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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


After Lan Yu pressed the second button, the voice of ‘Lu RanKong’ came out, “I really don’t mean any harm, I just want to survive. I won’t do anything bad, and I won’t hurt anyone…”

“Won’t hurt others? Then what’s the matter with Yun Jie? If you didn’t devour his spiritual body, how could you have gotten his body?” Lan Yu shouted.

‘Lu RanKong’ paused and said, “I didn’t devour his spiritual body, we both share the same body.”

“Sharing a body? People would want to share a body with you?” Lan Yu laughed coldly.

‘Lu RanKong’ stood in place with a torn face, clutching his trouser leg, as if he was wondering how to answer this question.

“I’m such a heroic figure, and he’s making me look like I’m cowering.” Lu RanKong was displeased again.

‘Lu RanKong’ hesitantly spoke, “I just came to the Sasu Planet system, and met Yun Jie who wanted to commit suicide by jumping into the river. I entered his mental domain and left the river, asked him if he could give me his body if he was going to die, and he agreed. He found that after I manipulated his body, he could stay in his mental domain and not face the outside world, so he thought it was good and didn’t want to die, so he willingly let me take over his mental domain and we shared a body.” ‘Lu RanKong’ began to lower his head and pick at his trouser leg, his voice getting smaller and smaller.

After listening, Lan Yu asked, “What about him now?”

“He’ll find a place to hide now, until I’m done with him.” ‘Lu RanKong’s voice was vaguely vulnerable, “But knowing I’m locked up, he must be very anxious.”

“Look at him, look at him!” Lu RanKong shouted, “Is he a fucking actor?”

Lan Yu saw him like this, and couldn’t help but say, “You don’t have to act like this, you can continue to be arrogant.”

‘Lu RanKong’ said, “I was actually scared at the beginning in the car, that’s what I was pretending to be.”

“Oh, really? I didn’t see that coming.”

“Really, I was so nervous that I drove the wrong way and came back around.”

Lan Yu suddenly relaxed, dragged a chair from the side and sat down, saying, “Go sit down too, let’s talk.”

‘Lu RanKong’s eyes lit up when he heard this, and he hurriedly turned around and sat down on the sofa.

“So when you went to the Institute to steal the data, did you two work together?” Lan Yu asked.

“No, Yun Jie is timid, I didn’t let him participate in this.” ‘Lu RanKong’ glanced at him and lowered his head again.

Lan Yu breathed a sigh of relief and said with his arms around his chest, “That means he actually knows.”

“It’s none of his business, it’s all my own doing.”

Lan Yu looked at him and asked, “What’s your name?”

“Luo Yang…”

“When did you arrive on Sasu Planet?”

“Just six months ago.”

“Did you come from the interstellar channel that was opened?”


Lan Yu stared at him, feeling uncomfortable looking at Lu RanKong’s face like this, and asked, “Can you get out of this body first?”

Luo Yang was silent for a while and said, “I can only get out if his spiritual body comes back.”

“Oh? There’s such a thing?” Lan Yu crossed his legs and leaned back in his chair, “Tell me in detail, why can you leave the body only after his spiritual body returns? It’s a lie, right? I see you guys are usually pretty good at scurrying in and out of other people’s spiritual domains.”

Luo Yang lowered his head and didn’t make a sound, as if thinking about whether to answer this question, so Lan Yu lightly added, “You are now my prisoner, I can hand you over to the military to deal with, or you can directly use the RK5 injection on you.”

Luo Yang looked up at him and his lips twitched.

“HR5, it’s HR5,” Lu RanKong corrected in his mental domain.

Lan Yu continued, “If you give it to the military, it’s up to them how to handle it, but of course, I don’t think they will be soft on you. As for HR5, I believe you also know, so now you can only tell me what you know, and if I think there is still value, I will consider letting you off the hook.”

Luo Yang frowned and sat on the sofa, feet together, hands wrung into a ball. It was clear that a fierce struggle was taking place in his mind.

Lan Yu saw Lu RanKong make this action for the first time and couldn’t help but stare at him for a few more moments.

“This Lontan person is really ruining my image.” Lu RanKong sighed in his ear.

Lan Yu said to Lu RanKong, “I actually think it’s good, I can see he’s timid, has a strong desire to live, so he won’t risk his own life, and we may really be able to get a lot of words out of him. And I think what he told us is true, when he said that he hasn’t hurt anyone, and Yun Jie is also sharing the body, and they get along with each other peacefully.”

Luo Yang considered for a while, seemed to have made up his mind, raised his head and said, “If I tell you everything, can you help me to go to another planet? Yun Jie and I can’t afford to buy a Star Warship ticket to another planet because we don’t have the money to travel. And fake my death then spread the news. Finally give us a new identity so we can live incognito.”

“How can I let you go? Don’t you know how dangerous a Lontan person is to Sasu Planet?” Lan Yu laughed sharply and slowly gathered his smile again, “You say you want to live and want to escape to another planet, but you are stealing top secret information about stabilizers from the Institute. How can I believe you?”

“I was forced to, if I didn’t guard the Institute and find a chance to get my hands on that information, I would have been forced out.” Luo Yang suddenly said aloud with some excitement.

“Forced? Who is forcing you? What do you mean?” Lan Yu asked.

Luo Yang stopped talking after this sentence and looked down at his own feet. When he didn’t say anything, Lan Yu didn’t press, so he waited quietly.

Suddenly, there was a noise from the living room downstairs, like a chair leg or something tripped, not too loud, but clear enough. Lan Yu listened carefully and stood up.

“Someone is sneaking into the house, be careful.” Lu RanKong also heard the sound of movement.

Luo Yang didn’t hear the sound, but only saw Lan Yu suddenly get up and walk downstairs, and guessed what was going on at once. He changed his expression and rushed to the transparent wall and said loudly, “I’ll tell you whatever you want to know! I decided it’s better to talk clearly!”

Lan Yu looked at him, turned around and walked back, Luo Yang sighed with relief and said, “What do you want to know? Do you want to know why I ran away, or do you want to know why—”

Lan Yu turned off the sound button in the vase, isolating Luo Yang’s voice behind the wall, before tiptoeing downstairs. Luo Yang was left with his mouth soundlessly open and closed, fluttering against the transparent wall, his face full of anxiety.

“Be careful. Do you have your gun with you?” Lu RanKong asked.

Lan Yu took the gun out of the holster on his waist, held it in his hand, and stepped down the last stairs. The lights in the living room were on, and there was no one there. Lan Yu slowly approached the large dining room table based on the rattling of the chairs at the beginning.

Then a dash to the back of the table, with a gun aimed at that corner.

“Don’t move!”

“No, don’t shoot!”

A shrill voice full of panic and Lan Yu’s voice sounded at the same time.

A man was hiding behind the back of a chair, holding his hands around his shoulders, shivering and shrinking into a ball.

“No, don’t shoot! I’m not a bad guy, don’t shoot.” He pleaded with his head down, his voice out of tune from fear.

“Raise your head…” Lan Yu shouted sternly.

The man slowly raised his head, a face white with tension and covered with tear marks.

Because he had guessed it from the beginning, Lan Yu wasn’t surprised, and only slowly called out his name, “Yun Jie…”

“Yes, it’s me.” Yun Jie said shakily.

Lan Yu slowly put away his gun, looked at him from above and asked, “You’re here for Luo Yang?”

Yun Jie nodded as white as paper, “Is he in there? You-you don’t need to hurt him.”

Lan Yu looked at him for a few seconds and then waved his head and said, “Go upstairs…”

After saying that, he went straight upstairs and didn’t care anymore.

Yun Jie choked in place and didn’t move until Lan Yu walked up the stairs and could no longer see him, then he stood up from behind his chair and slowly walked towards the stairs.

Luo Yang was lying on the transparent wall looking out, after seeing Lan Yu carrying a gun to the second floor, he immediately went to look behind him, but didn’t see anyone else, and began to smash the transparent wall like crazy.

Lan Yu hurriedly opened the call button and said loudly, “What are you mad about? I didn’t kill Yun Jie. If you break a piece of skin on that body, I’ll break one of Yun Jie’s legs.”

You care about Yun Jie, but think I don’t care about my own people?

Luo Yang heard this suddenly didn’t move, and continued to lie on the transparent wall to stare at the direction of the stairs. After seeing the figure of Yun Jie, he gave a long sigh of relief. After seeing him, Yun Jie deflated and pounced on him, and the two looked at each other across the transparent wall.

Luo Yang seemed to be stronger after Yun Jie appeared, and looked very calm in expression.

“How did you find me?” Luo Yang asked.

Yun Jie was already crying and choked up, “As soon as you left, I stopped a cab and followed you, I was so scared…”

“Don’t be afraid, I’ll be out later, don’t be afraid.”

Seeing the two comforting each other ignoring Lan Yu’s existence, Lu RanKong misplaced his teeth in his mental domain, “Why do I feel so awkward?”

“You think I’m not feeling as awkward as you?” Lan Yu said a little sourly, “And they’re also looking at each other with affection.” Lan Yu coldly said to Yun Jie, “All right, all right, just say a few words, get yourself a chair and sit next to it.” 

Yun Jie didn’t dare to disobey his order, looked at Luo Yang again, teary-eyed, then went to the side and squatted down.

“Don’t you want to sit in the chair?” Lan Yu asked, “There’s one right next to me…”

Yun Jie took the chair and sat next to the transparent wall.

Lan Yu saw the two of them leaning together across the transparent wall and said, “Sit a little further away…”

Yun Jie deflated his mouth and started to move his chair.

Lan Yu leaned back, crossed his legs, rested his hand with the gun on his thigh, and said to Luo Yang, “Now that you are both in my hands, you can tell me what you have to say.” He looked at Yun Jie who started to cry again, “I am a ruthless person, and if you don’t satisfy me, I will not let you have a good time.”

Yun Jie cried so hard that his shoulders also started to twitch.

Luo Yang looked at him and said to Lan Yu, “I know you won’t.”

“Why?” Lan Yu asked coldly, lifting his eyes.

“Because you’re not K,” Luo Yang said.

Lan Yu smiled lightly, “You say I’m not K and I’m not? On what basis?”

Luo Yang said, “Because I know K. I know everything about him.”

Lan Yu’s heart began to beat wildly, but he didn’t have any extra expression on his face, just calmly said, “Tell me everything you know. The whole story.”

Luo Yang gritted his teeth and said, “After I tell you, you have to let me and Yun Jie go.”

Lan Yu sighed, “I can let Yun Jie go, but how dare I let you go? You should know it well in your own heart.”

Luo Yang had made a major decision, after being silent for a moment, he resolutely said, “I’m willing to give you the right to activate my chip.” 

Before Lan Yu could ask what kind of chip it was, he heard Yun Jie suddenly let out a shout, “No, don’t hand over the activation right.”

After shouting this, he got up from his chair and flung himself onto the transparent wall, anxiously tapping on it.

“I’ll give you the chip activation information, and you can decide when I die. No matter where I go to the ends of the earth, as long as I am still in the Sasu Planet system, you activate the chip, and I will immediately disappear from this world.” Luo Yang ignored Yun Jie and spoke to Lan Yu on his own.

Lan Yu was stunned, he maintained his original expression to turn to Lu RanKong, “What to do? What now?”

Lu RanKong hesitated, “I know Lontan people have this kind of chip. Since he said so, why not say yes to him first?”


Lan Yu said in a deep voice to Luo Yang, “Okay, then I agree to your quid pro quo, you tell me everything you know, I get your chip activation right, then let you and Yun Jie go without telling the military department.”

“And send out a message that I’m dead.” Luo Yang admonished, “That’s very important!”


When the time came, he’d have Liu Deng put a news item in the media that a bar member died somewhere and the body was suspected to be a Lontan person. Now the news of Lontan people was circulating everywhere, true or false, no one knew. Adding another case would only make the public see it as another piece of fake news.

But by the people who had the heart to see, he would naturally think Luo Yang was really dead.

Yun Jie stopped patting the transparent wall and looked at Luo Yang worriedly. Luo Yang gave him a smile and said comfortingly, “It’s better than being coerced and scared forever, right? I believe this K will not give me a hard time as long as I keep to myself.”

“Yes, sit back. If Luo Yang keeps his promise and won’t do anything to jeopardize Sasu Planet, I won’t go and activate that whatever-chip either.” Lan Yu urged Yun Jie, “Sit back down…”

He really couldn’t stand the look of life and death between “Lu RanKong” and Yun Jie.

When Yun Jie sat down, Luo Yang said, “And promise me that condition before, to give me a new identity so that I can go to another planet to start a new life.”

“But I don’t have the right or the means to give you a new identity.” Lan Yu replied honestly.

Luo Yang looked at him and said, “You can’t, but your companion can.”

“My companion?”

“That’s the owner of my current body.” Luo Yang thought for a moment, as if considering the wording, “He can let me get a new identity.”

Before Lan Yu could ask why exactly, he heard Lu RanKong say in a deep voice, “Promise him…”


“Promise to give him a new identity.”

Lan Yu had to follow Lu RanKong’s prompt and said, “Okay, then I’ll promise it for him first.”

Luo Yang and Yun Jie both breathed a long sigh of relief, and Yun Jie stopped shedding tears and only sobbed occasionally.

When Luo Yang sat down on the sofa, Lan Yu narrowed his eyes and said, “I promised you all the conditions, so, now it’s your turn to keep your promise and tell me all the secrets you know.”

Luo Yang bowed his head in silence, and Lan Yu didn’t rush him, but tapped his knuckles on his pants leg, his brain spinning rapidly. He knew Lu RanKong and knew that he had the ability to get him a new identity, an ability that wouldn’t be possible with Lu RanKong’s Colonel rank, which meant it was his family background.

He didn’t carefully ask Lu RanKong’s family situation, and wasn’t sure whether it would work or not. The key question, regardless of this for now, was how he knew Lu RanKong?

Could it be… was he K?

In the silence, Luo Yang raised his head and said in a slow tone, “Lontan Planet has been dominated by the Hor for a long time, and the other clans were bullied by them. Later on, they all joined together and started a war with the Hor, and for many years, both sides lost a large number of their people. The Hor had the best resources, and after defeating the others, they led them to take over the Sasu Planet system.”

These things about Lontan Planet, not to mention Lan Yu not knowing, even Lu RanKong only had a general idea. Now hearing Luo Yang talk about it, they all held their breath and concentrated on listening.

“As you probably know, the other tribes took the opportunity to take over the Sasu Planet system and tried to resist. Because of the internal and external problems, the Hor race finally ended the war in the Sasu Planet system and returned to the Lontan Planet. Because of the war, there weren’t many Lontan people left, and after negotiations between the two sides, it was decided to plant chips in everyone’s body so that they weren’t able to kill each other.” Luo Yang said here, paused, “With that kind of chip, in addition to preventing you from killing another Lontan person, you couldn’t hurt yourself.”

“You mean you can’t kill yourself either?” Lan Yu asked.


Lan Yu adjusted his sitting posture, “I caught a Lontan person in QuYa Planet prison before, and he just committed suicide.”

“Are you sure that person committed suicide and wasn’t stabbed to death by you?” He asked Lu RanKong in his mind.

“I’m sure…” Lu RanKong replied, “The syringe really didn’t work.”

Luo Yang shook his head, “He didn’t kill himself.”

“Not a suicide?”

“He was killed by the person who had the power to activate his chip.” Luo Yang replied.

Lan Yu was talking to Lu RanKong in his mind, “So it was killed by someone. In fact, I was very confused, that Lontan person was going to explain, so why did he suddenly commit suicide?”

“What Luo Yang said should be true.” Lu RanKong also agreed.

“Carry on…” Lan Yu said to Luo Yang.

“When the chip was first planted, people didn’t think there was anything unusual.” Luo Yang let out a bitter laugh, “Only later did we find out that there was also the right to start the chip that manipulates life and death, which can directly start some kind of program hidden inside the chip to make people die instantly, and the corresponding start-up code is controlled by the Hor people.”

After hearing this much, Lan Yu could piece it together, “You mean, the Hor people tricked others to plant the chip, but in the chip planted a bomb, that the bomb’s remote control is pinched in their hands?”

“Yes, that’s what it means.” Luo Yang nodded his head and said.

“You’re not a Hor person?”

“I’m not…” Luo Yang shook his head.

Lan Yu looked at him for a moment and couldn’t help but ask, “Why are you guys so stupid?”

“I don’t think he would lie to us, because they can even fall for such a trick.” Lan Yu said to Lu RanKong in the spirit domain.

Lu RanKong was deeply impressed by this statement.

Luo Yang laughed bitterly, “It’s not that we’re stupid, it’s that there’s a very complicated process in between.”

“Let’s not talk about that, let’s talk about you.” Lan Yu wasn’t interested in how they struggled.

“My clan is a small clan and my father is the clan leader. Because he was the most fierce resistance, he was removed. But it didn’t end there, they still wanted to remove me.” Luo Yang went on.

Hearing this, Yun Jie’s upper body leaned forward nervously, and both hands gripped the edge of the chair and turned white.

Luo Yang continued, “My people tried everything to save me, and finally took the risk to send me to the Sasu Planet system through the interstellar channel gap. Because they were in a different planet system, they couldn’t start the death process even with my activation code.”

“So you escaped to the Sasu Planet system and you’re safe?” Lan Yu asked.

“I was safe.” Luo Yang said, “But if the people in the Sasu Planet system get my activation code, they can still kill me.”

Lan Yu remembered what he had said about changing his identity and asked keenly, “Are you still in danger here?”

“Yes…” Luo Yang looked up, “There are Lontan people over here who have obtained my chip activation code.”


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Poor thing Luo Yan 😩😩😩

Sue R
Sue R
August 12, 2021 1:56 pm

Planted the chip in person and get control over activated code!! such an evil method. I really like the way of story goes, the plots connected and not much extra details. I’ve never felt boring reading every words comparing to some that I have to skip from too much explanations to read.

Fatheemat Sulayman
Fatheemat Sulayman
August 12, 2021 3:16 pm

It’s sad and unfortunate at the same time but the real Yun jie really love crying like the way he continues crying bothered me a little,thanks to the translator but I’ll rather appreciate y’all more if you can be updating more than one chapter per day like it’s too short

August 12, 2021 4:50 pm

Great chapter! We finally understand a little about the motivations of Lontan people. I wonder how Yun Jie is so okay with sharing his body 24/7. I’d hate that if it were me, lol. Thank you so much to the author for writing this story and to the translators who make it available to those of us who can’t read Chinese! Daily updates are a lot of work

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Aahhhh…it getting complicated now😲😲😲😲

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I hope they will be safe. Now give LRK back his body, so he and LY can reunite physically.
What of K though…
Thanks for translating and editing.

January 21, 2022 9:23 pm

Umm great way to restart a war 🤔

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