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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“Even if Yong works for one of interstellar’s biggest companies, he only earns about a million credits a year.” Lu RanKong lowered his crossed legs and leaned forward slightly, “Where did he get the money to invest tens of millions in your movie?”

Mrs. Fang’s expression showed a trace of panic, she stroked her hair down the side of her face, and when she raised her eyes again, she had adjusted her facial expression and regained her composure. She sneered and said, “Who knows if you are officers or not and if those documents are forged or not? What if you are just journalists pretending to be? I am also a person of status and position, how can I tell my real information?”

“Use your terminal to identify it, then you’ll know if it’s real.” Lu RanKong held up his officer card again.

Mrs. Fang didn’t move, only turned her head away.

Lan Yu took the bottle of facial cream from the sanatorium and weighed it in his hand, walked to her, uncapped it and asked, “Mrs. Fang, is this the facial cream you use?”

Mrs. Fang glanced at it with slanted eyes and said impatiently, “What? You even care about this?”

“Is it yours?” Lan Yu asked again.

Mrs. Fang sneered, “Do you want me to give it to you? It’s true, you can’t afford to buy such an expensive cream with your yearly salary.”

Lan Yu looked down and screwed the lid on, and said indifferently, “Before I left home this morning, I used some cheap cream from the sanatorium, which is exactly the same as yours. The outer bottle and the cream are the same, the quality is not very good, a little greasy.”

After holding up the cream in his hand, he spun it halfway around and read out the small words on the bottle, “Gift from the sanatorium.”

Then he smiled and tossed the cream on the table to the side.

“Who the hell are you people and what do you want?” Mrs. Fang tapped the terminal in her hand, “I’ll have to call security.”

“Do you recognize this injection in my hand? That’s what I’m after.” Lu RanKong raised his right hand to her, and a silvery white needle was between his fingers.

Mrs. Fang’s face turned white instantly, her eyes glanced at the direction of the crib and said, “Are you trying to inject me with anesthetics and kidnap me to blackmail my husband?”

Lan Yu didn’t move and went to the door and locked it, then approached the crib.

Lu RanKong turned the injection in his hand and said easily, “Don’t pretend and don’t get any ideas, let’s talk. You are definitely not K. I think you were called by him, right? If you tell me who he is now, I can let you live.”

“What are you babbling about? I don’t even understand, please let me go! My daughter is still so young, don’t hurt me! If you want money, I can dial the terminal for my husband now, and give you as much money as you want…” Mrs. Fang’s voice began to tremble, looking very soft and helpless.

“Don’t waste time with her, inform the military department, let them handle it.” Lu RanKong said, “This person has a talent for acting, maybe she’s really an actress.”

“Are you an actor on Lontan Planet?” He asked Mrs. Fang.

Mrs. Fang’s face was full of horror, mixed with faint sadness, “I am an actress by profession, but I have never been to Lontan Planet.”

Lan Yu’s face gradually sank, his gaze was like two sharp swords, as he suddenly shouted, “Since you say you are an actor, do you know the basic breathing and vocalization of acting language? Know the accent, pause, intonation of the integrated use? Do you know how to perform in different genres of subject matter? Do you know how to face the camera?” He took a breath and then said, “Answer me. If you get it right, you can go, but if you don’t, tell me where K is now and who he is using as his identity! Otherwise, I can execute you right now without any interrogation from the military.”

There was a moment of silence in the room as Mrs. Fang and Lu RanKong both froze in place.

After a few moments, Mrs. Fang’s lips opened and closed several times, but she said nothing, only looking at the crib.

Lu RanKong, who had been watching her movements, took two steps to the crib, picked up the sleeping baby girl and held her in his arms.


The woken baby girl cried out loudly.

With a bang, the door of the room was pushed open and all three looked over to see Yong standing in the doorway.

He looked into the room and said, “I was entered into the information lock earlier, and I heard my daughter crying, so don’t overdo it—”

“Get out!”

“Get out and close the door!”

Lu RanKong and Lan Yu’s words were just out of their mouths when they saw a green shadow rise from Mrs. Fang’s body and dart out along the open door, brushing past Yong’s side.

Lan Yu followed him out the door, Lu RanKong ran to the door with the baby girl in his arms, shoved her into Yong’s arms and rushed out too.

Yong wrapped his arms around his daughter and watched the green shadow disappear down the stairs, one hand shivering and pressing his chest, “What is that, what is that thing?”

The green shadow swept up the stairs, followed by two people in close pursuit, both flying up to the sixth floor.

Lan Yu just stepped into the passage, his ears heard a sky shaking cry. He looked at the green shadow in front of him, and his heart thumped.

The sixth floor was full of babies. Whether the Lontan person was holding a baby hostage, or went into any of the babies while they didn’t catch up, they had no way to find out.

After all, babies couldn’t be interrogated.

The green shadow darted toward the door of a nursery and stopped to turn left, ready to dash into it.

In this pause of a second, Lan Yu lurched forward, then leaped up and flew up, holding the silver-white needle in his hand.

The green shadow looked over, and when Lan Yu was about to pounce, he abruptly disappeared. Lan Yu only felt a buzz in his head and lost consciousness in a very short period of time.

Then, he heard the shattering sound of the injection falling out of his hand, and heard Lu RanKong shout out ‘Xiao Yu’.

He felt some force pressing strongly against him, and the oppression made him subconsciously panic and start fighting against this force.

“Get out of his body, you son of a bitch.” Lu RanKong’s angry shout came to his ears, and then he heard his own voice, “Don’t come any closer, you just take one step forward and I’ll drop this baby to the ground.”

The baby was crying out from the heart, and Lan Yu’s chaotic mind finally began to clear.

He reacted to the fact that he had been invaded by a Lontan person and was holding a baby hostage.

This feeling of being brutally invaded and seized the right to the body was unpleasant, completely different from the last time Lu RanKong was squeezed into his own mental domain. The entire mental body was in a state of rage, constantly fighting instinctively for the right to fight for the body, only to be suppressed again and again, unable to move.

Lan Yu mobilized his vision to look at the outside world and saw Lu RanKong standing in the doorway, holding the injection in his right hand, his face full of repressed ruthlessness.

And there were two chubby legs flopping in front of him, and the famous baby was being held above his head.

“Let me go, or I’ll drop this baby and jump out of the window again.” Lan Yu heard his own voice.

Lu RanKong’s expression didn’t change, only the left hand hanging down the side of his pants twitched imperceptibly twice and said in a lowered voice, “I’ll let you go, don’t hurt them.”

“Stand out, don’t block the doorway.”

Lu RanKong slowly moved his feet and stepped back into the passage.

Lan Yu’s ears were filled with the shrill cries of small children as the caregivers placed the few remaining babies in a crib, cradling them nervously.

Several intelligent caregivers, unsure of what to do when someone threatened the babies’ lives, stood motionless against the wall.

Lan Yu saw himself moving step by step toward the door, the baby held in his hands crying hoarsely, both legs flopping the whole time.

“Break the needle in your hand.” He was ordering Lu RanKong again, his voice cold and icy.

He saw Lu RanKong slowly lift the right hand holding the injection and was extremely anxious. Withdrawing his sight and retreating into the mental domain, he once again fought with all his strength for the right to the body.

A Lontan person’s mental body had the innate advantage of encroaching on the mental domain, and its power was incomparably strong, like a giant steel cage, which tightly enclosed Lan Yu.

No matter how hard he tried to shake the iron bars, the cage didn’t move at all.

“Speed up, don’t procrastinate, or drop him now.” A cold voice with anxiety, the baby seemed to be hurt, the cry had a momentary pause, then became more shrill.

Lan Yu gasped and closed his eyes, concentrated again, used all his strength and slammed into the cage regardless.

The spiritual force that was overwhelming him began to change, no longer a hard iron wall that couldn’t be broken, as it gradually softened, turning into layers of silk threads wrapped around his body, impermeable and extremely tough.

Lan Yu desperately tore those threads, trying to find a breakthrough. In his heart, he kept saying, I want to feel my fingers, my feet, my breath… 

There seemed to be a glimmer of light on the left side, the layers of silk threads broke through a gap. He was shaken, hands and feet pulling the gap, as he was tearing at it with his hands, and stomping with his feet.

Lu RanKong stared at the Lontan person in front of him without a moment’s hesitation, taking any hint of his change into the bottom of his eyes.

Because of the tension and concentration, there was sweat sliding down the corner of his forehead and falling silently on the ground.

“Speed up, I don’t have much patience!” The Lontan person gripped the baby’s feet, and his eyes showed ruthlessness.

Lu RanKong looked down at the baby who had been struggling and finally managed to raise his right hand holding the injection in front of him, his left hand also hiked up and held the two ends of the injection.

“Break it! Break it!” Lan Yu’s eyes, whose body was occupied by the Lontan person, emerged with an excited light, “Hurry up and break it…”

Lan Yu finally held open the gap, and with a flourish, burst out of this prison formed by spiritual power, not being able to catch his breath, began to hold his breath to fight for the right to the body.

Lu RanKong keenly noticed that the Lontan person’s expression suddenly froze, his eyes lost focus and stared straight ahead.

Maybe it only took a second to judge, maybe less than a second, but he was like a cheetah on the rampage, swiftly lunging forward, sticking the needle in his hand into the neck of Lan Yu’s body, pressing hard, the medicine instantly all injected.

Lan Yu felt the force against him suddenly disappear, as he stumbled and fell to the ground, and when he looked up again, the scene in front of him made him freeze.

A long passage with a light gray tile floor, the doors on both sides of the room painted black, and a silver and white dry cleaning machine at the end of the passage.

This familiar scene was the dormitory corridor of the Zata Planet barracks.

He slowly stood up and turned back to see the door of dormitory 301 wide open, a man in uniform standing in the passage with his face facing the door, his face hidden in the shadow of the light.

And there was a man in a T-shirt and shorts sprawled out in front of 301, legs and feet in the room, the upper half of his body flopped into the passage, unconscious.

The officer’s body began to spasm. He reached for the wall, his back rose and fell with frequency, and Lan Yu could hear his painful gasps, as if he was struggling with something.

After a few moments, he regained his composure, stood up straight and straightened his collar, turned around and walked in Lan Yu’s direction.

Clack, clack, clack… 

The long leather boots hit the ground with a crisp sound.

He stopped not far in front of Lan Yu, turned around, opened the door, and pressed the light.

A bright light spread across the room and shone through the doorway, illuminating his face. He entered the room expressionlessly and closed the door with a click.

Lan Yu realized that this was the scene where he had just crossed over, and was now in the fragment of memory left by K.

Lan Yu stood dumbfounded, surrounded by water waves like scales, the whole scene began to fade and blur.

As he exited the scene, he heard Kong Fei’s panicked voice, “Colonel K! Colonel K! Why are you lying here?”

Lu RanKong laid the unconscious Lan Yu across a crib, gently patted his face and called his name.

Lan Yu’s feet were dangling, not far from where the body of a Lontan person lay on the floor.

The caregiver walked around the dried green body and carried the child outside in a panic, followed by other intelligent caregivers who also carried one each.

Lu RanKong saw Lan Yu’s raven-winged eyelashes fluttering, and the person looked like he was about to wake up, so he stopped making noise and just stared at his face.

After a few moments, Lan Yu slowly opened his eyes, adjusted his focus to look at the person in front of him, and said in a muffled voice, “Did you know that a Lontan person can activate the memory fragments left by the same race? I saw K.”

Lu RanKong asked, “Who is he?”

Lan Yu took a breath and spat out the name clearly, “Chen YuTan…”

“Yes, it’s him, I’ve found the evidence… I’ve found the evidence… Forget what the evidence is, it’s confirmed… A mental sanatorium? Not even if it’s only on the outside… I clearly said that these soldiers are suspicious, and you actually sent them to follow to the sanatorium.”

Lu RanKong paced anxiously back and forth indoors, talking to Liu Den on the terminal.

“Missing? He’s missing?”

Lu RanKong didn’t say much, just hung up Liu Deng’s call and turned to Lan Yu, “Chen YuTan has gone to the mental hospital and is now missing.”

“Are those interstellar chiefs and your father there?” Lan Yu asked nervously.

Lu RanKong wiped his face and nodded heavily.

Lan Yu got up from the crib where he was sitting and said, “Then let’s go, we can go now before it’s too late.”

The two of them went out of the nursery and said to the security guards who had just arrived and were poking their heads in the doorway, “If you are afraid to go in and collect the body, stay here, the military will come right away.”

The guards said with relief, “Yes, yes, yes…”

A few moments later, a white van with Breastfeeding Child Fit on the left and Flower Dove Newborn Retreat Center on the right sped down the highway at top speed.

Then it was easily passed by a luxury car beside it.

Lu RanKong concentrated on driving without saying a word, eyes fixed ahead, jaw taut.

“Don’t you worry, he can’t get in. Your father and gege are safe.” Lan Yu reassured him.

“I’m not worried…” Lu RanKong’s voice sounded calm.

Screech! There was a sharp braking sound and the van came to a sudden stop, Lan Yu’s body popped forward and was buckled back into the seat by the seat belt.

“Are you okay?” The two men asked in unison.

An old woman carrying a small bamboo basket, slowly walked past the car. Lu RanKong’s hands were on the steering wheel, but his face wasn’t very good.

“It’s better if I drive, you rest for a while.” Lan Yu got up and climbed towards the driver’s seat.

Lu RanKong didn’t object, so he switched places with him and sat in the passenger seat. Lan Yu started the car and drove in the direction of the mental hospital.

As Lan Yu drove, he asked, “Do you want to inform Luo Yang, who is also in Coseti? We may not be able to tell the Lontan person, but Luo Yang may be able to.”

Lu RanKong thought it made sense and started calling Luo Yang’s terminal.

“Luo Yang, this is Lu RanKong, where are you now… Do you know the Mist Cage Spiritual Retreat Center? Now that K has gone there, I need your help… Okay, we’ll be right there.”

Lu RanKong hung up the terminal and said to Lan Yu, “He said to leave immediately to meet us there.”

The mental hospital was on the other side of the main city, built on a hill with a beautiful view, and as the van followed the navigation to the base of the hill, it saw a small Star Warship pad next to it.

Luo Yang was waiting at the intersection, looking anxiously ahead. When the van came into view, he only glanced at it before averting his gaze and continuing to look back.

Lu RanKong pulled up in front of him, rolled down the window and shouted, “Luo Yang, get in!”

Luo Yang was taken aback, but didn’t say much and got into the car quickly.

“Is K here too?” Luo Yang asked.


“Stop, stop!” The road junction was guarded by two teams of soldiers with loaded guns, and Lan Yu immediately recognized them as soldiers from his own mecha battalion.

He slammed on the brakes, rolled down the window, and stuck his head out, his lips tightly pursed without speaking.

“Colonel K. Alright.” The soldiers moved away from the barricade as quickly as they could, standing at the side of the road and saluting as they watched the moon center van enter the mountain.

Lu RanKong pressed down the window, held his officer’s ID out, and soon arrived near the gate of the mental hospital.

The soldiers were standing by, and the van was stopped in the middle of the road before it even got close to the gate.

The check here was even tighter than at the foot of the mountain and along the road, and even if the two showed their officer’s ID, they were stopped by the soldiers on duty.

“Sorry, two Colonel, except for the accompanying personnel, all other people aren’t allowed to enter the hospital.”

In the midst of anxiety, Lan Yu saw Lin Zhu walking by the woods on his left and hurriedly shouted, “Captain Lin!”

Lin Fan was looking down at the terminal, turned around and saw Lan Yu and Lu RanKong, then waved his hand, “Why are you two here too?”

Lu RanKong was still negotiating with the soldiers, Lan Yu walked over and asked in a low voice, “Have you seen Chen YuTan?”

“Chen YuTan… I haven’t seen anyone since I got here, I guess he went to the back of the mountain to patrol.” Lin Zhu’s face showed a puzzled look, “General Liu just now also asked me about him. Several waves of soldiers came in midway looking for Chen YuTan. Is something wrong with him?”

Lan Yu frowned and thought for a moment, but decided to tell the truth.

“Chen YuTan was occupied by a Lontan person in his spiritual domain.”

“What? He was taken over by a Lontan person—” Lin Zhu realized that his voice was too loud and hurriedly lowered his voice again, “How did he become a Lontan person? When did that happen? We’ve been together all the time, he was in the same car with me when we came here today.”

When Lan Yu didn’t answer, he stammered, “You guys are mistaken, there must be some misunderstanding here.”

“Do you know that the chiefs are in danger? Who will be responsible if something happens to them if you stop me outside?” Lu RanKong’s stern rebuke came from the side.

Lan Yu and Lin Zhu turned their heads to look and Lan Yu asked loudly, “What’s wrong?”

“They won’t let us go in, saying that it’s against the rules to go in now without prior inspection.” Lu RanKong turned in a half circle anxiously.

Several soldiers said cautiously, “Colonel Lu, although we’re the garrison of Goseti, and we have heard of you and Colonel K, you know that this is an unusual situation, and we have military orders that no uninvolved person who’s not on duty is allowed to enter.”

“Am I an uninvolved person?” Lu RanKong’s face was full of suppressed anger.

“But… but you’re not on duty.” A soldier replied with trepidation.

Lu RanKong viciously kicked at a bowl-thick tree next to him, and the tree instantly made a cracking sound of breaking somewhere.

“Now that I don’t know where Chen YuTan has gone, I have to go in no matter what.” Lu RanKong looked in the direction of the gate and clenched his teeth.

Lan Yu turned his head and asked the soldiers who were already stunned, “Can you guys go in and help give a briefing? Go to the officer in charge inside and tell them that Colonel K and Colonel Lu have an urgent military report.”

The soldiers shook their heads, “None of us can go in.”

A smart one said, “I’ll ask Colonel Wang now, he’s in charge of perimeter security.”

“How long will that take?” Lu RanKong asked.

“Ten minutes. He’s probably patrolling the back of the hill.”

“Ten minutes?” Lu RanKong raised his voice, “If there’s real danger inside, ten minutes is enough for those chiefs to meet back and forth numerous times—”

“I’ll go in and convey it for you.” Lin Zhu listened next to him and couldn’t help but say, “I’m a duty officer and a captain, can I go in?”

Seeing Lu RanKong’s face getting more and more gloomy, the soldiers no longer dared to stop him, and seemed to think it was okay, so they nodded their heads and agreed.

One of them trotted up and gave a few words to the soldier at the gate, who looked their way and pressed the remote control in his hand, and the locked gate of the mental hospital slowly opened a crack.

“Don’t worry, I’ll find the officer in charge as fast as I can and have him come out to meet you.” Lin Zhu hurriedly walked towards the gate.

Lan Yu saw him disappear inside the gate and always felt that something seemed wrong.

At that moment, there was a rush of footsteps and two soldiers brushed past them, shouting to a lieutenant colonel in front of them as they ran, “Report! We found… we found someone unconscious in the woods.”

Lan Yu had just said something bad in his heart when he saw Lu RanKong already rushing out towards the woods. He followed closely behind him, as they ran into the woods one after the other.

Lu RanKong suddenly stopped in his tracks, and Lan Yu almost hit his back, then looked over his shoulder to find a man in military uniform lying between two large trees.

“Chen YuTan…” Lan Yu’s heart sank downward after seeing his face clearly.

Without saying much, the two men turned around and rushed towards the gate.

“Hey, Colonel Lu, Colonel K, didn’t someone already send a message for you guys inside?” A soldier saw Lu RanKong rushing toward the door again and hurriedly reached out to stop them.

Lu RanKong pursed his lips and didn’t say anything, but pulled out his gun from his back while running and pointed it at him.

The soldier immediately stood still in fear, his hands raised above his head.


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For a moment my mind went into soap opera mode and thought LY would see LRK as Lontan!K in his flashback/memory. Like a real telenovela moment! I’m glad the author isn’t as OTT as me lmao

Poor Chen Yutan. Poor Lin Zhu. I wonder if Lin knew something was wrong/off about CYT.

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Sue R
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Seem like chasing the ghost, it can transfer from one body to be in another without showing any trace.

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So exciting. Thanks for translating and editing.

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I literally screamed when that yong dude opened the door, so frustrating when they’re about to get the bad guy and then someone has to come mess it up

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