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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


After eating, Lu RanKong threw all the disposable dishes into the garbage bin and cleaned up the kitchen. When he came out, he looked at the terminal time and asked Lan Yu, “Are you tired? Do you want to go to bed?”

“What time is it?” Lan Yu asked.

“Ten o’clock at night…”

“I slept so long in the afternoon, I don’t want to sleep now.” Lan Yu said lazily lying on the sofa.

Lu RanKong went to the couch and sat down, opened the terminal, and fiddled with the floating screen that popped up with his finger.

Lan Yu saw a planet map on the screen with the planet bodies spinning slowly from far and near.

Lu RanKong turned it off after watching it for a while and said, “Stop lying down and get up.”

“Get up for what?”

“I want to show you something nice.”


Lu RanKong smiled, picked up the remote control on the table, and turned off the lights in the room.

Lan Yu saw nothing but blackness in front of his eyes, and he sat up in the darkness and asked, “What do you want me to see without the lights?”

Lu RanKong didn’t say anything, Lan Yu, in this pure darkness, suddenly felt a trace of unease, reached out to grab the person’s clothes in front of him.

His hand was held in mid-air by another warm, dry hand, and Lu RanKong’s voice rang out, “Follow me…”

Lan Yu’s anxiety flew away, and he let him lead him to get up from the sofa, walk a few steps to the right, and then stand still. Lu RanKong’s other hand was rustling something, and Lan Yu didn’t ask, so he just stood quietly.

Until a light suddenly appeared in front of him.

It was a layer of foggy light, it was like it was distorted through the deep water, but gradually became clearer and clearer, as if the fog had cleared and the light of the sky appeared. Then, a deep and vast space appeared before their eyes.

Because of the darkness at the beginning, his eyes had already had a process of adaptation, and now when he looked outside again, he found that everything was very clear with small and large planets hanging in the distance, flooded with gentle or intense light.

Lan Yu was stunned by this image and held his breath.

He didn’t know how long he looked at it, but when he came back to his senses, he realized that he was surrounded by nothing and his feet were on nothing, as if he was suspended in space. He noticed that his hand was still being held by Lu RanKong, and a cry of surprise was suppressed in his throat. When he looked at the sofa in the room, he knew he was still in Star Warship, and it was only a visual effect.

“In a few minutes, we’ll see Chaya Planet.” Lu RanKong’s low voice sounded in his ears.

Chaya Planet? Lan Yu was no stranger to this Planet, he had heard about it several times.

“Yes, it’s the planet that Liu Zhao wanted to go to with Xu.” Lu RanKong said, as if he knew what was in his mind, “Chaya Planet is very beautiful with the purest water, the most beautiful birds and flowers in Sasu. There is no winter there, it’s very warm.”

After Lu RanKong finished, he let go of Lan Yu’s hand and sat down on the ground with his legs crossed, saying, “Come, sit and watch.”

Lan Yu looked around, and although he knew that there was the transparent hull, it was visually empty, making it feel like there was nothing to stand on. He faltered and sat down, crouching into a horse stance, but his butt didn’t sit down.

Lu RanKong looked up at him and suddenly laughed, got up and walked to the side.

“Where are you going?” Lan Yu bent his legs and reached out to grab him, as he asked in panic.

“I know you love cleanliness, so I’ll get you a seat.” Lu RanKong said, as if walking in space, walked to the sofa and fetched two cotton cushions.

Lan Yu knew he misunderstood, but didn’t want to explain, and waited for him to put one of the cushions behind him, not that there was a physical object, he sat down. After sitting down, he wasn’t quite at ease with both hands on his knees, straightening his back and not moving a muscle.

Lu RanKong sat next to him and naturally took his hand from his knee and held it in his hand. Lan Yu’s hand retracted, but Lu RanKong immediately tightened his grip, and he stopped moving. Lu RanKong’s hand was warm and dry, and after holding it, he gently squeezed his fingers, one by one, as if he was playing with some interesting toy.

Lan Yu was about to scratch his hand when he heard him suddenly say, “Look…”

Lan Yu turned his head and realized that a blue planet appeared in front of him, like a pure blue jewel, suspended in the deep darkness. It was also like a drop of water in the vastness of space, reflecting a light blue glow. He looked at the planet without blinking, and even his breathing became very light.

“This is Chaya Planet…” Lu RanKong murmured beside him, “It’s the planet most similar to the ancient Earth with the same beauty as the Mother Planet.”

Lan Yu didn’t reply, his whole mind was already occupied by the blue planet.

This planet’s body felt so familiar and intimate to him, and some vague images flashed through his mind. There seemed to be a white sandy beach and an endless sea, and he heard a child’s laughter, which came out of his own mouth. The sound of laughter startled a few gulls, making them fly high into the air… 

Lan Yu didn’t intentionally track these clips, he thought it might be some footage he had seen in a movie, and it felt like a personal experience, even the pleasure and heartbeat of running.

“Every time I pass by Chaya Planet on a Star Warship, I keep watching until it disappears from my view.” Lu RanKong said as he turned his head to look at Lan Yu.

Lan Yu didn’t make a sound, still looking at Chaya Planet intently, Lu RanKong also stopped talking and looked at him quietly. His face was plated with a soft light, like the most delicate white jade, and his black and long eyelashes fluttered up and down as his eyes blinked. Lu RanKong suddenly wanted to cover those eyes and let those long lashes gently brush against his hand.

The hand he had just lifted stopped.

He didn’t understand what was wrong with him lately, he always had some inexplicable emotions towards K. He had never experienced such emotions before and felt both strange and confused.

At that moment, K, who was staring fixedly ahead, seemed to remember something interesting and pursed his lips to reveal a smile. The cold facial lines softened and the long eyelashes curved slightly.

Lu RanKong’s heart felt like he was struck by something and jumped up very fast, and the words of Jiang Zhi also came to mind during the day.

There are so many Omegas for you to choose from, who have you ever been this attached to? I just thought you weren’t yet enlightened, but it turns out you like Alphas… 

Lu RanKong suddenly understood where all of his own thoughts and confusion came from these days, and what his ecstasy after hearing about his breakup was about. Just like Jiang Zhi said, he liked the Alpha next to him.

He didn’t know when it started, maybe when he saw him sitting with tears in his eyes in the mine, and felt that the bruises on his knees were particularly harsh; maybe when he seriously applied the mask in front of the mirror as if he was oiling the most delicate weapon; maybe when he said with disgust that he stank of sweat, but took his dirty clothes off to the laundry room.

Perhaps even earlier, it was when he looked askance at people in the moonlight and wiped two fingers on his shoulder repeatedly, his expression so arrogant and unbearable, yet it made his heart flutter… 

Lu RanKong dazedly thought for a while. At first he was surprised and then happy, his insides were like an ion storm, and the once unconscious, covered emotions all exploded, revealing the real appearance under the surface.

Yes, Jiang Zhi was right, I like K, like him very much.

He wasn’t a man who looked ahead, and the moment he understood his own feelings, he didn’t need to confirm them, and made a decision on the spot.

“K, K,” Lu RanKong called out softly, dragging Lan Yu back from those indistinct images.

Lan Yu turned his head, not noticing Lu RanKong’s odd expression and the burning light in his eyes, he said to himself, “Baozi, Chaya Planet is really beautiful, I want to go—”

Before he could say anything, he was wrapped in a firm embrace, and a mouth followed with a hot breath, blocking his mouth firmly.

Lan Yu only felt a buzz in his head, and his whole body went wooden. All senses were gone, the only thing he could feel was the pressure and heat on his lips.

Lu RanKong kissed Lan Yu’s lips clumsily, the sweet and soft touch made his skin tingle, his arms tightened more and more, and his mouth growled as he bit the lips beneath his. Lan Yu was awakened by the tingling on his lips, and found that he was being strangled by Lu RanKong and could hardly breathe, while the sound of his panting and puffing was ringing in his ears.

He pushed the person in front of him, his arms and legs were a little weak and he couldn’t make any effort. Lu RanKong felt it and bit and nibbled his lips more fiercely.

“Don’t bite me… Don’t bite…” Lan Yu spoke with difficulty in the gap.

“Not biting you… You don’t understand… It’s called kissing.” Lu RanKong explained with a gasp.

Lan Yu slowly wrenched one arm out and pressed it onto Lu RanKong’s face, pushing hard, little by little. Lu RanKong’s face was gradually pushed away, his mouth still couldn’t let go of his lips, kept holding them. His face became deformed before he released his mouth, and finally fluttered back with a pop.

“Are you a sadist?” Lan Yu’s half pouting mouth drew a breath in, he lowered his voice and asked, “Biting the mouths of others makes you sadistic!”

Lu RanKong was silent and didn’t make a sound, Lan Yu again covered his mouth and twisted his waist, “Are you a sadist??”

Lu RanKong’s soul flew out and slowly went back into his shell, but he still didn’t speak, just gave Lan Yu a dead stare, eyes glowing. His eyes were like a wolf that had just tasted meat, and Lan Yu was the piece of fresh meat that had been bitten and was emitting a tantalizing fragrance.

Lan Yu cringed a little under his gaze, but the sting on his lips made him angry again, “You’re just a sadistic dog, biting people whenever you want!”

“I’m not a dog, and I’m not biting, I’m kissing.” Lu RanKong’s eyes fell on his lips, his voice hoarse. 

Lan Yu didn’t think about how they suddenly kissed, and couldn’t care less about anything else, he just said in anger, “Kissing? Is that how you do it? The flowers in your back garden, do you nibble on their few remaining flower stems?”

When Lu RanKong didn’t say anything, it suddenly dawned on him and he smiled with a quirk of his mouth, “So it’s a lie, there’s not even a single flower…” His lips still hurt a little, but Lan Yu was happy and asked, “Did I get it?”

“Yes, you got it.” Lu RanKong didn’t retort, his eyes locked on the person in front of him, his gaze was more serious than ever before.

“My back garden has always been empty, there has never been any other flowers, not even half of one. It was all a lie. But there was a tree planted just a few days ago. So there will be no more flowers, only that tree.”

The two men stared at each other in silence as Lan Yu slowly withdrew the smile from his face. Only then did he realize, as an afterthought, that Lu RanKong had just been kissing him.

——Although it wasn’t like a kiss at all, it was in a sense.

And it was also like a confession, if he was the tree.

Thump, thump, thump. 

He didn’t know whose heartbeat it was. Lan Yu thought it must be his own. He was a little overwhelmed, his palms were sweating, his mouth was dry, and he felt like he should be angry and reprimand him and slap him twice. But he just sat where he was and asked dryly, “What’s the meaning of that tree?” 

“It means what you think it means.” Lu RanKong replied.

“I didn’t think of anything.”

“Did you…”


Lu RanKong started to come closer again, his voice low and mellow, “The tree has grown so thick and strong without me knowing it, and its roots are so deep that the canopy covers my whole garden, and not even a single weed can grow.”

“Liar, no tree can grow that fast.” Lan Yu pretended to look away, but the hands clasped at his side betrayed his nervousness.

Lu RanKong said, “No lies, it’s true. It’s growing like crazy every day, a meter a day on average.”

“I haven’t heard of a tree that grows a meter a day.” Lan Yu’s mind was in turmoil, and he didn’t know what he was doing with it.

Lu RanKong took his hand and slowly put it on his chest, saying, “Feel it, it’s growing right here.”

Thump, thump, thump.

Under the palm of his hand, he could feel the fierce heartbeat. Lan Yu understood that it was not only his own heartbeat, but also Lu RanKong’s.

“Did you feel it?” Lu RanKong pulled him slowly into his arms, his mouth pressed against his face again, and murmured in his ear, “This is the canopy.” He took his hand and moved it down two inches, “This is the trunk of the tree…”

“No, this is less than two inches, how can it grow a meter every day?” Lan Yu said very quietly.

Lu RanKong’s hot breath hit his ear and said, “Yes, it can, when I say it can.”

The air thickened and wrapped around him like honey, Lan Yu’s arms and legs became weak, his throat was dry, but he still weakly insisted, “What are you doing? I am also an Alpha.”

“I don’t care…” Lu RanKong said.

Lan Yu remembered that he had indeed said that if he liked someone, he didn’t care if they were an Alpha or an Omega. Lu RanKong’s burning lips slowly moved towards his mouth, his intention was very clear. Lan Yu, even if his mind was now in a state of confusion, snapped awake and pushed him away and sat up straight.

“Let me kiss you, just a little.” Lu RanKong said in a muffled voice, reaching around his back again to bring him into his arms.

Lan Yu stiffened his body and braced his hands against his chest, not letting him get close at all. His mouth was a little sore and he dared not let him nibble again.

Lu RanKong slowly increased his strength, under the sleeves of the arm muscles were bulging. Lan Yu also pushed outward with full force, teeth clenched. Both of them were silent and wrestling with each other.

Seeing that Lu RanKong wasn’t giving up and moving forward, Lan Yu said, “You can’t call that making out…”

“Mn, it was kissing.” Lu RanKong’s hands didn’t let up.

Lan Yu insisted, “It’s not kissing either, kissing isn’t what you just did.”

He had been in so many movies that there were one or two make-out scenes, and although they were basically borrowed positions, Lan Yu understood how to really kiss.

Lu RanKong stopped moving and stopped pushing. Through the hazy soft light, Lan Yu saw him looking at him with sullen eyes. “That’s right, after all, you have had Omega, so you have more experience than me.” His voice was a bit sour.

Lan Yu saw his face downcast and was about to say something when Lu RanKong suddenly reached out and pulled him into his arms again, “Since you have experience, then come and teach me.”

The words just fell, and while Lan Yu wasn’t paying attention, he was once again swiftly kissed.

This time Lu RanKong didn’t nibble again, his movements were much lighter, he was no longer so reckless, and he also observed Lan Yu’s reaction. Lan Yu’s heart softened, and when Lu RanKong cautiously touched him lightly, Lan Yu stretched out his tongue and licked him.

Lu RanKong stopped moving at once.

Then he tentatively extended his tongue as well, and Lan Yu opened his mouth slightly and let him slide into his mouth. Lu RanKong got a shallow taste and finally got the hang of it and started to take back the mastery.

Gradually, his movements became more and more intense and skillful.

Lan Yu was unable to move in his arms, his breath was coming out his nose, and the only sound in his ears was his panting. Lu RanKong was breathing heavier and heavier, one arm slowly slid down Lan Yu’s back… 

“What are you doing?” Lan Yu caught the hand with one hand.

“I think… I think we can do it all at once.” Lu RanKong said with unsteady breath, and buried his head into Lan Yu’s neck again, to nibble on his neck.

Lan Yu was immediately alert, his confused mind also found a trace of clarity, so he decisively refused, “No…”

“I just want you to be the tree, and you can only plant it in my garden. It’s good to loosen the soil and fertilize it early, it’s just a matter of time anyway.” Lu RanKong said vaguely.

“Who said I can only plant in your garden?” Lan Yu pushed him away, his lips red, eyes like sparkling water.

Lu RanKong said, “You will not be able to adapt to other gardens. Besides, who would dare? I’ll smash the garden of anyone who takes a second glance at you and tries to get at your tree.”

“I have my own garden, and I can raise flowers, all kinds of flowers.” Lan Yu replied.

Lu RanKong choked up, remembering Gu Gu. After a moment, he said in exasperation, “Then you can raise this flower of mine.”

After saying that, he jumped forward and pinned Lan Yu to the ground.


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Sue R
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