax lasted only three minutes because Fan Xing was dehydrating.

It took him a while to recover from the lingering charm, and his muscles completely took off and twitched. But Xing Chuan didn’t end the sex affair because of this. Countless tentacles were stretched out on the hotbed, and green branches crisscrossed Fan Xing. The branches opened his legs and rubbed back and forth in his knee sockets. His waist was filled with water. Xing Chuan lowered his head and licked the orange blossom flavored liquid, leaving a neat tooth mark on his buttocks.

Fan Xing’s buttocks are bound with a dent, the only thing on his body that had no shortage of meat was here. Usually, when he is lightly patted, he can generate ripples. Right now, he is tied horizontally, which makes Xing Chuan want to slap him hard. Of course, he could not bear it. The slapping didn’t hurt, but the sound was so loud that Fan Xing couldn’t help shrinking his neck.

“I seem to have forgotten something,” Xing Chuan laughed. “there is still a mouth in your vagina. Can I open it for you?”

The pistil sticks out its tentacles, which carry suction cups. The narrow cervix was filled with very thin stems, and those suckers devoured the water in Fan Xing’s vagina, so the mouth of the palace was getting bigger and bigger. Fan Xing’s mouth opened, and he kept looking up. Saliva ran down the corners of his mouth. Xing Chuan watched as the wisp of saliva streaked across his throat, around his Adam’s apple, sliding to his chest, and finally blocked by his navel. He lowered his head and bit the tip of Fan Xing’s breast, and the penis in the vagina began to hit the sensitive spot quickly.

Fan Xing had never experienced such a scream. He felt that he was going to die. He asked Xing Chuan to let him go, but he could not get any response. One day is too long for him. Twenty four hours is enough for the body to fall apart. He is now like a broken sex toy.

But Xing Chuan said that he would not break and is very resistant to ‘exercise’.

A vine wrapped around the root of his penis. Xing Chuan stopped him from ejaculating and tied a criss-cross knot on his scrotum. The penis in the back acupoint ejaculates in the genital cavity, and a new vine is inserted into the intestines, carrying more water.

“If I pour something in, remember to hold it,” Xing Chuan said, “or I’ll turn you upside down.”

Fan Xing felt like he was being turned upside down now. He can’t contain anything. His back acupoint is completely open, the hole is loose and soft, not to mention it’s water, right now even the jumping egg could not be contained. Xing Chuan just wants to play with him. The vine spits water into the holes, and the liquid flows out and is poured in again. His intestines were washed clean and his legs were wet. Xing Chuan sighed and resented hanging his ankles.

Fan Xing’s legs were spread out and hung head down in the air. As soon as Xing Chuan lowered his head, he could see the two acupoints, which were almost rotten.

“What a pity,” he said, “is my XingXing about to break?”

Fan Xing didn’t even have the strength to answer. His two holes were filled with things again. They might be the tentacles of the tree, or something else, he couldn’t tell. After that day, he slept well for three days, and there was no place on his body that wasn’t sore. His two acupoints were overused and always felt stretched out.

And his nipples were a little swollen.

Xing Chuan’s activities in the human world have not stopped. He has brought a lot of toys for Fan Xing, including mobile phones, computers, tablet e-books. Fan Xing lies on the star tree every day, living an erosive life day and night. He is sometimes pulled up by Xing Chuan to make love, or is swallowed by the tree and tossed in the hotbed.

He thought that if he had known how comfortable life in the forest was, he would not have hesitated to commit suicide.

Xing Chuan always carries the fragrance of Fan Xing’s flowers. He was a star, he did research, wrote many books, and disappeared from the world at the age of 107. Fan Xing was chasing a drama on his computer at that time Xing Chuan returned, as soon as he turned around, he hugged Xing Chuan.

“Welcome home,” Fan Xing said, “my God.”

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August 9, 2020 5:54 pm

Thank you for all the hard work translating this short series! It was interesting and more explicit then I expected but I’m not complaining.

August 9, 2020 8:16 pm

To be loved to such extent by the god, who would not be overwhelmed? The wedding night is thousands of years’s lusts and passions celebration, how can Fang Xin withstand it? Poor Fang Xin, Xing Chuan is such a beast. 😄 Beautiful story, beautiful ending. Thank you for the translations! Appreciate every works you all do.

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Thank you for translating this story. I haven’t seen a novel this explicit in a very long while. Even if the descriptions are super detailed, instead of being obscene, they are super HOT. Good read! Here, XingXing is 100% devoted to his god and his god is into him completely, they are in it deeply together.

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