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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“Get the syringe and grab him, there’s still a lot to ask. If he’s going to enter someone’s mental domain then don’t hesitate, just do it.” Lu RanKong didn’t notice Lan Yu’s abnormality, jumped from the car, and chased after Yun Jie who was running away.

Lan Yu’s body was weak, his arms and legs couldn’t be used. He looked through the car window at the two people running in front of him, opened the car door and followed with feeble steps.

This area was all office buildings, so there were no pedestrians, and Yun Jie was on the sidewalk running wildly. He wasn’t tall, running like a nimble rabbit, while Lu RanKong was like a cheetah, and the distance between the two was getting closer and closer.

On the right was a closed store next to a narrow alley, and just when Yun Jie braked sharply to stop and turn right, Lu RanKong took a dive, knocking him to the ground.

Yun Jie turned his head sideways, saw a needle in his vision, knew exactly what it was, and before Lu RanKong could say anything, he screamed out in terror, “Don’t inject me! Don’t inject me!”

Lu RanKong kneeled with one foot on his leg, choking the back of his neck with his left hand, holding the injection in his right hand, and said in a stern voice, “Don’t move! Fuck you, try moving again!”

“I will cooperate properly! Don’t stab me, don’t stab.” Yun Jie’s voice was trembling with fear.

Lan Yu only then half walked, half ran to catch up with him, his face flushed abnormally in the streetlight, his nostrils flaring, his breath coming in sharp gasps.

Lu RanKong forced the needle close to his neck and asked, “How many of you Lontan people have come? What are all their identities now? Besides stealing the Institute’s data, what other moves have you made? Give me an answer line by line.” 

Yun Jie lay on the ground without making a sound, his head tilted sideways to the left.

Lu RanKong strangled the back of his neck with a strong hand, “Don’t have any ideas, we both have the injection in our hands. If you do anything else, you will die immediately.”

Lan Yu also reached them just then and stood beside Lu RanKong. His movements were slightly slow, since this street light was broken, and he stood in the shadows, the look on his face wasn’t visible. Except for his right hand, which was holding the injection, hanging by the trouser leg was trembling slightly, but no one could notice it except himself.

Yun Jie heard footsteps and struggled to turn his eyes to see Lan Yu. Lan Yu was leaning against the street lamp post next to him, looking normal, without a trace of abnormality.

Yun Jie’s face was exposed to the light cast from afar, showing a hint of confusion, which then dissipated. Lan Yu took his expression into his eyes and put his left hand into his trouser pocket, looking more casual and relaxed.

“Get up and follow me to the car.” Lu RanKong was clear that this wasn’t a good place to ask questions, so he wanted to take him out of here. He turned his head to Lan Yu and said, “Take him to the military department and leave him to the professionals.”

Hearing this, Yun Jie hurriedly pleaded loudly, “I will tell you whatever you want to ask! Don’t hand me over to the military department! I will cooperate, I will answer whatever you ask.”

Lu RanKong was unmoved and held the needle against Yun Jie’s neck, pulling him up from the ground. Lu RanKong followed his line of sight and turned his head to see two people walking out of the alley.

It was a young woman with a child of seven or eight years old, the child was holding something in his hand, and the two were walking and talking.

“Move gently, don’t squeeze the little hamster to death.”

“I know mom, look I’m holding it carefully. I’ll put it in a metal cage when I get home.”

Lu RanKong shouted, “Don’t come any closer! Go around the side!”

The mother stopped and saw three people in front of her, one of whom was held tightly by the neck, and knew that the situation wasn’t quite right, so she hurriedly took her son and tried to go around.

At that moment, the hamster held in the child’s hand suddenly leapt to the ground and began to flee in panic after getting free.

“Ah, Bai Bai! Don’t run.” The child shouted.

The hamster was frightened, rushing forward in a panic and darted towards the three. The child shouted ‘Bai Bai’, breaking free from his mother’s hand to chase forward. 1

“Child, don’t come over!” As soon as Lu RanKong’s words were out of his mouth, the hamster had scampered to their feet and dashed forward, while the child chased after him.

Lan Yu had just experienced an initial wave of fever, but it came and went quickly, and now he just felt weak in his arms and legs. He tried to make himself look normal, at least his posture and movements in the darkness didn’t look out of order.

The kid was staring at the hamster on the ground, not paying attention to what was in front of him, and ran headlong into the man leaning against the pole.

Lan Yu’s footsteps were weak and his reaction was a bit slow, so he didn’t get out of the way and was hit by the cannonball-like child. The needle in his hand flew out, arcing through the air, and fell in the middle of the street, where it was crushed by a speeding car.

Lan Yu took two steps back and fell to the side of the street, while Lu RanKong heard the movement and gave a subconscious lurch. At that moment, Yun Jie, who had been quiet since the mother and son appeared, suddenly turned sideways and grabbed his hand holding the needle.

Lu RanKong decisively put the injection down, Yun Jie was originally an ordinary Beta, far from his opponent, but this body with the presence of the Lontan person surprisingly mobilized a huge potential, resisting Lu RanKong’s power.

The child who stood frozen in place quickly ran away, and his mother took a detour from the street to catch up. Seeing that the three weren’t quite normal, she caught up with the child and ran away without looking back, leading him by the head.

Lan Yu, who had fallen to the ground, struggled to get up. He saw Lu RanKong and Yun Jie tangled up, and staggered over to help.

——Had to get rid of Yun Jie and get an inhibitor as soon as possible.

Lu RanKong was wrestling with Yun Jie, his forehead was bursting with veins, his arms were bulging with muscles, and the injection was getting closer and closer to Yun Jie’s neck.

At that moment, Yun Jie’s red face suddenly showed a treacherous look, Lu RanKong just sensed that something was wrong, he felt that the hand against him suddenly released the force of a loose, his body followed the inertia down, the injection instantly stuck into Yun Jie’s neck.

Lan Yu saw that the needle had been stuck and Yun Jie’s whole body fell to the ground, so he stopped moving forward and just leaned against the street lamp post beside him and asked, “Are you okay?”

Lu RanKong kept his hand holding the injection without saying anything, and only after a moment did he let out a long breath and said in a dark voice, “I’m fine, the Lontan person has been cleared.” He slowly turned his head to look at Lan Yu, “Are you okay?”

Lan Yu’s strength to support his body was suddenly relieved, and he slowly sat down on the ground along the street lamp post. He closed his eyes to catch his breath and began to think about what to do next.

If he told Lu RanKong that he was an Omega now, would he think he was lying to him? But if he didn’t, he was about to go into full-blown heat, and he would have to get him to find a suppressant.

The only good thing was that the gland patch on the back of the neck completely sealed the gland and the pheromones didn’t come out and float all over the street.


Lan Yu had just spoken in a hoarse voice when he heard Lu RanKong say, “Xiao Yu, don’t open your mouth! Don’t say anything!”

This voice was very urgent and very close, so close that it seemed to be right in his ear. Lan Yu froze, as the words broke off in his mouth.

Lu RanKong was crouching in front of him, turning his head to look at him, and his mouth didn’t move.

“Xiao Yu, don’t say anything now! Don’t say a word and just listen to me.” Lu RanKong’s voice sounded again, this time even closer, so close that it sounded like a voice coming from his body. Lan Yu looked around and the voice continued, “Xiao Yu, I’m the real Lu RanKong. I’m in your mental domain.”

Suspecting that he was hallucinating during his heat, he shook his head and tried to unbutton the top of his shirt to dissipate the heat.

Lu RanKong, who was crouched across from him, stood up straight and asked suspiciously, “K, what’s wrong with you? Something doesn’t seem right, is there something wrong with you?”

Lan Yu’s hand paused and stopped unbuttoning.

——It had been a long time since he had heard Lu RanKong call him “K” in a situation where they were alone.

“Xiao Yu, simply put, just now, before the injection was stuck into his neck and I had time to inject the drug, the Lontan person invaded my spiritual domain, and in the moment of grabbing with him, I was squeezed out and am now inside your spiritual domain.”

Lu RanKong’s urgent voice rang out, and this time Lan Yu was able to identify it clearly; that voice indeed rang out right inside his own head.

“Since there’s no injection in your hand now, pretend to know nothing. If he runs away from my body it will be hard to catch him again, you have to hold steady.”

“K, you’re in bad shape, is there something wrong with your body? Tell me if you have anything, I can help you.”

Lu RanKong across from him stood up and went to Lan Yu and squatted down again, with concern in his tone, the kind of distance was very measured, not too close but also sincere concern.

Lan Yu looked over his shoulder and saw Yun Jie lying motionless on the ground. He closed his eyes. There were none of the usual signs after the death of a Lontan person. He had believed the words of the voice in his head in this short moment and said to ‘Lu RanKong’ while gasping for breath, “I am a little uncomfortable, but I can still hold on. Let’s talk about it later.”

If this person was Yun Jie, then it was him who drugged him, he knew he was an Omega and was starting to go into heat at this moment. But he didn’t know that he and Lu RanKong were lovers, and he was following his speculation and analysis of K, the original, showing what he thought was decent and appropriate care.

“Xiao Yu, can you hear me? Don’t believe this person in front of you! He’s not me anymore! I’m the real Lu RanKong, your Brother Bao! This is the Lontan person!” Lu RanKong was loud and noisy in Lan Yu’s head, making his already dizzy head feel even worse, his temples were bulging and throbbing with pain.

He tried to reply to the voice in his mind, “I know, I know it’s not you.”

Lu RanKong paused for a second and said excitedly, “Thank goodness you can hear me! Baby, don’t rush, don’t panic, just stay calm. You can’t take him to a crowded place now, pretend you don’t know anything, stabilize him first, and then find a chance to secretly inform Chief Wang.”

Lan Yu replied, “I understand… But how did you get into my mental domain?”

Lu RanKong was silent for a few seconds and then said, “Don’t be afraid, I’m not a Lontan person.”

“I know you’re not.”

‘Lu RanKong’ walked back to Yun Jie who was lying motionless, crouched down to take a look, and asked, “So what do we do with this person now?”

Lan Yu asked weakly, “Is he still breathing?”

“A little…”

“You inform the police, let’s go back first.” Lan Yu said.

‘Lu RanKong’ quickly contacted the police, stepped back to look at the lettering on the surrounding buildings, gave the exact address, and then came to help Lan Yu. Lan Yu avoided his hand and stood up on his own, bracing himself against a lamppost, his legs trembling.

The Lu RanKong inside his body sensed that something was wrong with him and started to ask, “What’s wrong with you? You don’t seem right? I can’t see you right now, I can only see through your eyes, why are you sitting on the ground? Did you fall and hurt yourself?”

Lan Yu had no time to answer now, he only said in his mind, “Be quiet first. We’ll talk later.”

He knew he couldn’t delay any longer. The early stages of his heat wouldn’t last long and he had to get an inhibitor before he entered his heat.

“Aren’t you going to the hospital? Or will you wait here while I go to the nearby self-service pharmacy to buy some medicine?” ‘Lu RanKong’ asked.

Lan Yu panted against the lamppost and said, “No, I just want to go back to the villa now, you can take me back.”

He couldn’t let this Lontan person take away Lu RanKong’s body, and the suitcase in the villa contained a suppressant, so he needed to hurry back to get the injection to suppress the symptoms of his heat, and then deal with him.

Lan Yu finished his speech and went straight to the sports car parked in the middle of the road, ‘Lu RanKong’ caught up with him and reached out to hold his arm. Lan Yu’s hands and feet couldn’t use force, so he didn’t break free.

Although the person next to him was still a familiar face, he knew that it was in fact the Lontan person. Unconsciously, goosebumps rose all over his body, but he forced himself not to shake off that hand.

Lu RanKong started thundering again, “He’s holding your arm! This dog touched you.”

Lan Yu said, “That’s your body.”

“But it’s not me now, it’s the Lontan person.”

“You should focus on getting back into your body, not worrying about that.” Lan Yu conversed with Lu RanKong in his mind, and knowing that he was now in his spiritual domain and still with him, he was much calmer and less uneasy.

Soon after arriving at the sports car, ‘Lu RanKong’ helped Lan Yu pull open the door and waited for him to get in before closing the door and returning to the driver’s seat to drive.

The car had a navigation system that clearly showed where they had started from. ‘Lu RanKong’ only glanced at it, set the return trip, and the navigation began to broadcast the route to the Fay Hong neighborhood.

The police department hadn’t arrived yet, and the sports car bypassed the van and sped toward the villa as Lan Yu leaned back in his seat and conversed with Lu RanKong in his mind.

“What if you can’t get back to your body?”

“I still have HR5 in the suitcase I put in the guest bedroom, so you can just stab him.” Lu RanKong said.

Lan Yu caught his breath, “But what about you? How do you get out? Should I stick a needle into myself? That injection can kill a spirit body that doesn’t belong to the body, what if it kills you?”

He didn’t say that he was also an alien spirit and might die along with it.

Lu RanKong replied, “Don’t worry, I can go back. I have used a stabilizer. The stabilizer keeps the spirit body from being consumed by the invading Lontan person, but there is also the risk of being instantly squeezed out of the body by the invasion. There have been many such incidents in previous confrontations with Lontan people.”

Lan Yu asked, “How many incidents?”

Lu RanKong said, “Don’t worry, whether the extruded spirit body is attached to other people’s bodies or wandering in space, it won’t take long for the spirit body to automatically return to the body and take back its rights.” Lan Yu didn’t respond to him and he asked suspiciously, “I think your breathing is very rapid and your hand on the car window is shaking, what happened to you?”

Lan Yu said, “Nothing…”

“Your tone is also a bit strange.”

Lan Yu denied, “Can you still hear my tone?”

Lu RanKong said, “Yes. You think you’re talking to me in your mind, but it’s your spiritual body talking to me, so it’s no different from your normal speech.”

Another wave of heat came up from his lower back and Lan Yu’s body started to get hot. He struggled uncomfortably with his neck, feeling that the button on the top of his shirt was making him unable to breathe, his clothes rubbing against his skin, all his senses already amplified, and any slightest stimulation would be too much for him.

“What’s wrong? Is it hot? Unbutton it if you’re hot.” ‘Lu RanKong’ next to him asked with concern as he turned his head while driving.

Lan Yu ignored him and pressed down the window, and the cold night breeze poured into the car, making him feel a little more comfortable.

Lu RanKong’s voice in his head got stern, “Xiao Yu, you are not in the right state. What happened to you?”

Lan Yu said, “No matter what happens to me, it’s not as important as what happens to you right now.”

“But I need to know about your health now, otherwise I’ll worry.”

Lan Yu endured the wave of fever and his voice trembled a little, “I’m really fine…”

“Xiao Yu, if you don’t tell me the truth, then I’m going to take over control of your body and find out for myself.” Lu RanKong said. He just wanted to scare Lan Yu, not knowing if he could get the body mastery at all.

“No…” Lan Yu said back weakly inside his head.

Lu RanKong, however, didn’t let him go and pressed on, his voice more stern, “I’ll give you ten more seconds, 10, 9, 8—”

Lan Yu seemed to be pleading, “Don’t do this…”

Lu RanKong was ruthless and unmoved, “7, 6, 5—”

“I’m in heat…” Lan Yu gritted his teeth and finally admitted.

“4, 3… What did you say?” Lu RanKong stopped counting backwards, suspecting he hadn’t heard correctly.

Having finally said this, Lan Yu felt like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders, feeling a sense of relief and at the same time a strong sense of aggression. His nose was sore and his voice had a hint of sobbing, “I’m in heat and now my whole body is weak and burning, it’s very uncomfortable.”

He wanted to hurry to get his inhibitor, otherwise he really dared not imagine what would happen later, just the thought of this Lontan person around, he was full of panic.

“Heat? But… but can an Alpha go into heat?” Lu RanKong’s voice was full of incredulity.

Lan Yu didn’t answer, just leaned back and looked out the window, his eyes gradually blurred, so he blinked hard again, and let the night wind blow his tears away.

Lu RanKong patiently explained, “Xiao Yu, are you feeling uncomfortable? Feeling hot and feverish? You should know that only Omegas can be in heat. Maybe you didn’t learn the basics well enough before to take this symptom as being in heat, but it might actually be that you—”

“Lu RanKong, I am an Omega.” Lan Yu interjected.

“…have a cold and fever…” Lu RanKong continued to finish the rest of his sentence.

Lan Yu said, “I know what a fever is and what a heat feels like because I am an Omega and I am quite aware of the symptoms of heats.”

Lu RanKong fell silent for a moment and then said tentatively, “Xiao Yu, do you think you have changed from Alpha to Omega?”

“I’ve always been an Omega, I just hid my identity from you.” Lan Yu knew he still didn’t believe him and spoke quickly in his head, “I’ve been using inhibitors, and I actually have two gland patches on the back of my neck, and an Omega gland patch underneath the Alpha gland patch. I’ve also been injected with a pheromone isolator so I wouldn’t be affected by the Alpha pheromones. I’m awake now, no bullshit, and learned the basics well. I’m in heat, and as an Omega, it’s my time to go into heat.” Lan Yu finished the long string in one breath and then choked up and whispered, “Lu RanKong, I’m having a hard time, a really hard time…”

His voice was helpless, as weak as a kitten wandering in the rainy night.

The voice in his head fell silent, and only the female voice in the navigation softly read the route, ‘Lu RanKong’ asked in a concerned tone, “K, are you feeling better now?”

“Holy shit! I’m going to kill this son of a bitch! I’m getting out! He’s using my body! I’m going to get the fuck out, he’s got it out for you!” Lu RanKong suddenly exploded inside his head, hissing like a beast under torture, “Find a hospital! Get inhibitors! Hurry up, hurry up! I want my body back in a hurry! I’m going to kill this bastard!”

Lan Yu said, “You just told me to keep him steady and not to go to a crowded place, the hospital is so crowded, he will run away.”

“If he runs, he runs. It’s better if he runs.” Lu RanKong said grumpily, “Or you can tell him to stop now and simply let him run away.”

“I can’t let anything happen to your body, I didn’t hold the syringe firmly…” Lan Yu’s voice was trembling.

Lu RanKong softened his voice, “It’s not your fault, Xiao Yu, you’ve held up well enough. I’m worried about what he’ll do to you now.”

Lan Yu said, “I can’t walk anymore and I can’t go buy inhibitors. He’s around and I can’t inform anyone else now, so I can only take him back to the villa.”

Lu RanKong’s voice rose abruptly, “Take him back to the villa?”

Lan Yu bit his lip and said, “I have an inhibitor in the villa.”


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