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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Shi Yu tried hard to restrain his expression. He hoped to look calm and open in front of Jiang ChengLi, but his disguise was inept. Jiang ChengLi saw it in his eyes.

Should I satisfy him or not?

“Shi Yu,” Jiang ChengLi said to him. He spelled out the threat, word by word. “I told you. I will do to you what you do to me.”

Shi Yu blinked. “I’m just trying to take care of you, President Jiang, don’t think too badly of me.”


Jiang ChengLi lazily lifted his eyelids and said, “That’s hard for you.”

Soon, Shi Yu was contentedly holding the pure white little ice dragon.

This time Jiang ChengLi transformed a little smaller, just the right size for him to hold in his arms. There were a pair of wings meekly tucked behind him, the dragon tail hung down against Shi Yu’s thighs and it leaned on his shoulder obediently. The little dragon cub squinted; the slightly cool scales on the neck against the skin, very comfortable in the summer night. He heard the sound of light breathing, like a feather ruffled against the earlobe.

Shi Yu nestled on the couch and gently stroked along the ice dragon’s back; felt the sound of the other’s heartbeat.

There was nothing more satisfying than this.

The white cat that slept in the daytime slowly ran down the stairs, paused for a moment on the steps, then suddenly raised its fur. It came around the sofa with a threatening “hiii” sound and looked warily at the dragon in Shi Yu’s arms.

Jiang ChengLi was immersed in the light pheromones of the omega and was enjoying the soothing caresses. He didn’t expect to be disturbed by his own cat. Jiang ChengLi had always had a good attitude towards things that got in his way, including his own cat.

The ice blue pupils of his eyes wavered with a bitter chill, and he slowly inclined his head.

The white cat hurriedly backed up a large distance and assumed an aggressive stance. It stared at him with a deadly gaze. He was about to scare it away when he saw Shi Yu had raised his hand to shield him to his chest.

“Shhh, bad cat.” Shi Yu lowered his head and rubbed his chin against the little ice dragon’s head, as if to calm his cub. “He’s your master.”

The white cat, “Meow!”

Shi Yu pityingly stroked Jiang ChengLi’s horn. “You can’t bully him just because he’s sick.”

White cat, “Meow!”

Shi Yu stood up with Jiang ChengLi in his arms. “Jiang ChengLi, may I go to your room?”

Jiang ChengLi stared at Shi Yu’s face for a moment, as if he realized something, then rubbed his face.

Shi Yu’s heart almost melted from his action. He supported his waist. “You should also be tired. I’ll send you to bed, ah. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to do anything.”

Jiang ChengLi wagged his tail. The tip of his tail pointed in a direction.

The white cat watched warily as the two went upstairs. When the figures disappeared,  it hurried to the corner to hide.

Shi Yu carried the dragon to the third floor. Jiang ChengLi’s room was more neat and clean than he expected, cold and unlike a place to live. Shi Yu lifted the bedding and put Jiang ChengLi on the bed. When he closed his hand, he touched his belly along the way.

As if finally relieved of a hidden illness, the corners of Shi Yu’s mouth had a restrained curvature.

Jiang ChengLi felt it and wrapped his tail around his wrist.

“You…you’re not feeling well. It’s time to rest.” Shi Yu looked away to the side, somewhat in vain.

“Hm.” The young dragon made a soft sound, then curled its tail around his arm and brought him a bit more towards the bed. The ice blue eyes were watery, more pure and dazzling than jewels.

Shi Yu again forgot that his human form was President Jiang, “You want me to accompany you?”

The little ice dragon nodded.

Shi Yu pretended to hesitate. There was no problem at all to be able to hold the dragon cub and sleep all night, no problem at all. But he didn’t want to show it so obviously.

Jiang ChengLi summed up the technique of shaking Shi Yu these days. He took two steps forward, two front claws gently grabbed Shi Yu’s coat corner, a face rubbed against his belly and he made some humming sounds from his throat.

Shi Yu felt his sanity was about to go out. “I haven’t washed up…”

The little ice dragon let go of his clothes, stumbled and jumped off the bed, flew up and opened the closet and grabbed a set of pajamas for him.

Shi Yu took it and carried it back to the bed. “Then you sleep first. I’ll wash up and keep you company?”

The little ice dragon quickly plopped itself onto the bed, its limbs and paws tucked in meekly and obediently hooked the bedding onto his body with his tail. He winked at Shi Yu. Meaning: All at your service.

Shi Yu pursed his lips and took his clothes to the room’s bathroom.

Jiang ChengLi heard the sound of water.  On the bed, he raised the covers. His ice blue eyes narrowed slightly, as he slowly raised his tail. The person was already in his own bedroom. The good boy was almost there, so was it his turn to take advantage back?

He was thinking for a long time until the sound of water disappeared, then he plopped back down again with the look of a good boy.

Shi Yu pushed open the door and saw the little ice dragon who had closed his eyes and was breathing steadily. He squatted beside the bed and watched for a while. First, he tentatively nudged the tip of his nose with his fingertips, but the little ice dragon did not respond.

Then he touched the small horn, pinched the claws and then hooked the wings.

Nothing caused a reaction.

He was sleeping.

Shi Yu gently climbed into bed, reached out and took the little ice dragon into his arms. He stretched out and touched his little belly, then touched it again. Before going to sleep, he put his face on it. After he indulgently hugged the dragon, he contentedly cuddled the little ice dragon and slowly fell asleep.

The night is like water. The pheromones of the ice field noiselessly spread down over the room and gently controlled the omega’s sleep.

Jiang ChengLi slowly opened his eyes. In front of him, Shi Yu was breathing evenly, his sleeping face was quiet. He reappeared in human form, hands propped up on each side of the teenager. His eyes were dangerous.

Jiang ChengLi disliked people touching his stomach, especially when he was in his original form.

That was an erogenous zone.

His eyes fell on the teenager’s slightly pointed ears. He couldn’t help it and leaned in close. His voice was hoarse. “I told you not to touch it, but you didn’t listen, huh?”

Perhaps his original form was almost out of control. At the moment his breath was tinged with a little cold. He was an evil dragon, and was salivating over the teenager in front of him.

Jiang ChengLi bent his knees and moved slowly up. His hands fell to Shi Yu’s waist and belly, but did not overstep. He only enjoyed the teenager’s inadvertently exposed skin. (Not doing anything!)

The most intimate actions were done when he was unaware of it.

His tiny earlobes were repeatedly kissed and soaked.

The sound of water moistened like a tide into Shi Yu’s dreams. (Just a dream)

He felt someone was gasping in his ear. Eagerly, eagerly, and with a strong lust was calling his name. But the calming effect of the pheromones was too strong, and he only floated in his dream. He was unaware of the danger he was in.

The moist breath exhaled repeatedly against Shi Yu’s ears and itched like a feather. He involuntarily let out a low, shallow hum. The whimper that seemed to beg for mercy slightly stimulated Jiang ChengLi’s tense nerves. The pheromones in the air were thicker, tainted with some unspeakable flavor.

Shi Yu gave a thin, low murmur. Jiang ChengLi licked the corner of his lips, and finally took a deep sniff at his neck and shoulder.

I want to bite down.

No, the child would be angry.

It was hard to find his little treasure, and he had to take care of him; to explore slowly.

Jiang ChengLi got up and found a set of pajamas. He went to the bathroom and showered with cold water, came out half an hour later, and waited for his body temperature to recover a bit before he went back to sleep with Shi Yu in his arms.


When Shi Yu woke up the next day, he noticed that something had changed. The smell of cold frost in the air was heavier, and his sleeping position had changed. He had a hand across his waist and tucked against his waistline, his back was cradled in the arms of the person behind him and moving was difficult.

Shi Yu blinked and looked back only to find the alpha’s eyelashes twitched slightly, then gradually opened a bit.

The fierce beast seemed to be unable to escape instinct. Jiang ChengLi opened his eyes. At that moment, the watery color had not faded, the cold air enveloped him. But after he saw that it was his omega, those deep-seated ice spikes turned back into warm waves that flowed finely over his eyebrows and eyes and wrapped his features in it.

“Awake?” Jiang ChengLi languidly squinted his eyes, rubbed against the back of Shi Yu’s neck and instinctively pressed his lips against his nape.

Shi Yu got goosebumps all over his body. In an instant, he rolled over to break away from the alpha’s embrace, then covered his sensitive glands. “When did you turn back?”

Jiang ChengLi bristled a little at his action, but remembered what he tasted last night. He deliberately reached up and propped his chin again. “I don’t know. My pheromones aren’t quite under control these days.”

“Actually, you can wake me up after you turn back into a human.” Shi Yu averted his eyes. He wasn’t quite able to find the state to deal with the situation in front of him. “It’s also quite difficult for us two big boys to squeeze into one bed.”

Jiang ChengLi’s hand slowly leaned on the pillow, his side face pressed against his arm and his eyes drooped to reveal his emotions.

The silence made the atmosphere a little awkward, and Shi Yu was about to say something when he noticed that a pair of dragon horns was growing out of Jiang ChengLi’s hair.

And he himself was still unconsciously clenching the edge of the pillow.

Want to touch.

Need to touch.

But this was Jiang ChengLi, not his little ice dragon.

Shi Yu held back, but still didn’t make a move.

When the time came, the phone rang in his hand.

Jiang ChengLi watched him turn to touch the phone and felt a momentary lapse of unhappiness, unappeased lust and possessiveness. He wanted to immediately hold the omega in front of him in his arms and block all information that interfered with the two.

But reason kept him in place. He only looked at the back of Shi Yu’s neck.

The bite marks left on his glands last night had disappeared.

Jiang ChengLi licked his canine teeth and moved his toes quietly off the quilt.

Shi Yu had just turned around when he saw the beautiful dragon’s tail was delicately swaying, with two more floating ice flurries around the tip that were making a crisp sound when they collided.

It was temptation.

Must be temptation!

He watched as the omega stared in fascination; followed the movement of his tail. Jiang ChengLi suddenly felt it was somewhat funny.

How could his little treasure be so deceitful?

“Zhong Tan?” Jiang ChengLi asked quietly.

Shi Yu nodded. “He asked if I was free. He’s short of manpower there.”

“So are you leaving?”

Originally, I wanted to, but now I can’t let go.

Shi Yu scratched his head in a tangled way. “It’s just helping out.”

Jiang ChengLi looked at him. “What about me?”

If the Omega Class students heard their President Jiang say this in such a form and in such a tone, they would probably explode.

This was not a frosty student president!

This was the bewitching demon concubine of the country!!

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Shi Yu is so weak towards dragon form and he knows it. Thank you!

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Doing things (vanilla, but still) while the partner is asleep is not nice, President Jiang. Now you are pulling the “what about me” card while exposing your dragon features… possessive little dragon 😅😎😏🤭

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