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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


President Jiang’s appearance triggered a small wave of excitement, but before anyone could react, he was gone again. Shi Yu put on the dark blue wrist guard with downcast eyes, then pulled off the sweatband and put it into the hands of the squad leader next to him.

Xiang Wuzhu wanted to say something, but his gaze disrupted his thoughts.

Shi Yu smiled with a light in his eyes. “Come on. I’ll do my best.”

It was just a few very plain words, but Xue Ze somehow felt an electric current leap across his backbone and his scalp tingled. It made him incredibly invigorated.

Xue Ze raised his hand to wipe off a handful of sweat and then hissed, “Come on, Omega Class!”

Xia ZhiNing found a megaphone and yelled, “Shi Yu, go Xue Ze, Omega Class, go!”

As soon as the words fell, the field was lit up like a fuse by a star and morale suddenly rose. Class 6 thought that Omega Class was just bluffing, so they got the ball and rushed to the basket, hoping to regain the momentum with a dunk.

The tallest boy in Class 6 hadn’t taken two steps with the ball when a figure suddenly flashed in on his right. The boy holding the ball retreated in a panic, but the basketball was instantly removed from his hand.

Shi Yu, who has only practiced blocking and three-pointers, only took two steps after getting the ball and then made a beautiful pass to take the rhythm back to his teammates. Xue Ze received the ball and instantly rebounded. He burst towards the basket of Class 6 and worked with his teammates to score two points.

The Omega Class cheered as they scored. “Aaahhhh!”

“Let’s go, let’s go! That’s great Xue Ze! That’s great everybody!”

Shi Yu raised his hand to wipe the sweat and smelled the cold fragrance on his wrist guard, like a very thin frost falling on his hot and restless wrist. The coolness spread in his blood and calmed him down. After he smelled Jiang ChengLi’s pheromones, everything quieted down.

The game continued.

The players of Class 6 gave Shi Yu an indignant look. They felt like he was spurred on by something and suddenly became active in the second half. One-man defense, broken interceptions, and all kinds of fancy passes…

Although not exactly standard, he was flexible and bit back the deficit instantly.

The score was recovered point by point, and some people on the Omega Class side were already dancing with excitement.

In the audience of Class 6 a few boys frowned. “Something’s wrong…Shit, how come we can’t beat them all of a sudden?”

“What’s wrong with Shi Yu? No activity in the first half?”

“Oh no. Obviously he didn’t even score, but I actually think he’s so handsome.”

When Class 6 saw the situation wasn’t right, they also started to cheer, but the Omega Class was so strong, that their morale was as weak as their game on the court.

The score was already 29 to 28 when the last ball fell to Shi Yu.

With fifteen seconds left, the ball was in their hands and Class 6 couldn’t recover. The students of Omega Class were already screaming.

“Shi Yu, show them! You’re the most explosive ace in the house!” Xue Ze wasn’t happy that his best effort ended up in an assist and shouted, “You are the king of the Omega Class!”

Shi Yu was about to pass the ball back to his teammates when he heard the words.

Then come on.

He stopped with the ball in his hand, turned into the attacker and leaped lightly. The basketball came off with an extremely beautiful arc. Unfortunately, the voyage was slightly crooked and smashed on the edge of the basket. The basketball circled the basket.

The whole court suddenly fell silent and all eyes followed the ball.

The ball trembled and spun twice, then went into the basket!


The referee blew the whistle and solemnly announced, “32 to 28. Congratulations to the Omega Class for winning!”

Xia ZhiNing screamed with joy, “Awesome!!! Our ACE!!!”

The Omega Class students cheered and screamed and swarmed over Shi Yu. He turned around, was pounced on by a few students, stumbled a few steps and almost lost his footing.

“Ahhhhhh, so competitive! Ah, king!”

“So good, so good, so good! You really are our secret weapon!”

“It’s great to have Shi Yu in our class!”

Shi Yu’s expression was still a little stunned, sweeping hard across the crowd to the other side where the students in class 6 were downcast and looking at him with resentment, hatred and envy. Shi Yu did not care about the malice expressed by the eyes of those people. He turned back, sank into the cheers in front of him and laughed with the students around him.

There were still games going on in other courts, but the celebrations on the Omega Class side were so loud that they attracted a lot of attention, including A2.

“Che, it’s just winning a small game.” The tall man’s face was gloomy and he left the court alone while everyone was looking at the Omega Class.

Jiang ChengLi had just returned to the Student Union’s office building when he received a message from Shi Yu.


He smiled a little and replied back, [Mn, congratulations.]


Shi Yu put his phone away after sending these words. His ears were a little hot. He wasn’t sure if it was from the sun or what. It seemed that his hormones and pheromones were fizzing in the daylight and he was drifting.

The Omega Class was discussing how to celebrate and was about to ask Shi Yu if he wanted to join them when they turned around and saw Shi Yu talking to the judge’s assistant.

“Student, this equipment cart is in the way. Send it to the equipment room.”

Shi Yu should be fine by himself, but just in case Xiao Li ran over too.

“I’m with you.” Xiao Li smiled and helped him put the basketball back into the pile. “By the way, they are planning to go out for dinner tonight to celebrate their first victory. Are you going?”

Shi Yu shook his head. “No.”

Xiao Li was a little sorry. “Eh, you are super handsome today, but the main character actually will not go.”

Shi Yu smiled and did not answer.

The equipment room was behind the gymnasium and because today only the sophomore class came to the event, most people were still on the court so this place was extra secluded.

“I’ll just go in.” Shi Yu said in a low voice.

Xiao Li nodded and waited for a while before seeing a tall boy walk over. Lu Zhao, holding two volleyballs in his hands, smiled at her and walked towards the equipment room.

Shi Yu pushed his cart and walked quickly to the equipment room. The door was unlocked, so he pushed it a little and got in. The basketballs were placed in the inner corner. There was a small slope at the door. When Shi Yu pushed it up, the door suddenly closed.

He frowned. Someone was in there!

A strong mint smell spread out.

Shi Yu turned around and looked warily at the figure slowly coming out from behind the wall of honor. The mint smell came from all directions, like a continuous rain of needles, rampant, mixed with the most straightforward and nasty lust – desire to press down the omega in front of him!

A sharp pain spread from the back of his neck. Shi Yu looked up. It was the tall guy from A2 that had provoked him!

The tall boy in front of him appeared relaxed, looking at Shi Yu’s uncomfortable appearance and his lips curved. “Omegas, tsk, really are weak.”

Shi Yu straightened his back. Mint flavored pheromones crushed on every joint and awakened instincts point by point.

The tall man narrowed his eyes on him. The concentration of pheromones in the air had reached a level that could make an omega lose strength, but why was this man in front of him still standing? He only came this time to teach the arrogant kid in front of him a lesson…Kicking an alpha in public was not a good thing.

Shi Yu saw through his expression and laughed, “Pheromone suppression? Only a stupid idiot would lose to instinct. But to do so blatantly, you think you can get away with it afterwards?”

The tall man smiled and pulled out a bottle of blocker from behind him. “The only one who will be in heat later is you. This will block all my scent and you will beg me because you can’t stand the pain–“


The door opened.

The tall man’s face stiffened slightly as he watched a volleyball smash through.

Lu Zhao approached slowly, found that the volleyball didn’t hit the target and felt a little pity. “Han Yi, why bully an omega?”

Han Yi gritted his teeth. “This is my grudge against him, it’s none of your business.”

Lu Zhao silently shielded Shi Yu behind him. “What if I poke my head in today?”

Han Yi sneered, “Then I will beat you up together!”

The concentration of cold mint in the air suddenly rose. Lu Zhao stepped forward, grabbed him by the collar and without hesitation he punched him. The two men quickly wrestled together.

Shi Yu frowned. He was not incapable of solving the matter, but Lu Zhao’s entry obviously made the situation worse.

“Don’t fight, it will affect others.” Shi Yu wasn’t sure how much of an impact two alpha’s pheromones mixed together would have, but right now he was uncomfortable.

Mint and peach filled the air like mistakenly overused perfume.

But Lu Zhao and Han Yi seemed to be fighting for real. Han Yi was tall, and simply yanked Lu Zhao by the hair and threw him towards the basketball pile. Lu Zhao stumbled two steps, turned around and kicked Han Yi in the abdomen.

Shi Yu didn’t know who got hurt first, but the pheromones from blood rose exponentially and the equipment room was instantly filled with the smell of alpha pheromones.

Shi Yu got dizzy and was ready to pull the two apart. There was a subtle “click” sound and the cold winter wind suddenly scraped in…

A momentary illusion, as if the cold wind fell on the ground as frost and snow. The confusion of mint and peach blossoms was swept away. Shi Yu clearly saw a piece of frost floating down in front of him. He reached out to catch it and the transparent frost melted into his palm.

A school uniform jacket fell onto his shoulders along with Jiang ChengLi’s unique cold frosty smell. The boy’s hand was long and wide, gently patting the top of his hair. Like being embraced by frost and snow, his body’s heat was expelled in a flash.

Shi Yu’s brain was empty for a moment and then he heard two screams.

“Ah–” It was Lu Zhao and Han Yi.

“President, don’t!” Li Chen swooped in and squeezed Jiang ChengLi’s hand. “You are here to clean up the mess, not to join the battlefield!”

Li Chen was stunned by the sight in front of him.

After Xiao Li noticed that there was a pheromone leak, she immediately called the President.

Jiang ChengLi rushed over when the pheromones had been as substantial as they could get and yet they were instantly crushed down when he saw Shi Yu. Lu Zhao and Han Yi’s pheromones were not worth mentioning in front of him. The pheromone suppression knocked Han Yi instantly unconscious, though Lu Zhao narrowed his eyes and looked at Jiang ChengLi in distress, “Ahem…Collect your pheromones, ah.”

Jiang ChengLi dropped his eyes and swept them around, then turned back with a hint of teasing and arrogance.

Shi Yu, draped in his jacket, looked at him dumbfounded.

Jiang ChengLi raised his hand, lightly touched the back of Shi Yu’s head and spoke in a soft voice, “I’m sorry, did I scare you?”

Shi Yu looked up and realized that the person in front of him had ice blue pupils.

It was exactly the same as his little ice dragon.


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Sue R
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