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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


In the silence, a terminal sound rang out in the enclosed space.

This noise saved Lu RanKong, who was being watched closely by Lan Yu, and he hurriedly looked down and said, “The army’s car has arrived to pick us up, it just entered the city. I’ll send the location over.”

Lan Yu slowly said, “Since the car is here, then go down. This is also the completion of the most important part of your dating program, fulfilling the wish of your youth.”

Lu RanKong nodded and said sincerely, “Yes, this wish was finally fulfilled, and it’s really wonderful to kiss the person you love on top of the Ferris wheel.”

Lan Yu looked at him with a smile, turned around and opened the closed door of the compartment, then went out. Lu RanKong behind him secretly let out a long breath.

It was much easier to get off the Ferris wheel and soon they were on the ground. The two of them picked up the paper bags they had left on the lawn and left the city park. The car had not arrived yet, so the two went to sit down and wait on a row of benches on the side of the road. After they sat down, a little girl next to them stumbled.

This little girl was about one or two years old, and her fine soft hair in the top of her head was tied into a small pigtail. Still learning to walk, her chubby little feet were walking unsteadily, and she was a little wobbly.

Lan Yu watched her with rapt attention, watching her half-raising both hands, half-running, half-walking forward, with the young Omega father following behind, his face full of smiles.

When the father and daughter walked away, Lan Yu saw Lu RanKong beside him still staring in that direction, his heart moved, pretending to ask casually, “Do you like children?”

“No…” Lu RanKong replied quickly, as if he had already thought about the answer many times.

Lan Yu was a bit stunned, “No…”

“Yes, children are the most annoying, noisy.” Lu RanKong said with a frown.

Lan Yu was silent for a moment and then asked, “If it was your own child, would you not like it either?”

“Even less…” Lu RanKong raised his voice slightly, “Other people’s children are just a little noisy, but your own is noisy all day and night, and it drives me crazy to think about it.”

Lan Yu’s heart sank straight down, he stared closely at Lu RanKong and asked the most crucial question, “If I were an Omega and had a child with you, would you not like them either? Of course I’m talking about ‘if’.”

“No—” Lu RanKong didn’t even think about answering, Lan Yu interrupted him quickly, “Think it over, think it over before you answer. I want to hear what you really think. “

Lu RanKong opened his mouth, found Lan Yu’s eyes unusually serious, but also a little nervous, so he finally swallowed his difficult-to-say words, “There is no such thing as that possibility.”

And then he turned his head away.

“Since it’s an ‘if’, then you have to imagine ah, imagine I am an Omega, and we have a child, would you like them or not?” Lan Yu reached out his hand, took his chin and forced it over so that Lu RanKong was facing towards himself.

“Suppose ah…” Lu RanKong’s head couldn’t move, so his eyes drifted to the other side, “I don’t like it…”

Lan Yu coaxed, “We have two children, maybe more. One is an Alpha girl, and no one can bully her, and one is an Omega boy, white and tender. Or it could be a Beta, who’s chubby, just like the little girl just now.”

Lu RanKong didn’t say anything.

Lan Yu said in the sweetest voice, “The baby’s eyes must look like mine, do you think they look good?”

Lu RanKong turned his eyes to stare at him and nodded gently.

“Then his mouth, it will look like… mine, what do you think?” Lan Yu beamed slightly.

“Good looking…” Lu RanKong said vaguely as his chin was pinched.

Lan Yu added, “You have a nice profile, with a clear outline and a high nose, the baby’s profile must look… like mine.” He turned his head slightly sideways for Lu RanKong to see and asked, “Would you like a baby that looks like me?”

Lu RanKong nodded but kept shaking his head. Lan Yu let go of his hand in frustration and turned his head away from him.

Lu RanKong rubbed his chin and looked sideways to observe his expression. After a few moments, he reached out and took him by the shoulders and said softly, “What are you assuming? I like you, whether you are Alpha or Omega, I only like you. I just want to have you in my life.”

Lan Yu couldn’t tell what he felt in his heart, squinted at him and asked sullenly, “What if I like kids a lot?”

“If you like children, you like children…” It suddenly dawned on Lu RanKong, and the whole person suddenly relaxed. He thought about it and said, “You like children, so if you want to raise them, it’s not difficult. Let’s go to the orphanage to adopt one, then we will have children?”

“Didn’t you just say you don’t like children?” Lan Yu licked his lips.

Lu RanKong laughed and put his forehead against his, asking in a low voice, “Are you angry?”

Lan Yu didn’t make a sound.

“I thought you were testing me, that’s why I said that. We can adopt our kids, I’d love them.” Lu RanKong said. When he saw Lan Yu’s lack of reaction, he asked suspiciously, “You’re not testing me now too, are you?”

Lan Yu pursed his lips and smiled, gently bumped him with his forehead, and said, “Then let’s have a baby later.”

“Yes, let’s have a baby.” 1

“One is not enough…”

“You can have as many as you want, Brother Bao can afford them.”

Lan Yu looked him in the eye at close range and laughed, “280 credits.”


“You only have 280 credits left.”

Lu RanKong straightened up, stroked his forehead, and said, “My paycheck is coming, so Brother Bao will have the money to raise you and the baby.”

Both of them looked at each other with a smile, Lan Yu bumped him with his shoulder again, “Hey…”

“What is it?”

“I want to retire…”

“Retire?” Lu RanKong asked with a little surprise, “When?”

“Whenever I can.” Lan Yu said.

Lu RanKong frowned and thought about it and said, “Under normal circumstances, you can apply for retirement after five years.”

“After five years?” Lan Yu raised his voice in surprise.

“Yeah, we’re kind of in the same period, and it’ll have to be five years before we can even apply.”

Lan Yu asked, “So there’s no way to retire early?”

Lu RanKong gave him a look, “Why do you suddenly want to retire so badly?”

“I’m tired of being in the army and want to live a quiet life.”

Lu RanKong only raised his eyebrows, showing a non-committal look.

“Anyway, I just really want to, I don’t want to stay in the army anymore.” Lan Yu said.

Lu RanKong saw his face was lost and said, “If you have a significant merit, you can retire early. But if you really want to retire, I can go and talk to someone about it.”

When Lan Yu heard this, his eyes lit up.

“But even if it’s early, it will still take three or four months to complete the formalities.” Lu RanKong put his arm around his shoulder and patted it.

“I’m not in a hurry, I can wait.” Lan Yu exhaled happily, turned his head again and gave Lu RanKong a kiss on the corner of his lips.

On the way back, sitting in the warm car, Lan Yu began to feel sleepy and his head was too heavy to lift, bobbing up and down. Lu RanKong put his head on his shoulder several times. He looked at the soldier driving in front of him and held his head up.

Lu RanKong didn’t care about the soldier in front of him, as he said softly, “Not sleepy? If you feel sleepy, just use my shoulder as a pillow. If you feel uncomfortable, just lie down on my legs and sleep.” 

Lan Yu thought that he was going to be retired from the military, so he didn’t care if he was seen, and he would marry Lu RanKong in the future, so he wouldn’t hide this matter. So he no longer insisted, leaned his head over, Lu RanKong also released an arm to hug him in his arms.

The soldier driving in the front didn’t dare to take a breath, only occasionally turning a corner to glance back in the rearview mirror.

Lan Yu had a good sleep, and when he woke up, the car was already parked under the dormitory building, and Lu RanKong was still holding him in the same position.

“Woke up? Do you want to stay in the car for a while, or go back to sleep?” Lu RanKong asked softly.

The car was still running, the soldier was still sitting in the driver’s seat, and when he heard this, he looked straight ahead and took a deep breath.

“Go back…” Lan Yu said, pushed open the door and got out of the car.

“Wait…” Lu RanKong took off his jacket and put it on him, then took his hand and said, “Let’s go…”

The two of them passed through the lobby and went up the stairs to the third floor before they heard the sound of the car leaving downstairs.

When they got to the door of their room, Lan Yu was still not quite clear-headed and moved a bit slowly to open the door by fumbling for his room card. After entering the door, he turned around and closed his eyes slightly and said, “See you tomorrow,” before slowly closing the door.

The door was closed and he walked straight towards the bathroom, and then bumped into a person.

“Be careful and watch your step.” It was Lu RanKong’s voice.

Lan Yu opened his eyes and looked at him a little stunned, then turned his head to look at the door behind him. The door of the room was closed properly.

“Do you want to take a shower? Have a glass of water before you go…” Lu RanKong naturally walked over to the coffee table, poured a glass of water and handed it to him.

Lan Yu took a few sips of the water before responding and asking, “What are you doing here?”

“It’s late and I’m going to bed, where would I be if not here?” Lu RanKong seemed to think he was making a fuss.

Lan Yu looked around in confusion, lifted his finger to point next door and said, “Your room is 303 and I’m here in 301.”

Lu RanKong said, “We’ve been sleeping together for so long, why do we care about this? If we don’t share a bed, it will look like we don’t get along.” After saying that, he naturally picked up the room card he had put down from the entrance cabinet and said, “I’ll go next door to take a shower and change into my pajamas, it’ll be quick.”

As the door closed, Lan Yu walked into the bathroom confused, took off his clothes and stood under the shower head for a while before reacting. Listening to the same rushing water next door, he knocked on the wall and said, “You can sleep over there, the sheets and stuff are new, don’t come over.”

“Ah, what did you say?” Lu RanKong asked loudly.

Lan Yu was afraid of being heard by Lin Zhu and Chen YuTan at the other door, so he had to come closer and repeat himself.

“I can’t hear you, speak louder.” Lu RanKong seemed to be washing his hair, and his voice was jarring.

Lan Yu knew he was pretending, but there was nothing he could do, and he couldn’t shout loud enough for everyone to hear, so he had to pound the wall between them. The wall shook violently, clanging coming from next door, and the spray nozzles hanging on the wall fell to the floor.

“What happened?” Lan Yu asked in a whisper.

“The nozzle fell…”

“How can you hear me now?”

“Hmm? What are you talking about?”

Lu RanKong was really fast in the shower. Lan Yu was still washing his hair, and there was no more sound over there. He finished the shower, buttoned his pajamas all the way up to the top, looked in the mirror to cover up what he could, and then pushed the door open.

Lu RanKong was already sitting on the bed in his bedroom, wearing a wide black robe with a belt tied loosely around his waist, revealing a large, firm, light brown chest and two long, strong legs. He waved the hair dryer in his hand at Lan Yu, “Here, let me blow dry your hair.” 

“What are you doing over here? I’m not going to do that kind of thing with you.” Lan Yu looked down at his slippers.

Lu RanKong sighed and said helplessly as Lan Yu looked up at him, “What’s going through your mind? Why are you always thinking about this and that, can’t you think about anything else?”

Lan Yu’s eyes widened and he pointed at his own nose and asked, “How dare you say that my mind is thinking about that all the time?”

Lu RanKong simply stood up, reached out and pulled him to the edge of the bed, sat down with his hands on his shoulders, and began to blow-dry his hair.

With the sound of the hair dryer buzzing, Lu RanKong ran his fingers through his hair and said, “Brother Bao doesn’t just want to do that with you, he just wants to be with you all the time, whether it’s eating, drinking, going on missions, sleeping, or even going to the bathroom to pee.”

His voice was like silk satin brushing between the ears, low and magnetic, the love contained in it made Lan Yu’s heart sweet.

Lan Yu pursed his lips and smiled, “I don’t want to be with you when you pee.” 

“Not then, not then. Of course, it’s definitely better to be able to do that.” Lu RanKong turned off the blow dryer in his hand and leaned down to look into Lan Yu’s eyes and whispered, “Not because of anything else, but because Brother Bao likes you very much.”

Lan Yu put away the smile on his face and looked at him in a daze, not knowing what to say. He also liked Lu RanKong and had decided in his heart to live with him, and it was only a matter of time before they had a relationship.

But how should he explain to Lu RanKong that he was an Omega, and how should he explain why he hid his Omega identity to join the army? Should he tell him about the transmigration? Tell him He’s not even from his world and not the K he thought he was?

At least let him think about what to say and how to go about solving this dilemma.

Lu RanKong turned on the hairdryer again and continued to blow his hair, saying, “I won’t force you, if you don’t want to, we’ll sleep together like we did in prison. As long as I can be with you, whatever is fine.”

Seeing Lan Yu look up at him, he added, “Of course, you will only be given a month to prepare at most. After a month, I won’t let you go, no matter what.”

Lan Yu hung his head again.

“Mn, your hair is all dried and you can go to sleep.” A moment later, Lu RanKong turned around and put the blow dryer in his hand on the table.

Lan Yu looked at his back, picking at the bed sheet in his hand, his heart like a tangled mess.

Lu RanKong turned around and said, “It’s getting late, go to sleep…”

The last two words of his tone suddenly changed, and his eyes on Lan Yu also became very strange.

“What’s wrong?” Lan Yu touched his face.

“Nothing…” Lu RanKong turned his eyes to look out the window, his face looked unnatural and a bit distorted.

Lan Yu looked at him suspiciously, followed by the window, and saw his own reflection on the glass at once.

——His hair was standing on end, a messy mass on top of his head, overcharged and fluffy, like an exploding mushroom cloud.

“What the hell kind of hairstyle did you give me?” He pressed the top of his head, trying to push his hair down.

Lu RanKong explained, “You kept your head down, so it became like this.” Seeing Lan Yu looking at him angrily, he wanted to laugh but held back and said, “It’s okay, just sleep with it overnight.”

Lan Yu wanted to go to the bathroom to wet his hair and dry it again, but Lu RanKong pulled him on the bed and said, “Leave your hair alone and sleep with me.”

Lu RanKong wrapped the duvet tightly around the two of them, looked down at the person in his arms and kissed him lovingly on his hair, “Go to sleep, little mushroom.”

As Lan Yu raised his eyebrows, he snapped off the light.


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Translator Notes:

  1. MonkeyNote: It’s cute and all… but IT’S THEIR FIRST DATE! Wtf Lan Yu…


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Sue R
Sue R
July 19, 2021 11:33 am

💞💞💞💞💞💞 sweet chapter.. Will this just sleeping together last for the month?? I don’t think so.
Thank you.

July 19, 2021 2:51 pm

Tell him!!! With both seemingly having decided this is ‘it’, LY needs to tell LRK before it gets any more serious. Why is he hesitating?
Thank you for translating.

July 19, 2021 9:02 pm

LRK🙈🙈🙈simply love teasing LY to max🤣🤣🤣

July 29, 2021 11:37 pm

Didn’t Lan Yu say before that LRK was moving the relationship too fast? Now here is Lan Yu, on their first date, talking about babies! 😆

They are lucky to have each other haha

July 31, 2021 4:17 pm

tengo miedo de ka identidad de k, no se pero no puedo dejar de pensar negativamente 🥺🥺

August 13, 2021 12:48 pm

Problems and differing viewpoints are cropping up. First love, first date, it’s beautiful and even more so with the chance of ruin. I am prepared for the angst hinted to come!

August 16, 2021 9:44 pm

Little Mushroom 🍄 🤣🤣🤣

December 9, 2021 2:19 pm

Thanks for the translations!

They are moving waaaaaay too fast. Deciding to retire because you love him and will be with him forever and ever *after just the first date*? Not really advisable.

And LKR is seriously turning into a piece of crap (and not the cute kind). He completely ignores all of LY’s opinions and wishes. Most importantly, “I’m generous and will give you a month to put-out willingly before I r*pe you” is NOT something you say to someone you love.

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