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Gu Yu looked at the Goodwill negative points, slightly stunned, but quickly thought about it. Modern stars, even if their reputation was good, there would be people who did not like them. He just wondered who would dislike him. He was thinking about it when a warm touch came to his right cheek.

He turned his head and saw Cyno’s left hand on his shoulder, his wrist raised and his fingers touching his face. Cyno looked at his expression and asked softly, “Not feeling well?”

Gu Yu tilted his head slightly, he was a little embarrassed that they were so close to each other. He replied in a low voice, “I’m okay.”

Cyno saw that his face looked normal, nodded his head, and nudged his chin towards the live screen. Gu Yu smiled at him and turned his head to look at the light screen, which was filled with pop-ups.

Although using the intelligent selection, the audience was too much, the number of pop-ups was still a lot. Not only were there a lot of pop-ups, but the special effects of the gifts were one after another, as if the special effects were originally brought by the live room.

[Is the anchor not feeling well?]

[Little feather is so soft!]

[Hugs little feather, take care of your health ~]

Gu Yu’s mouth slightly curved, “Thank you for your concern, I am in very good health.”

[Anchor should turn on the camera so we can see!]

[We’ll know when we see it.]

Someone took the lead, and the screen was flooded with pop-ups asking him to show his face.

Gu Yu was helpless, “Sorry, I’m a music anchor, I’m not going to show my face.” He said, picking up the flute on his right side, “Today I’ll play a new song for you.”

Cyno saw this and took his hand away from his shoulder.

Some viewers saw his refusal to show his face and sent pop-ups to express their discontent, while others had harsh words, but they were blocked in the blink of an eye.

Gu Yu scanned the system alert, it was the house manager of his live room who blocked his number.

It seemed that Wooden Fish had helped him to find a good housekeeper. He then did not say much, held his flute horizontally, lightly closed his eyes, and began to play.

The light and playful melody suddenly rang out in the live room, and the pop-ups suddenly stopped for a moment. Cyno held his chin and his gaze fell on Gu Yu’s face.

The room was very brightly lit, Gu Yu’s black hair and snowy skin sparkled, the corners of his mouth curved, fingers nimbly lifting and falling, looking extra vivid and playful.

When the song was over, Cyno felt extraordinarily relaxed and comfortable. Gu Yu also felt the same way, with a light-hearted smile in his eyes. People in this world were more easily resonated by music, and the same was true after his body was changed.

He enjoyed this feeling, as if he had stepped into another wonderful world with the music. He took a break and made small talk with the audience, basically the audience asked him to answer random things.

After chatting for a while, he continued to play the next piece. During the night, he played five pieces, the rest of which were recorded.

At almost eleven o’clock, he played his usual sleep song, and when it was over, he swept his eyes over the pop-ups.

[Ahhhhh, why is the time so fast!]

[Broadcast longer, okay?]

[Little Feather rest well, good night.]

At the same time, the system message came with a bunch of gift tips.

Gu Yu smiled: “Thank you all for your gifts, good night.”

He put the flute away and turned off the live broadcast. The moment the light screen disappeared in front of his eyes, a transparent water cup appeared in front of him, which was held by a slender and good-looking hand. He turned his head and Cyno smiled at him and handed the water cup to him. His eyes curled and he took a couple of sips from the glass of water.

Cyno kept his eyes on him, waited for him to finish drinking, took the glass of water and put it on the table.

Gu Yu, “Thank you.”

Cyno put a hand on his shoulder again, but did not press hard, just using this action to close the distance between them. Cyno gestured toward the light screen, “They give you gifts, you say thank you, I give water, you also only say thank you?”

Gu Yu was flustered by his teasing eyes, his eyes wandered from side to side, saw the glass of water on the table and pursed his lips, “I’ll pour you a glass of water too?”

Cyno’s head came closer, “I’m not thirsty.”

Gu Yu’s heart thumped, and his right ear suddenly turned red. He was a little embarrassed and a little confused. He was not stupid, he knew Cyno was teasing him on purpose.

“You,” he bit his lip, gathered the courage to look at Cyno, and then abruptly lowered his eyes, “don’t tease me.”

He spoke with embarrassment, because he was embarrassed his voice was very quiet and seemed particularly soft.

Cyno’s breath hitched.

Oh my God! This is a test of his self-control?

He had only been touched by his little mate’s flute playing and had wanted to tease. Incidentally, he tried to test the bottom line of the little partner with a joking way. But he didn’t expect that a casual reaction of the little mate made his body emotionally change. He took a secret breath, moved his eyes away to stabilize his mind, and looked at his little mate again, “I…”

Gu Yu’s eyelashes cast shadows on his fair face, and the shadows flickered slightly between slight tremors.

Cyno was dumbfounded and moved his eyes away again.

He’s killing me!

When he mistook the little mate for an artificial female, he always thought that the little mate was made to his liking. Now that feeling had changed to knowing that the little mate had grown exactly to his liking! He stopped abruptly at one word, and Gu Yu looked up in confusion and met his fire-laden gaze.

Gu Yu’s eyes rounded and he got up in a panic.

Cyno’s hand had been resting on his shoulder, but now it followed his rising movement and lifted up, and his palm still on his shoulder. Cyno withdrew his hand as Gu Yu shifted his shoulders. Cyno curled his fingers and tapped on his brow, and when he lowered his hand, he stopped Gu Yu who was walking out.

Gu Yu hurriedly looked at him with a nervous face.

“Don’t be afraid of me,” Cyno let go of his hand and held his hands up in front of him, “I’m not doing anything.”

Gu Yu felt even more embarrassed, he seemed to react a little too much. He squeezed his fingers, “I’m not afraid of you.”

He was just a little flustered, a little embarrassed, and a little overwhelmed.

Cyno smiled, “It’s good that you’re not afraid.”

Gu Yu’s lips curved, he hesitated for a moment and asked in a small voice, “Before I… Did I say the wrong thing during the live broadcast?”

Cyno recalled back, the whole time the little mate’s spoken words were very little, and very polite. He raised his eyebrows, “No, why do you ask?”

Gu Yu bit his lip, looked at him quickly and glanced away, “Then why are you teasing me all of a sudden?”

It was clear that he had been fine all night.

Cyno thought to himself, How can you be so cute!

He thought about it for a moment and decided to tell the truth, “I wanted to kiss you when you played the flute, but I was afraid to scare you. I was going to take advantage of the water delivery to ask for your thanks.”

Gu Yu subconsciously pursed his lips and blushed slightly.

Cyno looked at him and coughed dryly, “Usually things are straightforward, I’m not used to doing things around the corner, I’m inexperienced.”

Gu Yu’s heart beat a little faster, looking up at Cyno, inexplicably wanting to laugh a little. There were many beautiful women in the music department of their school, and he met many boys pursuing girls. Cyno was probably the worst performer compared to those boys.

But he was touched.

Cyno was showing his awkward side because of him.

Cyno smiled and patted his shoulder, “It’s late, get some rest, I’m going back to the bedroom.”

Gu Yu hmmed and walked with him to the door, he opened his mouth and asked, “Your birthday is coming up, is there anything you want as a gift?”

Cyno looked over at him and swept his eyes over his lips before laughing lightly, “Now is not the time to ask that question.” Gu Yu looked at him in confusion and Cyno teased, “What if I say I only want you?”

Gu Yu was dumbfounded, “You… You’ve read a lot of novels, right?”

Cyno laughed, “That’s the standard male answer for birthday gifts.” He rubbed Gu Yu’s soft black hair, and withdrew his hand without waiting for Gu Yu to notice his discomfort, “I don’t lack anything, if you want to give a gift, just play a song for me alone.”

Gu Yu breathed a sigh of relief and immediately nodded, “Okay.”

After Cyno left, Gu Yu washed up and sat on his bed, opening the system Goodwill Points panel. He thought for a moment, and quickly looked through the breakdown from front to back.

During the night’s broadcast, his Goodwill Points had increased a lot, and the total value was now over 50 million. There were a thousand rows on each page, corresponding to a thousand names, and there were more than fifty thousand pages in total.

The name at the top of the first page was still Cyno, who had 69 Goodwill Points.

The next names were all those with higher Goodwill Points. From the seventh page onward, the corresponding Goodwill Points after the name became 1. When he saw the tenth page, he saw that the last column still had a value of 1. He jumped directly to the penultimate page.

On the second page, the top half of the names displayed were 1, and the bottom half were -1.

This meant that there were currently more than a thousand people with negative Goodwill Points. He turned to the last page, the top was all -1, the bottom thirty people had -2 Goodwill Points, and the last two, one was -6 and one was -9.

He looked at the name of the person in front of -6, Zolei.

He frowned and looked at the ‘-‘ sign.

The explanation was displayed next to it: Goodwill Points is negative, representing unlikable and hated, the greater the negative value, the higher the hated level.

After reading the explanation, Gu Yu thought a little.

Zolei did not get a bargain with him, but was put in jail instead, it was normal to dislike him. He looked at that last person’s name, Fritch.

He wrinkled his brow and thought around for a moment, and had no recollection of the name. And given his experience, there shouldn’t be anyone who hated him more than Zolei. He twirled the ring and was thinking about looking it up on Star Network when it vibrated and a message popped up.

Cyno: [Can’t sleep? I’ll go check on you?

Gu Yu hurriedly replied, [No, I’ll go to bed right away.]

Cyno: [Good night, have a good dream.]

Gu Yu’s mouth curled up, [Good night.]

He turned off the terminal and saw that it was late, so he decided to go to bed and check again in the morning.

The next morning, Gu Yu and Cyno had breakfast together.

A light screen was placed on the wall of the dining room, showing the morning news.

Cyno said, “In a few days there will be people from each star. Some planet people are very different from Brilliant Splendor. You have time to look at the news and understand a little.”

Gu Yu, as his partner, must definitely show up at his birthday party, even if it’s just to show one side. It is a sign of incompetence to keep your partner in the house all the time because you were worried about security. And Gu Yu had a special status, being the only natural female of Brilliant Splendor, equivalent to Brilliant Splendor’s absolute baby.

Whether Gu Yu showed up or not, had not only to do with him, but also with the whole Brilliant Splendor. If Cyno didn’t even dare to show his natural female in the territory of this star, didn’t it show that he didn’t even have the strength to protect his natural female?

This, on the contrary, was more likely to make people covet. He was worried that Gu Yu would be frightened when he saw a different planet, so he thought of letting Gu Yu read the news first. He also wanted his little partner to know more about Brilliant Splendor.

Gu Yu was curious, “Doesn’t everyone look like us?”

Cyno laughed, “No, most of them are the same, there is a small part of the more distant planet that is more special.”

Gu Yu couldn’t help but say, “They don’t have natural females either?”

Cyno nodded:,”Yes, the situation is worse than ours, they even have very few females, and the situation is only better after intermarriage with the stars.”

Gu Yu looked surprised, intermarriage? How can they intermarry if they are not human?

He looked at the news and became more curious about the aliens.

Cyno tapped on the table, “Have your breakfast first. Just listen to the broadcast, and then read what interests you.”

Gu Yu nodded and withdrew his gaze to concentrate on his meal. The news broadcasted the congratulation of the stars, and briefly introduced the recent visit of the planets. Then there was an announcement about the preparations for Marshal’s 80th birthday, and many shopping malls had already put up happy birthday posters.

Security had been stepped up everywhere, and schools were showing videos of Marshal Cyno’s battles. The combat and command departments of military universities even held competitions for this purpose.

Gu Yu froze and looked at Cyno in surprise.

Although he knew Cyno was Marshal before, he never had a very deep feeling.

After all, Cyno had always looked like an ordinary person in front of him.

Cyno looked at him, “What’s wrong?”

Gu Yu sighed, “You have so much influence.”

Cyno smiled, “Luckily, it just matches you. This birthday party is grand, and it has something to do with the fact that you and I are married.”

Gu Yu blinked, “Something to do with me?”

“Of course, many of the alien stars who are coming to congratulate me in person this time are coming for you. In the past, they would only send letters of congratulations.” Gu Yu was a little nervous, Cyno reassured, “Don’t worry, I will personally arrange the security of the birthday party, you just show up.”

Gu Yu nodded and was about to ask if he wanted him to prepare anything when he suddenly heard a person’s name on the news. He hurriedly turned his head to look at the light screen.

The light screen showed a conference with two people standing on the stage, and a reporter’s question had come to the end, “Manager Fritch, is it?”

The middle-aged male with light gray hair on the stage picked up the microphone, and his name showed up on the screen: Fritch.

Fritch: “Yes, Green Source will give all customers with artificial females a replacement identification program that can distinguish transgender females in a second.”

Reporter: “There are rumors on the Internet that the appearance of natural females will affect the sales of artificial females.”

Fritch smiled a warm smile, “In fact, the appearance of natural females will stimulate more male’s desire. In the past two days, we have had more orders than ever.”

Another reporter raised his hand and was allowed to ask a question, “Boss Lin, will the marshal’s birthday party be hosted with Green Source’s artificial females?”

The tall dark-haired youth next to Fritch pushed down his glasses, “I don’t know, that question should be asked to the Foreign Ministry.”

Cyno looked at the curtain and then looked at Gu Yu, saw him wrinkling his brow and inquired, “What’s wrong?”

Gu Yu looked at him and hesitantly pointed at Fritch, “Do you know him?”

“I’ve heard of him slightly, the sales manager of Green Source headquarters.” Cyno looked away and answered.

Gu Yu pursed his lips, “Have you had any contact with him?”

Cyno shook his head and stared at Fritch for a couple of moments, average looks, average temperament, nothing to compare with him. He said, “No, I’m not in the same age group as him, and he’s not a member of the military, so I don’t know him well.” He said as if casually, “Fritch is more than one hundred and fifty years old and, as far as I know, is married.”

Gu Yu: “…”

He actually just wanted to ask if Fritch and Cyno had any conflicts. He was sure he didn’t know Fritch, and it didn’t make sense that Fritch would hate him, so he thought maybe it had something to do with Cyno. It seems that it has nothing to do with Cyno.

He looked at Fritch again. Fritch had a slight wrinkle on his forehead and looked a little serious, but his mouth was wearing the usual smile. According to Fritch’s previous statement, his presence did not affect Green Source’s business, but rather made it better. In common sense, Fritch has Goodwill for him, even if not, not to hate, ah!

Cyno narrowed his eyes slightly to look at Fritch, and came to the same conclusion as before, no better than him! He coughed lightly, “Gu Yu.”

Gu Yu looked back at him, and Cyno asked directly, “What’s wrong? Interested in him?”

Gu Yu pursed his lips, not knowing how to explain. He and Fritch hadn’t even met, and it would be too strange for him to tell Cyno that Fritch hated him.

He thought for a moment and shook his head, “No, it’s just that I was a little curious to hear him talk about the identification process.”

Cyno said, “I let them develop it, otherwise the hidden danger of transgender females is too high.”

Gu Yu felt the same way, if they couldn’t identify transgender females disguised as artificial females, it would be too easy to cause confusion. He nodded, “You’re thinking comprehensively.”

Cyno was reserved, “It’s not hard to think.”

The two ate and Orson finished checking Gu Yu’s body. Orson said, “Your knee is recovering well, but just in case, it’s better to walk less today.”

Gu Yu nodded, Cyno walked with Gu Yu for a while before sweeping him to the sofa to sit down, “I may not come back at noon, contact me if you need anything.”

Gu Yu, “Mn, don’t worry about me, I’m not going out today.”

Cyno rubbed the top of his hair and left the apartment to go to the palace.

On the way, he contacted his subordinate: “Keep an eye on Fritch, I want all the information about him.”

He could tell at a glance that his little mate was not telling the truth, as he obviously could not lie. He also did not want to make things difficult for his little mate, so he could only pretend to believe it. But the person who could make Little Mate overly concerned, he did not dare to be careless in the slightest.

After thinking about it, he sent a command to Da Yuan.

Gu Yu sat on the couch and looked at the natural female physiology that Kona had sent him yesterday afternoon. The more he read, the more shocked he became, staring at his stomach for a moment and shutting the information off.

He had to slow down and read it again. When he looked up, he saw Da Yuan walk in through the door, pushing a clothes rack full of clothes out and walking to the elevator at the back of the stairs. This elevator, which goes straight to the second floor, is usually only used to transport things.

Gu Yu froze, these clothes, he knew at first glance, were all one’s he wore.

He shouted, “Da Yuan, what are you doing?”

Da Yuan put the hanging rack at the elevator door and turned to Gu Yu not far away, “Madam, Marshal ordered that I buy new clothes for you.”

Gu Yu’s heart jumped, “My room is on the first floor.”

Da Yuan’s eyes flashed blue: “Marshal told me to put it in the room on the second floor.”

Gu Yu subconsciously tensed up and clenched his fingers, what did Cyno mean by this?

Da Yuan: “Is there anything else, madam?”

Gu Yu shook his head, thinking that Da Yuan was a robot, he added, “It’s okay.”

Da Yuan turned to the elevator, pushed the clothes into the elevator and went upstairs. Gu Yu was stunned out of his mind and a little flustered. If Cyno offered for them to sleep in one room, how should he reply?

“Ho~” Merlin’s soft growl came from the doorway, and he looked back to the door.

Guy led Merlin closer and said hello to Gu Yu. Merlin scurried to Gu Yu’s side and got down, rubbing Gu Yu affectionately.

Guy looked towards the door, “Tch, this security is too tight, it took us ten minutes to check in.”

Gu Yu was surprised and looked at the door, but no one was visible. Guy saw his appearance and his heart repeatedly sighed. He did not expect Cyno would have such a careful side. Apparently, he was afraid that Gu Yu would be uncomfortable and had arranged a thorough security without letting Gu Yu notice.

He then stopped mentioning the topic so as not to spoil his brother’s good intentions. He took a bag and handed it to Orson, “This is Merlin’s inhibitor, give it to him at 11:30, even if he falls into an epidemic fever early.”

Orson: “Mn, I know.”

Guy was reassured that a natural female’s medical caretaker was the best doctor a female could have. He looked to Gu Yu, “I have things to do, so I’ll go first.”

Gu Yu nodded.

Not long after, KiKi and MoMo were sent by Qin Sheng, who had to go to work and didn’t stay long, and soon left. Gu Yu got up, took the blanket he had prepared, walked to the right side of the living room and spread it on the empty floor, sat down and beckoned to the three.

The three ran to his side, he put KiKi on his feet, and let Merlin and MoMo lie beside him left and right. He estimated that KiKi and MoMo could certainly be in a square meter around him, but Merlin could not. Merlin was one meter long and his tail was close to one meter, even if his tail was curled up, his body would be out of range.

He was not sure if he had to be all the way in range or if his brain was just fine. He now had over 40 million Goodwill Points and could afford every kind of evolutionary fluid. But after he knew that Goodwill Points could go negative, he didn’t dare to use them indiscriminately and was worried about causing trouble.

Intermediate and Advanced corresponded to a range of one hundred square meters and one thousand square meters. If he bought both of them, he was worried that there would be the rest of the creatures in the range when he used Goodwill Points. The high level utility described by the system was so powerful that it would probably cause a stir.

He rubbed the three’s heads, “You guys usually like music, right?”

The three nodded, Gu Yu’s eyes slightly curved, really good and cute. He opened the lesson: “In addition to playing instruments, we can also sing by ourselves, I will practice pitch today, can you listen together?” In an expectant tone, he whispered, “When you become human, maybe you will be able to sing.”

The three tilted their heads and looked at him, nodding in unison.

Gu Yu kept them in the most comfortable position, opened the system panel, and chose to expend Goodwill Points. At the same time, he clicked on the lesson and practiced following the teacher’s demonstration. Each time he exits, the lesson scores him according to his accuracy.

He practiced each note to one hundred percent before he practiced the next note. After he practiced for an hour, he closed the lesson and paused Goodwill Points consumption.

With a sweep of his vision, he saw that the Goodwill Points table had increased by 6 for all three. If it was usual, he was afraid he wouldn’t have noticed. But he had seen the table last night, and he knew the top and last numbers very well.

He looked at the three and silently recited Goodwill Points in his heart, and next to their heads, the total value of Goodwill in light blue was displayed. It was exactly the same as the one in the table.

At the same time, there was an additional line of small money-gold letters below Goodwill Points: Evolution Energy 30/60.

He was stunned. According to reason, for one hour and sixty minutes, they should have 60 evolutionary energy. What does this 30 mean?

As he was thinking, he saw that 30 became 29, and after a while, it became 28.

He asked in a small voice, “How do you guys feel?”

The three of them looked at him with shining eyes and squealed with joy.

In no time, the evolutionary energy of all three was displayed as 0/60.

Gu Yu stared at the display, read the explanation and understood.

The front was the remaining value, and the back was the total value possessed.

0 meant that all the evolution energy was consumed.

He played with the three for a while, then said, “Weren’t you tired just now from not moving all the time? Take a rest and practice again.”

Merlin shook his big head, KiKi grabbed his lapel with one hand, pointed at his ring with the other, and sounded hyperventilating, “Zee~”

MoMo, on the other hand, stared at his ring with round eyes.

Gu Yu laughed, “You guys are too good at learning too!”

He then sat down on the cushion and continued practicing.

At eleven o’clock, Orson came over and Gu Yu looked at him, “What’s wrong?”

Orson looked at Merlin: “It’s time to give him an inhibitor.”

Gu Yu nodded, and Orson walked over to Merlin, very strange, “His body is not right, it’s too stable.” He said and gave Merlin a physical exam, seeing the exam take over, he frowned, “In stable phase.”

Gu Yu asked, “Is his rut over?”

Orson shook his head: “It shouldn’t be, the time hasn’t come yet, but all his body indicators are normal.”

Gu Yu blinked, could it be related to evolutionary energy?

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