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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


There was a lot of commotion in the equipment room. After the pheromone encounter, the chill from the field of frost and snow spread throughout the area. Almost all the omegas were limp on the ground and many of the alphas also appeared dizzy.

When the teachers and guards rushed over, they saw Jiang ChengLi and Shi Yu standing amid the wreckage. Li Chen, who was in good spirits, was holding Lu Zhao and Han Yi, who had fainted inside.

An alpha female teacher covered her lips. “Such terrible pheromone suppression…”

Jiang ChengLi turned around and consciously drew away from Shi Yu. “Teacher, he’s affected by pheromone induction. Please, take him to the hospital.”

The voice was soft with a slight request.

Only then did Shi Yu realize that his face was completely red. The hot flush of desire was intertwined with his feelings and tormented him. “I–“

Jiang ChengLi finally patted his head gently. “Be good, be obedient.”

Shi Yu only wanted to cling to him. “It’s a little hard.”

Jiang ChengLi’s gaze was suddenly tender. He looked at the teenager in front of him for a long time and finally he didn’t let go. “My omega isn’t well. Can I join him?”

Shi Yu ended up fainting on his way to the hospital while Jiang ChengLi held him.

When he woke up, his class teacher, Wan Zhen, was at his bedside. She smiled soothingly and asked him, “Are you uncomfortable anywhere?”

Shi Yu shook his head.

“Both A2 students are being treated and are lying in the next room.” Wan Zhen lowered her eyes gently. “You were scared, right?”

Shi Yu shook his head and asked, “What about Jiang ChengLi?”

“He crossed the alpha 2 danger line and was sent to the isolation control center.” Wan Zhen wanted to say something, “ChengLi has always been the representative of Nan Zhong’s alphas and his susceptibility period has always been well controlled.”

An alpha cannot easily suppress its own kind because the higher the level of suppression the higher the level of danger. This time it was to stop the hands of two fighting classmates, but Jiang ChengLi’s pheromone rampage was too large…He even affected Shi Yu.

Before Shi Yu had a chance to say anything, the head of the grade, who was outside the door, hurried in. “Is Shi Yu awake? Can he go to the isolation control center? ChengLi needs him!”


Shi Yu wasn’t in heat, but he was injected with a suppressant just to be safe. He first checked on Lu Zhao and Han Yi who were resting in the hospital and then went to the isolation clinic with the head of the grade.

A nurse was waiting for Shi Yu and asked in a warm voice, “Hello Mr. Shi, because of the data analysis, I hope you can cooperate with Mr. Jiang ChengLi to do a match test. I also need to ask your opinion here.”

“Go ahead.” Shi Yu nodded his head and signed his name on the test.

He was then taken into the sampling room to have his blood drawn and brought into the barrier compartment.

Jiang ChengLi was locked in a cubicle. He was sitting idly on the bed with handcuffs around his wrists, chains on his feet snapped to the foot of the bed to limit his maximum movement and a muzzle on his face.

The black straps, which buckled the silver muzzle that confined the alpha’s fangs, went around the back of his head to follow the jawline and fastened tightly. The lines of his face were now sharper and sharper and his deep eyes were hidden in obscure shadows; unreadable emotions.

Shi Yu, at this moment, deeply appreciated the scene. In the eyes of ordinary people, Jiang ChengLi, as such a dominant alpha, was a beast.

The danger of a very high level beast.

Shi Yu stood in front of the door and whispered, “Jiang ChengLi.”

Jiang ChengLi lowered his head. His slender eyes were slightly averted and his eyebrows were gathered with gloom. The oppressive and aggressive force that met his face made Shi Yu feel slightly suffocated.

But all of this slowly faded away when he saw that it was Shi Yu.

Jiang ChengLi’s lips moved. His voice was slightly muffled, “Coming?”

The sound fell on Shi Yu’s ear. Unexpectedly, there was a subtle sense of grievance.

The bond between the alpha and omega mark was too deep. Shi Yu actually wanted to go over and give the alpha in front of him a comforting hug because of these two syllables. Shi Yu returned to his senses and nodded his head. “What’s wrong with you?”

Jiang ChengLi’s eyes were downcast. “The data is incorrect and there is also a problem with the back assessment which says my risk level is now approaching level 2. The hospital wants to contact the alpha isolation control institute.”

The physiological data and the psychological test report both showed that the alpha in front of him was irritable and was exhibiting an antisocial personality.

It already almost reached the level 2 standard of the prevention and control line.

But Jiang ChengLi hadn’t done anything out of the ordinary since the test, so the hospital could not make up their mind. They knew that he had marked an omega, so the hospital quickly thought that the fluctuation in data might be related to another’s pheromones.

So Shi Yu was invited to come over.

He saw that Shi Yu just listened and didn’t answer. Jiang ChengLi changed his position and curled up. His eyes fell on him, smiling. “Any more questions?”

Shi Yu was silent for a long time, then abruptly spoke, “Was it you that I picked up that day?”

Jiang ChengLi thought he would ask many kinds of questions, but never thought it would be this one.

Shi Yu caught his fleeting change of heart.

“That day in the infirmary. I should have found you.” Shi Yu slowly crouched down, his voice almost pleading, “It was you, wasn’t it?”

The little dragon was there all along. Why did he search for so long?

Jiang ChengLi instinctively got out of bed and approached him, but his feet were shackled by chains and he only stood in front of the door.

A warning came from the room’s speaker. “Alpha! Please cooperate!”

Jiang ChengLi was unmoved and looked at Shi Yu. “It’s me.”

Shi Yu looked up and gazed intently at his figure.

The young man in front of him was half kneeling with a gentle smile. “Did I scare you?”

Shi Yu stared at him for a long time and ceased to smile. “No.”

A paramedic came and separated the two men before the doctor went in, unlocked the chain, and replaced it with an electric shock bracelet. They hadn’t yet determined whether the alpha could maintain his sanity in the face of the omega.

Professionals in the monitoring room kept an eye on Jiang ChengLi’s performance and the detector released a shock through the bracelet when the alpha pheromone concentration was above the standard line.

Jiang ChengLi was being tested.

Shi Yu didn’t know all of this and only thought that the doctor figured out that he had misunderstood Jiang ChengLi and wanted to untie him.

Generally, when an alpha appeared in front of an omega, the A-ketotropin and A1 hormones were significantly elevated and expressed a certain possessiveness and control. However, after Shi Yu entered the monitoring room all of Jiang ChengLi’s data began to slowly decline.

The grade headmaster was sweating in the monitoring room. Luckily, his third best student was in complete control.

The doctor stared carefully at the teenager on the monitor, saw that his eyebrows were slightly lower, his hostility was dissipating and his speech became gentle.

He was instinctively coaxing the omega in front of him.

This was too incredible.

Ten minutes later, the match report came out.

The doctor breathed a sigh of relief. “You’re free to go.”

After being released, Shi Yu and Jiang ChengLi listened to the report results together.

The doctor was quite incredulous. He looked at the system’s differentiation report for each of the two people carefully and then read the match report several times word by word.

“It’s been eighty-three years since the second gender appeared and most alphas and omegas have a fit between 65% and 79.8%. Fits above 80% are already rare. To have 90% is one in a million and you are the first pair in the data record so far, to have a 100% complete fit.”

They were seventeen and eighteen years old. Both had rare exotic toned pheromones and a one hundred percent complete overlap.

And they met each other.

“Perhaps from the birth of the second gender to its demise, you two will be the only ones.”

Because it was so unique, the institution was not even sure if the test results were accurate. The blood samples of the two people were submitted to the National T1 Testing Bureau with their consent, but since neither of them was an adult, it wasn’t allowed to interfere too much with personal privacy because of national regulations.

The hospital earnestly hoped that the two men would fill out a letter of intent to cooperate with the study when they became adults. Shi Yu was a bit apprehensive. He could feel the hospital doctors looking at him and Jiang ChengLi as if they were looking at some worldly treasure.

He was inattentive to what the hospital said afterwards because he didn’t dare cooperate with the investigation. Being from another world, this bizarre fit, in all probability, had something to do with his origins.

In case it was analyzed…what would happen then?

He would become a complete alien. He would be trapped in the Institute for a lifetime, being analyzed to the end of his life.

As Shi Yu drifted off, a hand fell on the top of his head.

He turned his head back and met Jiang ChengLi’s gentle eyes.

“Don’t be afraid, I’m here.” Jiang ChengLi seemed to see through all his thoughts. His voice was soothing, “Our pheromones fit so well. As long as you want me, I will also protect you.”

Shi Yu bowed his head and said vaguely, “President Jiang is so united and friendly to his classmates.”

“Only to you.”

Jiang ChengLi’s voice was warm and deep, drenched in a languid, slow and lazy mood. It brewed just the right amount of emotion and made it difficult for Shi Yu to pinpoint the depth of meaning. He seemed to have thrown a small hook, swung it in front of Shi Yu, and was waiting to see if he would take the bait.

“Your pheromones can sway me.” Jiang ChengLi laughed lightly. “It’s you who can pinch me and change my bottom line.”

Shi Yu took the evaluation report handed over by Jiang ChengLi. He couldn’t understand all the data analysis in the front and only saw the last line, “Reverse pheromone dependence.”

“The doctor talked to me alone.” Jiang ChengLi looked him in the eye. “Pheromone dependency is usually suffered by an omega. They can only attach to one alpha in their lifetime. Alphas can also suffer from this disease, but it’s very rare. Your absolute compatibility with me makes my  need for your pheromones extraordinarily high. I’m a high-risk alpha, but you can calm most of my violent emotions.”

An omega with this disease was immune to almost all inhibitors during estrus and became pathologically dependent on an alpha. If they were denied pheromones for a long period of time the omega would slowly die. An alpha was the same.

The medical term for this phenomenon was ‘die-off.’

The doctor spoke to Jiang ChengLi alone as it was a matter of personal safety. If another omega had this information, it would be a disaster for the alpha and for society. But Jiang ChengLi told Shi Yu without reservation.

“The report says that I can’t leave you.”


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