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Chapter 10: It’s Not Romance, It’s Lovesickness

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


“Don’t be afraid. I heard everything just now,” Sylar said in his ear. “What are you going to do?”

The Druid’s lips almost touched the hair near his ears, which made Myka start to get goosebumps again. He rubbed them away, but the bottom of the vertical hole was not very big, and he could not hide far.

“You… What’s the matter with you?!” Myka asked in a low voice.

“It’s just my ability… Was it cute?” The Druid’s tone held a little expectation.

It was cute, but Myka didn’t want to say so. “How many times a day can you become an animal?” He asked instead.

“Five times, why?”

Myka thought about the dream… It was really a dream. The Druid changed six times in the dream. Myka flicked his head and decided to let go of the strange things first. In addition to dreams, Myka also thought of the Druid’s other uses at this time.

“In a word, since you have heard it, can you save those people and the injured elf?” Myka said, “I can escape, but I can’t help them. If you can get out, go to the Knights and the village guard, and let them deal with the robbers.”

“I can heal that girl, but I can’t take away all the captured people,” The Druid had heard them in Myka’s backpack. “I can’t keep them calm and make them follow me… There are a lot of evil creatures here, which are not so powerful, but there are so many that I can’t protect every captive.”

Myka thought for a moment and said, “Then you should heal that elf. I think that dark elf has other reasons, so I will not leave for the time being.”

“Yes. Then I’ll bring the Knights.” Sylar agreed.

“Do you know where we are outside? You… You were in my backpack before?”

“You don’t have to worry about me finding the way,” said Sylar, who was close to Myka and blinked, “because I’m the son of the wilderness and the jungle. But, Myka, won’t you come with me?”

“No, they will be vigilant. If you can, I hope the Knights will encircle them. Because I was brought by them from the village. If they find me running away, maybe they’ll think that they will be able to grab me again.” Although Myka thought that King Hollis didn’t look very smart, he was a dark elf after all, so he shouldn’t be as stupid as a troll.

Sylar nodded, and suddenly approached Myka, frightening the mage into hiding and bumping the back of his head against the stone wall.

Sylar grinned, reached out and rubbed his head, then leaned in and kissed his cheek.

Myka was stiff, knowing that he must have blushed, since he was embarrassed and shocked. “… What?” He kept his voice as low as possible.

“A blessing from the son of the wilderness, Myka.” Sylar kissed him on the other side of the face, then held his cheeks and kissed his forehead.

Although this seemed to be a Druid’s ritual, Myka was still uncomfortable.

He wasn’t shy about kissing. After all, the ten-year-old girl in the spice shop in the city often kissed his face. When he met Morning Mist a long time ago, the woman kissed him on the pretext of elvish face-to-face rites. But Myka felt terrible because the guy had been following him for many years, and he had been following him for several days now… He even voluntarily confessed to this behavior, confessed to voyeurism in the letter, and planned to continue to do so.

Sylar also pinched Myka’s finger when he stood up, which reminded Myka of the ten-year-old girl in the spice shop. Then the Druid turned into a little bat in front of him and flew out of the hole.

Unlike a mage’s arcane art, Sylar didn’t need to chant spells when changing his form. He was silent.

Myka sighed and retreated into the straw.

After a rest, Myka heard a scream from the other end of the cave. It sounded so bleak that it was almost impossible to tell what it was. Then there was a clamor, and the eerie cries of monsters of all sizes.

When the sound stopped, the sound of footsteps came. An orc dropped the ladder down and said, “Mage! The king calls you!”

Myka climbed up with a sense of unease. The disturbance was probably caused by Sylar. Myka was worried about whether the Druid was caught. Of course, it was impossible. With Myka’s knowledge of these sons of nature, he knew that Sylar should be a high-level mage.

The orcs pushed him and took him to the elf’s little stone room. The orcs seemed to be afraid of the curtain pretending to have magical runes, and dared not move forward. They just pushed Myka in.

Myka fell in, steadied his steps, and with the light of a candle on the table, he saw that Hollis was sitting by the bed. The blankets and pillows were scattered all over the floor, and the elf girl in the room was gone.

Hollis’s face was covered with sheets, his shoulders were shaking and Myka wondered if he was crying.

“Hey, you…” Myka tried to say hello to him.

The dark elf still buried his face in the sheet, and said in a muffled voice, “It’s just… She ran away and hit me in the face…”

Myka laughed, secretly happy for the elf’s escape. “It’s a pity. She was a female soldier. It must be very difficult to deal with.”

“Yes,” said Hollis, “I don’t like women who are muscular. They remind me of my sisters… However, this woman is obviously very petite. How beautiful her brown hair is, just like that of Princess Hyacinth…”

“What?” Myka vaguely felt that he heard a familiar name.

The dark elf turned his head abruptly, his expression was fierce but he was still crouching on the ground. Even if his skin color was very deep, the bruises on the corners of his eyes and mouth were quite obvious. “I must get Princess Hyacinth! If I can’t get such a soft and gentle creature, what’s the point of coming to the surface?!”

Myka’s mouth grew slowly, and he recalled the silly elf Princess standing on the terrace.

Not long ago, he and Sylar were hired by the Elven King to pretend to be villains, but now it seemed that there were real villains coveting the gossip! However, Myka was not sure about the words ‘soft and gentle’. Although the princess was not very good at fighting… 

Hollis stood up, shivering with pain, and hobbled about the room, his back in a deep arc. “I wanted to practice with her, but it didn’t seem to work,” said dark elf, gasping at the corner of his mouth. “I’ve decided to attack Lansuo Valley at once!”

“What?” Myka was surprised.

“Why make such a fuss! I haven’t been with the surface elves. Before I take away Princess Hyacinth, I have to practice something…”

Myka’s surprise, of course, was not this, but that Hollis had said he wanted to attack Lansuo Valley.

“What’s in Lansuo Valley to attack…” Their tactics were so poor that the elven soldiers were usually asleep. But this second half, Myka held back.

“I’ve seen Hyacinth from a distance.” Hollis’s expression was very complicated, and Myka couldn’t tell whether it was deep affection or ferocity. Myka guessed that it might be the characteristic of dark elves. “At that time, I was still unfamiliar with everything on the earth’s surface. I lost my way in the forest, and I lost the courage to survive… At this time, I saw her. She stood under the tree, raised her hand and slapped the soldier around her, then turned and cried… No matter how the soldier begged, she would not turn around. I was fascinated by her then!”

Myka tilted his head and opened his mouth slightly, temporarily losing his speaking ability.

“You know, there is no such soft woman in my hometown,” the dark elf added. “I wish I could kill that soldier, take her as my own, take her tears and anger, and let her only slap me in the face…”

“If you have the hobby of being beaten…” Myka said difficultly, “I can help you get in touch with some friends. They will have a good time with you…”

Hollis looked at him, put away the expression of utter devotion and made a dignified gesture. “I’m glad to see you so active in wanting to be loyal, human. But it’s not a time for pleasure. I’ll start at once and attack those elves! When I send the message, mage, you will provide me with that kind of magic!”

“Wait! You’ve just been injured. You can’t act now!” Myka decided to delay as much as possible. Sylar had gone to find the Order. If the dark elf and the robbers left immediately, when the Order arrived, they may not be able to catch up.

Moreover, Myka guessed that the elf warrior was also an Lansuo elf. If this place was only one night away from the village, maybe it was not far from Lansuo Valley, so it was better for the female warrior to go back to report.

Myka went on, “You are mentally unstable and have wounds. Leading your army out like this will lead to a great reduction in morale And you haven’t even touched that elf girl. Don’t you think it’s too unworthy and not wonderful?”

“What’s your suggestion?” Hollis asked.

“Let me stabilize your mind for you,” Myka made a gesture to prepare for casting. “Pink robed mages can provide you with a partner with a sense of individuality. Although the time is limited, I promise you satisfaction…”

In fact, the level of this spell was very low. It could summon a human and a sexual image. This ‘thing’ would be full of temptation to reach its goal, but it was not a living thing. In fact, it had no life. It did not understand anything except sex, nor could it talk or listen, or even change halfway… After a period of time, it would disappear completely, no matter whether the work was done or not.

Myka understood the spell, but never offered it to customers. Because the image of the ‘sex’ in this magic couldn’t be controlled, or even controlled by the mage. It was not whatever one wanted.

Of course, under the control of this spell, the image summoned would not be too ugly, but the specific appearance… Even gender was definitely a gamble for the mage. A high-level mage had studied that the image may be related to the consciousness of the mage, which had not been proved.

Myka successfully completed the spell and directed the spell at Hollis.

Dark elves were a war loving and eager race. Originally, Hollis wanted to go to Lansuo Valley immediately, but he was curious about the magic of the pink robed mage. After all, he didn’t get to enjoy any service after catching the mage.

When the summon appeared, Myka turned and ran. He just wanted to be a mole and get into a hole! Because of the image he summoned… It was a man, naked, with wheat skin…

Well, maybe it looked charming. The problem was that the summon had red hair, and even moved toward the dark elf in a figure eight, and even rubbed his hands shyly.

——Why on earth did I think of summoning this thing? Myka ran out of the stone chamber and ran into a jackal’s breastplate. The monster caught him and snapped at him. He hardly heard him.

Myka knew exactly who that image looked like. Although the body shape was different, the appearance was different, and the height was slightly shorter than that Druid… But it was so obvious, that was exactly what Sylar was created for! Myka almost wanted to reflect on his inner thoughts of beauty.

His confused thinking was interrupted by a shout, which sounded as the dark elf struggled very hard.

“King! What’s the matter?!”

The jackals grabbed Myka, but they didn’t dare to enter the house. So did the orcs and goblins. Perhaps the dark elf once lied to them that there was some terrible magic on the curtain. They dare not go beyond one step.

“… Ah!!!!! No!!!!! Pink Robed Mage…!!! Ah, ah, ah!” In the room came the sound of dishes falling on the ground, the sound of cloth being torn, and the dark elf’s intermittent cry, “Get me the mage!!! Ah! Go away!”

The jackal asked in bewilderment, “Do you want him to leave or go in?”

“Come in!! Not you!!! Get out of the way!!” Then there was a string of words in a language that the people outside couldn’t understand.

The monsters looked at each other, unable to understand the king’s command.

Myka, held by the Jackal with a machete near his throat, sat on the ground, trying to hide his expression with his head down, shaking with laughter.


The author has something to say:

The duration of summoning is related to a mage’s level. The higher the mage’s level is, the longer the duration is. But whether a mage is a junior or a senior, the content of this magic is the same, that is, a human figure without real life comes to have sex… And it seems that we can’t specify the shape of the person…

… Actually, Myka is quite reliable…

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