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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Luo ZhouZhou was sitting on a bench outside the police station, looking at the flower bed at the bottom of the stairs. Assistant Qin, who had come to pick him up, was going through the formalities inside.

“Luo ZhouZhou has given you a lot of trouble.” Assistant Qin filled out the last form and looked at the police officer in front of him.

“No, no, Mr. Luo is a good boy.” The police officer was terrified, and when he saw him going out, he quickly pulled open the transparent glass door before anyone else.

Assistant Qin looked around after he came out, slowly walked to Luo ZhouZhou and exhaled, “Mr. Luo, let’s go back.”

He thought he would be rejected, but Luo ZhouZhou got up without any resistance and followed him to the parking lot.

The black sedan started up and slowly left the police station under the watchful eyes of several officers.

Assistant Qin drove in silence. Luo ZhouZhou leaned his head back against the back of the seat and stopped looking outside, feeling tired now after a long night’s activities. The person he was looking for was in Aleisha, which was no longer as unattractive to him as it had been before.

Chen SiHan…

Luo ZhouZhou’s sleepiness subsided at the thought of the name and he became excited again.

Chen SiHan, Chen SiHan, he repeated the name several times.

But Aleisha was really big, and he had no idea where he lived and he was a little worried about that. Then he was happy again, as long as he knew who he was, it would be easy to find him. He had been looking for so many years, a little more time wouldn’t make a difference.

Luo ZhouZhou, you have to be calm. He cautioned himself. What will you say when you find him? Hello, I’m your mate? But what if he doesn’t believe me? Let me take a bite, and you will know?

Here, Luo ZhouZhou pressed the tip of his tongue against his upper canines. Ever since he arrived in this world, he had found that his pointed teeth could no longer be extended, no matter how hard he tried. There was always only one small, pointed, short tooth. It looked malnourished and hung weakly on the gums.

Would it be possible to bite open SiHan’s skin and pierce his veins with this when the time comes?

Luo ZhouZhou thought of that scene with excitement and concern. But he didn’t dare go to the dentist. He couldn’t say, ‘Hi, I’m a vampire, but my fangs aren’t coming out lately, please take a look.’

There were not many pedestrians on the street anymore, but the neon signs were still on, and the colors in the car were also changing through the glass. Luo ZhouZhou looked to the side of Assistant Qin ‘s face in the driver’s seat, in the same position, at the same angle, and he suddenly remembered Chu Feng.

Suddenly, the joy of finding his mate was diluted a bit.

If I had known that I would only be arrested at the police station, I would never have opened my mouth to tell him about my race. This secret can only be known by SiHan.

Luo ZhouZhou exhaled in frustration and looked slightly out of the car window. The street had widened, and Assistant Qin accelerated his car, the scenery on both sides flashing fast. Suddenly, he saw a man in a military uniform on the side of the street, his back to him, a bag full of stuff in his hand, standing and talking with a young woman in an orange dress.

The woman looked at him and smiled, then took the bag from him. Luo ZhouZhou thought the uniform and the back looked familiar, like Chu Feng. He turned to look through the back window, but the two were blocked by a vehicle parked on the side of the road.

However, he saw a black patrol car parked next to him, which was suspiciously familiar. He was just sitting in it.

It was obviously Chu Feng. Was he on a date? Luo ZhouZhou turned around and sat back, a little curious, but that curiosity went out of his mind as the car pulled slowly into the Aleisha checkpoint. He knew that he would be greeted by General Luo’s endless wrath next, or to be more precise, the endless wrath of his father.

The electronic gate recognized the car and opened automatically. Down the private driveway lined with tulips on both sides, Assistant Qin parked the car in front of a villa. The ground floor of the villa was brightly lit, and it was obvious that the people inside had not yet rested.

Luo ZhouZhou felt he was not afraid of Luo Pei. He was a vampire, and the other was just an ordinary man. At first there was some panic, but over the past two months he had seen that this man would only growl at him loudly and order him not to go out. Still, he wouldn’t get out of the car and hung his head, looking at his fingers.

He would drag it out as long as possible.

“Mr. Luo, get out of the car.” Seeing no movement in the back for a long time, Assistant Qin turned around and said, “Luo ZhouZhou, get out of the car.

Luo ZhouZhou didn’t move and didn’t speak.

Assistant Qin said again, “Mr. Luo, I still need to put the car back in the garage.”

Luo ZhouZhou couldn’t stall him, so he took a deep breath and got out of the car. He dawdled up the marble steps and pushed open the heavy door of the house.

Under the ornate chandelier, Luo Pei sat back on the sofa in a dark red silk nightgown. Although he was a bit fat and slightly chubby, his years in high office still filled him with authority. Luo Pei’s wife, Linda, who claimed to be his mother, sat to his right in the same robe, clutching her hand worriedly.

Luo ZhouZhou, seeing this gesture, did not move and stood straight on the rug next to the door with his hand hanging down. The room was silent, and the only sound was the ticking of the mahogany desk clock in the corner. He felt he should say something, so he said, “Good evening, General Luo Pei, Ms. Linda.”

“Do you hear that? He called me General.” Luo Pei snapped to his feet, turned to his wife and said aloud. “You’ve been indulging him since he was a child, and now well, Linda, he’s gone to the checkpoint and been arrested at the police station. Next thing you know, he’s going to kill someone.”

“I’m not going to kill anyone.” Luo ZhouZhou couldn’t help but interrupt, “Although you humans are fragile, I will never kill anyone.”

Seeing both Luo Pei and Linda turn to him, he solemnly said, “General Luo Pei, you treated me with brutality and savagery for a full two months and three days, but I didn’t kill you either.”

Luo Pei flew up to Luo ZhouZhou, pointed his finger at him, and opened his mouth to say something.

“It’s late, General Luo Pei, can we talk tomorrow if you have something to say?” Luo ZhouZhou interrupted what he was about to say. He felt tired today and didn’t have the energy to listen to Luo Pei yell for half an hour. He just wanted to rest, although he was actually distracted every time he was yelled at.

Looking at Luo ZhouZhou’s innocent eyes, Luo Pei couldn’t say anything, he sighed in frustration and turned to his wife, “Tomorrow, take him to the military department and have his brain checked.”

Linda couldn’t say a word, but covered her mouth with her hand and choked up.

Luo ZhouZhou saluted both of them and went up the winding staircase to the second floor. He walked silently through the silvery gray carpeted hallway and entered his room. To be precise, it was the original Luo ZhouZhou’s room.

He gently closed the door, turned on the wall lamp, and walked straight through the large bedroom into the connecting bathroom. The bathroom was larger than any house in his original world, and the bathtub looked as if he could swim in it.

Luo ZhouZhou squatted down to run hot water, then walked barefoot to the mirror and gazed at himself in it. The man in the mirror had big eyes, pale skin, and half of his beard was still on his face. 1 He reached down and gently removed it, tossing it in the trash under the counter.

He had another such beard, which he sealed in a plastic bag and buried under the fence with his workman’s uniform to make it easier for him to dress up outside the villa.

The owner of this room, who looked exactly like him, also called Luo ZhouZhou, was probably dead. He had woken up two months ago and became him, and he just disappeared.

I think he has gone to be a vampire instead of me.

Luo ZhouZhou originally felt very comfortable at the thought that he would be himself from now on, free to come and go as he pleased in a world without General Luo Pei. But tonight was different. He was very glad that he had switched with that Luo ZhouZhou, for he had found his mate he had longed for over here.

An elegant, handsome sheriff.

Thinking about Chen SiHan, all of this actually looked a little less unbearable. Luo ZhouZhou happily started to undress, and was about to throw his work clothes into the dirty laundry basket when he squeezed something hard. He pulled it out and saw that it was the candy Chu Feng had slipped into his pocket.

He wanted to throw it in the trash, but hesitated, peeled it open, and took the milky sugar ball into his mouth. As he lay in the bathtub with his eyes closed, he remembered Chu Feng’s bulging cheeks and used his tongue to hold the ball of sugar.

The sweetness of the oranges slowly spread across his tongue as the sugar ball gently collided with his teeth, making a rattling sound.

After the bath, Luo ZhouZhou lay down on the luxurious king-size bed in his robe. His body was exhausted, but he couldn’t fall asleep even after tossing and turning.

I really wish I had a coffin, he thought. It would be made of heathered wood, painted black on the outside, or dark brown if he preferred, and covered with a red gold velvet interior. Lying in it with the lid closed and his hands folded over his chest, he would be relaxed and comfortable. It was not like lying on a bed, surrounded by empty space without a sense of security.

After tossing and turning for a while, he suddenly got up, picked up his pillow, went to the closet by the wall, pulled the door open and entered, then closed it.

After a rustle, silence gradually returned to the house.

The curtains were not drawn, the moonlight spilled in through the window, and all that could be heard was only the occasional car passing by in the distance. The silence was broken by a loud bang, as the closet door was pushed open and bounced back.

Luo ZhouZhou crawled from the closet to the floor, put his hands over his throat, and gasped for air. He had just fallen asleep huddled in the closet and quickly woke up because he ran out of air.

He sat on the floor for a while, coughing as he made his way toward the bed, and then paused as he was about to climb up. He slowly crouched down and looked under the bed for a while.

Then he moved under it.

Soon the room was quiet again, and Luo ZhouZhou, exhausted, lay down under the bed and finally fell asleep.


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Translator Notes:

  1. Monkey: I totally forgot about the beard… I bet you did, too. lol


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Is he really still a vampire or some type of hybrid now?

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Apparently, in this book vampire’s attraction to his mate and omega’s attraction to his alpha are very similar, that’s why we have one very confused little omega here. And I just wonder if he still is a vampire after transmigrating, and what happened to the original?

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Sue R
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If he’s no longer a vampire, I’ll be disappointed. I haven’t read an omegaverse with a supernatural edge yet.

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