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The Virtuous Omega Disguised as the Vicious Colonel  

by Little Baldy

Year: 2020

Genre: BL, interstellar, transmigration, Omegaverse, black bellied, 

Novel Status in Country of Origin: 99 Chapter, 5 extras (Complete)

Translator: Addis

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


~~~~Brought to you by ExR~~~~



Colonel K is a legend of the Omar Empire. He single-handedly destroyed the Star Pirates Warship, with mercilessness and cruelty, and everybody trembled at the mention of him. Lan Yu, dignified and elegant, the model of thousands of Omegas, mistakenly became the black-hearted Colonel K. 

In order to keep the persona from falling apart, from then on he punches the intergalactic beasts and kicks the bandits’ out of their nests, tore a mecha to pieces with his bare hands, and the corners of his lips picked up in a cold smile. As an Omega who is thinking about getting a husband and having a child, Lan Yu feels like he’s suffocating.

But the good thing is that he was once a movie star, with his amazing acting skills, no one noticed any difference between him and Colonel K, whose name was used to stop children from crying.

Except for his nasty rival, Lu RanKong.

Lu RanKong could always find the “Interstellar Butcher” Colonel K’s unnoticeable changes.

With the corpses of Star Pirates under his feet, the ion gun leaning on his shoulder, his hand on his hand-knitted woolen holster. With the wind still in his face, a corner of his uniform’s shirt lifted, showing an embroidered yellow flower. With skin scuffed fingers, a grim, bloodthirsty smile, his eyes filled with tears.

At night, he would only fall asleep if he was holding a teddy bear? He drank the nutritional supplements with no expression, but the bottle was labeled with ‘orange’ and ‘mango’ flavors.

Lu RanKong slightly narrowed his eyes. Why did this black-hearted K become more and more like a ♥ K?

Yet he found the other man fucking attractive!


The movie star Lan Yu, who only wants to stop acting and get married and have a child, becomes a Colonel who is notorious for being ruthless, and from then on he has to play his role as an unfeeling killing machine, hoping to return to his ordinary life as soon as possible.  In one mission after another, he and his nemesis Lu RanKong walk together, gradually understanding each other and falling in love, while completing those missions, but also uncover their own secrets. The plot of this novel is twisted, heart-wrenching, it’s a thrilling and heartwarming adventure story. The writing is witty and humorous, the daily routine is warm and vivid, and the characters are distinctive and unique, making it a good story worth reading.

Chapter 1: Back to Business

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“Three 2s.”

“A pair of Ks.”

“I’m three 2s and you’re a pair of Kings?”

A soldier sitting cross-legged on the bottom bunk, cigarette in his mouth, showed the cards in his hand to the people around him.

“Two black-hearted old Kings, do you think you can beat his three 2s?”

The people around him booed, “Fuck off, fuck off, one black-hearted K will do.”

“Holy shit, how the fuck can you do that?” The soldier opposite threw away the cards in his hand and collapsed on the bed, “You guys are cheating, I’m not playing anymore.”

The people huddled in a circle on the bottom bunk all let out loud laughter.


With a loud boom, the metal dormitory door was kicked open and crashed heavily against the wall. Everyone looked towards the door and instantly turned into a group of large clay statues. The noise also came to an abrupt halt, and the room fell to silence.

A tall, handsome officer stood there, slowly withdrawing his right foot, looking at the tip of his shiny boot as it scuffed against the door, frowning imperceptibly. The soldier behind him hurriedly stepped forward, squatted down, wiped off the dust with his cuff, and then quickly stepped back.

The officer lifted his head and looked into the room.

His eyes were beautifully shaped, slightly raised peach blossoms. But beneath those extremely profound double eyelids, the dark eyes were like a vast pool, unable to see the emotional ups and downs.

The large clay sculptures in the room were slowly swept by him and turned into a room of ice sculptures. The officer stood unmoving and didn’t speak, only holding a folded leather whip in his right hand and tapping it gently on his left.

Once, twice… 

The sound wasn’t loud, but it fell on the hearts of everyone present.

The young leader of the group of soldiers forced himself to thaw and greeted with trepidation, “K, Colonel K, you’re here.”

Colonel K didn’t answer back.

No one saw how he moved, just a flash of wind blowing past the side of his face, and the next second, he removed a pierced playing card from the tip of his whip.

The crowd held their breath and watched him look down at the card, the brim of his hat blocked his eyes, and they could only see his thin lips and straight nose.

His lips were a little pale, a light red.

Colonel K held the card between two long fingers and slowly held it up to his ear.

It was a king of spades.

His lips were pursed into a straight line, and he still didn’t say a word.

“Colonel K, we’re taking a break, just… just playing the little game from ancient Earth.” The young captain could only stand out at this point, sweat on his forehead, as he explained stiffly.

Colonel K slowly loosened his fingers, and the card floated downward.

The stiff paper grazed his leather boots and made a rustling scraping sound as it touched the concrete floor.

“Military regulations…” He spoke suddenly.

The voice was very soft, cold and flat.

Although the crowd of ice sculptures heard it clearly, they didn’t understand it and remained frozen.

After a few seconds of silence, the soldier behind Colonel K took a few steps forward from his side and said aloud with his chest out, “Colonel’s orders, everyone present will copy the general rules ten times and will not be allowed to rest until they are finished.”

After a two-second pause, seeing no reaction from the people behind him, he continued, “Run ten kilometers with weights, and no rest until you finish.”

Colonel K finally responded.

He handed the whip to the retreating soldier, lowered his eyes, and turned around to walk down the corridor.

The soldier hurried to follow.

Hearing the clicking leather boots fade away, a room of people breathed a long sigh of relief and came to life.

“What should we do?”

“I was scared out of my mind.”

The captain wiped the sweat from his forehead and went to fetch the uniform and belt hanging over the bed, “Still talking nonsense? Aren’t you afraid Colonel K will turn around?”

There was a flurry of soldiers and everyone ran to their beds.

Colonel K headed for the officers’ quarters on the third floor, his face expressionless, his eyes unblinking.

All those who met him on the way retreated to one side and mouthed the respectful words, “Hello Colonel K.”

Walking to the door of room 301, he brushed the door open and said indifferently, “Kong Fei, bring dinner to my room at 6 o’clock.”

“Yes…” The soldier behind him replied.

K went into his single suite and closed the door.

Looking around the simple small living room, he pressed the curtain switch, unbuttoned his tightly buttoned uniform, and quickly stripped himself naked, leaving only a pair of white underwear.

His upper body was smooth and covered with a thin layer of muscle. He walked to the bedroom, opened the armoire standing on the wall. His fingers ran over the grays and blues before he picked up a military uniform, took out the dark red silk robe hidden inside, and turned to the bathroom.

The sound of water continued for half an hour, and the bathroom door opened. He came out wearing the robe, with a white mask on his face and a dry hair towel wrapped around his head. As he walked, he smoothed the skin cream on the back of his hand and patted his neck.

The kitchen was connected to the living room. He skillfully made himself a cup of coffee and opened the refrigerator, took out a piece of matcha cake and brought it to the small round table on the balcony.

The small round table was an antique iron frame covered with a light blue checkered tablecloth, and the coffee was steaming hot.

After arranging the silver fork by the white cake plate, he opened his terminal, took a picture, sat down and skillfully added a filter. Then he posted it on the social media platform.

The account was created half a month ago, and after familiarizing himself with the software, he began to amuse himself by posting pictures with simple text.

The content was usually the same, flowers and plants, desserts and meals and so on. Before, the moment he would send a picture, the likes, retweets and comments would swarm to the tens of thousands, but now it was out for a whole day, and the only likes were his own.

He leaned back in his chair, the hem of his silk robe sliding down to reveal his white and long legs. His toes were moving, lazily hanging onto the light blue cloth slipper. He took a sip of coffee and let out a comfortable sigh, squinting in the sunlight.

This was the only time he could put aside his Colonel K identity, end the show, let his tense nerves relax and fall into his own mixed thoughts.

Twenty days ago, he was not called K, but Lan Yu, and he was not a Colonel, but a movie star who had just won the Best Actor award.

After the celebration banquet, he sat in the back of the Maybach, looking out the window slightly drunk, listening to his manager and assistant chatting.

“Xiao Yu, you got the award you’ve been longing for, what’s your next goal?” His manager suddenly turned his head and asked him.

He fell into a half-minute confusion and replied, “Marry someone and have a child…”

“Marry someone and have children?” His manager raised his voice in shock, “Your career is on the rise, and you just won an award, so you’re going to marry someone and have a child? Why don’t you take a few good roles while the iron is hot?”

Even the chauffeur looked at him from the rearview mirror.

Lan Yu raised his left hand to his eyes, looked at the neatly trimmed nails on it and said, “Don’t Omegas have to marry and have children?”

“Xiaoyu, are you still acting out a scene?” His manager asked.

In this award-winning production, he played the role of an Omega father with several children. From teenager to old man, his acting skills amazed everyone, and even the most demanding critics couldn’t say he was half-bad.

“I can tell the difference between reality and acting.” Lan Yu said, “I just want to marry someone and have children.”

His manager asked, “Where are your ideals? Have you forgotten your ideal when you were young?”

Lan Yu put down his left hand and said, “When I was young, my dream was to marry someone and have some children.”

His manager: …

His assistant: … 

The chauffeur: … 

Seeing that his manager was about to get furious, his assistant hurriedly changed the subject and called out to the chauffeur, “Master, turn on the radio, Brother Yu likes to listen to it.”

The chauffeur decisively pressed the button and an anchorwoman’s soft voice rang out in the car, “It will be the same electromagnetic storm from many years ago, many listeners may still remember. Xiao Lan is here to remind everyone that all flights have been grounded today…”

“Have you heard? There is another electromagnetic storm today.” His assistant said.

His manager’s face was cold and silent, Lan Yu was also silent, the chauffeur picked up his mouth sarcastically, “Navigation is useless today, a mess of reports.”

No one spoke the rest of the way, only to hear a thunderstorm overhead from time to time, lightning lit up the sky.

Lan Yu’s home was in the west of the city, an inch of land in the villa community. Because of the openness and quietness, many rich celebrities made their homes there. There were few vehicles on this stretch of road, let alone today’s electromagnetic storm, and the entire road was empty in front and behind, with only one car.

The vehicle was moving smoothly and the people inside were starting to drift off to sleep when the Maybach suddenly braked sharply.

Lan Yu’s body popped forward and was heavily buckled back into the seat by the seat belt. Before his mind could react, he saw a blinding light in front of his eyes, making it hard to open them. Then, he lost consciousness.

When he opened his eyes again, he was inexplicably here now.

He had transmigrated.

Not only did he change worlds, but he also changed from Lan Yu to “K”, movie star to Colonel, a dignified and elegant Omega to a cold and ruthless… Omega.

After spending the first few days confused and disorientated, he used the excuse of temporary memory loss to get all the information he wanted from his close subordinate Kong Fei.

K was the Empire’s most famous Alpha, although his military position was only a Colonel. He was a superb fighter and once destroyed the Star Pirates Warship single-handedly with only an ion gun. He was ruthless, led the task of expelling the interstellar beasts, but when originally expulsion would’ve been enough, he killed all hundreds of them. He was unpredictable and could fight with his fellow officers anytime, anywhere, and had been court-martialed countless times.

K was a brutal war machine, combat and violence coexisted, so no matter how many meritorious achievements he had, he was just a Colonel.

He also had many famous names in Empire: Mad Dog K, Interstellar Butcher, Black-hearted K… 

Of course, these names Lan Yu searched from the star network, Kong Fei only dared to tell how K was brave and warlike, and what merits he had gained.

After speaking, Kong Fei said apprehensively, “Colonel, you have to recover as soon as possible, otherwise, if your opponents heard the news, they wouldn’t be able to be suppressed and will take advantage of the opportunity to deal with you.”

Lan Yu, who had been in bed for a few days, hugged the quilt and asked slyly, “Are there many?”

“Quite a few…”

“Pick the biggest one.”

“They’re all pretty big…”

“Then pick the closest one.”

“Lu RanKong…”

“Who is he?”

“He’s also a Colonel. He lives next door to you at 303 and hasn’t returned from his business trip.”

Lan Yu finally recognized the reality after a night of pondering and decided to take over this new identity and live well.

The army couldn’t keep him for life, when the time came, he could retire. After he retired, he could go act, and with his strength as a movie star, he would make a name for himself everywhere.

If he met the right person in the middle, he would get married and have children, and finish this life successfully.

How to live a life here? Not to mention coming all the way here.

“Colonel, you are very crazy when you fight.”

Is he a mad dog?

Lan Yu showed a gloomy look in the mirror, showing his teeth and making a hissing sound.

“Colonel, we are stationed in Katar now, and you have to practice every day.”

Lan Yu’s face was expressionless and faint, “You, and you, which battalion?”

On the very day Lan Yu made his decision, he discovered that he also possessed the body consciousness and combat ability of “K”.

In other words, he was able to play the Interstellar Butcher as long as he wanted to, although the role was challenging.

This was a real performance, no rehearsals or do-overs, and no killing, he had to do his best. Although he was not sure why “K” was pretending to be an Alpha, it was clear that this should remain a secret. So he still used the invisible patch to cover the Omega glands on the back of his neck, and then covered the outside with an Alpha-specific gland patch.

The injection marks on his hand were still fresh, it was a blocker to keep an Omega from being affected by Alpha pheromones, Lan Yu estimated that it would last for a good while.

The bathroom cabinet compartment also had another inhibitor, the key things were there, now he was also relieved.

Knock, knock, knock… 

A knock on the door jolted Lan Yu out of his thoughts.

He put down his coffee, adjusted his tone, lowered his voice and asked, “Who is it?”

“Kong Fei…”

“Didn’t you say that dinner would be delivered at 6?” Lan Yu deliberately lowered the tone of his voice.

Sure enough, there was silence outside.

A few seconds later, Kong Fei warily said, “Receiving orders from above, Colonel, you have to leave now to rescue citizens trapped in a mall.”

Lan Yu was also silent.

He was tempted to ask if he could not go, but finally replied briefly, “Got it…”

When Kong Fei left, he buried his face in his lap and rolled from side to side in pain.

Oh God, it was time to go back to business.


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