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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


The restroom happened to be free of guests. Xu Yi looked at the omega in front of him with great interest.

Shi Yu’s eyes followed him as he held out his hand and asked politely, “I did lose something by accident. May I trouble you to return it to me?

Xu Yi smiled and whispered, “Lost what? Your heart?” He pretended to reach down and pull it out of his pocket. “Here you go.”

Shi Yu, “…” He drew back his hand and said coldly. “It’s a pendant.”

With a frivolous smile, Xu Yi came forward two steps and pushed Shi Yu against the wall as he backed up. “I don’t know what kind of pendant it is. Since you came out with me, don’t pretend you don’t understand my hint, huh?”

Shi Yu observed the expression of the alpha in front of him. “So you really don’t know where I dropped my stuff?”

Xu Yi froze. “Okay, tell me what you dropped. I’ll buy it with you later, okay? Let’s exchange contact information…”

Shi Yu indifferently brushed his hand away. “Get out of the way.”

Xu Yi had a black face. “Are you playing dumb? You were so quick to take the bait, but you’re still not willing to exchange contact information?”

“You are a guest, so I will not do anything to you.” The lights shone down on Shi Yu making his teardrop mole particularly lustrous. “Get out of the way.”

Xu Yi, as a high quality alpha in his school, was always a star and omegas willingly sent themselves to his door to be marked. He had never encountered such a disrespectful omega and suddenly became a little angry. He clasped Shi Yu’s shoulder. “You-“

The words just fell when a cold wind swept over. The back of Xu Yi’s neck was covered with goosebumps and physical discomfort suddenly surged. The more advanced pheromones were, the more overwhelming the deterrent effect became.

Xu Yi turned around in dismay. There was an alpha, half a head taller than him, standing at the door. The pupils of his pale eyes looked like they were covered with a light layer of frost. Xu Yi shuddered.

“Get out. You’re in the way.” Jiang ChengLi said coldly.

Being completely suppressed by pheromones was too embarrassing. Xu Yi’s charming thoughts dissipated and disappeared. He glared at the man and ran out of the bathroom.

Shi Yu was relieved to find that Jiang ChengLi did not come in, just stood and looked at him. His glance made Shi Yu a little uncomfortable and he gave way. “Want to go to the bathroom?”

Jiang ChengLi extended his hand. He held something in his palm. “You lost it?”

It was a blue keychain on which hung a blue dragon with wide wings. It looked very fierce, with glaring eyes as it showed its teeth.

Jiang ChengLi watched the omega in front of him with slightly bright eyes, as he carefully took the keychain and gently wiped the horns of the small dragon with his fingertips. “…Thank you.”

Seeing him give it such a cherished look, Jiang ChengLi felt inexplicable relief.

He hadn’t been trolled by that frivolous alpha.

He really just wanted to retrieve something that was lost.

“You’re working here?” Jiang ChengLi asked casually.

Shi Yu, having lost and found his pendant, was carefully touching the tip of the little dragon’s tail.

His eyebrows were soft. Together with the dim light of the restroom, it made him look like he had stars broken in his iris.



“… Hmm.” Shi Yu sniffed, held the charm in his hand and said sheepishly, “I’ll be an adult soon.”

Jiang ChengLi’s eyes swept over his slightly red earlobes.

Shi Yu felt like an electric current was running through him.

“The school recently approved a project; work-study.”

Shi Yu looked up, his expression was not far from that of the white cat when it was staring at small dried fish.

When a person who was usually very blank faced showed a different expression, it made the other feel satisfied, even if inexplicably so.

Jiang ChengLi’s tone was tinged with interest. “But it’s in the experimental stage and the student council is screening the right students.”

Shi Yu pursed his lips and said ‘oh’ very oddly, as if he wanted to turn back and say something. His hesitation and his little expressions were quite refreshing.

Jiang ChengLi turned around as if nothing had happened.

“President Jiang,” Shi Yu released the hand clutching the corner of his coat. “That…I…” Shi Yu rarely bowed down to people. He didn’t know how to speak so his tone would seem more like a request. He asked dryly, “Can I inquire how I can apply?”

He needed money after leaving the Lian family, but omegas were always at a disadvantage. Shi Yu wanted to spend more time studying. If only he could change to a more secure environment.

“Screened by the student council.”

“Are there any conditions?”

Shi Yu felt that his intention was a bit too obvious and just wanted to try to sound normal. Then the boy in front of him gave a low laugh. “Not quite sure…How about bribing me?”

Shi Yu froze, staring blankly at the man in front of him.

Did Jiang ChengLi really say that kind of thing?

Jiang ChengLi was content to observe his surprise. “The files are with the year director, the student council only screens them.” He seemed sad. “Bribes don’t work.”

“I didn’t…” Realizing that this was a joke, Shi Yu pressed his lips together slightly.

Jiang ChengLi wanted to continue, but a male waiter came over to Shi Yu with a grim face. “Let me borrow your blocker.”

Shi Yu said blandly, “But you don’t like the peach scent.”

The boy’s face was a little ugly. “There’s an alpha with his pheromones out of control in the restaurant. They’ve stained me all over. It’s uncomfortable as hell.”

Jiang ChengLi raised his eyebrows slightly and looked back at Shi Yu.

Shi Yu grabbed a key from his pocket. “In the cupboard, get it yourself.”

Jiang ChengLi stared at him for a moment and drew back his gaze.

Shi Yu’s body smelled like the girl from the Omega Class but….it was just a blocker?

The alpha who had chatted alone with Shi Yu was overwhelmed. He found himself unable to control his pheromones, and left in a hurry before he lost face.

Li Chen was anxious as he faced a table of food alone and was relieved to see Jiang ChengLi return.

After eating, Li Chen swore, “Ge. I will never mention Shi Yu again.”

Jiang ChengLi coolly lifted his eyes. “He was recommended for the financial aid program.”

Li Chen let out a cry. “I know your father is willing to manage it, he…”

Jiang ChengLi calmly interrupted his question. “The blocker you mentioned before. Bring one for me.”

Li Chen was confused. “You need something like that?”

Wasn’t it true that high-class alphas had superior self-control?

Jiang ChengLi’s gaze fell to the street corner. He replied indirectly. “I should go off-road every once in a while.”


Shi Yu resigned from his part-time job when he received the Letter of Assistantship from his grade headmaster. After filling out the information, he ran into Lian ZiJin and He Huan at the stairway of the Education Office.

He Huan was his omega desk neighbor who snuck him food all day long, as if she was afraid he would die of hunger.

Shi Yu touched the small blue dragon keychain hanging on his school bag. He bought it at the store that He Huan suggested to him when he was discussing it with his classmates after class.

“Why did you walk with Shi Yu that day?” Lian ZiJin asked with a smile.

The Omega Class had a bit of a grudge against A2, and He Huan avoided those people whenever she could. Even if Lian ZiJin was smiling, she didn’t care.

“It’s just a coincidence.” He Huan smiled perfunctorily. “I have to rush to the office.”

Lian ZiJin added, “Classmate, I told you. Shi Yu, he-“

“Excuse me.” Shi Yu brushed past the two followers behind him and looked at He Huan, “Classmate, the teacher is looking for you.”

He Huan realized that Shi Yu was helping her and jumped away. “I’ll go find the teacher first. Bye bye, vice president-“

Lian ZiJin stood motionless, gritting his teeth then turning away.

“Damn. Thanks, Shi Yu, for helping me. Otherwise I don’t know how long I would have been blocked by him.” He Huan was relieved. “Eh. I hate him. Pretending to be decent, pretending to be a good guy, obviously inferior to President Jiang but still trying to make a name for himself.”

Shi Yu was indifferent. “Hm?”

“I’m not going to lie, our Omega Class has always been at odds with A2.”

A1 and A2 had been at loggerheads for a long time, and when the Omega Class voted unanimously for A1’s Jiang ChengLi in the student council elections, they were mocked for a long time after A2’s people found out about it, saying that their omegas were all vile face dogs 1who only thought with their glands.

“So, it turns out that face dogs are wrong?” He Huan waved her hand. “Jiang ChengLi is excellent and powerful. We will never regret voting for the Kaolin Flower!”

As He Huan finished speaking in a high voice, she spotted Li Chen, who was holding back his smile, and Jiang ChengLi walking out of the office.

Omega Class students were not only face dogs but also had one more trait…cowardice.

Just now, she was confessing to the sky and the sea, but the next second she was cowering behind Shi Yu and blushing completely.

It wasn’t a big deal, but the temperature of the omega’s mind was hot. Shi Yu and Jiang ChengLi brushed past each other and felt a little embarrassed.

The man’s eyes seemed to sweep over him, but the unique smell of this alpha was like a textured frost. The moment Shi Yu brushed past him, he felt his face cool a little.

As if the frivolous wind had ruffled his temples he turned around, but there was no trace of it. The only person behind him was the student president known as the Kaolin Flower.

He Huan handed over the information and urged Shi Yu to go downstairs. “The next class is PE. We have to hurry to the gym. Old Tie hates it when we are late.”

The Omega Class’s physical education teacher was respectfully known as Old Tie. The physical fitness for omegas was a focus of Nan Zhong’s attention and the Omega Class’s physical education class had always been strict.

When Shi Yu arrived, the first thing he saw was the crowd on the side basketball court. The outdoor basketball court was undergoing maintenance and only one court was open this week. He saw that the boys playing were from the Omega Class but A2 students had come over and were trying to take the court.

The boy in the lead was so high and mighty. “Aren’t you omegas all delicate and weak? It’s enough to fight for five minutes. Move aside.”

The Omega Class boys looked unhappy. “First come, first served. There’s no such thing as stealing the show.”

“You always talk about strength. How about we play 3v3 with you and let you win? How about that?”

The Omega Class boys were silent, no one wanted to compete with alphas in sports.

But they really did not want to let this go.

“Oh…strength speaks for itself, huh? Then let’s have some fun.” A male voice behind him lazily intervened.

Shi Yu turned around and saw Li Chen and Jiang ChengLi standing outside the field, followed by a group of unfamiliar students.

Only then did He Huan remember. “This year, the physical education classes for A1, A2 and the Omega Class have been moved to the same session!”


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Translator Notes:

  1. Means someone who only cares about face value when doing anything.


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July 21, 2021 12:34 pm

I so like Shi Yu’s character and the attraction Jiang ChengLi has to him, plus his obvious delight that he isn’t easily swayed, makes a lovely read.
Shi Yu is also attracted to JCL, who seems destined to be around when he needs support.
This match should be fun ~ some arrogant, bull Alphas getting put in their place, I hope.
Thanks for translating.

July 21, 2021 8:29 pm

Look like Prez Jiang doing a lots of manipulation at school😎😎😎

July 21, 2021 10:16 pm

See that Xu-ge went away very quickly! Oooohh, we are about to see some showdown between A1 and A2 class. Slap some arrogant Alphas, President Jiang!!! 💪👍👏👏 Thank you for the chapter!!!

July 24, 2021 3:18 pm

Aha! The president seems to be appeasing quite often! I’m enjoying their subtle attraction. The prez trying to figure out why SY is affecting him and SY loving his dragon pendant! This is going to be interesting! Looking forward to the match! ❤️

Sue R
Sue R
September 8, 2021 2:31 pm

Shi Yu !!! go.,.go. fight….for your right.

November 18, 2022 12:17 am

Separate classes and different treatment but this time the three are combined??? They should’ve added beta to the mix too if they want them all together in a mix fest ;P xD sports class together with higher physical tax and phermone release / disorder seems a lil :/ on the school’s part… Especially when the the area is supposed to be more partial / protective towards omegas

December 6, 2022 7:24 pm

Alphas and omegas together for gym class? Oh no not a good combo. 😬

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