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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Lan Yu knitted for a while, and noticed that Lu RanKong hadn’t said anything, so he glanced up at him, and found that he was looking fixedly at him. He took his feet out of his slippers and kicked the man sitting across from him, “Have you gone stupid again?” 

Lu RanKong snapped out of his trance, grabbed the disruptive foot, and rested it on his lap. He said, “It’s nothing…” 

“What were you thinking about? You’ve been staring…” Lan Yu asked.

Lu RanKong was silent for a moment and said, “I was thinking about my little playmate.”

“The one you stole the wooden sculpture from?”

“Yes, he was just like you, he was also very good at handcrafts.”

Lan Yu asked as he knitted, “You haven’t told me what happened to your little playmate.”

The last time Lu RanKong talked about this with a gloomy face, he didn’t ask further, but now that it came up again, he couldn’t help but ask. As a matter of fact, Lu RanKong changed his expression when he heard this, and he shut his mouth.

Lan Yu looked at him while knitting, and was even more curious.

“He’s dead…” Lu RanKong suddenly spoke.

Lan Yu was stunned and stopped moving his hands.

“He passed away on the same day as my mother.” Lu RanKong continued.

It took Lan Yu a few seconds to react, not knowing what to say, but looking at him blankly. Neither of them said anything, and in the silence, a wind blew, sending the sound of soldiers’ slogans in the distance and the chirping of gulls on the sea.

After a while, Lan Yu moved his foot, which was being held by Lu RanKong. Lu RanKong stared down at the ground, unable to see what was on his mind, and he didn’t move. Lan Yu used his toes to scratch his hand again.

Once, twice, three times… 

Lu RanKong finally showed a light smile, and squeezed it with his palm.

Lan Yu drew back his foot, put the needles back into the needlework basket, dragged the small bench beneath him, sat close to him, and plopped down on his knees.

“What’s wrong?” Lu RanKong asked softly.

Lan Yu didn’t say anything, just kissed him on the knee.

“I’m fine, it’s been so long.” Lu RanKong continued.

Lan Yu kissed him again.

Lu RanKong smiled, kissed the top of his head, and said, “Why don’t you work on that hilt cover? We’re leaving tomorrow.”

Lan Yu didn’t say anything, but got up after a while, brought the needlework basket over, and leaned on Lu RanKong as he started to knit again. Lan Yu moved quickly and finished knitting both hilt covers during the night, and crocheted two fuzzy balls of yarn to hang from it.

Seeing Lu RanKong holding the two knitted gun handle covers in his hands and looking at them lovingly, Lan Yu said to him, “The dark brown one is yours, and the light yellow one is mine.”

Seeing that he looked confused again, Lan Yu handed him the slightly darker one and said, “This one, dark brown.”

Lu RanKong took out the terminal and took a picture of the hilt set, and since he wasn’t satisfied, he put it on the balcony, moved two pots of succulent next to it, and exposed the hanging threads, with the sea in the background, and continued to take pictures.

Lan Yu saw him take pictures very vigorously, went to the refrigerator to take out a row of nutrients, unscrewed the cap of one of the bottles, stuck out the tip of the tongue to taste, and then frowned.

It was too hard to drink.

Apart from soldiers or patients who couldn’t eat, and those mountain climbers and such, usually no one would drink nutrients, so the production company wouldn’t pay attention to the taste. It was very bland and tasteless with a faint fishy smell.

Lan Yu tasted it and felt like he was drinking chemical ingredients, but Lu RanKong told him that Veya Planet had no food to eat, and food wasn’t convenient to carry. They needed a lot of energy to maintain their physical fitness, so nutrients were the best choice.

There was no choice but to drink this, maybe he could change the taste of it.

Lan Yu rummaged in the refrigerator, took out several bottles of juice concentrate with different flavors, and then swung open the bottle of nutritional supplements and blended the juice into it.

After mixing, he tasted it and it tasted much better this time. In order to distinguish, he also used the nutritional agent bottle, carefully placing an annotated small label.

When everything was ready, he made sure that nothing was missing then showered and went to bed.

Lu RanKong had just laid down with his arms around the person when Lan Yu gave another ah.

“What’s wrong?” Lu RanKong asked.

“We have to wear those special cold-resistant clothes, right?”

“Yes, only the cold-insulation suit can isolate the cold temperature outside and keep the body from losing temperature.” Lu RanKong said.

“What about inside? What did you wear under the cold-insulating suit?”

Lu RanKong recalled blankly for a moment and said, “I haven’t paid attention to that, I just wear my own clothes underneath.”

“Uniform? T-shirt? A cotton jacket?”

Lu RanKong said, “Just… Uniform, T-shirt is fine, but a cotton jacket is too bulky. Have you ever been on a mission in a cold area? What were you wearing underneath?”

Lan Yu said vaguely, “I didn’t pay attention to it, I can’t remember.”

“Then wear whatever you want, I don’t think anyone cares about that, as long as you have a cold-weather jacket on the outside.”

“Okay…” After a long time, Lan Yu sat up in the darkness, “No, I have to prepare two sets of anti-cold underwear.”

After saying that, he snapped on the bedside lamp, opened the terminal and began to check.

Lu RanKong also sat up and asked, “What are you looking at?”

“I want to place an order for two sets of anti-cold underwear. I’ll see what size fits you…”

Lu RanKong wiped his face and said, “I don’t need it, it’s too much trouble.”

Lan Yu gave him a blank look, “That’s not good, you’ll get arthritis and cold legs or something, and I’ll have to wait on you when you’re old and push the wheelchair behind you.”

“Old? Old…” Lu RanKong was so delighted by this phrase that he wanted to be together when he was old that he hurriedly said, “Then place your order, place your order.”

Soon after the order was placed, Lan Yu was content to turn off the lights and lie down, saying, “There is automatic delivery soon. You can go downstairs to pick it up as soon as you wake up tomorrow.”

“Okay…” Lu RanKong took him into his arms and asked contentedly, “Now you can sleep in peace.”

“Yes, sleep, sleep.”


“Ah!” Lan Yu made another sound in the darkness.

Lu RanKong closed his eyes and asked, “Have you remembered something else to prepare?”

“Forget it, it’s too much trouble, I don’t want to bring it.”

“What are you going to bring?”

“Actually, a small heat lamp can be used to heat up food, but never mind, we have fruit-flavored nutrients, and it’s not good for the soldiers to watch us eat and drink.”

Lan Yu arched in the arms of Lu RanKong, looking for a comfortable position, yawning and ready to sleep. Just after he closed his eyes, he opened his mouth again and said, “Actually, I think we can still—”

Before he could finish his sentence, Lu RanKong blocked his mouth with his lips and tongue, biting and sucking. Only when he was so dazed and unconscious that he forgot what he was going to say did Lu RanKong let him go and say, “If you open your mouth again, I’m going to shut you up this way.”

“I’m not, I’m just— Mn, mn—”

“Okay, I’ll stop talking— Ngh—”


It was still early in the morning when Chen YuTan’s voice came from the hallway, “K, RanKong, XiaoZhu, get up, pack up and get ready to go.”

All four of them quickly washed up, Lu RanKong also went downstairs to bring up the vending machine to grab the cold-resistant underwear, and Lan Yu was wearing field clothes.

When they went out, the two people opposite also happened to go out. Chen YuTan saw Lu RanKong coming out of Lan Yu’s room, and showed a surprised look. Lin Zhu lowered his head, coughing twice with his hand to block his mouth, pretending not to see.

Lan Yu got into the vehicle that was shuttled downstairs and soon arrived at the docking ramp, where a huge Star Warship was being warmed up, with the hatch wide open and soldiers lined up to go up.

“Hello, Colonel K.” The mecha soldiers of the second battalion hadn’t seen Lan Yu for a while and knew that he had gone on a mission, and now that they saw him return, they all greeted him, and Lan Yu responded with a slight nod.

“Dad, you’re back.” The third battalion called out to Lu RanKong with a playful smile.

Lu RanKong laughed and kicked a few people before retreating back to Lan Yu’s side.

Soon everyone was on board the Star Warship, with the four battalions gathered in a large cabin, while Lan Yu went to the officers’ lounge. A few moments later, the Star Warship emitted a vibrating sound and slowly rose into the sky, and after reaching a certain altitude, it accelerated into the vast expanse of space.

Since no one had eaten breakfast yet, after the Star Warship steered smoothly into the set orbit, soldiers pushed the food carts to deliver food in turn. Lan Yu also received a portion of fried eggs and a large sandwich, along with a glass of milk.

As soon as he picked up the glass of milk, Lu RanKong reached out and touched the wall of the glass, saying, “The milk is still a little hot, so let it cool down before you drink it.”

Lan Yu’s milk went to his mouth and then put it back. Lu RanKong took the plate in front of him, cut the thick and big sandwich into small pieces, and then forked a piece to his mouth.

Lan Yu naturally took a bite and chewed while looking at his terminal. Lu RanKong took his own sandwich in his left hand and ate it with a big bite, while his right hand kept holding the fork and feeding it to Lan Yu when he swallowed the food in his mouth.

The atmosphere in the cabin became very strange, Chen YuTan was eating while turning his head to look at the porthole, although the outside was dark, he seemed to be looking at interesting scenery. Lin Zhu lowered his head and took small sips of milk, from time to time he stole a glance at the two people in front of him, and very quickly turned away.

After breakfast was finished and the soldiers took all the plates away, the voice of the vice captain came over the intercom, “The Star Warship will soon enter the first leap point, the ship will be bumpy, so everyone sit down in their seats, and don’t move around.”

All four of them went out of the officer’s lounge to check on their soldiers and saw that they were all safely in their seats before returning to the cabin.

Lan Yu sat down and fastened his seat belt, and a minute later, felt the Star Warship begin to shake and sway. He craned his head to look out the porthole, and outside were flowing lines and jumping dots of light, which was the Star Warship making a space jump.

“Although Veya Planet is very far away from us, there are several leap points built in between. Instead, it’s faster than even going to QuYa Planet, so we will be there in a few hours.” Lu RanKong saw that he kept staring out and thought he was sitting impatiently.

The bumps lasted for about a minute and then stopped, the lines and dots of light outside the windows disappeared and the magnificent and vast sea of planets appeared in the view.

In the extreme distance, there were brilliantly colored planet clouds, dotted with large and small planet bodies, so clear that they seemed to be hanging within reach of the window.

Although it wasn’t the first time Lan Yu had seen such a scene, he was still deeply impressed.

“It looks so close, doesn’t it? In fact, this is no longer part of the Sasu Planet system. It’s so far away that there is no interstellar channel to reach it.” Lu RanKong followed his line of sight and whispered in his ears.

Chen YuTan and Lin Zhu sat across from them, each fiddling with their terminals, so quiet that even their breathing seemed to be lost, not to mention their voices.

After the Star Warship raced through space and crossed two more leap points, Lan Yu saw a grayish-white planet ball, hovering coldly in the darkness.

The voice of the vice captain appeared on the loudspeaker, “We have ten minutes to land our Star Warship on the surface of Veya Planet, everyone get ready for landing.”

The Star Warship was moving forward at high speed, and Lan Yu saw through the porthole that the grayish planet ball was rapidly enlarging, and soon he could see the bright and dark outline of the surface above.

“It looks like we can land on the front this time.” Lu RanKong also looked out the porthole and said, “The hurricane has just passed, so the weather is good.”

Lin Zhu pulled his seatbelt on and said, “The last time Chen YuTan and I came on an inspection mission, there was a hurricane on the front. We had to land on the back side, take a few samples and leave in a hurry, and Chen was almost swept away by the wind.”

Chen YuTan didn’t make a sound, only smiled and touched his head, looking very embarrassed.

Lan Yu pulled Lu RanKong, who was still looking outside, and urged, “Sit tight and don’t move, we’re landing.”

The four of them took their seats, fastened their seat belts and waited for the Star Warship to land, with Lin Zhu on the opposite side of Lan Yu, staring at him intently. Ever since he got on board the Star Warship, Lan Yu noticed that Lin Zhu would always peek at him when no one was looking.

“Is there something on my face?”

“Huh?” Lin Zhu was coldly asked this question, froze for a few seconds before reacting and hurriedly shook his head, “No, your face is clean.”

“Then why do you keep looking at me?” Lan Yu asked without smiling.

Lin Zhu’s baby face turned red and stammered, “No, I didn’t look. Oh, maybe I did…”

Lu RanKong turned his head to look at him, his gaze was like two sharp swords.

Lin Zhu stammered even more, and it was only with great difficulty that he managed to say a complete sentence, “I… I just… I just think that Colonel K became… became a bit strange.”

After saying that, he hurriedly added, “Not weird, just… just different from before, like a new person.”

Lan Yu looked at him steadily, and his gaze was like two sharp swords.

“Well, it’s just that I didn’t know Colonel K before, but I didn’t expect to be quite easy-going, and I didn’t expect you and Colonel Lu to have such a good relationship.” Lin Zhu finally said his thoughts completely and fluently under the forced eyes of four sword blades, and breathed a long sigh of relief after he finished.

Lan Yu didn’t make a sound, but Lu RanKong laughed, “So you all can see that K and I are in love?”

“What? In love? I thought you guys were just close, but you’re in a relationship?” This time, not to mention Lin Zhu was shocked, even Chen YuTan also raised his head to look at the two.

“Can’t you tell?” Lu RanKong asked.

“Yes, I can see it.” Lin Zhu said dryly, “It’s just a little hard to believe.”

Chen YuTan nodded desperately in agreement.

The Star Warship began to slow down and entered the atmosphere of Veya Planet, and what appeared in Lan Yu’s eyes was an endless glacier, and the whole world was white. There was no wind and no clouds at the moment, visibility was excellent and the weather was good. The Star Warship landed slowly and smoothly between several glaciers.

Lu RanKong picked up the intercom by the hatch and said to the soldiers’ cabin, “We have landed, everyone put on their cold-weather suits and get ready to leave the ship. Don’t freeze into a lump of ice when the cabin door opens.”

After saying that, he opened the hidden cabinet beside him and took out a set of clothes and handed it to Lan Yu, “Put on the cold-insulating suit.”

The cold-insulating suit was made of white special material, similar to a spacesuit, and also had a round helmet, they were fully dressed and then checked, Lu RanKong loaded the woolen gun handle cover and nutrients cold-insulating backpack satchel, then they walked together to the soldiers cabin.

The soldiers also put on their cold-weather suits, and with the sound of air pressure being released, the hatch at the back of the Star Warship slowly opened. The cold wind swept into the cabin with snowflakes, instantly dropping the temperature to below zero. The water left in the glasses, the half-eaten apple, the walls and seats all began to freeze, making a slight beeping sound.

Lu RanKong held Lan Yu behind him and when the cold wind subsided, he walked to the ship’s door and shouted, “Get out of the cabin!”

The weapons conveyor belt on both sides began to slowly rotate, and the soldiers quickly took turns exiting the pod, each taking an ion gun and equipment bag, and then putting a mecha ring on their wrists.

Lan Yu stayed at the end and, after being fully equipped, jumped down the high hatch after Lu RanKong.


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So loving this story and this couple.
Thank you for translating.

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Sue R
July 21, 2021 12:29 pm

😆😆😆 Lu Rankong quickly showing off their relationship. He is really sweet man.

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Hopefully LY can retired after this mission😑😑😑

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They are so lovey dovey when eating.
I like how neither of them are hesitant to reveal their relationship.

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tengo una teoría loca.
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Moon 🌚 boys on a mission

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