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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Outside the mall in downtown Katar Star, several police cars were parked, a cordon was drawn in front of the main gate, and the street was blocked by a crowd of onlookers.

“Everyone scatter, disperse. There is a bomb inside the mall, for the safety of your life, please stay away from the scene.” A police officer holding a megaphone kept warning, but no matter what direction he faced, the crowd would squirm, followed by a surge forward.

“Damn, how is it inside? I’ve been shouting for hours, my voice is raspy.” The policeman put down his megaphone and asked the man next to him.

“No progress, dozens of hostages are on the top floor with bombs strapped to them. The murderer is guarding the only entrance, and he’ll detonate the bombs on anyone who dares to go up there.”

A cry suddenly came from the crowd, “Sir, please save my daughter, she’s still inside and hasn’t come out.”

A woman cried and lunged this way, but was stopped by the policemen maintaining order.

The anxious atmosphere spread, others shouted, “Mr. police, can you do it or not? It’s been a few hours, and no action has been taken.”

“Yes, if not, then notify the army, let Colonel K come.”

“Colonel K won’t be able to do it. He’ll kill the murderer and the hostages together.”

“The murderer may still be able to keep a few hostages, but if Colonel K comes, then it’s hard to say…”

Several police officers heard these comments and passed a look to each other.

One put his fist against his mouth and whispered, “The police department has requested the military department to send the K of Spades.”

“Holy shit!”

The cop added, “But the military department gave an order forbidding him to harm the hostages.”

“You think he’ll listen?”

“Well, what else? What else is there to do? Let’s just ask him to be less crazy.”

Time passed, and the building remained tormented by the lack of movement.

From time to time, a cry erupted from the crowd, the relatives of the hostages, who were soon helped away by others. The situation looked grim as the big-bellied sheriff stood by the police car, conferring intensely with the crime expert, the intercom beeping constantly.

The sheriff wiped sweat from his thinning hair and was about to ask how long it would take for the military to arrive when he heard the roar of a car engine in the distance.

At the end of the long street, a military SUV sped up and stopped just outside the long line of people.

“Colonel, the road is blocked by people watching, let’s get out and squeeze through.”

After honking the horn for a long time, Kong Fei turned to Lan Yu in the back seat and asked him.

Lan Yu’s long legs folded in the back seat, as he closed his eyes to recuperate.

Hearing Kong Fei’s words, he opened his eyes slightly, glanced at the windshield from between the backseats, and then opened the backseat door.

Bang, bang, bang!

Three crisp gunshots rang out.

The crowd turned around and looked at the source of the sound.

Only to see a handsome young officer, poking his upper body out of the back seat of a black military vehicle, the gun held skyward in his hand, still emitting a hint of white smoke.

He held his chin slightly high, his features impeccable, but against the expression of those substanceless black eyes, only a chill ran down everyone’s spine.

“Colonel K! It’s Colonel K!” Someone let out a frightened scream.

Like Moses parting the sea, the crowd quickly retreated to either side, leaving the street wide open.

Lan Yu retrieved his gun, leaned back in his seat and said indifferently, “Drive…”

Get out of the car and squeeze through? No way, that didn’t fit Colonel K’s persona at all.

As a movie star with excellent acting skills, he always kept this in mind: even if the planet exploded, he had to be steady until the last second, and let the persona stand in the explosion cloud.

The crowd huddled on both sides of the street, quiet as a chicken, only an empty plastic bag on the ground rolled, making a rustling sound.

Kong Fei restarted the SUV and passed through the long street under the watchful eyes of the crowd, only to feel doubly stressed.

Lan Yu rolled down the car window and looked at the mall not far away.

The mall only had six floors, and who knows who designed it, flat, narrow at both ends and wide in the middle, every few meters a long metal decoration was sticking out of the outer wall, similar to a cactus.

Firefighters couldn’t reach those stuck in the thorns, only he could go.

A rescue at this height was okay, after all, he would often hang when filming. He pondered about it while listening to the voice of the communications officer in the headset.

“Colonel K, are you sure you don’t need other soldiers?”

“No need…”

“Okay, then are you sure you won’t hurt a single person?”

“Soldier, you tell the general that he can send another person if he’s worried. Also, please use honorifics for me.”

“Okay, then are you sure you won’t hurt a person?” 1

“What’s your name?”

“Sorry for the intrusion.”

The communications officer disconnected the call.

Lan Yu withdrew his eyes and prepared to close the car window when his gaze slid past the crowd and rested on a young boy.

The boy was about six or seven years old, standing at the front, being held by his mother’s shoulders, his round eyes locked with his, looking very cute.

The nature of Omega was instantly aroused, and Lan Yu couldn’t help but sigh in his heart: I want to have a baby like this… 

Whoa! The boy deflated in horror, finally couldn’t hold back his cries, and was picked up by his mother behind him, who covered his mouth.

From a distance, several police officers had quickly moved away from the roadblock, so that the approaching off-road could park next to the police car.

The door opened and Lan Yu got out with a long stride.

“Colonel K,” The sweaty sergeant, who saw Lan Yu as if he had seen a savior, rushed forward to welcome him.

Lan Yu also did not exchange pleasantries with him, walked straight to the mall, asking, “What is the situation?”

“Colonel K, I’m so relieved to see you, just now I was so anxious, the police couldn’t go up to ah——”

“I asked, what’s the situation.” Lan Yu stopped in his tracks and turned his head, his dark eyes at the sergeant.

The sergeant, with a smile on his face, didn’t react and froze in place.

A resourceful policeman rushed forward and loudly explained, “We have learned that there is only one suspect, and he is in the top floor lobby. Of the 38 hostages, at least 10 are strapped with bombs.”

Hostages? Bombs? The suspect?

Lan Yu froze for a moment.

But he possessed the basic qualities of a good actor, his expression of dissimilarity was adjusted in less than a second.

If this moment was presented on the big screen, even the very sharp-eyed audience wouldn’t see it.

“Being overwhelmed by one suspect, are you guys thinking that the whole police department can’t catch up with me alone?”

His tone was light, his eyes were arrogant, and a sneer came out of his nose at the end of his sentence. Just like any villain in the movie who doesn’t know what he’s doing, his arrogance was written all over his body.

You can angrily refute me, and then drive me away, I promise not to hit anyone.

The police officer and the sheriff were only stunned for a moment before nodding their heads, “Yes, yes, yes, we indeed can’t even catch up with you, that’s why we asked the military department for help to send you.”

Lan Yu extended a thumb at them, then slowly turned it down and nodded twice. The corners of his mouth skewed downward, his eyelids half-lifted, full of disdain.

He was acting in this scene, and the actors before said that when they saw him like this, they were so angry that they couldn’t act anymore. He folded his sleeves up as if he were going to go beat people.

The sergeant’s expression was really a bit tense, he raised his hand to wipe the fat face of the oily sweat.

By the time his hand was removed, a smile was piled up on his face, “Colonel K, you are very funny.”

Lan Yu’s heart began to tremble, showing no tolerance, but once the thought of the suspect and the bomb, finally still softly spit out three words, “Piece of crap…”

Taking another step back, he wrapped his arms around his chest, while the corners of his mouth were slightly hooked up in an appreciative expression.

The policeman’s face, not to be outdone, turned red, huffing and puffing, his chest rising and falling sharply.

The sergeant’s hand hanging down the side of his leg was clenched tightly, and the bulging veins could be seen under the thick layer of flesh.

Lan Yu imperceptibly averted his eyes. Burst out, burst out, scold me hard before driving me away, really, I definitely do not hit people.

“Indeed, a piece of crap…” The sergeant gave a bitter laugh.

There is no way out… 

Lan Yu gave him a look and continued to walk towards the mall, the policeman was pushed by the sergeant and nudged at Lan Yu’s back again, he just had to follow in step.


“There’s a bomb on the elevator door, so it can’t be opened.” The policeman’s voice was still a little stiff.

“Emergency exit?”

“He’s blocked it with something, we dare not force the blast, even if there is a three-second gap, afraid that he will detonate the bomb.”


“He used several hostages strapped with bombs to block the escalator entrance and hid behind himself with the remote control, we didn’t dare to force the charge.”

Lan Yu was so tall and long-legged and walked so fast that the policeman had to trot to answer.

The police officer couldn’t stop his feet and almost hit him head on, and it took all his strength to stabilize himself.

Lan Yu looked down at him, the policeman’s pupils gradually dilated, his face twitched slightly uncontrollably.

“Officer, don’t let me ask one sentence at a time.” Lan Yu said.

“The top floor is surrounded by the Yaga glass applied, not only bulletproof but also resistant to ordinary blasting, and can only be blown up with an ion cannon barrel. But the condition of using an ion cannon is to be 20 meters away, the user will not be affected by the air wave, so it’s not feasible to drop people on the rooftop. If you use a helicopter to blast in the air, the people on the rooftop can’t rush in instantly, even for a few seconds, the suspect may detonate the hostage bomb.”

The police officer finished a long sentence in one breath, caught his breath and waited with bated breath again.

Lan Yu tapped his fingertips against his leg one by one and asked flatly, “Since nothing will work, what’s the point of calling me here?”

Come on, I’m just an actor.

I’ve been doing my best since I got dressed, can I be allowed to just do administration work now?

“We really have no way out, like you just said, we are crap. It doesn’t matter that we’re crap, but there are still 38 hostages being held above, and their relatives are waiting outside.” The police officer finished this sentence with a red face and turned his eyes away to look elsewhere.

Lan Yu noticed with a glance that his eyes were shining with water.

In the lobby, the police officers were running around in bulletproof undershirts, talking on walkie-talkies, a hustle and bustle. There were also some ambushes at the stairway, guns raised and pointing up.

Their faces were serious and anxious, but when they saw Lan Yu, they all breathed a sigh of relief, as if a thousand pounds had been lifted.

Then they looked at each other nervously, with a thousand words in their eyes.

“Little Fen, you are killing mommy, if something happens to you, how can mommy live…” A middle-aged woman’s cries came in faintly in the distance.

The surroundings quieted down, and everyone looked at Lan Yu.

He gently pulled his trouser leg and said in a still cold tone, “Arrange a helicopter for me, and an ion cannon.”

The policeman abruptly looked back, his eyes lit up, and excitedly exclaimed, “Yes, sir…”

Lan Yu sighed in his heart, forget it, let’s pretend it’s a war movie.

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Translator Notes:

  1. Earlier he used ‘你’ for ‘you’, in this sentence he used the more polite ‘you’: ‘您’.


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