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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Lu RanKong quieted down, not making a sound, but Lan Yu knew he was very agitated now and was on the verge of an outburst. Only after a long time did he speak in a dark voice, his tone sounding much calmer, “Xiao Yu, don’t be afraid, Brother Bao is right with you. I won’t let him hurt you.”

Although he didn’t even get his body back now, the composure and determination in his words made Lan Yu unconsciously feel at ease and less panicked.

“Mhmm…” He answered in a small voice.

“Tell him to turn left, there’s a commercial area with many people—”

“I said I wouldn’t leave your body behind!” Lan Yu interrupted him, gasping, “There’s a dark room in your villa, I can take a depressant myself when I get back, and then put him in the dark room. Don’t you have an injection in your suitcase? With the injection, you will be fine.”

Lu RanKong didn’t make a sound.

Lan Yu was now very uncomfortable, he was short on breath, his face tinged with an abnormal flush, he could only lean back, silently looking out the window.

It was still about half an hour from Lu RanKong’s villa, and he calculated that he could hope to last until he officially went into heat. The Lontan person driving the car turned his head, and as Lan Yu’s afterglow glanced back at it, he calmed down his breathing, and made himself look all right.

“If you can’t hold on, do you want to find a place to rest?” He asked with seeming concern.

Lan Yu coldly returned, “No, I want to go back.”

The Lontan person looked ahead and continued driving, but Lu RanKong’s voice was ringing in Lan Yu’s ears, “Xiao Yu, let’s find a crowded area now! Say you want to get out of the car to get some air, and then tear open the glandular patch to let the pheromones float out. If there’s an Omega in heat in the downtown area, the pheromone emergency center will arrive in a few minutes, then you will be safe.”

“Stop it, I can hold out until I get back to the villa.” Lan Yu rested his head on the back of the chair.

“But I’m not comfortable with you like this, I’m afraid something will happen to you. That’s worse than killing me.” Lu RanKong’s voice had a slight tremor, revealing his inner fear.

Lan Yu changed his sitting position slightly and said in an unsteady tone, “If he runs away with your body and destroys it or whatever, that would be worse than killing me.”

Lu RanKong didn’t say anything, and Lan Yu could sense that he was having a fierce internal battle.

After taking a few deep breaths, he said, “Didn’t we agree to use that dark room? How do you know it won’t work? Don’t worry, I still have a while before I officially go into heat, I know how to protect myself.” Lu RanKong was about to speak when Lan Yu interrupted, “Tell me about something else, I’m not feeling well.”

Lu RanKong was silent for a moment and then asked in a hoarse voice, “What do you want to hear?”

“Tell me about what it’s like in the spirit domain.” A wave of heat hit him, and Lan Yu gripped the cushion of the leather chair beneath him with his hands, but his tone didn’t change.

After a moment of silence, Lu RanKong said in a tone of forced relief, “Baby, do you know what I saw in your spirit domain?”

“What?” Lan Yu asked with a sigh of relief.

“Your spirit domain is exactly like the military dormitory, and there are two uniforms hanging on the hanger, one of which is mine.” Lu RanKong was standing in the exact same room as Lan Yu’s 301 at that moment, looking around as he said, “I’ve tried it, just concentrate and stare, I can synchronize with your sight and see what you see. But once I’m out of sync, I’m in our dorm.”

Lan Yu asked, “Really? Why do you see the real scene?”

“Mn, really, I think it should be a fragment of your memory, and the memory that’s very deep for you will be kept in the spiritual domain. I’m just a mental body now, and your memory fragments are real scenes to me.”

“But… but what’s so profound about the dormitory? I didn’t even… didn’t even feel that the dormitory was important.” Lan Yu said intermittently as he forced his body to endure the discomfort.

Lu RanKong smiled gently, “Because in your heart, that is our home.”

Lan Yu didn’t say anything else, as Lu RanKong stood in the center of the room and looked around, giving him a detailed description, “There’s your plush doll on the bed, there are two pairs of slippers at the door, let me see what’s in the cabinet… Baby, there’s a row of inhibitors in the cabinet.”

Lu RanKong rambled on, and Lan Yu just quietly listened. He matched each description with his own memories, actually ignoring the torment of his heat, his body felt much better, the corners of his mouth even showed a smile.

When he looked in the rearview mirror and found ‘Lu RanKong’ beside him looking at him from the inside, he immediately restrained his expression.

“Wait, why is there an extra door on the wall over here?” Lu RanKong’s voice rose in surprise.

There was no difference between this room and the real dormitory, except that when he walked to the kitchen, he found an extra white wooden door on one of the walls, which was not there in the original dormitory.

“An extra door? Then don’t open it freely, in case it’s something bad.” Lan Yu sat up straight.

Lu RanKong said softly, “It’s okay, it’s your spirit domain. There’s nothing bad.”

He went to the door and slowly twisted the handle. After the door was pushed open, the scene that appeared in front of him made him a moment of dismay, and then a few moments of realization rose in his eyes.

Lan Yu was also very curious at this time and began to urge, “Why aren’t you saying anything? Did you see something? Tell me…”

Lu RanKong said softly, “I just pushed that door open and saw that there was a room inside, and it was…”

He trailed off.

“What is it? Tell me.”

“It’s actually the same cell we had in the prison.” Lu RanKong heard his tone of urgency, so he started speaking. He pushed open the door and walked into the cell, which had all the same furnishings as cell 11 they once lived in, with three bunk beds on each side, the door facing a tall narrow window, and the bathroom to the right of the window.

Only after Lan Yu’s beautification in memory, each bed was replaced with thick bedding, which looked comfortable and soft. The windows were hung with light curtains, and the room was bright and clean. Lu RanKong walked to the door of the bathroom and looked inside. It was spacious and clean, and there was even a white bathtub.

His eyes fell on the shelf on the wall, where there was still a row of cups and toothbrushes, and he counted eight. Lu RanKong looked at those eight cups and said, “Xiao Yu, I forgot to tell you something.”

“What is it?” Lan Yu asked.

Lu RanKong closed the bathroom door, went to a bedside and sat down, saying, “Chen Zheng was released from prison, and the man who killed his sister was arrested. Wang Jin and Qiu Dao had a retrial and their sentence was reduced. By the second half of the year, both will be released from prison. Liu Junjie was acquitted of the charges against him, and the loan shark he owed was also paid off. Qiao Fei and Lin Lin were also retried and their sentences were reduced, and they will be released from prison next year.”

After a few seconds of silence, Lan Yu asked in a low voice, “You did it all, right? Including the loan sharks.”

Lu RanKong touched his nose and said vaguely, “I did it…”

“Then where did you get the money? Didn’t you say you handed over all the money to me? But there’s only one payroll card I have here.” Lan Yu’s voice was steeply stern, although there were a few gasps in between.

Lu RanKong’s body flinched and his mind snapped awake, and he quickly confessed, “I just did this last time I went to Sasu Planet, and before I left, I told my father that although my assets were frozen, I mentioned they became my good friends, and my father allowed it.”

He finished and sat on the bed without moving, his ears pricked up to listen to Lan Yu’s reply.

Lan Yu took a few more breaths and said, “Okay, then I won’t bother with you, just give me a heads up if you want to do anything in the future, don’t hide it from me.”

“I didn’t mean to hide it from you, I just wanted to tell you when it was done, so you could be happy. I just found out about the results, and I haven’t had time to tell you yet.” Lu RanKong explained.

“I don’t care if they get out of jail or anything, so it doesn’t matter if you tell me or not.” Lan Yu said lightly.

Lu RanKong remembered the row of cups and laughed, “Is that how you actually feel?”

Lan Yu leaned back and smiled, wiping the sweat from his cheeks with his sleeve, but his tone was still calm, “No, I’m not saying it’s not.” And added in a whisper, “But you did great.”

“When we’re free, we’ll go see them, okay?” Lu RanKong patted the soft bed beneath him and stood up.

Lan Yu looked out of the car window at the passing scenery along the street and softly moaned.

Lu RanKong was ready to go back to the dormitory, walked to the cell door and pulled it open. He expected to see the dormitory kitchen, but the sight in front of him made him stunned. Outside the door was no longer the dormitory hut of 301, but a void of which the bottom or the edge wasn’t visible.

He was about to take a step back when he realized that the scene around him had also changed, the cell had suddenly disappeared and he was in a white void. But although there was nothing under his feet, he could step on the ground, so Lu RanKong regained his composure after a second and took a tentative step forward.

His feet remained grounded, and he turned around in place, with no borders or objects visible in his field of vision, as if heaven and earth hadn’t yet opened and he was the only one in the chaotic world. He knew that he was in Lan Yu’s spiritual domain, so this chaotic world didn’t worry him and felt new.

He stared at his spirit and looked out through Lan Yu’s line of sight and saw rows and rows of scenery racing backwards, with the sports car still on its way back to the villa. He also saw a few familiar buildings, and doing the math, he would be at the entrance to the neighborhood in about ten minutes.

“Xiao Yu, baby, are you looking at the view?” He began to talk without words, trying to distract Lan Yu’s attention.

“I’m waiting for you… Waiting for you to say new discoveries ah, you are in my spiritual domain… Wander around more, tell me more about what’s… what’s in there.” Lan Yu’s voice sounded even worse mentally, and his words were broken.

Lu RanKong was anxious, but he had to withdraw his eyes and said, “Then I’ll continue to wander. Do you know what I saw in your mental field after I left that cell?”

He picked a random direction and walked forward.

“What did you see?” Lan Yu asked with his eyes half closed.

“I saw…” Lu RanKong suddenly paused, looked at a place in front of him and said, “I saw a channel appear in your small universe.”

“A channel? What channel?”

Lu RanKong continued to walk forward, and not far ahead of him, a huge spatial distortion gradually appeared in the void world, forming a transparent circle, like a long circular passage. As he walked, he asked, “Xiao Yu, are we getting close to the neighborhood? How do you feel now?”

“I just looked at the navigation, about ten minutes to go.” Lan Yu finished and urged with a shaky voice, “Tell me about the passage.”

Lu RanKong held back his inner anxiety and continued in a relaxed tone, “Well, dear viewers, it’s time for Brother Bao to take you into the mysterious space-time tunnel and explore the hidden world behind.” He stopped in front of the distorted space and asked, “Guess what’s behind there?”

He knew that no matter what he saw, it was something that existed in Lan Yu’s mind, so instead of fear of the unknown, he had an urge to explore.

Lan Yu could only imagine the scene from his description and said, “Could it be a brown plush bear back there?”

“Is that your Gu Gu?”


“What else? Besides Gu Gu…”

Lan Yu took another deep breath and said, “There might be a piece of cake, chestnut… Chestnut cake. I forgot when we left, it was still in the fridge, when we go back… It’s going to be bad when we get back.”

“It’s okay, I’ll ask someone to take the cake out tomorrow and throw it away.” Lu RanKong replied as he stepped into the distorted space. He closed his eyes a little dizzily as the light shifted in front of him, and then opened them slowly after a few seconds of adjustment.

He slowly surveyed his surroundings, showing a stunned look, after the passage since there was no Gu Gu, nor chestnut cake, but a lively and chaotic scene. The first thing that came into view were several long mechanical swing arms with cameras on them, and a group of people with guns in their hands were facing each other.

The crowd of people and machines sitting around him made him react immediately that this was on the set of a movie. Whether it was the dormitory or the cell that he saw at the beginning, it was a very quiet still life, but in this scene, there were people everywhere.

He walked slowly forward, and the people around him looked as if they didn’t notice him, their eyes piercing through his body like he was invisible to them, going about their business. Lu RanKong was looking around outside the crowd when he suddenly saw a familiar figure looking left and right.

He saw Lan Yu sitting in a black suit on a chair in the center of the field, legs crossed, cigar in his mouth, eyes slightly narrowed as he looked ahead, with a man standing beside him who looked like a henchman and was saying something to him.

And there was a camera pointing over the front of him and to the left and right.

It was Lan Yu, one he had not seen before, with a face full of lofty superiority, and the arrogance of looking down on everything, but also with the stability of being sure of what to do.

It looked strange, but at the same time very heartwarming.

“Xiao Yu, so you still want to be an actor?” Lu RanKong suddenly dawned on him and felt that he had discovered Lan Yu’s hidden mind.

“What?” Lan Yu asked.

Lu RanKong said, “I saw you acting on a film set. I think it was a movie set, right? There were cameras that were pointing at you.”

Lan Yu leaned his head sideways against the back of the chair at this point and moved from side to side with some difficulty. He was a little slow in the head now, and after a few seconds of reaction to Lu RanKong’s words, he said slowly, “Tell me what the scene was like and what I was doing.”

Lu RanKong heard his voice was quite smooth, and that Lontan person should also be driving, so he replied, “You are wearing a black suit sitting in a… let’s see… like some kind of auditorium, and holding a cigar and a gun… Across from you on the ground is a man kneeling, his hands tied behind his back, a sack over his head… He was calling you Young Master Wang, begging you to spare his life…”

“Walking Cloud…” Lan Yu said softly.

“What?” Lu RanKong asked. 

Lan Yu stared blankly out of the car window, his eyes unfocused, “That’s when I was making a movie called… A movie called Walking Cloud, a movie that won me my first award, although… It’s a supporting role.”

Lu RanKong laughed dumbly, “Walking Cloud, ah, I hope to actually see such a movie.”

Feeling that it was almost time, he began to concentrate on seeing the same scene as Lan Yu, saying out loud, “Xiao Yu, the tour of Brother Bao’s spiritual domain is over for now, okay? Wait until the Lontan person is settled, then we can walk you around slowly?”

Lan Yu nodded slowly, suddenly reacting to the fact that Lu RanKong couldn’t see, and gave another ‘hmm’.

“I can see if you nod your head now, my sight is already aligned with yours.” Lu RanKong said, “So don’t be afraid, I’m always with you.”

Lan Yu gave another muffled cry, but sounded slightly better, obviously comforted by Lu RanKong’s words.

The sports car had driven up to the entrance of the neighborhood, the automatic identification system activated, the gate slowly opened, and drove in amidst the salute from the security guards.

“K, you can still hold on, right? Is there any problem?” ‘Lu RanKong’ asked, turning his head again.

Lan Yu closed his eyes and didn’t make a sound. He didn’t say anything else after he got no response to his question, and the look on his face didn’t seem to mind Lan Yu’s attitude.

A few minutes later, the sports car stopped down the driveway in front of Lu RanKong’s villa, and the gate opened and entered without a hitch.

“I’ll get out first, you go park.” Lan Yu said.

‘Lu RanKong’ answered, “Okay, then you go down first.”

Lan Yu pushed the door, but there was no strength in his hand, and the door didn’t move. ‘Lu RanKong’ leaned over and opened the door on his side, asking thoughtfully, “Do you want me to help you?”

“No…” Lan Yu lifted his foot twice before moving his body out of the car under ‘Lu RanKong’s’ meaningful gaze. He had just taken two steps out when he felt another hot flash come over him, more intense and overwhelming than the previous one. The blood in his veins seemed to have boiled, bubbling up in little bursts and burning his lungs as much as he could.

Lu RanKong could see from his undulating vision that he was walking unsteadily, full of anxiety. He was like a fierce trapped beast, but locked in a cage, without any sharp fangs and claws.

“K, I want to talk to you.” ‘Lu RanKong’ also got out of the car and slowly walked over.

Lan Yu ignored him and continued to hobble towards the house.

“I know your secret, you’re not the original K.”


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