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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Rattie


The throne succession was easy, but as the successor, Ash did not immediately grasp the full extent of his powers. The other administrators all felt the change of the throne, and Luci chose to go to the human territory immediately. Luci’s teleportation ability allowed him to move one step faster than the others, thus creating a time gap.

Ash had to deal with the other arriving administrators, and they inevitably confronted each other. During this time, Jiang Ci was imprisoned by Luci in Arsène’s palace. Despite being forced to stay at the palace against his will, Jiang Ci was strangely at peace.

The system had been anxious since it discovered that there was a problem with the teleportation function, while Jiang Ci still sat quietly.

Luci, after leaving the palace, stayed alone in the study he used to handle state affairs. He wasn’t reading papers but using a mirror created by magic to observe Jiang Ci’s reaction.

Seeing Jiang Ci sitting quietly on the edge of the bed, looking as if he was a bit sullen, Luci slightly lowered his eyes. The mirror  vanished, and Luci created a larger mirror in front of himself, and then he looked at himself in the mirror.

Specifically, he was looking at his own feathers.

Among his pure white feathers, he could see a few black ones.

Celestials were a very noble race, and their pure white feathers were a symbol of their nobility. Only when a Celestial had some extreme emotion in his heart would his wings become black.

Luci’s feathers began to turn black after the blasphemous dream.

Jiang Ci did not know about this because Luci would examine his wings before going to see him, and then he’d remove the black feathers with magic. Celestials’ feathers were very sensitive, each feather was full of magical energy, but they also linked to the nerves, so the removal was accompanied by considerable pain.

The blackness usually did not spread quickly, only appearing every now and then, but Luci imprisoned God this time, and his originally pure white feathers had darkened in several spots.

Luci did the same thing this time as before, he looked in the mirror and then simply culled these black feathers. The intense yet dull pain of the entire feather came with it, and the stinging pain in his right eye was unbearable enough, but Luci didn’t change his expression in the slightest.

When he went to Jiang Ci again, he had the same bland look on his face.

“This is prepared according to your preference.” Luci placed the dessert he brought on the low table as he approached Jiang Ci, “I hope your mood will be a little better.”

Hearing the other party talk about mood, Jiang Ci couldn’t help but touch his heart. Despite everything he had experienced, he wasn’t angry. Jiang Ci thought so – but Luci saw his reaction and silence as a sign that Jiang Ci was not happy and did not want to pay attention to him.

Jiang Ci was not angry about his freedom being limited, but he had things to do.

“Luci,” Jiang Ci tried to make the other man understand, “I haven’t explained to the others about the succession, and they might misunderstand Ash, too, so let me leave here first.”

Luci was very sensitive to the word ‘leave’ and did not want to hear Ash’s name from Jiang Ci.

In this whole situation, the most important thing to Luci was whether Jiang Ci would leave or not. Of course, he also cared that Jiang Ci chose Ash out of them all, but this matter was much less important in comparison to the former.

“As I said before, even if you don’t forgive me, I won’t let you leave.” Luci did not look at Jiang Ci when he said this; from Jiang Ci’s angle, it was clear that his face was tense. “I can promise you anything except this.”

Since that was all Jiang Ci had to do now, he could only choke on air. After a moment’s reprieve, Jiang Ci said, “Without my in-person explanation, Ash might…”

The silver-haired Celestial in front of him suddenly came up to kiss him on the lips. Jiang Ci’s ability to speak was taken briefly, but the kiss this time did not go deep – it was only a light one. Then, Luci backed away, whispering, “Your fondness for him makes me jealous. “

Jiang Ci did not know how to respond; he finally realized that with Luci’s current state, it was impossible to appease him as easily as before. Luci embraced Jiang Ci closely, as though there were a voice in his heart compelling him to do so.

God was right in front of him, and he could do to God what he had longed for since his dream. This thought arose for only a moment, and at that moment Luci felt a touch on his feathered wings.

“Your left wing…” Jiang Ci uncertainly touched on the few black feathers that appeared abruptly at the edge, “it’s turning black…”

Luci inhaled sharply and took a step back; he turned his head sideways to look at the feathers Jiang Ci had touched. Sure enough, there were a few more feathers dyed black.

The original pure white color became pitch black, and the high purity of the Celestial in front of Jiang Ci was tarnished.

For Luci, the fact that Jiang Ci saw the blackened feathers was countless times more unbearable than the pain he was suffering.

A dirty, filthy color.

“Do I look ugly to you now?” Luci hid the stained feathers behind him, and his voice became lower, “Do I disgust you?”

Jiang Ci was just surprised; now that he realized that Luci’s feathers were blackened because of him, he suddenly had a strange feeling in his heart. It was not disgust as the other feared, but a clearer sense of being loved.

The first time he could clearly feel and trust another person’s love for him, Jiang Ci could not help but be immersed in this knowledge, so much so that he did not respond in time, his silence was seen by Luci as confirmation.

It only took a few moments for the disgust Luci thought was true to spread the blackness around the edges of his wings.

Almost at the same time, Jiang Ci heard the message of the natural disaster from the city’s defense system.

“Why are there still natural disasters?” Jiang Ci immediately asked the system, “According to the set rules, isn’t it true that as long as there is a god, there would be no natural disasters in this world?”

The system was busy with fixing the teleportation function and inquiring about the cause of the bug, “Wait a moment. The system has contacted the headquarters; this issue should have the same cause as the broken teleportation. The response from the headquarters will be transmitted immediately.”

Within a few seconds, the system received the transmitted data intact, and it also cracked on the spot. Through this report, the system was able to know what fatal mistake it had made from the beginning.

“Dear… dear host.” The system felt that it cracked open and didn’t even know how to make itself close, “There’s something…  after the system tells you, I hope you can be calm.”

Jiang Ci asked, “Hmm?”

“In truth… this world was created by a powerful intention, and possesses a will of its own.” The system started with a preamble. “And this consciousness split into the administrators you have created. It is more correct to say that the administrators you created are the will of the world after separation.”

How could the created world’s will have love for God? The system, at this point, could completely understand why the administrators instantly loved it’s host.

Jiang Ci could not resist moving his eyebrows, “Separation means…”

The system was very uninspired to say, “It is what you think. All of them are the same person.”

Jiang Ci was stunned.

In fact, before that, it was not as though Jiang Ci felt nothing at all. For example, he found that each administrator gazed at him with a certain quality in his eyes. Personality differences aside, Jiang Ci could more or less sense some similarities in them.

“The teleportation function was affected and the natural disaster reappeared both because the administrator in front of you had a problem.” The system continued to report dryly. “He is also a part of the world’s will, and if extreme emotions appear, even if it is only one-sixth of the split, it would still have an impact on this world.”

Listening to the system’s words, Jiang Ci looked out, “Go out and check the situation first.”

In order to stop stimulating Luci, Jiang Ci did not even say that he wanted to go out and see, but he did not expect that these words could also be a trigger. Because his silence just now was regarded as the default, and he now let the other party go out, so Luci was even more sure of Jiang Ci’s dislike for him.

“There is no problem with the city’s defense system.” Luci lowered his eyes, “Do you hate to see me so much?”

What was this? Jiang Ci reacted sluggishly, and then hastily remembered that his silence in the face of Luci’s last question had probably caused the other party to misunderstand.

“No.” Jiang Ci denied, and after a pause added, “I don’t think you’re ugly now, either…”

But saying that only now, it was much harder for Jiang Ci to gain the other’s trust. Luci did not believe his words.

Jiang Ci raised his hand again to touch his heart to confirm his feeling, and then he looked at the other to do some mental preparation, and finally he came closer to kiss Luci’s lips.

The next moment, Jiang Ci was pressed to the bed.

The silver-haired Celestial loomed over Jiang Ci, and it was as though some kind of restriction had been lifted without the chance to take it back. The blackness at the edge of his feathers continued to spread slowly at this point, Luci could feel it, but he didn’t bother with it; instead, he lowered his head to kiss the youth beneath him.

Jiang Ci hesitated for less than a second before responding by parting his lips slightly. Although he took the initiative earlier, he was now very passive again, lying down and not even knowing where to put his hands.

From Jiang Ci’s perspective, he could clearly see the slow blackening process of Luci’s feathers, which was almost visible to the naked eye, and Jiang Ci couldn’t help but reach out and touch it.

As soon as Jiang Ci touched it, the silver-haired Celestial kissing him stopped and said to him, “It’s dirty, you shouldn’t touch it.”

Jiang Ci blinked, and he did not take his hand back. Stroking the edge of the black feathers, he reassured Luci, “Not dirty and not ugly.”

Even if the feathers were dyed black, absolutely no one could say that this Celestial was dirty and ugly; his body posture and appearance were still the most perfect creation of God. It was already impossible for Luci to stop what he was doing, and Jiang Ci’s response and reassurance only made him sink deeper into this state.

Luci’s kiss gradually descended to the side of Jiang Ci’s neck, and Jiang Ci could not help but hold his breath; when Luci looked up again to observe his expression, Jiang Ci was a little embarrassed, tilting his head slightly, but the reddened tips of his ears did not escape the other’s eyes.

“If you can’t see me, will that help you relax a little?” Luci used his feathers to hold Jiang Ci closer.

Jiang Ci’s vision suddenly became dark, and this darkness made his sense of touch keener.

He could not see anything, and all his senses were completely dominated by another person. Jiang Ci could only feel like a wooden boat on a rough sea, forced to sway with the waves, and he could not hold on for long before he was weak.

This darkness also made time blur, Jiang Ci do not know how long he was in there, he was dominated and whimpering, and even sobbing out, his voice has been slightly mute at the back, but the darkness still continued to envelop him.

It was only after a long time that Jiang Ci finally saw light again.

Jiang Ci’s mind was still blank at this point, he was now very tired, and the renewed light made him subconsciously squint.

At this point in his vision, the feathers behind the silver-haired Celestial in front of him had been completely dyed black, a pitch-black that was the opposite of the original pure white.

Jiang Ci did not think that these black feathers were a sign that the other was tainted. Rather, the black feathers stained with traces of white made him feel that this Celestial’s purity was tainted.


Tainted very thoroughly.


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February 4, 2021 2:40 pm

Ah, this chapter is so spicy! 🤭

I’m glad to learn that all the administrators are the same person: I can finally see a way for them not to all get heartbroken! 😭😅

February 4, 2021 4:48 pm

Well them all being the same person was to be expected really, althoug I wouldn’t have guessed they were the world itself
In my opinion, I think Luci’s a bit boring, his yandere behavior is so common in novels that at this point I’m just done with it 😔
Interested to see how they will end the novel, thanks for the chapter!

February 4, 2021 6:15 pm

Finally, Our pure and devine Celestial has fallen black. Glad to know that they all are the same person. Though expected yet still glad. Now no one needs to get heartbroken anymore.

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All the same person and a will of the world created by Jiang Ci. So the world doesn’t want to let him go. WOW.
Thank you for the chapter!!!

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What a sweet twist for this story!!!love it!!!

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I almost spit tea all over my computer with that last line. Umm…dear Luci, it’s not your feathers turning black, it’s the *** splattered on them. Aaaaah!

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