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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Lu RanKong looked at the two young boys who were eating Zikang, the skinny one who was white and pretty was his little playmate Shu Yu, and the taller and stronger boy next to him was his childhood self, Gu Fan.

Shu Yu shoved the rolls of Zikangcai into Gu Fan’s mouth and asked with a smile on his face, “How is it? Does it taste good?”

Gu Fan nodded repeatedly and hurriedly said, “This is really good…”

“I told you that the Zikang dishes are delicious.” Shu Yu smiled; the same smile that Lu RanKong remembered, eyes narrowed, nose a little wrinkled.

His face slowly overlapped with Lan Yu’s, and Lu RanKong realized that they were very similar. The small pearl of his lips, which he loved to gently suck, caused Lan Yu to frown but he didn’t push him away.

“Little Fan, don’t use your hands to wipe the juice from your mouth after you eat it. I have a handkerchief here.” Shu Yu frowned and handed Gu Fan a handkerchief.

“My hands aren’t empty, I still have to roll your Zikang dish.” Gu Fan seriously rolled the vegetables.

Shu Yu picked up the handkerchief and reached out to his mouth to wipe it for him.

Two small bulges appeared between his brows, like two small beans, the same as when he was frowning.

“Xiao Yu, so you’re still alive.” Lu RanKong murmured, lowered his head and smiled, “So you are my Xiao Yu, you are actually Xiao Yu…”

Lan Yu was still unaware of what was happening in his spiritual domain, he was already dressed and said, “What are you doing? You didn’t say anything for half a day, are you asleep? Don’t sleep, it’s time to go deal with that Lontan person.”

“Xiao Yu…” Lu RanKong suddenly spoke, his voice hoarse.

“Hmm?” Lan Yu asked absentmindedly as he applied creme to himself in the mirror, “Did you fall asleep just now?”

Even if the sky was falling, he had to take care of his skin before that.

“Don’t you remember anything from your childhood?” Lu RanKong asked.

Lan Yu’s hand stopped as he asked sensitively, “Why are you asking this question all of a sudden? Did you see something in my spiritual domain?”

Lu RanKong returned after a few seconds of silence, “Yes, I saw us as children.”

Lan Yu didn’t notice his use of us and asked, “What did you see?”

Lu RanKong didn’t make a sound.

Lan Yu smiled to himself, started to apply cream and said, “The orphanage I stayed in was not bad, the director and teachers were very nice, they didn’t freeze or starve us, and they were better off than many children from poor families.”

“An orphanage? So you went to an orphanage later?” Lu RanKong felt like he had sand in his mouth, astringent and bitter.

Lan Yu asked rhetorically, “What was that place you saw that wasn’t an orphanage?”

Lu RanKong was silent for a few more seconds, “Don’t you remember what happened before you went to the orphanage?”

“No…” Lan Yu said, “I’ve lost my memory…”

This statement wasn’t an excuse, he indeed didn’t remember what happened before he went to the orphanage, nor did he know his parents or his home address. Lan Yu picked up a comb to brush his hair, and his face looked calm in the mirror, “My parents just didn’t want me, I guess, and there were notices posted everywhere, and the police were asking around, but no one went to the police station to bring me home.” 

Lu RanKong said softly, “Your parents died shortly after you were born, and you were raised by your grandfather.”

Lan Yu paused as he combed his hair.

“So it’s not that they didn’t want you.”

Lan Yu slowly removed his hands and asked, “You said my parents died when I was very young, how did you know that? Did you see it in my spirit domain?”

A few moments later, Lu RanKong replied, “You told me yourself.”

“I told you myself?”

“Yes, you told me yourself as a child.” Lu RanKong said.

Lan Yu paused and asked, “Did you see me as a child in my spiritual domain?”


Lan Yu looked down at the comb in his hand, “So how did he look? Did he tell you exactly where his family is? Who are his parents and who is his grandfather?”

Lu RanKong replied gently, “He lives in a nice town, not well off, but seems to be doing well and living happily with his grandfather.”

Lan Yu asked calmly, “What else did he tell you? Did he give you a specific address?”

He just gripped the comb tightly in his hand.

“He didn’t say, but I know.” Lu RanKong said softly, “I often went to his house to play and drink the sour plum soup he made for me. He would come to my house, too, and my mother would make us delicious cakes. We would catch fish and shrimp on the beach, go to the vegetable field and eat Zikang, and I would go to the tree and touch the bird’s eggs while he was looking down. I made him pony animals and he mended the holes in my pants.”

As Lu RanKong narrated, Lan Yu slowly lifted his head and stared confusedly at himself in the mirror. He murmured, “Isn’t this…” 

“Yes, I told you about my childhood playmate, his name is Shu Yu,” Lu RanKong said.

Lan Yu propped his hands on the sink, hung his head, and let out a long breath of relief.

He couldn’t tell if he was lost or relieved inside, he smiled lightly and said, “Don’t talk nonsense about this, let’s go. I have recovered my strength. Let’s go deal with that Lontan person.”

Lu RanKong’s tone was gentle but sure, “I’m not lying to you, in your memory there are really fragments of us as children. You are Shu Yu, and not dead, have been alive and well, and still right next to me.”

Lan Yu turned to the guest room with his mouth tightly shut and opened the suitcase Lu RanKong had put there, looking for the injection on the bottom.

As he rummaged through the clothes in the suitcase, Lu RanKong whispered in his ear, “You’ve always been very handy, now you can make gun grips. You used to mend my pants when I was a kid so well that it couldn’t be seen if you looked closely.”

Lan Yu didn’t make a sound, lifting out the small bag from the bottom of the suitcase, which contained the handicraft materials and small tools that Lu RanKong took with him everywhere he went.

“When you were a kid, you loved the crafts I made for you, especially the unicorn made of wire, which you called the little horse beast.”

“Enough, have you finished? One moment it’s a Ferris wheel, and the other it’s Shu Yu.” Lan Yu interrupted him and placed the laminated needle into his jacket pocket, then took it out again and put it into his pants pocket. After standing up, he moved his hand to empty his trouser pocket, but he didn’t feel comfortable with it, so he put it back into his jacket pocket.

“You were like this when you were a kid, I gave you a small slingshot to play with, but you didn’t put it in your chest pocket for a while, then took it out and put it on your waist. You feel uneasy about where to put it.” Lu RanKong ignored his words, still talking to himself.

Lan Yu re-closed the suitcase with a bang, as Lu RanKong continued, “This feeling is so wonderful, so you are Xiao Yu! You didn’t die, but grew up to become my Omega.”

“If you keep talking, you’ll lose your Omega soon,” Lan Yu suddenly raised his volume, his voice a bit agitated, “Shu Yu, Shu Yu! I don’t care if you met Shu Yu, but it wasn’t me, you understand? Not me…”

Lu RanKong closed his mouth and didn’t make a sound, but Lan Yu stood still without moving, his chest heaving.

A moment later, he went to the small built-in cooler by the wall and fetched a bottle of water, unscrewed the cap and drank half of it in one gulp before going to the window, opening the closed floor-to-ceiling window and stepping out onto the balcony.

“The Shu Yu you met is not me.” He calmed down and stopped being excited, and his voice regained its composure.

Lu RanKong said carefully, “All the scenes I saw in your spiritual domain are real, those are memories buried deep in your mind that are important to you.” He hesitated and then said, “I’m not sure what that scene was, except for the one where I saw you making a movie after you went through the passage. Or is it your imagination?”

“The Shu Yu you met is a memory of the owner of this body.” Lan Yu’s voice carried a hint of exhaustion, “So those have nothing to do with me.”

“The memories of the owner?” Lu RanKong asked in confusion.

Lan Yu didn’t answer his question and continued, “The other scenes you saw were not my imagination either.”


“I said, the scene you saw in the movie wasn’t my imagination, that was the real me.”

Lu RanKong didn’t show surprise at this time, he still said gently, “Tell me, I’m listening.”

The night breeze brushed by, carrying the fragrance of the surrounding woods, Lan Yu inhaled deeply and said, “If I said I’m not from this world, would you believe me?”

Lu RanKong seemed to be thinking seriously, and after a moment, he replied honestly, “No…”

Lan Yu looked at a few lights in a distant place and said, “I entered the orphanage when I was about seven or eight years old, probably because I had a brain injury and lost my memory, so I was abandoned by my family.”

Lan Yu said this in a calm tone, as if he had already thought about the answer many times and had accepted this fact long ago. “I grew up in an orphanage and went on to a normal university. When I was working near the school, I was discovered by a manager, signed a contract, and started filming after a few months of acting lessons.”

Lu RanKong didn’t interrupt him and listened quietly as Lan Yu continued, “Because I only trained for a few months, when I first started filming, I was scolded for my poor acting skills. But since I chose this path, I had to do it properly, right? So I learned as I acted, and slowly, the scolding went away. Later I won a lot of awards, and got a lot of fans. Every day I was filming, without a day off, and made lots and lots of money.”

Lan Yu was lying on the railing, one foot lightly tapping the ground unconsciously.

“And then later?” Lu RanKong listened intently.

“And then I didn’t want to shoot anymore, I wanted to stop filming and get married, and I wanted to have children.” Lan Yu pulled up the corner of his mouth and laughed silently.

Lu RanKong sounded alert, “Who did you want to marry and have children with?”

Lan Yu shook his head and said, “I didn’t have a goal, I just wanted a family. I wanted a home.”

His voice was a little low, and Lu RanKong could hear the strong loneliness he once felt, “Maybe it’s because I’ve been in an orphanage, and I envy others who have parents. But I don’t have parents anymore, so I want to have my own Alpha and children.”

Lu RanKong said softly, “Now you have achieved two-thirds of your goal, we just need to work hard, the remaining one-third is not a problem.”

The sourness in Lan Yu’s heart was swept away by his words, and he couldn’t help but slap the railing with his hand and say, “Don’t interrupt…”

“Okay, I won’t interrupt, continue.”

“Just one night when I was thinking about resting, I suddenly encountered an electromagnetic storm and was somehow sent to this world and woke up as K.” Lan Yu bit his lip and spoke with some difficulty, “So I’m not the original K, nor am I the Shu Yu you know.”

Lan Yu finished this sentence and then stared at the carved pattern on the railing, the face seemed calm, only the fingers holding the railing were white with force, revealing the tension inside at this moment.

“What you mean is… You didn’t lose your memory? Rather, you encountered some kind of electromagnetic storm, came here from another world, and then entered K’s body?” Lu RanKong tried to conclude after thinking for a while.

“Yes, that’s what I meant.” He had been hiding this matter from people, and now that he told it, his voice trembled a little uncontrollably.

“You mean you’re not Shu Yu?” asked Lu RanKong.


“Nor K?”


Lu RanKong said after a moment of silence, “The memory fragments in your spiritual domain are basically consistent with what you said. But there’s a question, why do you have memories about Shu Yu?”

“As I said, that is the memory fragment left by the original soul of this body, that is, the previous K. He’s your old acquaintance.” Lan Yu’s voice was a little bitter, and his mouth was a little bitter. After saying this, he turned around somewhat hastily and walked towards the house, “Let’s go, say what you have to say later. Let’s go see that Lontan person now.”

“No, no, this isn’t right.” Lu RanKong muttered, “If it’s a memory fragment left by the previous K, as you said, then why don’t I see his experiences?”

“His experiences?” Lan Yu stopped in his tracks.

Lu RanKong said with suspicion, “His upbringing, the Empire military school he attended, the missions he went on, the people he killed… This long experience hasn’t left a trace in your mental domain. But you even remember our barracks dormitory and prison cell, it’s impossible to lose that section cleanly.”

“But… But isn’t Shu Yu’s memory his?” Lan Yu asked.

Lu RanKong mused and asked, “I saw Shu Yu as a child in your mental domain, and you lost all your memories of that age, don’t you think there is a connection?”

Lan Yu said blankly, “I don’t know… Are there any other fragments in the mental domain? Why don’t you find out if there are others?”

Lu RanKong said, “Every time I come back from the same vision as you, I change a scene, but it’s the same ones over and over again. There may be others, but these are the only memory fragments I can see.”

Lan Yu asked, “You said Shu Yu was dead, and now you say I’m him, so what’s going on?”

Lu RanKong thought for a moment, “It’s a long story, I’ll tell you in detail when I’m done with this Lontan person.”

“Yes, the first order of business is to get your body back.”

Lu RanKong asked uneasily, “Will you be able to do it alone? Should we notify the military?”

Lan Yu said, “He knows the former K. I want to ask him about K. And he said he wants a new identity and has secrets to tell us, so don’t inform the military for now.”

Lu RanKong said, “That’s good, maybe we can ask something. You haven’t taken the stabilizer, so don’t let him out. The dark room can record the conversation, so keep him in there for interrogation.”

“Yeah, I know.” Lan Yu said.

Lu RanKong comforted, “But it’s okay, I’m inside your spiritual domain, if he dares to enter, I’ll kill him inside.”

Lan Yu choked, “Then you pay attention too, don’t leave the green slime in my spiritual domain.”

“He’s not substantial when he’s in your spiritual domain, there’s no such thing, okay?”

“Since it’s not substantial, how do you kill him?” Lan Yu asked.

“Can’t you just stab him with a needle?”

“The needle is not a physical attack, it’s not the same as your fist, okay?”

“Everyone is a mental body, it can be hit.”

While Lan Yu was having this lively discussion in his mind, his face didn’t show the slightest expression, as he walked from the bedroom to the front of the dark room.

“Okay, tell me how to talk to him visually.” Lan Yu interrupted Lu RanKong’s ramblings.

“Uncle Chen is using the same technology and materials used to make the Star Warships. The walls can be turned into visible transparent walls, just like what we saw on the Star Warship. Go check the vase, there are buttons inside, press the first one.”

Lan Yu soon found a row of small, unobtrusive buttons inside the vase. When he pressed the first button, the wall in front of him gradually became transparent.

‘Lu RanKong’ was sitting on the sofa facing the wall, and when he noticed the wall was changing, he stood up from the sofa and rushed over to the wall. He hit the invisible wall with a thud and took two steps backwards.

“Fuck you, don’t bruise my forehead!” Lan Yu heard Lu RanKong a roar, “Don’t ruin my handsome face in front of my Omega.”


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August 11, 2021 12:38 pm

This is getting more and more interesting… So Lan Yu IS Shu Yu? Can’t wait to find out more about the original K. Thanks for the chapter! <3

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Fatheemat Sulayman
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Blizzard passing by said hey~
Blizzard passing by said hey~
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